Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glee Fest

" Yeah L"

26 September Sunday - Glee

Hey guys , its me again and I am here to talk about random thoughts coming out of my mind.Lately I been bored , this year's Mooncake Festival ain't what it turn out to be because I got a lot during that day.I skipped my candle burning fun and it ain't right at all.At least I got the pleasure of eating mooncakes.Now a new week is coming and that means more work to do.I still got revision for my final exams too , backbreaker.

Glee Season 2 came out and Charice was awesome ! I heard rumors that she used botox injections to beautify her face just for Glee and I don't care at all or do I ? Nah I don't care.I have never watched Glee before ever ! Glee Season 2 gave me an urge to watch season 1 and now I am addicted to this series.

I really like the story and the life lessons , some songs are "ok" but the others are awesome.I really like the coach because without her , the series would be boring.Seeing her going all out just to eliminate Glee Club and I love the way she talks , it is intimidating.All the characters in Glee are hard to forget , each of them has their own unique problems.

Right now I reached Episode 18 , I been abandoning my daily need to dos just to watch this series.

Ops my pencil is broken , Bah Bah Bah


Friday, September 24, 2010

Old Tunes

"Frank Sinatra"

24 September Friday - Very old songs but still beautiful

Guys , recently I have been really obsessed with songs from the 30s , 40s and 50s.Ever since I played Fallout 3 , an award winning video game by Bethesda.The reason is that Fallout 3 has a fictional virtual radio in the game , you can listen to it while playing the game.The radio has no relations with the real world.The radio only has these kinds of songs to match the storyline of the video game.

The first time I tuned in the radio , I was like "WTF" with the music.I thought it was stupid and uncool to even use these kinds of songs.Back then , I was into today's modern music , you know like Justin Bieber and many others.Don't get me wrong , I still like modern music but I only lost a lot of interest for modern music.My dad used to tell me that the songs from his generation were much better than musics right now.I was opposing his saying back then but now I know why he said that.Those songs are incredible if you take the time to give them some interest and understand them.

The modern musics today are good too , I am not boycotting them.But when I think of this age , I would think of creative dancing and movies.When I think of the ages before , I would think of good music and pure culture.In the end , it really matters on who you are.You like Rock ? You like Pop ? You like Oldies ? Each of us has our own choice of favorite music to listen and we must respect each other on that subject.Me ? Well depends on the mood , I like oldies and classical music during times of relaxation.I like rock during gaming times.So what about you ? What kind of music do you like ?

Here some songs from the oldies , don't run ! Stay and enjoy ~

Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon

Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea

Bob Crosby - Way Back Home


Ops my pencil is broken , I just can't stay sad listening to these :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some Artwork of Mine

"Jingle Jangle"

23 September Thursday - Drawings ! 

Ops my pencil is broken , xD.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleepy Tuesday

"Nappy Poo"

21 September Tuesday - Aww shucks

Hey guys , I know I have been real quiet lately in my blog lately.I was too busy finishing up things for school these past few days , right now the blog writing spree shall regain it's conscious.Today is one sleepy day , never been this sleepy in school for a long time.There is a reason for this , I was preparing for my English Oral Presentation all night long.I only got 4 hours of sleep , which is really NOT ENOUGH.My eyes were trying to get me close down and go to snooze land.Sorry Brain , for making you this tired +_+.

I am really angry guys , I am so angry , I could eat you up and spit you into lava.Nah I am not that angry , I can't be angry , I got this signboard in my heart that says "NO Angry".I tried to be angry but I can't , I can only complain haha.This is my second time doing this presentation , my English teacher rejected my first piece of work.She rejected everyone's presentation because we can't live up to her expectations.She won't give us a chance to try , she just rejected everyone on the spot.

This morning , I was eagerly waiting my group's turn to present but she rejected it AGAIN.Not just mine , the whole class got rejected AGAIN.I done everything she wants and I lived up to her requirements , but to no avail.No chances were given AGAIN.She would lecture us all day after the rejection about how she don't like how we live.The same thing on a loop like a recorder.

Oh well , I just gotta deal with it ~

I am going to post pictures of my drawings tomorrow , please do visit !

Ops my pencil is broken , where is my pencil ?


Friday, September 17, 2010

Voluntary Work For Bio


15 September Wednesday - Do not go in , I mean it.

I been really busy lately , I been helping Jay and the others to paint the walls of the school.Our Bio teacher wants us to decorate the whole line of walls around the lab area.It is a total pain in the neck but we managed to survive for now hehe.I am tired right now phew -__- , here you go

Want more ? I got freaking 80 + more photos on my album , Click here ->!/album.php?aid=36003&id=1784140936&ref=mf

Ops my pencil is broken , I gotta go to bed.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Hari Raya

"Selamat Hari Raya"

13 September Monday - Late Post

I should have posted this earlier but my internet was down for two days , the same reason - forgot to pay the bills haha.I was not feeling well too , I was under the weather for a few days.Okay guys , Hari Raya is still ongoing right now and it is important for us to learn more about this festival.I am living in Malaysia , a country of multi races and multi traditions.It is very vital for us to learn more about one another in order to evade the topic of racism in our society , nobody likes a racist nowadays.

"Muslim Children"

Eid al-Fitr , often abbreviated to Eid , is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of the Ramadan , the Islamic holy month of fasting.In Malaysia , this festival is more commonly known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri.Eid ul-Fitr is an arabic word means "festivity" , while Fitr means "to breakfast" , the holiday symbolizes the end of the fasting month.It is celebrated after the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan , the first day of Shawwai.

"Balik Kampung"

Aidilfitri is celebrated for the whole month of Syawal , but in Malaysia , only the first two days are observed as public holidays.But most people I know take holidays much more than that haha.It is pretty common to see that.People who are living in cities would take this time to get back to their hometowns just to meet their family members , this is popularly known as "Balik Kampung". Everyone is usually decked out in their traditional best to mark the special occasion. Men are usually dressed in Baju Melayu, while the Baju Kurung, the quintessential Malay attire for females, is the prefered choice for the fairer sex.

"Baju Kurung"

"Baju Melayu"

This is also a time of forgiveness of past sins , asking for pardon is done in order of seniority.The younger members of the family would approach their elder members to seek forgiveness , to salam.Then kiss the hand as a sign of respect.People in Malaysia even adopted the Chinese practice of giving money in packets to the children , but instead of red , the packets are green.

Families would even visit graves of their deceased loved ones.Graves are cleaned and cleared of overgrowth , prayers are also offered to Allah.Muslims would even hold grand parties or "open houses" to invite friends , families and people of other races to join in the fun.

"The ketupat is traditional Hari Raya fare is often served with beef rendang (beef cooked with spices and coconut milk) and or satay."

Ops my pencil is broken , hope you guys have a blast during this festival !


Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Weird Dream


10 September Friday - Thats me

I had a weird dream yesterday , it is so weird that I think my brain was playing tricks with me.It all started on a road , I was sitting in a car next to my mom.My mom was talking to me but I don't remember what she said to me , something about education I guess ? Right after that , the car pulled over and I was in some big long building with a red color roof and a banner with "Party" on it.The building was huge and the only entrance was a giant hole caused by some explosion I wonder.

Then I was inside the building with a bunch of people.Most of them were all Lee Rubber friends and I saw two of them singing on a stage in the end of the building.A guy suddenly comes to me kicked me in the legs and started to scold me.I did not feel pain for some reason and I was shocked that he kicked my legs.All of a sudden , the two guys singing I told earlier started to start off a Hide and Seek game.I was partnering with a girl that I don't know who the hell is she.

The game started and then later I found myself outside the building with the girl.But the strange thing was that it was a city outside the building but it turned into a jungle.The guy that was suppose to chase us all turned into a robot mech guy with chainsaws.I ran and ran until I reached a lake.The lake had a standing alligator holding a fishing pole , he waved to me and ran away after that.The fishes in the lake all had two tails and four eyes , they were freaking glowing too.

I heard the chainsaw sound and I quickly ran away.Later I found out that the girl that was with me disappeared ! I was looking around while shouting for her , but to no avail.I don't wanna waste time so I ran back to the building , to my surprise it wasn't there anymore.The spot where the building once was became desolate.I was rubbing my eye and I heard someone's voice behind me.It was soft and it feels like as it someone was whispering to me.At last , I felt someone smacked me in the head with something hard and I woke up.

Ops my pencil is broken , what is wrong with me !!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Badminton Day

"Badminton Turmoil"

8 September Wednesday - Smack

I am finally done with my fever guys , the last two or three days were hellishly exhausting.I got infected by some form of virus or bacteria , resulted in fever.I felt like I was going to die , but luckily I am not , yeah !!! Today , I got all my strength back so I joined Jay and the others for badminton.

I went there empty headed , with no clue on how to play badminton.The last time I played badminton was 2 months ago and I was just smacking for fun.I stood there mindlessly at first then suddenly my friends invited me to play with them.I refused because I don't wanna cause my partner to lose because of me.They urged me on and taught me how to play.

In just a short moment , I finally know a thing or two about badminton.Well at least the basics , I can't deal with advanced techniques.Thanks for teaching me guys , finally know how to play.


I went to Youtube today and I freaking found some videos by Storycorps.Now Storycorps is a organization in USA going around interviewing people about their past stories.Then they would post those stories in a book or in their website , most of them are really great.I will give you see two of them and I would even send you a link.Here you go !

Heres the website

Ops my pencil is broken , I like badminton.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fever Sunday


5 September - This is a big one.

Fever is actually a very common illness for me since I like spicy foods but I don't really take enough water a day.Sometimes , I could go on a day with just only one glass of water.My grandma always remind me to drink water all the time but I am just that stingy lol.My stinginess mostly caught up on me and I would be sicked with fever.

As a person's temperature increases, there is, in general, a feeling of cold despite an increasing body temperature. Once the new temperature is reached, there is a feeling of warmth. A fever is one of the body's immune responses that attempt to neutralize a bacterial or viral infection.So right now my body is actually fighting with threats inside my body.Right now , I just hope that it is not Denggi !!!

Even I am sicked with fever , I don't want to waste my holiday xD.I took medicine but I never went for a nap or sleep , I kept on watching TV and doing some other stuffs.It is an unwise plan but like I said , I am stingy hehe.

Ops my pencil is broken , yummy porridges.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Doors of The Holidays

"Yeah no door sorry"

3 September Friday - Hot hot sunny day

Hey guys whats up , the holidays are coming here and you should be dancing your shoes off right now since it is going to be a two weeks holiday.I am not sure if my holiday would be the same as other schools.Maybe some Chinese independent schools would have a shorter holiday than us since the majority of them are Chinese.But still , a wish is a wish and should be granted as grand as any no matter how long or how short one's holiday is.Remember to make use of your time during this holiday , for PMR students , well get ready for your PMR.For SPM students , get ready for the fight of your lives , SPM isn't fun and games as I heard.For primary students , good luck for your UPSR and make good use of your holiday.

I wish everyone all the best and be granted strength during times of need during the exam period.I don't know how I would use my holiday , I am just going to let things flow just as usual and when I mean let things flow means that I would freaking waste my holiday and ended up regretting about it haha.Happens all the time since I was a little infant.

Recently me a group of people finished an English presentation for our Oral Test.But my English teacher rejected the presentations of the students in the class.She complained and criticize our works as a piece of rugged cloth being smeared all over tar and dipped in a fire.We followed her orders on how to create our presentations but she canceled all of it right in our faces.We were shocked and furious , the hours we spent building and she destroyed them all in just a blink of an eye and a breath of word.

My class knows this and we would need to do our presentations all over again and this time we won't be regretting about it.

Ops my pencil is broken , Happy Holidays and Selamat Hari Raya !!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hari Merdeka and September


September 1 Wednesday - Yea I know I am late

Yesterday was The Independence Day of Malaysia or in short Hari Merdeka.During this day , my country would raise all their flags up high in the sky in order to celebrate our independence from the British.During yesterday I did nothing !!! I was bored as hell , spent all day watching television programs regarding towards the independence of Malaysia.I don't even have popcorn for my cinematic fun.

Yes , I heard all those songs about Racism on Facebook or Youtube.And yes I freaking hate racism , I don't get the fact why are we hating our own species.Maybe thats why we have cannibalism haha , I am joking =.=.Everyday the same thing happens.Chinese blame on the Malays and Malays blame on the Chinese , it is like an old video recorder on a loop.Come on guys ! Be more mature and accept each other differences.This is a new age people , try to be more civilized and not trying to be barbaric.

I am going to get a lot of haters after this haha.

Well guys , it is the first day of September and you know what that means !!! Hari Raya is coming soon ! That means school holidays !!! 2 WEEKS !!! WOOT , ahem...

Ops my pencil is broken , I like pie