Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Decade

A new decade is coming my friends , we all know 2010 is a start of new things.I got a really bad luck in 2009 , most of time I was on of those who are gonna be crushed by a car.I am not kidding , maybe this is my fate 0_0 .Omg I am being emo 0.0.

Alot of people would try to do new things in a new year but most of them failed and that is normal.Like when they said I want to be get more As or I must do better in my studies but later... they gave up.So do I....

Today Chong Han Xien came my house , we talked about why he never came to the countdown party.He made us all starved :( . We also talked about the new upcoming PS 3 game Final Fantasy 13 and its awesome.We watched the trailers and the graphics are awesome !!! Don't know much of the gameplay though.

Nothing Much today +_+ , this must be my shorter post ever +_+

Ops my pencil is broken , no mood write blog =_=


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