Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soldierific Sunday

-This photo carry a meaning ... tell me what it is

10th January Sunday - Aww man , today my glasses broke /.\.I need to repair it in order to see well , my spare glasses ain't that good enough.Nothing big broke just the plastic thing that holds the nose.I hate you gravity but we need you LOL if not everything would be floating around 0_0.OH AND I HIT 1000 VIEWS , THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU GUYS SUPPORTING ME IN THE FRONT LINE.MUACKS LOVE YA XD . Today will be the end of Military week and off to FRUIT WEEK.Starting with Applelish Monday.

I cut my hair too , because long hair makes me gloomy and sleepy.Short makes me feel alive and spirited , don't really know why.

Today , I started to use Microphones in MSN and tried it on alot.The feedback was great but only two people responded with a Mic.Most of my friends don't have a microphone so they ended up talking to me by typing while I talk through a Microphone.Its really fun , I should do it more xD.I am a microphone whore ==

Kanchelski talked to me today and he said he want to change school.But he said he can't because he already paid for the books and he don't want to buy new ones again.So he decided to come here next year , dummie why the end of secondary school only come.If you come now , we will our teacher to let you sit with us and not at the back xD.

Nothing much today , can I really keep up updating everyday ? Of course XD.

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas hates when his hair is too short.


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