Saturday, January 9, 2010

Special : Angel's Dreams

This story was Inspired by a real event

It was a rainy day that day , the boy remembered that he was working as an intern in a hospital nearby a lake.He remembered he was taking care of a vet whose leg was broke.The boy seen alot of doctors and nurses but he never ever seen a vet before because of the rarity people having pets in his town.He talked to the vet and asked why would she wanted to become a vet.The vet replied in a way that she told a story.

*Years Ago*

It was also a rainy day , but the difference was that people were dressed in black.They were in a funeral ... for the vet's mother and father.The vet's name is Angel , Angel's parents died while trying to protect her from a bandit.She was once happy and cheerful when her parents were alive , but after they died she changed.Angel was a little girl by that time , she can't take that kind of burden.After her parents died , her aunt took care of her but she was rough and cruel.She won't spend social time with Angel but just kept on playing MahJong with her friends.

One day , Angel pleaded her to play with her but her aunt refused and gave her abit of money to buy herself some food.Angel ran outside , all she heard when going outside was her aunt scolding Angel.In the gloomy streets , Angel bought a butter bun from a nearby bakery.After having a bite , she cried.She just can't stop thinking about her mom and dad.She gave up eating the butter bun and went home.

On the way back home , she saw a white dog by the streets.It was the same as her , all sad and lonely.Angel gave the dog her butter bun and the dog happily ate it.The girl started a friendship with the dog , she was never ever lonely again.Everyday from that day on , she would find that dog and played with it.They laughed together , ate together , cried together , everything they done together suddenly changed...

One stormy day , the dog suddenly stopped playing and looked sick.Angel was worried so she went back home and pleaded her aunt to bring the dog to a vet but her aunt refused.Angel quarreled with her aunt and her aunt had the last straw.She pulled Angel into her room and locked the door.Angel vigorously knocked on the door but to no availed.She looked outside the window , the rain was gruelish.She can't stand the thought that the dog was outside that rain all alone so cold...But she can't do anything , only sitting on her bed and watched the rain slowly stopping.

When the rain stopped , she went back to the spot where she last found the dog.But it was not there , she desperately asked anyone nearby that do they seen a dog but without a use.Finally , she asked a nearby street cleaner , the street cleaner said that the dog died so she treated it as trash and threw it into the garbage truck.Angel was devastated , she can't imagine another loved one just gone...

*Years later back at the hospital*
The vet stopped and told the boy that animals are like us and we should respect them as one of us.Not treating them as trash and monsters but we should treat them as companions.This is why Angel became a vet , to help defenseless pets and animals.As she stopped talking , the rain outside stopped and a ray of sunlight shone upon Angel.The boy at that time thought he saw the most beautiful angel he has ever seen.

And at the door of her ward , Angel's aunt was crying while taking a fruit basket filled with Angel Fruit Cake.She regretted what she had done so long ago...

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

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