Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 August JC's Dinner


30 August Monday - Dinna is served

Yesterday I went to Jia Cheng's dinner , it was mighty fun.Lim Hsin Jie , Ron Chin Qi Wynn , Jimmy See , Calyn Loh went there too.We watched "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" after the steamboat dinner and the movie was friggin hilarious hahaha.Here are some pictures.

Yes only these few ._. , too busy with the Zohan.

Ops my pencil is broken , DISCO DISCO UH UH


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Mites

"Suck suck sucky"

27 August Friday - Suckers

I got an interesting fact that I wanna share to you guys , it is a very "huh ?" fact but please bare with me as it will blow your mind out or not but never mind lol.We all need to tidy our beds after we woke up right ? Well , lazy people won't do it but you get what I mean.Mothers would nag all day to their children to tidy their beds because they don't like the room messy and sheets flying around the room as if there was a hurricane.

But untidy beds are actually better than tidy beds.Yes , it looks messy and yes it ruins your image.But it provides better health , why ? Well , dust mites need water to survive , they absorb the water of their surrounding by using small glands on their bodies.A Kingston University researched that dust mites could not live in dry and warm conditions found in untidy bed.The bugs feed on scales of human skin and produce allergens which are easily inhaled during sleep.They are less likely to thrive in short of water supply conditions.

Go to this link to learn more !!! 


Dragonflies are everywhere recently , I think it is dragonfly season.Seeing them flying around in the air really does calm my nerves.I been really down lately , the sight of these insects is welcoming.

Yet , a flower I cannot touch or cannot react to.Petals such that I longed for , slowly fades way as it began to move farther and farther away from me.

Ops my pencil is broken , petals...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow Wow Wee Wow Wow

"Borat ?"

25 August Wednesday - Wow !!!

Today , I went to Shawn's house just to do some last configurations on our Biology presentation.We done the presentation this morning in class but my teacher asked us to do it again for our principal next week.We done a great job presenting today as said by my teacher , but to me it is not enough.I feel something lacking.When I was in Shawn's house.Shawn's friend came and even brought along his girlfriend , I was surprised to see him taking his girlfriend along.

Hey guys I want to give you see this trailer , it is a trailer of a documentary.A very good documentary , it is more of a movie rather than a documentary.I love it and it is about one of my favorite marine animals , DOLPHINS.I love dolphins , they are so cute and super smart.They are the closest thing to intelligence , they have self awareness.They are awesome and special animals of the world.

The documentary is about the dolphins being killed by the Japanese in a small town.The massacre has caught the attention of Rick O Barry , a world famous dolphin trainer and activist against whaling.He formed a team of elites just to expose the world of this uncomfortable secret.

This documentary is mind blowing , please do try to grab your hand on it.

Oh and Miss Mexico won Miss Universe !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , dolphins :D


Monday, August 23, 2010

Lovely Bones

"The Lovely Bones"

23 August Monday - I been really neglecting -_-

Monday is not my favorite day because it signifies the beginning of a long week to come.Yesterday , I went to Jusco and came back late.I been really neglecting my blog lately , been busy and boring these few weeks.During when I was in Jusco , I bought a book from MPH.It's name is The Lovely Bones.It is a very interesting novel , I am still reading it so I can't really give a full review yet.The book has a movie of it's own , directed by Peter Jackson.He is the one who directed The Lord of The Rings Trilogy !!!

The story is really simple.It talks about a girl got murdered by a psycho / pervert / mad / crazy guy by luring the girl into a den and raped her.The girl then went to heaven and she watches her family getting used to the scene of not having her in the household.The story goes on as her family tries to solve the mystery of her death and discover her murderer.It is a powerful Novel , recommend buying it.I bought it for RM32.90 in MPH so I guess you will get that kind of price in Malaysia unless you bought a pirated copy of the novel.

Don't know why it is named "The Lovely Bones" ._.

"Eminem !!!"

Yes that guy above this paragraph of useless texts is Eminem , the rapper we all know and love.His recent single "Love The Way You Lie" is a major hit and many countries , even here my friends would sing this particular song.Rihanna is featured in the song too but I don't get it why she changed so much.Maybe it is puberty ? Oh Wait...

Anyways I am not trying to promote this artist , he is popular enough without me promoting.I am here to show you the top ten advices for kids by Eminem on The David Letterman Show.Those advices are hilarious and truthful as well.Heck , why am I talking ? Heres the video so enjoy !!

Ops my pencil is broken , I like pie


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sleeping Friday Off


21 August Saturday - Cat sleeping

Hello Saturdayneers , don't know if that word is in the dictionary.Probably not since it is in "Improvised English".Yesterday was Friday and I almost slept through the whole day.When I came back from school , I don't know what to do.Then I remembered what my friend told me that I could regain my energy by sleeping.But I rarely could sleep during the afternoons but I still gave it a try.In my surprise , I felt asleep.I slept from 1.30pm to 8pm !!! It is quite an achievement for me , I can't even remember when I slept that long.

This is not the end.During 10pm , I slept again ! I slept until the next day.Now I am here , writing my blog in extreme boredom.Did I really lost that much energy this week ? Or is it just my lazy bone working by that time.I don't know and you don't know then...lets all don't know.Yes , case close.

"Moving and Packing"

Now I don't know if my sources are correct or not because I hate to give out wrong informations.But I received news that the last of the US Army has moved out of Iraq or maybe almost.But things in Iraq are not that milk and honey right now.

The legacy of the war still lingers around the country.Destroyed infrastructures and gun holes are still everywhere.The people living in the country is trying to repair and restore what they have lost.But recent incidents have caught my eyes.Families in Iraq are experiencing deformities among their new born babies and children.Cancer rates are becoming more and more higher.I learned from my Biology lessons in school that radiation causes cancer.

It is heartbreaking to see those children deformed.Their parents are perfectly healthy.Hospitals in Iraq are struggling to find out what really made these things to happen.Maybe it is radioactive particles spread by the bullets or bombs or uranium.Here is a video of the documentary about this incident.(Note : I am not trashtalking the country , I am just spreading awareness and just telling news.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yUDFicLNZ0  [ Deadly Legacy - Iraq] By Journeyman Pictures

"Oh Look , A Smiley Face :)"

Yes it is Sudden Attack and this game has made quite an accomplishment recently.It is quite popular in Korea  , Malaysia and Singapore.Boys in my school would either talk about Money King , Dota or Sudden Attack.There is even a handful of videos regarding towards Sudden Attack , even tournaments are being held.

Two new maps just came and I just reviewed through them.The first map is Death Market , it has a new mode of it's own called Touchdown.It is a fun map and a fun mode to play with , the name of the mode explains itself.You just gotta get to the other enemy base.The second new map , Stone Castle.It is a Team Deathmatch Map.I don't like this map because I don't like the design.Just don't feel like playing while playing this map.

Ops my pencil is broken , hmm...


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PMR Percubaan Tomorrow

"Study Hard Guys"

18 August Wednesday - Good Luck Guys

Tomorrow's PMR Percubaan for the Form 3 Students , for that I wish you guys the up most of all luck.It is a tough environment to work in so please be prepared for tomorrow.Gather your weapons and strengthen your mind for the battle.But try not to provide yourself with pressure , yes , pressure does help but too much pressure just makes you go downhill.Heres some tips for you guys , not sure if they would help you :

1.Sleep Early unless you took a long nap in the afternoon.
2.Eat some nutritious fruits before an exam , it would keep your mind focus on your paper.
3.Drink alot of water , it provides oxygen.
4.Calm down during the exam , take a break once in a while.

"Dry as dry possible"

Today was a great day if you count out the low Sejarah marks.During Bio class , we found out that the big metal case thingie in the corner of the lab is actually an oven.I never seen such an oven before , I think it is a lab oven.It has a special casing that most other ovens do not have.We used it to heat the plants we plucked out of the garden.It is for the experiment regarding towards intraspecies and interspecies.It is not done yet so we gotta wait until tomorrow.

"Freaking Scary ... well for me"

Today , a what what -logist came in our class and told us to cooperate with her for her project.Wait , let me check Google.Oh she is an Orthodontist , dentist that specializes in Malocclusions.They provide treatment of irregular formation of teeth.You know , those dentists that give you braces which are scary for me.Some friends told me get braces but I don't wanna.Main reason is that I am afraid and I find irregular teeth to be sometimes cute and interesting.I am just finding excuses haha , man I am a puss.

Ops my pencil is broken , see you next time peeps or poops or paaps , huh ?


Monday, August 16, 2010

Sleepy Koalas

"Hiya !!!"

16 August Monday - Koala Bears

We all know koala bears , these furry and lazy creatures reside in the land down below , Australia.You can't miss it , it is a continent and a nation.Now koala bears are not bears , they are actually much more related to the wombat or kangaroos , they are Maruspials.Wombats kinda look like Koalas but tend to spend most of it's time on solid ground.kangaroos are those kick ass fighters we all know and love , plus they got pockets on their belly.



Koala Bear

Their young ones are called cubs.Even though they are cute and furry , they tend to have sharp claws and sharp teeth so be careful.

Most of us (Even me) think that all Koala Bears are incredibly slow.Well , they could run as fast as a rabbit , you can imagine how fast these little guys run.They are also good swimmers.Well they are lazy though , they sleep for 19 hours a day !!! The leaves they eat give them little nutritions so they have little energy , thats why they sleep most of the time.They live and sleep on Eucalyptus trees , the trees provide shelter and food for the Koala Bears.But their territories are getting lesser and lesser because us bastardy humans tend to build farms on their lands. They only eat Eucalyptus leaves.

"Eucalyptus are known for their economical impact on poor populations and also used for draining swamps which reduce the risk of malaria."

"Over 2 Million Koala Bears were killed during 1908 and 1927 for fur"

The Koala Bears tend to cool off by licking and stretching themselves during resting period.Oh and Koala bears don't have sweat glands.They rarely drink water since they get all their H2O from the leaves but they would drink during times of drought.Koala Bears don't have much enemies.Eagles , Owls , Goannas and Dingoes are threats to the Koala Bears.Humans are the biggest enemies of Koala Bears , they should start a revolution lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , I like Koala Pie...I MEAN APPLE PIE :D


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starcraft Madness

"Shoot The Zergs !"

14 August Saturday - Saturday !

Its Saturday and what better way to celebrate Saturday ? Well it is to have fun but I did not have much fun in the beginning of day.I was lazing around during the morning and the afternoon , after all that studying , I just want to relax thats all.What surprised me was that I got 84 for my BM , thats a rarity in my league.I rarely get an A in my BM , thats because my BM level is that of a primary student.Sucks to be an outcast of this civilization.

In the afternoon , I took a little of my time to finish my little story named "Little Knight Boy".It is a very simple tale of a boy saving his grandfather.Things only started to get fun when I bought back a new game , Starcraft 2.We all know Starcraft ! If you don't know then you are living in a well or just uninterested in the gaming world.I had tons of fun playing Starcraft 2 , really lightened up my mood for today.

The storyline of the game is awesome and the way the game plays changed dramatically , it is just too awesome to describe.I think the best way to describe is that of "1000 X Awesome".But I got trouble in the graphics . I can't max out the graphics setting of this game.I need a new graphic card because games are becoming more and more demanding of a better system.Anyways , you guys must have Starcraft 2.If you need additional information regarding to this game then go to these links ~ 



Heres a trailer ~  

Ops my pencil is broken , SHOOT.


Friday, August 13, 2010

End of the August Test


13 August Friday - Duck and Cover.

Thursday was hell for me T_T . I am so gonna fail my Chemistry , unless some freaking miracle happens like a messiah appears out of nowhere and gave me extraordinary luck !!! Then BAM , instant 100 marks for my Chemistry but nah that won't happen or would it ?

Anyways , I am going to fail my Chemistry mainly because I don't know how to answer the subjectives ! I am very weak in Chemistry , it is the hardest subject in Form 4 in my opinion.Physics ain't that hard , it is a matter of common sense.Chemistry is damn complex and confusing , Physics can't even come close to match it.Biology was "okok" , I don't have much trouble answering those questions.The Meiosis questions were really confusing though.

Today , I took Add Maths.The day before I took Add Maths , I indulged myself into hard like hell questions.But to my freaking surprise , today's Add Maths test was EASY.I can't believe my eyes , all my effort gone down the drain.Oh well , at least I learned alot during those practices haha.

Oh heres a video !!! Its about a lady ordering at McDonald's Drive Thru in America.By that time , McDonald was not selling nuggets.The lady in the car became furious about not having any nuggets and started to attack the worker.Heres the video.

Ops my pencil is broken , she is avoiding me.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


"Ready !"

11 August Wednesday - Ramadan !!!

Hey guys , welcome to my blog again.Today is one tiring day but it would be celebrated by the Muslims as today is the beginning of Ramadan or Berpuasa.Ramadan is the ninth month of the islamic calender.It is the Islamic month of fastings , Muslims would prevent eating , drinking and sexual activities from dawn to dusk.It is to teach Muslims about humility , patience and spirituality.During Ramadan , Muslims would pray for past sins and refrain from doing any evil acts during this spiritual month.

Every morning , Muslims would wake up and perform fastings.They would gobble up everything before the hour starts , making sure that their tummy stay full for a long day.By Dusk , they would feast too and talk about their day.I could picture them laughing and eating under the starry moonlight skies.Some might even forgot about Ramadan and accidentally ate during forbidden hours.It is said that those who observes Ramadan well enough would be forgiven of their past sins.

Today , I was having a combo of deadly subjects for exam.Math was good but I don't have much confidence for it again , it seems like I don't have confidence in my math answers all the time.Sejarah was OMG , I don't want to talk about it.Just that the unexpected became the expected.Physics was easy but the subjective questions were kinda hard , Pascal Principles anyone ? CHEMISTRY AND BIO TOMORROW , god bless me -_-.

Ops my pencil is broken , She is out there somewhere ...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of The August Exam


10 August Tuesday - Shoot Bam

Ignore my previous post , I was in a big emotional surge yesterday.Probably I ate or drank a little something something too much.Well , my mood is back to normal and I am ready to write words on a machine.Today is the first day of the August Test.Seriously , I don't really care much about this month's test but I just read and study anyways.Regardless , I am going to get OK marks for this test.

BM was "okok" today , I managed to write the synopsis and theme of the novel "Papa" just in a nick of time.Intan Maliana died out of anger , poor girl.Darn Jeffri for being so unfaithful.I guess that is the way of literal writing I guess , I would kill a likeable character too just to add in a dramatic effect hehe.I am just afraid that the characters I killed in my story would come alive and kill me.I hate retribution !!!

English was easy enough.I don't know about my first question though.I chosen "Tools" because I saw the word "Equip" infront , I played too much video games and my mind is thinking like a video game.Essay was hell , I wrote too much words.I kept crossing out words and words and WORDS.I don't want to talk about Moral , I don't want to be reminded of the freaking essay.

After the test , I went home then I went to Shawn's home just to study.Now I am back and I am writing history.

Ops my pencil is broken , I sat on my horse and I am ready to charge.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Freaking Out


9 August Monday - Exam ...

Hey guys , I am freaking out.Mostly because that exam is coming and I got alot more problems than that.Exam starts tomorrow and I don't feel ready at all like most of my other exams !!! I feel discouraged , I feel hopeless.Not just about the exam , but also my life.My life has been going into a topsy curvy loopy loop these days.I am sailing in the ocean and suddenly a storm came , the tides wrecked my ship and now I am stranded.I am lost in the middle of the ocean , I am trying to find my way out.

I need some sincere to talk to...I am an idiot and a dumbass.Incapable of alot of things , I am blur and I can't hear well.I am useless , I am nobody...

Ops my pencil is broken , I lost.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

SMKDK Carnival


7 August Saturday - Keychains and Batiks for sale.

We all like carnivals , of course we do because it is friggin fun.Saturday , the time was when the great people of SMKDK got together and made this wonderful festive for the society.My friends opened a shop named "Gerai Seni" , it sold batiks and keychains.The day before all this could happen , my friends were dropping sweat painting those art works.Everytime , I turned my eyes.They are set on them , painting and painting.Such effort is rarely seen.

Those friends are :

Jay Ming
Hsin Jie
Han Xien
Rui Zhen
Jia Cheng
Kim Hoong

I got to the carnival with my brother and his friend by about 7.30am in the morning , yes I am that excited.When I got there , I saw my friends preparing for the carnival.They were not the only ones , hundreds of others were preparing for the grand festive.I helped them with some tables and then I was off to photo shooting.No , I don't shoot photos with my gun , wait what ? Here are some photos of that day.

I bought alot of stuffs , I tried out some food.I like the ice cream bun and the satay.Its been long since I ate an ice cream bun , the last time I ate an ice cream bun was that of maybe about Form 1.When I was a child , I used to beckon my mom for coins just to buy an ice cream bun.The very start of an early morning , the sun shone into my bedroom with a golden warm feeling.The sound of the ice cream man trumpets across the old flats of Wangsa Maju , children would run out to greet the man.Every time I went to him , I would buy an ice cream bun.The soft and cold taste is unforgettable.

The haunted house was fun but not that scary , the ghosts were pulling my pants , it almost went off.It was very dark , I can't see a single thing inside the house.The maze was fun too , I heard someone said that some guy kicked off some tables and messed up the whole thing.They used an hour to reform the formations of the maze.I don't wanna try Flying Fox , I am afraid.Yes , I am a coward lol.

The day soon comes to the end , Shawn won two lucky draw prices but only manged to get one because he was too late to redeem the second one.I bought two batiks and I sold one to Ang KL.He came in the last minute just to check up on us.

Ops my pencil is broken , things that were and things that are.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


"Rain ...  No not the singer"

5 August Thursday - Drop by drop

Wet days , I hate wet days , simply because it makes you gloomy.The whole place wet , drops of water falling from the sky as if they are tears of god himself.A signal of gloom and grief , a sign of despair.But enough with my emo talk , its thursday ! Its my favorite day among the five school days since lesser effort is needed in this day.

I freaking went to buy Nasi Lemak early in the morning , yes I am obsessed.I like the stall's nasi lemak , its very tasty.Normally , it would be a normal trade progress when I am at the stall.But today was different , while I was buying nasi lemak from the stall holder , a woman came out of nowhere and pleaded something.She was pleading the stall holder to give one nasi lemak for free and she would return the money in the afternoon.But the stall holder rejected multiple times , maybe he distrusts the woman or something.

The haunted house is going great , people are working really hard on the house.Days ago , it was just a few people.Now theres like a wave of workers working on the house.Oh please be scary , I don't like boring games.Jay Ming and his team of artists were painting batiks for the carnival , they are going to sell them.I got my set of eyes on one of the batiks.

Oh ya , our english teacher who is also the organizer of the haunted house , took all the tables of 4A and 4B.Luckily , our chairs have mini tables so it won't bother us much.

A rainy day to start off a grueling month.

Ops my pencil is broken , drop drop.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"England ?"

4 August Wednesday - The reason ?

The reason why I entitled today's blog "Rednesday" and posted a picture of two knights from the crusade ages ? Well , I got my hands on a computer game not too long ago.It's name is Medieval 2 Total War , it is a strategy game.I love strategy games , especially ones that have ton of history and ounces of fun.My Medieval 2 Total War is "modded" so it has enhanced special features that other normal versions do.Well the colour red is for the faction "England" in this game , since I have been playing as England recently.I find it suiting to name today's post Rednesday.England sucks in calvary :( 

Today is one strange day for me , the beginning of the day.I was sitting on the hall just to wait sun take it's toll on me , Puan Nisa ordered me to do something for her.It was a simple task , just close the little hatch connecting to the underground drainage systems.I was thinking , since she has one hand empty , why can't she close it herself ? I am not angry or pissed off , just strange and curious.One hand is enough to close the hatch.The smell from the hatch was nasty , typical drainage system eh ?

We got a new student in our class today.I guess it is safe enough right now to say that the new student is Calyn Loh.She came from Chong Hwa and settled in my school.I hope she is finding her surroundings comfortable , we got a transfer student once but she transferred out of our school not too long later.Hope there won't be a Dejavu.If you are reading this , welcome to our school with normal prestige lol.

Teachers and students are particularly busy these days.Since theres gonna be a carnival this Saturday , everyone is one their tip of their toes.I would officially invite you viewers to visit our school's carnival , its gonna be a blast.We got food and games , the famous haunted house would serve you nicely with maybe good frights.Some of my friends volunteered for being ghosts , the process is going well.Hopefully , its gonna be great.

My classroom was quite empty today since a fraction of my classmates went out for some chorus speaking thing.Some of my peeps are in a real moody atmosphere too , even my friend asked me "Is it Sad Day today ?".Honestly , today might be the right day for this day.Haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , marijuana sucks so don't freaking smoke it , you will die :D


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dawn of August

"Hello August"

1 August Sunday - Goodbye July

Before I start , I went to a steamboat and BBQ party yesterday ! It was really fun and the bunch of us had alot of fun , awesome photos were everywhere.Here are some of them.

Go to here for more photos ---> http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=26112&id=1784140936

Its the end of July my friends , August is starting today.I gotta miss this year's July , bunch of interesting stuffs happened.A miracle happened during July that I would never forget , but for me to succeed is depends on how am I going to do with this miracle.August is starting and the exams are near , I hate the exams.But we have no choice right ? Gotta take it for the sake of academics , exams mean study and study means bunch of sleepless nights.

My class is going to have a new student soon , I can't tell you the name yet since it is a secret hehe.Maybe I will tell you during the end of the year lol.Ron has been struggling these days with love and health , hope something shines on him soon.

Ops my pencil is broken , please make this august a memorable one :)

I need some serious changing.