Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"Eminem !!!"

31 March Wednesday - Tomorrow is April Fool ~

Its April Fools tomorrow guys and you know what that means ?

Random Guy : Trick Nicholas the whole day ?

No !! It means you could trick people whole day !! When I was small , April Fools was my favourite day.I would trick my friends and my friends would trick me , it is the natural cycle of April Fools and nobody is gonna stop it.Usually people would use the usual small jokes , like tricking people into the trickster's plans.Once I remember when I was Form 1 , there was a game company stated that it would release it's game on April 1st.On that day , the game company told us APRIL FOOLS and said that it would be released the next day.I was furious and kinda laugh that time haha , that company fooled us indeed.So what is your biggest being tricked situation ? Share with us and let us a little laugh.

I may not blog tomorrow , mainly because its my birthday and I want some peace , a break from all this daily blogging.My brother always told me "TAKE A BREAK BRO , you been daily blogging like no end this past few months".I would object him because daily blogging has become a part of my life right now , it helps me to remember what I done for the day.

Just now I has an amazing trip to the petrol station ~ My mom picked me up from tuition and zoomed to the nearest Petronas fuel station.On my way to there , I saw a guy who looks like a white guy and my mom's car was right behind him.I shouted "Welcome To Malaysia" , then the white guy turned his head around.I was really frightened that he heard me , he is not a white guy but a chinese that looks like a white guy.I think he dyed his stupid eyes.I wish I brought my handphone with me , recording that would be awesome.

Do you like EMINEM ? He is the greatest rapper alive.I know most rappers mostly rap about drugs , sex and all that stuff.But Eminem mostly raps about his life and the world , I love his musics.In my opinion , he is better than Lil Wayne and Jay Z.Now , Michael Jackson , Lady Gaga and Eminem are my idols !!! Thanks Jimmy and Jason for introducing such a wonderful artist and change my mind of the rapping community ~ Rapping ain't that bad , just make sure you listen to the right guy :D

This song inspired my short story "Don Do Dis Daddy" When I am Gone ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Homeworks suck


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

考试 / 中华


30 March Tuesday - 第一次写华语在我的 Blog

Ok what up guys , its Tuesday !! First lets do a little shoutout for my peeps in Chong Hua Secondary School right now , how was the exam ?? According from my friends , they told me that Bahasa Cina was the hardest out of all subjects today.I know how they are feeling right now , BC would kick my butt too if I am studying in that school.To me , Chinese is more sophisticated than English for me.Mainly because I rarely write Chinese , its been 4 years and yet I didn't even written one essay in Chinese.I am like a Banana , I look like a Chinese on the outside but a English freak in the inside =.= .

Ever since I made a Facebook account , I met alot of Chong Hwa friends.I never even been to the school before , its quite famous for its recent changes of rules.The rules became more stricter and tighter , if you didn't bring EVEN ONE text book of the subjects of the day.You will be canned in the hand or in the butt , imagine the discomfort when you are sitting on your chair.My friend told me that this new principal doesn't care much about academics , he only cares much more about discipline.The more rules you clamp down on your students , the more naughty they will be , its called natural adaption.I hope the principal is not reading this , I am just expressing my thoughts.

I never been to Chong Hwa before , I only seen the exterior of the school.I never been into the interior of the building.Lets hope this year they would open some party that outsiders could go in.One of my friends promised me a tour inside the school , haha I can't wait.

This blogpost will be shorten because of being rushed


Ops my pencil is broken , 哇 !!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mom's Birthday / Clean

"Happy Birthday MoM"

March 29 Monday - This ice cream cake is kinda special ~

Hey whats up guys , I didn't go to school today because I "Chou Jing".I think its called cramp in English , this usually happens when you just woke up from a sleep.I woke up in the middle of my sleep yesterday night and felt the unbearable pain from my left leg.Trust me , you don't want to know how painful it was.It could make a man cry ... or just me lol.

Yesterday was my Mom's Birthday !!! My dad bought a birthday cake from a nearby bakery near my tuition centre.The cake was an ice cream cake , it has alot of flavours , the cake part was spongy and soft too , delicious.I forgot to take pics of my mom wishing !!! Sorry >< . We were so happy that we got to celebrate her birthday now that she is healthy again.Happy Birthday Mom xD

Today , I took my free time to clean my brother's room.I always hangout in his room during afternoons , I use my room during night times when dark.So the mess was also my responsibility too , this is before I cleaned it.



I still got a few finishing touches , I redecorated and cleaned the whole room.I hope its better , what do you think ? Is it better looking or worse looking ? To me , its looking much more better than before and I mean ALOT.I threw away alot of stuff to make the room look more simple and not like a place for dirty kids.My grandma said it looks much better , I can't wait to see my brother's face xD.

Tomorrow is a big day for Chong Hua or Chong Hwa Secondary School students !!! Its their examination period starting from tomorrow and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you guys all good luck !! Don't be afraid of the exam , just rush forward and face it !!! All the best my friends , :D


Ops my pencil is broken , another day another absence

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rowdy Day

"Twinkle Twinkle Little No Stars :("


28 March Sunday - Hmm dark , good xD

Yesterday was one darky day , darky because of Earth Hour.My family closed our lights and some other electronics , we didn't close the TV and the living room fan.Judging by the picture above , I think 40 or 50% of the area's population close the lights.Most of the people living in the condominium I am living in right now did not close their lights yesterday night.I think they treat Earth Hour as bullshit , my dad said it is useless just by closing lights for 1 hour once a year.Its useless just by closing the lights for one hour but if everyone in the world does close their lights then it would be effective , the problem is most people don't care.

Streetlights sure cannot close because there was still alot of cars cruising the road.The tall condominium on the right is a new PV condo while the other 3 PV condos are at the far back near melawati LRT station.I closed my lights for 1 and a half hour.

On my way to tuition today , I walked pass a  farm garden beside my school.The fences guarding the farm garden has morning glories all over it.These beautiful flowers bloomed beautifully while I was passing the farm garden.I took two pictures of this beautiful flowers because they are so beautiful and graceful.Morning Glory is probably one of my favourite flowers along with Hibiscus.

So whats your favourite flower , leave your interested answers in the comment section below or the chatbox in the sidebar.

Today my friend Calyn gave me a birthday present haha , I appreciate your sincereness.Its Shawn The Sheep , ain't he cute.I like his goofy eyes and his fluffy fur , a perfect candidate to hug during sleeping nights.Sorry if theres only one picture of this little fella , my other pictures had errors , it can't show up on my blog , only empty blank spaces showed up.

If you know the cartoon , you will know that he doesn't speak only baaaaah around with his other sheep friends.He is usually the mastermind behind schemes and plans of each episode.He sometimes work together with the sheepdog against the pigs and the farmer.Thanks Calyn for your wonderful gift xD , never knew that you would give one of my favourite cartoon characters as my birthday present.Really surprised me !!! Good luck on your first Form 4 exam.If all As , I belanja you makan haha.


Ops my pencil is broken , lol ??

Saturday, March 27, 2010

History / Results / EARTH HOUR


27 March Saturday - My internet has been soft lately

I just want to congratulate anyone who gotten their certificates and prizes for today's Anugerah Cemerlang 2010.Hope you guys hold on those certificates with great pride , you geniuses deserved it !!! I don't have the photos or anything because I didn't go for the anugerah , I thought I can't use my handphone to take pictures haha.IF you want to see those photos and slide shows , go here :D

Its a link from a blogger friend of mine , Amy Ng

Its almost the day of my birthday !!! Hoorah ? Let me tell you a little story of my 12th birthday.When I was twelve , I pestered my mom and dad to make a party for my birthday.They agreed and it turned out a disaster.I was a real brat long time ago , always shouting at people and I was an annoyance to alot of people.Looking back at me during when I was a child , makes me kinda hate my younger self.No wonder my old friends told me I changed alot.Okay back to the story.

Alot of my friends came , all boys of course , I hate girls when I was in primary.Don't ask me , I also don't know haha.We sang and watched funny cartoons all night , I remember my wish was a giant house filled with servants.In the middle of the party , my friend's gameboy game catridge got lost and my friends were accusing a friend of mine.They all went to scold him and accuse him of stealing my friend's game catridge.But that friend was innocent but some of the boys beated him.The boy was left crying and his dad scolded us very badly.They went home not long after that.When they went away , I found out someone took my RM200 savings on my cupboard.

I really hate my younger self  >< .Now I know the meaning of girls maturing faster than boys.What do you think ? Should I make a party again for my 16th birthday ? Leave your answers in the comment section below or the chatbox in the sidebar.

Here are the results of yesterday's choice among 10 stories

1.Silent Love - 11
2.Telephone - 7
3.I Promise You - 5
4.War Never Changes - 5
5.How To Make A Bird Fly - 2

others are either one or none

Why you guys chosen Silent Love ? This is a very interesting story to write because most boys are like that.He likes the girl with a boyfriend but silently loving her and helping her.Telephone is a great story to write too , my friend yesterday night told me her cousin because of a telephone , she is married to her perfect man.People are still pestering me to write I Promise You , a perfect setup for a good theme indeed , a friend of mine told me "This would be a very touching one".War Never Changes is truly a thrilling story to write , picturing every madness of a man trying to survive war.How To Make A Bird Fly was chosen by my brother and his friend , they told me "This would be peaceful and funny".

Boys , I understand why you guys chosen Silent Love so I would write this first =)

EARTH HOUR 8.30 - 9.30 !!!!! TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE SURE TO CLOSE YOUR LIGHTS AND EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a chance for our Earth to heal , remember to watch the beautiful night sky ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Silent Love


Friday, March 26, 2010

Stories / My Credits / Anugerah

"Life Is Interesting"

26 March Friday - Night night :D


Its been long since I wrote a story and posted on my blog , been pretty lazy these days.But yesterday , I got a flash of ideas ready to let it all out to the my book along with my pencil.Today , without thinking I wrote a part of my upcoming big story , The Fishy Tishy.It has two parts because it is pretty long , I wrote the sample on my little sample book.I also got alot of stories coming soon just for you guys , its hard to keep up with everything since I got alot of things to do.Here are my upcoming stories for you guys ~

1.The Fishy Tishy (Two parts - a fishmonger's adventure)
2.I Promise You (Short story - two family members trying to keep each other's promises)
3.War Never Changes (Short story - a civilian in war trying to survive the cold harsh hands of war)
4.Teddy Run (Short story - a story about a teddy bear trying to flee a mean owner)
5.I Will Miss You (Two parts - a love story of a nerdy boy)
6.Toy Land (Short story - a old man stumbled upon a land filled with toys)
7.Telephone (Short story - a telephone brings two lovers together)
8.Blue Kid (Three Parts - the adventures of a sad boy)
9.How To Make A Bird Fly (Short story - two girls trying to make a bird fly)
10.Silent Love (May have two parts - a boy who is silently loving a girl who has a boyfriend)

Which do you think would be the best ? These all would be in my book , Tale By Tail.Choose which one you like and I may write it first.So far , I like The Fishy Tishy , Blue Kid and Silent Love.Leave a comment in the comment section below or in the chatbox of the sidebar telling me which you want to be written first.

My Credits

Arhhh , my handphone so fast left so less credits.Communications suppose to be free , not charging everyone just to call someone.Thats just my opinion xD.From RM30 to RM8 , I lost so much for 3 weeks !!! Don't get me wrong , I still want your text messages and phone calls.I would reply no matter what xD , don't say "don't want disturb Hwa Ee" , text me more !!! Don't let me get bored =.=  thanks xD


I would like to congratz anybody who would get their prizes tomorrow !!! Your efforts on last year PMR and SPM were all worth it , now go up stage and accept your glory !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , remember to COMMENT !!! Nothing to write today :D


Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Guy / Wow ? / Meet Again

"Life is Interesting"

25 March Thursday - Winnie !!! Thats my chair >=D

New Guy

Guys I got a new addition to my team of super plushie toys !!! My friend gave it to me as an early birthday present lol , he told me he won't be in the area for a few weeks so he gave it to me MUCH earlier.The new addition is that elephant plushie toy beside the cow.I named him Eli , pronounce "E-Lai".I really like it's nose and eyes , his eyes have an innocent look to them.His nose is soft and bouncy haha.It's ears are really big and flappy , kinda reminds me of dumbo.That flying elephant with a mouse on top of his head lol.

Thanks to my friend who doesn't want me to mention his name on this blog for this wonderful gift.I hope you enjoy your trip to Penang , give me some cuisines while you get back.

WoW ?

Yesterday my brother told me that his friend broke up with his girlfriend.This doesn't surprise me , whats surprised me is that they just been a couple for only two or three days.Wow , is that SUPER-PUPPY-LOVE haha because it was too fast.

Its fine to have a boyfriend or girlfriend , its absolutely normal even I want one but I won't get one soon enough lol.Just don't let it affect your studies and your family.A word to the boys who have a girlfriend right now , don't be jealous and don't break her heart.I am just telling you this ~ Emotional scars are unhealable.I hate boys who hurt girls , not a man at all.

Meet Again

This is a new song from Timbaland and Katy Perry.The music video is about pro robbers lol.Just listen and watch the video from Youtube , its a pretty sweet song.

I always dance to this tune lalalala xD , thanks to my friend again for da present , most appreciated :)

Ops my pencil is broken , if we ever meet again =) I will never be the same.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dead Plant / Upload / Crazy Dreams

"Life is Interesting"

24 March Wednesday - The only easy day was err....yesterday !!

Dead Plant

Aww man , my dad's plant is wilting right now.No matter how hard I tried , I can't seem to save him.I am like a surgeon with bad news to his clients about how he failed to save someone.Its name is George , I named it that because it looks like a George to me.My dad and me had no idea how to take care of a plant like this , we never took care of a plant like this before.My dad said it was the sun , some flowers can't take too much sun.But when me and my dad took it in , after two days , it gets worse lol.

I don't know whats the name of the plant because I never seen such a unique plant before.We bought it during Chinese New Year , that explained the colours of the plant.We also bought two other tree plants , they are currently very healthy except for George.Poor George , I can't do much for him , I am not an expert gardener.If any of you guys know someone or yourself who is a plant expert , tell me and give me his or her contact number.


I will try to upload my videos on Youtube , my friend told me uploading videos on Youtube would be faster than Blogger.So if I do succeed , I would link my videos from Youtube to here so that you guys could see them.Sorry for the inconvenience =(

Crazy Dreams

Have you ever had a crazy dream ? I had one once and it is freaky.I was in a middle of a field and the place was windy.I looked around and heard a girl's cry , a familiar one that until now I can't figure it out which cry of person I know.I saw an owl flying towards me , it had golden feathers all over it.It had everything that a normal owl would , the only thing special about the owl was it was wearing an happy mask.I rode on it for no reason at all.It took me to a golden palace , it was beautiful.But as soon as I stepped in ... everything inside was either became dust or turned black , like everything was destroyed by a fire.

The owl slowly dissolved into a paper owl , a small origami paper owl.I took it and placed it inside my pocket.I walked through the hallways with moving shadows , I don't know whose shadows were they.Each time I stepped on the floor , a golden pathway lighted up and showed me somewhere.I followed the golden pathway and reached a destroyed room filled with chains and three broken chairs.Infront of the three broken chairs were three fully functional old style televisions.The middle one was opened so I sat on the middle chair.

As I sat on it , the television started to show me pictures.I forgot what those pictures were but I remember one picture because it was broadcasted the longest.The picture shown a man holding a child while watching a wasteland , he was crying when he was holding the hand of the child.His left hand or right hand , I forgot , was taking photo.All of a sudden , the castle disappeared.I was in the middle of the field again , the paper owl inside my pocket turned to dust.Then my eyes closed and I was at my bed with my mom calling me to wake up.

That dream was from when I was 13...

Have a crazy dream before ? Tell me in the comment section below ... the chatbox is not enough haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , CRAZY DREAMS


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tongue Twister

"Life Is Interesting"

23 March Tuesday - Homework and school made my life much more busier xD

Today was one great day , oh guys people asked me about what was I doing yesterday with my blog.Because I posted an emo poem of some sort , just ignore it and go on with reading this.Yesterday , I saw something on Facebook that made me wrote that emo poem.No more emo poems for me xD

Today I almost fell asleep during Maths Class , I don't know why , tired I guess.We are currenly learning Chapter 5 , the line equation part.Physic teacher can't teach us today because she leaded the basketball team to some competition.So she left us homeworks to do but I didn't do it , I wanna do the Math homework given by the Math Teacher.Almost everyone took the chance of those free period to do English Essay about the effects of war.I hate war but I like to study about war , don't ask me why because I don't know why too.

We covered Chapter 4 in one period of Add Maths today , the chapter was short , really short and simple.Teacher told us that the only thing preventing us from getting full marks of this chapter is because of carelessness , to be honest it was kinda easy.I am really weak in Add Maths now , I really need to work hard for my future exams so I could do better.I love Sivik Class , the teaher always talked about issues around our country.It really opens my eyes to the outside world.

So Chong Hwa students , you guys are about to take your first Form 4 exam.Some tips for you guys , READ and READ during the week before the exam.Last minute revision won't help for most science stream students because there are obviously too much.Art and any other students should do the same thing too.I regreted not reading any of my books during my Chinese New Year Holiday.So don't be like me and start your reading ASAP xD.

Guys heres a little tongue twister !!! A tongue twister is like a short paragraph consisted of sentences , if you read it fast enough , its very difficult to read.I don't know how to explain fully so heres the little tongue twister gave by my teacher today.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?

If Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers,

Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

I talked alot about school today !!! Guys I won't be posting videos for a while because my upload time is so long , I am learning how to make them go faster and look better.

Ops my pencil is broken , Alas I looked at you as a another one now.


Monday, March 22, 2010

How I Wish

"Life Is Interesting"

22 March Monday - How I wish

To tell you the truth I am wishing
How I wish I could know what you think of me
How I wish I could be by your side at all times
How I wish I was not foolish when I was young
Choosing the wrong decisions and followed the wrong path.

I am still wishing
How I wish I could understand your way of speaking
How I wish I could be a special one in your heart
How I wish I could be something more
Just helping you everytime in a silent way.

Hold on I am wishing
How I wish I could make a wonderful day for you
How I wish I could make you smile every single time
How I wish I could tell you the secrets lingering in my mind
Those secrets running around in my mind all day long just waiting to jump out.

But those wishes are tend to be blocked by people and situations.
I wished all the day long but god knows whats best for me or not
I don't care who objected me or told me I was wrong
I just hope that I done actions before all it is too late

How I wish you know...

As a final wish , I sworn to myself to change after this day.

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Little Message

Today I felt the urge to write a poem lol , dunno why +_+
I just wanna thank Jimmy See for fetching me home today from tuition , haha.Ohya , my friend who was in the video said Thank you for all your blessings.She is motivated to do more in the future.

Ops my pencil is broken , another day another gravy spilled


Sunday, March 21, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

21 March Sunday - I hope my exam papers were useful !!! My add maths suck , need practice more +_+

The holidays are ending , we are heading ashore to school.The seas of memories we been through this week were heart filling but too bad we are heading ashore.Looking back , happy memories should be remembered and unhappy ones should be casted out to the ocean.Forever drifting but hopefully never to be remembered again.As I cast my anchor down to the ocean , I look back at the sea that I once roamed free and the vessel which I was upon.This holiday is officially closed for me.So don't care about what homework you have right now what you have done , whats important is did you had fun during the holidays ? Leave an interesting response to the comment section below or the chatbox in the sidebar.

Guys , I am seriously happy.Mainly because you guys gave me a good feedback about that video below even though its a bit dirty.The only negative response is from my relatives haha.So due to the good feedbacks given by you loveable people who read my blog , I would make more of this videos.So look forward to more videos.Oh , some of you guys ask me why didn't post my vlog about the gathering that day.Well the reason is because its too long and I need to time to make it better and shorter.I am still on a verge of learning video editting.

Oh and guys , I am glad you guys gave me good feedbacks about my friend's video on Youtube.Your messages would be passed to her as soon as possible.Thank you for commenting and telling me about how you feel !!!

Lately , during the holidays.I got alot of strangers talking to me , they are all on Facebook.They are like random people come and chat with me to know me better.All of them were girls and I was taking precautions while talking to them because you will never know that they are internet scammers.They asked for my photo and I told them to go my profile.Once they saw my pictures , they offlined.I laughed everytime because its funny xD.It is only funny when you see our conversations.But it is kinda sad because maybe they got scared by my looks and ran away.Anyways guys , BECAREFUL OF INTERNET SCAMMERS.

I am alone in my house right now , my mom is in the hospital and I can't see her because I am still doing my homeworks.I wish I could see you mom T_T , get well soon !!! Love you =D

Heres a little video to calm your senses before going to school =)

Ops my pencil is broken , I got a pile of homeworks to do , can I burn them ? :D no =.=


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Video / My Talented Friend / Secrets

"Life Is Interesting"

20 March Saturday - Mr ... Watch where you are sitting.


Whats up guys , how was your day ? I spent my entire day experimenting videos , most of them ended up a failure.Theres an experimental video below at my last post so check it out guys and give me some feedback.Thx to Calyn and Kan for motivating me to make more and giving me a feedback without me telling you guys to , thanks xD.I would make more of these comedy videos together with my brother soon enough , you guys could leave suggestions or advice if you want.We are still considering want or not to make a new channel on Youtube.My brother is abit sensitive about Internet publicity.

My Talented Friend

Guys , I got a friend.She is one talented girl !!! I first met her on Facebook about 1 and a half years ago.She is a nice girl with super talented hands ! So she made a new channel on Youtube , she made a video of her playing the piano.Guys , you gotta check it out.Its pretty awesome.Comment , Rate and subscribe xD Support Support !!! She is also my first Youtuber friend.I hope she could be one of the best Youtubers xD



Haha , this is a short and rush post guys.Gotta do my homework at the freaking last minute.Heres a little song , its one of my favs.Be sure to check my video below !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , wheres my IKEA teddy ? its lost T_T



Testing Video (will be deleted)

Friday, March 19, 2010

6B Gathering / JC Movie Party

"Life Is Interesting"

19 March Friday - I am ... what ? Vlog Is at the BOTTOM

Guys , what happens when you combine my group of friends and my primary classmates ? You get a fistful lot of fun , thats what it is !!! I haven't met my old friends for a long while and they changed alot.Even though only half of the class attended the gathering , I am glad to meet back all my old playmates in primary haha.Heres the list of people attended the gathering.

1.Jimmy See                                11.Zhen Xing
2.Jessie Ng                                  12.Wei Kian
3.Cui Yee                                    13.Han Xien
4.Jing Yu                                     14.Rui Zhen
5.Jing Fang                                  15.Ron Chin Qi Wynn
6.Jing Qian                                  16.Wei Fen
7.Pak Chin                                  17.San San
8.Yee San
9.Yee San's Brother
10Yee San's Sister

(Note : this is not a ranking !)

Ron was invited by Yee San , JC accompanied with Jimmy and Rui Zhen was invited by Han Xien I think.The meeting time was 11am in the morning but I went to the bus stop at 9am because I thought it was 10am.Well , better early than late xD.Cui Yee , Jing Yu and Zhen Xing arrived at 10.30am , we went to the oil station to buy some drinks and DIGI prepaid cards.Pak Chin and some other girls arrived , Pak Chin changed alot from what I knew of him.Everyone said I became much bigger , is that a good thing ? lol

We used the bus and the monorail to reach Time Square.I like sitting on the monorail , its like a roller coaster but less thrilling and dangerous with people sleeping on it haha.I don't really like Time Square so much , alot of cases about hooligans and gang fightings were happened over there.I can't vlog much and I can only vlog at safe places due to safety precautions lol.We arrived at Time Square , we chilled at McDonalds near Cosmo World.In the distance , I saw Ron with Yee San and his brother walking.We met up with them not long later.

I was surprised that Ron was there lol.I guess he wanted to meet Yee San so he came.Yee San's brother was quiet and very gentle.After that , we went to eat at McDonalds.Not long after , Jimmy came alone.Then not long after , Rui Zhen came and I was surprised too.I treated Yee San and Ron to some McDonalds.I ate the Spicy Mcdeluxe Set !!!

After a little hanging around the shopping centre , we went to watch Alice In The Wonderland.By that time , JC and HX arrived at the mall.Now I can't say I don't like the movie , I just don't like how they plotted the movie.Their visuals and cute talking animals are great in this movie but the plot and script suck.Most of their lines presented cold humor , not that funny at all.Just a few TeeHee and some Huh ? lines.Johnny Depp out did himself acting as the Hatter.His dance at the end of the movie was awesome.His moving style was somewhat same as Captain Jack Sparrow.Overall I gave the movie 6/10 for lack of good plotting and scripts.

We went to a restaurant to have a little dinner later.We talked about alot of stuffs but I felt like each people has their own groups and not together as one class group anymore.This is call the age of teenagers guys , we can't prevent it.The service there sucked haha , each time they served a meal they didn't tell us whats the name of the food and we ended up getting confused over which is which.

    Wishful Thinking - Pak Chin

Yee San's Brother

Him again xD

lol ?

Jimmy is whispering to someone !!!

Ron , you blocked I took

Don't look away

Covering again haha xD

So after that gathering of ours , we went to JC house for a watch movie party.Heres the list of people attended the party.

1.Han Xien
6.Rui Zhen

We watch paranormal activity and its one of the best horror movie I ever seen.Its about a couple living inside a house together.There was paranormal activities happening lately around the house so the guy in the movie bought a high tech camera to record anything that happens with the word paranormal.As the story goes on , the movie gets more and more intense.I gave it a 8/10 because the special effects were abit cheesy haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , busy busy busy HOMEWORKS



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2012 / Shawty / Back In The Days

"Life Is Interesting"

17 March Wednesday - Shawty Is A Eemie Meenie Miemo Lover


Ladies and gentlemen , sorry to break for you the truth.I am 70% convinced that 2012 is going to happen , the other 30% still disapproves with this theory.Of course , the real thing won't be like the movie lol.NASA predicted that during 2012 , the sun would release it's solar flares.Its not a normal solar flare , its a major one.Usually , our Earth's electromagnectic shield could reflect the solar flares and we would be safe.But NASA's satelite has detected a giant hole in the shield , so the solar flares are free to go in.When those solar particles hit Earth , they would short circuit our electrcity grids and supplies.NO ELECTRICITY and the solar flare would burn anything it touches.

So tell me if you guys believe in the 2012 controversy , leave your answers in the comment section below or the chatbox in the side bar.

Back In The Days

Today , I found my old photos during I was very young.Let me tell you a funny story.When I was small , I was a very playful and curious kid.Once , I was at the playground playing.My friend told me that she was bored and wants something to do rather than sliding.So I took her hand and ran around the playground.Guess what ? I fell haha.I got dirt in my mouth and my mom spent hours just to clean my mouth.My friend was okay , don't worry haha.

I remember when I was living at my previous home.The swimming pool there was very dirty , the personnels rarely even care to clean the pool.They left it to rot and theres a greenish colour to it.But when it is cleaned , people would use it ALOT.I remember when I was using it with my brother , a crazy kid threw trash and a bicycle wheel into the pool , NO KIDDING haha.We scolded the kid and my dad scolded the kid pretty hard.He cried and ran away.We spent the whole day , picking up those trashes.Talk about cold work.


Hey guys heres a song , I found out from a friend of mine.Its Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie

Theres no vlog today sorry , there will be one tomorrow so stay tune.Tomorrow is gonna be one great day xD

Ops my pencil is broken , Gathering and JC house tomorrow WEEPEE


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parasites Are Nasty

"Life Is Interesting"

16 March Tuesday - I watched too much National Geographic and Animal Planet Today.

Whats up guys , there will be no Vlog today sorry for your disappointment but yea , no vlog today.Main reason is because I spent too much time today just to watch documentaries.You know , those National Geographic and Animal Planets ones.I am not saying that watching them is bad , its just that I seen too much disturbing things haha.But I learnt alot from these videos so I guess its like got pain and alot of gain.Heres what I learnt from these documentaries.

Parasites are BAD , really BAD.Before I go on , make sure you ate because after reading this post , you would be disgusted.Theres a fly called Botfly , which is twice the size of a common house fly.Its larvaes are actually parasites that could live in other organisms body.But usually Botfly can't lay eggs on those bodies so they ambush any mosquitoes they see and then transfer their eggs to them.When a mosquitoe suck a human's blood or any other animals blood.The eggs of the Botfly would land on the skin and hatch.When hatched , the larvae would dig in to our skin.There will be a hole on the spot and it would hurt.But don't worry , these flies are more common in like India and other countries around it.

Lately , a guy had a parasite living in his head.The doctors thought it was a turmoil at first but when during surgery , they found out it was a parasite living in his head.LUCKILY , he was saved.I am glad we got these smart doctors with us.They invented cures and ways to solve our problems.So leave an answer in the comment section below or the chatbox telling me what do you think about parasites.To me , I am fascinated by the ways parasites spread but I still hate those things lol.

lol and Anacondas are very impressive.They actually need 7 months to born their babies and they can't eat during that period , talk about good mothers.So they would hunt a very good meal before they go to breed because only well fed anacondas could breed successfully.Oh and Snake's venom could dissolve people's bones , too much acid I guess.Their venom could kill you in 30 minutes or less.Impressive eh ?

Nothing more , there will be more tomorrow.I want to post some of those videos on this post but I don't want you guys to get offended.Heres the link to the youtube's channel

Ops my pencil is broken , A GOOD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHAWN. XD


Monday, March 15, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"
15 March Monday - Err HELLO
People , today was one productive day.This morning , I went to the gym and I had lots of fun filming my Daily Vlog.A little run and a little curl thumbells exercise in the little dingy gym.I love it when I am filled with sweat , it makes me thing I lost alot of weight LOL , I know thats self comforting.Today , when I was in my condo's gym.I saw a very fit guy , by the mean of very fit I mean by he is a tough guy.Muscles there and Muscles here , some very raw and tough meat.Heres the Vlog of a tour around the swimming pool and a little of my house.

Today I went to do a little reading on my un-finished novels.You can expect that they were alot of fun to read.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Dragon Codex series totally kick ass.I can't even put them down , they were like sticking to my fingertips.Who sticked me to those books ? My mind of course , it can't let it go haha.

I wrote 2 and a half stories today , WOOT.I finished two of my stories and one half done.Its amazing that a little gym working out could make you be so active for the whole day.I done some of my homeworks as my dear friend posted homeworks to do on Facebook group.I wrote 2 and a half stories , Facebook whored , Swimming and read finish my books.Productive day is one awesome day.

Do you have a day that you never run out of energy and you done alot of stuffs ? Tell your answer in the comment section below or the chatbox --->

So see you guys , this post would be shorter because my friend is dying to see my vlog.

Ops my pencil is broken , See you guys tomorrow.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

14 March Sunday - Kenny Roger's Muffins , Hoorah.

Hi whats up guys , today was a really fun day.I woke up early in the morning today just to get to the grave of my grandpa and grandma.It was hard for me to wake up today because I slept late yesterday just to finish my Karangan Class homework.Its a very hard homework to be frank , it looks easy at first but its hard when you started to do it.

Qing Ming Festival is a very rainy festival , if theres Qing Ming , theres bound to rain.Not heavy ones , light and sad ones.Its like the sky is crying and mourning for us too , you feel their tears on your head as it dropped on it.During Qing Ming , chinese families would visit their ancestor's graves.They would clean the surroundings of the grave and place offerings for the dead.This is a sign of filial peity and respect.Its tradition to do this and tradition must be taken.

Tuition was fun and strict as ever.The teacher told us to copy stuffs but he changed the slideshow too fast.We kept on trying to copy but he kept on changing haha.My hand was so tired from all that writing.The teacher is a great teacher but abit rushy , can't blame him , he wants to teach finish all the skills before class dismisses.

I really want to watch Alice in the wonderland right now , who wants to go with me this holiday ? Maybe I should ask my brother.

My mom bought Kenny Rogers Muffins , Hoorah.Its been long since I ate these little puffy pasteries.When I was little , we used to call Kenny Rogers to "Kenny Roasters".My mom and dad kept on saying that and I ended up saying that as well.But years passed and I started to know how to read the word so right now I am saying Kenny Rogers.I usually say "Cheese" instead of words that I don't know how to pronounce when I was little xD.

Aww man , I am sleepy.I asked alot of stupid questions and did alot of blur things today , sleepy eyes -_- , I gotta go take a nap.

Ops my pencil is broken , I want to go to sleep SO TIRED


Saturday, March 13, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

13 March Saturday - Lalalalaala

Guys I know I didn't update my blog yesterday , I was trying out alot of stuffs on my blog and it didn't went well so I slept early yesterday.But I got good news , I managed to make a Vlog.Vlog is like a blog but we use videos instead of writing it on a blogger page.Here you go my Vlog , lets try it out shall we ? Haha , excuse my grammar because I was nervous.

I know I talk weird , I was nervous ><

So today , my brother's friend was here.We went to a little swimming in the pool of my condo.Today , the guards didn't bother to open the Jacuzzi.My brother and me wanted to chill in the jacuzzi but its not open.We started to play silly kids game , Sea Monster.I am the sea monster , my brother and his friend were the battleships.I kept on getting splashed in the eyes and I ended up can't see anything.Maybe I would go to the gym tonight , maybe not because I am very tired right now.

Guys , I got another fever again.Yesterday my dad took us out for supper during 1am and we came back at 3am.We went to Kepong just to eat Bak Ku Teh.I need to sleep , if I don't sleep I would catch a fever.But I stopped listen to my body's metabolism and ended up eating supper with my family.

Guys , I am very happy right now.I got my first phone , my dad bought me a phone.Its a Sony Ericsson W980i , its black in colour and I like the volume.But theres something wrong , my handphone camera len has a glitch.Some black line thingy on the top right of my screen , its in my video above.

Okay guys , I don't want to talk much because I am tired so I am gonna take a little nap.

Ops my pencil is broken , I hope you enjoy the post.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

11 March Thursday - The last moments before the day ends.

I changed my opening from "Viewer Discretion Is Advised" to "Life Is Interesting".Life is clearfully interesting as anything could happen.The past is gone and the future is yours to mold.But life only comes in once so take care of yourselves my peeps.Life is like a video game but once you die , its game over for you forever.

Good news and bad news guys.Lets state the bad news first , I got alot of homeworks to do and I got very low marks for my BM.The tatabahasa part killed me >< , BM is such a hard subject for me.Good news time.I am pretty sastified with my results , except for BM and Physics.Another good news is that tomorrow I won't be going to school because there is gonna be a ceramah for almost the whole day.I don't wanna listen to the useless moral ceramah while sitting on a cold hard floor.Alot of my friends won't be going too , my mom agreed that I could stay at home.

Today is SPM Results day , I seen alot of our former Form 5 students in our Dewan Gemilang today.All wearing casual clothes getting ready to meet their SPM results.I heard from someone that nobody got Straight As because of Moral B.Straight As streak got destroyed by Moral lol.Most of our teachers were busy today so less studying today.I hope you guys got great results for your SPM !!!! Miss most of you seniors , last year seniors were the best !!! Form 4 students !! We must be good seniors next year !!!

Alot of people told me that I been too "open" in this blog.I been considering to set my blog to private but I don't want to do that.Next time , I will be careful not to let out my personal stuffs.

Today's BI class was fun , teacher gave us a sing along in class.She gave us pieces of paper and on the paper , there was an uncomplete lyrics for Green Day - 21 Guns.Teacher brought her laptop with her and played the music.She told us to fill in the blanks.After filling in the blanks and discussing the answers , teacher told us to sing along with the song.It was a nice song , the song is about Anti War.Check it Out ~

I am gonna watch the sun sets today , its been long since I watch the beautiful orange sun sets.

Ops my pencil is broken , Sunsets.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Smiling Doctor =)

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

10 March Wednesday - Chainsaw here and hammer throw there

My neighbour is making alot of noise right now , the main reason because they renovating their house.I can't blame them , when my house was renovating , we made alot of noise to our neighbours too.My dad is a real snicker to renovations , he spent weeks on finding a good design style for our house.But sadly we can't afford expensive designs but my dad tried his best to make our house look good.Most of our furnitures are from IKEA.If you don't know IKEA , IKEA is like a giant furniture store from interior designers all around the world.IKEA is cheap and nice so my dad bought most of our furnitures from there.

My dad once asked me "Son , when your all grown up and have a wife.You would have bought your own house right ? What kind of design do you wish to put on ?".I haven't answer that question yet because I am still thinking.I thought of a few designs.For my living room I would have an all Japanese feeling with the season summer.My toilet would have a high tech feeling to it , sleek and futuristic looking design.Master bedroom of course would be a romantic feeling with a sense of spring.These are all the designs I thought of.

What about you guys ? What kind of designs you wanna have on your new home or your current home ?

I want to watch this MOVIE !!!

Who wants to watch with me during the holidays ?

Guys , my fever is getting better alot.I went to the hospital today and found out that my fever is not a normal fever.My fever was caused by a virus and not the temperature inside my body.Thats why I am having a hard time getting my temperature to cool down.The doctor gave me a shot and I feel much better right now.I hate injections , the doctor would make you think of other things when he is about to stab you with it.

Note to self : Play along with the doctor because if your not thinking about other stuff , you would feel pain.

Ops my pencil is broken , sickle !!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

March 9 Tuesday - SMILE :D

Siblings are the ones who are telling you that god doesn't want you to go on alone.Alot of people have siblings , they are a part of our family until the very end.They have the same genetic code as you and they have the same parents as you.Even though if they are step-siblings , they are still our siblings.I only got a brother , oh how I wish I got a sister.But the fact is I don't , I pestered my mom to born one but she denied.Can't blame her though , the pain of delivering a baby is gruesome.

I only got a little brother , he is a very mature guy for his age.I seen friends of his , all playful and talk vulgars all the time.We are brothers till the very end and will be until the very end.Surprisingly , unlike most other people.We don't fight each other instead we work together.One is strong but Two is stronger.When you see me and my brother work together facing you , you better surrender and lay down your head.Haha , I am too over confidence =.=.You will rarely seen brothers work together , since boys like to fight over properties.I always seen sisters work together , the only time they fight is over toys or things they like haha.

My bro always say I am the best brother he has ever seen ( I am not lying -_- , you could ask him).He seen brothers fought each other or even scold their little brothers.But I worked together with him and I always accept the things he likes.He shared to me alot of his secrets and I kept them for more than 10 years.From small to big , we shared alot and did alot together.He has alot of girls admiring him , my brother is kinda handsome lolz.Everytime we went to different houses , aunties would say my bro is handsome.I am trying to help him get his "target" , the girl he likes is perfect for him he said.Me and my bro see eyes of girls , eyes contained all the personalities and traits.

So heres a question , do you have a sibling and do you like them ? Leave your answers in the comment section below or the chatbox at the side ---->

Heres a little song for you guys , Taylor Swift - Love Story.Enjoy ~

Oh Guys I almost forgot to post this link , I just wrote a simple short story on my second blog.So heres the link , its about Mother Nature.

I reached 3000+ views yeah ~ Thank you guys for commenting and viewing my blog.Especially to those who commented on my blog almost everyday.Your comments are most appreciated

Ops my pencil is broken , I want a sister T_T


Monday, March 8, 2010

Fever Edit

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

8 March Monday - 38.2 , its getting worse

Whats up guys , I am currently drinking a hot drink to calm my nerves after what happened.Remember what I said about improving my blog ? I tried to improve the speed of page loading but I failed.I need money to buy that software and my dad won't allow me to use Pay Pal.But the good news is I modified my edit system , that means I could do more things with my post.But I won't over edit the posts if not it would look even more uglier and confusing.

Guys , have you guys ever got a high fever.I always have a fever because I usually sleep late , thats why I look like I been through sleepless nights.I need make up for my panda eyes hahaha...not happening.Today should be my worst fever ever in 2010 , my temperature right now is 37.8-38.2.I kept on measuring the temperature because I was bored on my bed.But one good thing about having a fever , is that moms would cook delicious congees for us.I don't know if you guys would like it or not but congee is one of my likeable foods.I wish my girlfriend would cook for me congee when I am sick.I dream too much ~_~

Heres a question , boy or girl I don't care.Did your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have one cooked for you or took care of you when your sick ? or maybe staying in the hospital ? Leave you answers in the comment section below or the chatbox ---> at the side bar.

Guys , have you ever seen old people rock out before ? Mostly when I see old people , they are pretty dormant.My grandma is one tough grandmother , she walks faster than me alot.Usually when I follow my grandma to anywhere , she would walk so fast and would pestering me to walk faster.I call her "Super Grandma" when she walk very fast.But she likes to scream , I don't know why.My mom says its her hormones.

Ladies and gentlemen , watch this video about an old couple rocking out on a piano in a clinic.

Did you see what that old man did ? He has it going on , if you know what I mean.

I never seen old people rocking out like that before.Heck , I never even seen young people rocking out like that before.We must learn from these old people to do tricks like that.Seriously , everyone was watching and filming them.That clinic was boring at first not until they came along.

Okay guys , I am tired and I am hot.Temperature hot not body hot.I am gonna take some pills and go to sleep after half an hour later.

Ops my pencil is broken , I am going to school tomorrow