Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prototype Wednesday

~Ding ... another night you came and talk with me ~

20 January Wednesday - Sometimes I wonder why does Miley Cyrus has a hoarse voice.Is she sick all the time ?

I just love Wednesday , dunno apart from no tuition or the word Wednesday just makes me smile.Man I am weird.Yesterday , I asked you guys what celebrity you guys want to be.Nobody answered lol , my answer would be Brad Pitt.Two words , sexy looks.I know you guys would say oh you want him because he is married with Angelina Jolie , nope just sexy looks.You always want what you can't have :(.

Remember I told you guys yesterday about an email from a friend who needs help giving money for charity.Well I sent him the email on how to give the money , you know whats the response ? He said he didn't gave me any email.Man I hate these fake emails given by strange people who have nothing to do.Nevertheless , don't change your mind on giving money to charity too.

Today during Biology class , I didn't paid attention because I was having a very painful stomachache.I finally forced myself to go "poo" in the school's toilet.I have "no time" to go to the toilets located upstairs.I ended up going to the PKBP's toilet , strangely its much cleaner than the usual toilets I used lol.Aww man I hate stomachaches.

Why does quadratic expressions seem more easier than functions lol ? And why does chapter 4 is easier than functions but they put functions first ? No damn clue ... I talked with Kan about it and we have no clue too.

Today we got several new students in my class.When I was walking home from school , I saw one of those new students walking infront of me.And I later found out she lives in the same condo as me.LOL , I never seen her before all this time.

Oh I finally know that when you are doing something you are good at does not mean you are showing off.It means you are sharing your talents to the world lol.Friends would say that your talents suck and made your self-esteem low.My English teacher told my class that lolz.SHOWING OFF IS A DIFFERENT THING ... ~_~

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Ops my pencil is broken , I wish I got tapeworm... Ops I said something wrong ~_~

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