Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pineapplelish Thursday

-Spongebob and his neighbours

14 January Thursday - Today morning almost made me had a heart attack.I woke up at 5.30am and I said "Yeah , I am gonna go to school early today" but I ended up sleeping again until 6.30am !!! And worst of all , I had the stomachaches and I went for a poo.After a good poo , it was 6.59 am and I was rushing to school like a fangirl rushing to a super pop star.Ignoring everything in the way , I forgotten my PJ book.HARSH

Luckily I made it to school 2 minutes before the second bell ringed.Today , Han Xien reminded me of the Bio homework which I forgot to do yesterday night.LOL , I write down all my homeworks in a book so I won't forget anything teacher wanted us to do.Today's BI and BM class teachers were absent.We ended up waiting for our substitute teacher for a long time while complaining about our butts pain !!!

PJK was hell , we played football on the field while the hot sun burning our skins.Jia Hui was appointed to be the goalkeeper and he kept on missing the ball.The other team was cheering as we were moping lol.I finally get to persuade Han Xien to join in the game , we needed all the help we could get.But we still kept on losing and the other team kept on winning.Alas , Shawn was back from playing ping pong with Jay Ming and we turned the tide.Our team was kicking the ball in the other team's goal post and ... PJ teacher called us to stop playing lol.The reason he called us to stop playing was to keep us out of the sun for too long.He said 70% of our energy were sapped away while playing under the hot sun.He also said we cannot change our body's temperature in flash or else it would be dangerous.He is a good PJK teacher since he cared about us not like the others.

I changed my clothes on the third floor's restroom , nobody was inside xD while the second floor's restroom had alot of people changing.

Today , our Bio teacher forced us to stay for an extra lesson LOL.Omg , I had no mood to study by that time.Me and Foong talked about Bioshock , the scene where the big daddy killed a man trying to kill a little girl.In that class , I told Han Xien a secret that none may know.But I am willing to give up on that secret , I am not ready...

Ops my pencil is broken , No I am not ready for that kind of challenge...Maybe 5 years later or something...


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