Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Is Not The Day

23 January Saturday - Hey folks whats up.Today my school and many other schools have SATURDAY school.The school board wants us to pay for our extended Chinese New Year holiday from 7 days to 10 days , they mean it.A tough week we thought we could relax ourselves and play slack but looks like the school board is showing no mercy at us.Along with the shortened relax time , we got notes for history and its gonna be a long one.ARGH

Today everyone was so sleepy , most people of my class slept through some periods since the Chemistry teacher didn't came.Looks like we are not the only one being lazy hehe.Teacher of BM cut us some slack too , Maths well not so much.I wonder how people could sleep in school.I know I can't , too noisy and smelly.Everytime I wanna sleep in schools I ended up getting a headache , EVEN IN EXAMS.My mom says that I have sleep sickness or something , but I refused to go to the doctors.

You know mental illness doctors , they are the scariest of all doctors since they tell you the truth wether or not you are crazy.Then people would start avoiding you from school because they are afraid if it's contagious.Even though that most mental illnesses are not contagious...Ok I am talking to myself again.

Today Moral I told you yesterday was gonna do some other groups' plays.It was fantastic , very funny and very mind blowing.Some of groups brought humor even though that they are not doing a humor thing.I favourite would be Sundeep's group , even though Jimmy and Elijah can't act well but Sundeep turned the tide with his italian and spanish words.His impersonation of 50 cent the rapper not rapist made the play a fantastic experience for all.Teacher was disappointed that Yee Ying never came since she gave a good expression yesterday and she was hoping for more of Yee Ying's acting.

I am not gonna put all the plays since if I would the blog is gonna be stuffed.

My brother is now facing torture at school now and since he is not at home I can tell you this.He is obsessed with Facebook , he has been facing Facebook for days.He don't even play his usual gun games anymore , only stares at applications of Facebook.Posting status like a Facebook whore , and doing quiz with no explanations at all.Somebody needs to snap some sense into the boy lol.

I was gonna talk about Mass Effect 2 but since nobody's aware of the gaming world.I will cut that out.

Now almost all of my friends are sleeping or slacking.xD

Oh ya to those who likes Tae Young Wedding Dress out there , I posted the song on the blog and its awesome.I just love the piano piece ~ Enjoy and have a good saturday

Ops my pencil is broken , I need to see the doctor but I don't wanna which makes me stingy.


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