Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I See Two Rainbows

26 January Tuesday - I saw two rainbows !!! Ain't that awesome ? Its not everyday that you see two rainbows infront of you.I was at the balcony by that time , the sun today was especially beautiful and TADA.Two rainbows appeared infront of me , beautiful just beautiful.I wish I could go to the end of the rainbow and then find a pot of gold.The leprachauns won't let me do that though , sigh I wish I got a shotgun.I was just kidding about the shotgun part !!!

Yesterday , I was so eagered to do my Add Maths 3 homework.But I ended up finding out that my paper was lost.I rushed and copied my friend's homework lolz , stupid add maths 3 !!! Well I think I am the one should be blamed.OMG , I almost fell asleep today in Sivic class but luckily once the teacher talked about the racial problems in Malaysia , you know ~ The Burning Churches.I was quickly awoke by my brain and paid attention to her lolz.I seriously think that inspectors should end this quickly.

I never went down during today's recess , I found out that staying upstairs is better than going down.I found a spot for me to hide , haha reminds me of when I was in Form 3.I almost never go down during recess , I kept on hiding in my class.Teachers just passed by without them noticing me.Once I was hiding behind at the back of the classroom , my math teacher went inside the classroom and took his book.He didn't even notice me , I was so afraid that I stayed there until my classmates came back up.One of the girls got scared and screamed lol...I think she thinks that I am a pervert elgor lol ?

Physic teacher forced us to stay back after school today , man I never even revise my physic lessons.T_T

Today , I think I overloaded Jay's car xD.But the sound came from Ron not me =X

Yesterday , my emotions got hold of me and simply wrote a post.Haha , I know the post yesterday sucks.I forgot to say that yesterday when I was walking home from school.A car beep on me and theres a malay girl in there gave me a peace sign.I was shocked because I don't even know who she is !!! Random PEACE sign at me lolz.

Lith Harbor song on my blog , very soothing.Reminds me when I was lv11 then got lost around pig beach.Good times ~

I got a friend who is sick right now , I don't want to mention the name.But if you are reading this , get well soon.Lol popcorn and that potato chip thing , HOT.

Ops my pencil is broken , My water bottle fell today and I don't have water for the rest of the day.DEHYDRATED