Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buzzy Day

"Honey Bees"

30 June Wednesday - Weird Day

Today was a very tiring day , I can't seem to pick myself up enough to even stand after I got home.I am such a weakling.I never posted anything for two days , because I been busy with homeworks and that drama that we are gonna perform tomorrow.Usually even if I have alot of homeworks , I would update my blog.But I was being rushed to complete my new physics note book since my old one is lost.I borrowed someone and I forgot who I gave , now I gotta deal with it and create a whole other new book.Luckily , I managed to finish it  yesterday.Tomorrow , me and my other friends are going to perform a drama based on skipping school.I hope the process goes well since we done a lot of practice today.I am the actor and co-director of the group.

Friday would be report card day which I despise.I hate report card day because it is one of the only few days that parents and teachers gather together to plan their master piece in improving the child's academic.This usually end up with a quarrel between the child and parent and then cold war if both sides are die hard fighters.My father sometimes secretly ask for information about my condition in school from my class teacher.My mom likes to chat with my Ex-English Teacher , so I guess theres a network between my parents and the school.

These few days , there were bees building pods all around our classroom.The pods contain larvae of the bees.But I think they are not bees , since they have a smaller middle part.I guess they are wasps , if they are then I don't know if we are in trouble or not.I am gonna look into and research about wasps and bees later.I will tell you the results tomorrow.

June is ending , means we are half way this year.Another half left and then I am form 5 , SPM here I come ! But I don't really want SPM to be there in the first place , it is a real killer.I have only one friend who has a name which rhymes with "June" , she has her own blog.If you wanna visit her blog then go to the link I posted on the side bar --->.I think you will like her blog.

Ops my pencil is broken , Tomorrow is the dawn of July.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michael Jackson / Seashells !

"You Know I Am BAD !!!"

27 June Sunday - Michael Jackson

Its been so fast , already a year after Michael's death and now we are still wishing him to be here.If he is not gone right now , the world might be changed.From when just I was a little baby , I marveled him as my father listened to his pop songs.He was the King of Pop , no one could replace his strength and dignity.Controversies relating to him about sexual assaults and any kind of bullshit are pure blasphemies.The media was trying to make money and on the other hand weaken Michael.

But trolling around won't bring him back , lets just know that he gone to a better place.Michael Jackson will forever be my King Of Pop , he would be the King Of Pop of my grandchildren !!! I make sure of that haha.My sympathies to Michael's family who lost such a wonderful man and father.


Seashells are like ornaments of the ocean , we all love them !!! They were even used as currency before ! When we are relaxing and chilling along the coast of the beach , these little rascals could be found just by taking a little stroll.We usually take big ones up and listen through them , everyone says they could hear the ocean in the seashells.But sorry , we are all wrong :D

We are actually hearing our own blood flowing through our heads when listening through a seashell.So it is not the ocean that we are hearing , it is our own blood.The seashell's design has the perfect echo chamber to hear whats going on in our heads !!! We all thought that it is the ocean that we are hearing because of psychological reasons , SEASHELLS ARE FOUND NEARBY OCEANS.

Ops my pencil is broken , BAM


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fireflies / OMGFacts

"Fireflies ... NO not the song"

26 June Saturday - Little Glowing Angels

On Earth lives a very beautiful and graceful insect , it's name is Firefly.Fireflies are summer time bugs , they live almost everywhere in the world.Usually they like places that are warm and humid , except for Kansas in USA.They commonly set camp near underbrushes , streams , lakes , and damp areas.I love fireflies so much even though I never seen them before.I really wish I got the chance to see such magnificent beings flying all around me.

There are over a thousand species of fireflies , and still more being discovered.Most species are found in Asia and South America , flying ones are actually winged beetles.Some live underwater and trees for their whole lives ! Firefly's larvae is called a glowworm , it has an interesting method on capturing it's prey.They feed on slugs and snails , they would follow slime trails produced by snails and slugs then inject them with a chemical substance to numb them.Victims would be stunned and motion-less , then the glowworms would munch them up until ~ I can't imagine them eating snails and slugs , they seem quite difficult to eat lol.Fully grown fireflies feed on nectar and other species of fireflies.Cannibalism anyone ?

The lights on their abdomen are actually produced by chemical reactions inside the capsule.It is used to attract the opposite sex , each species has it's own unique light.Some even used their lights to trick other species of fireflies into thinking it's mating time in order to capture it and eat it.But sadly , populations of the fireflies are declining because of several reasons.Biochemical and light pollutions are the main reason that the firefly's populations are declining.Development of the area also caused the fireflies to seek a new home.

Videos Concerning towards Fireflies :


I found a website dedicated to publish interesting and mind blowing facts of the world.I learnt alot of from this website so I think you would like it too.It has it's own Youtube Channel too , so I would like to help promote this wonderful website !!! Visit this website today ! Its really awesome XD  


Ops my pencil is broken , huh ?


Traffic Lights GO BOOM ? / Ghosts !

"Red Blue AND Green"

25 June Friday - Boom Boom Pow

Hey guys , this is a late post , kinda 29 minutes late but by the time I finished this post it might be later than before so oh well.I found something interesting about traffic lights , it is quite shocking to me really.Traffic Lights were invented long before cars were even been invented ! I bet a lot of people think that traffic lights were invented right after the cars were invented.I personally thought that traffic lights were invented after cars were invented.

Traffic lights in the modern age are used as signal beacons for cars to know when to start , stop and get ready.Red informs you to stop while Green informs you to start your engines ! Yellow in the other hand informs you to get ready to stop.It appears a few seconds before red appears.Traffic lights are now widely used all around the world , the rate of traffic deaths would increase if these saviors aren't here to guide us.When all else fails , the traffic officer would come to the scene to temporarily replace the traffic light.

The first traffic light was invented by John Peake Knight.The first traffic light was installed in front of the British  House of Parliament in 1868.It was used to regulate horses or other cavalries.He modeled the semaphore system used in British railway tracks , with an arm to go up and down to indicate whether to stop or not.At night when it was all darkness and no light , green or red gas lamp was used.

So , policemen were stationed around all traffic lights in order to turn on the colored gas lamps.Once , one of the gas lamps exploded and heavily injured a policeman.This caused the project to stop and never be used for another whole 40 YEARS.Right after electricity and cars were invented , traffic lights were improved and remodeled.Now they are our guardians of the road , drive safely guys !!!


I am gonna ask you a question guys , are ghosts real ? Well some may say real and some may say unreal.Most people would think ghosts are dead human spirit walking and wandering as the dead , but ghosts are really demons rather than ghosts.The fact that human dies and becomes a ghosts to haunt the living is highly unacceptable.I rather like the fact that ghosts are manifestations of devils to deceive humans into thinking they are dead humans.Who is free enough to die and become a ghost just to haunt the living ? Maybe your goldfish , just maybe.

In the Christian Bible , one of the revelations clearly stated that humans won't be on this Earth after they are dead.They would be either gone to heaven or hell according to their sins and religions.The books also told us not to use instruments to communicate with ghosts , this is because they don't want you to communicate with demons.Well , this useless two paragraphs is to prove that ghosts are demons rather than dead humans.

But ZOMBIES are dead humans XD

Ops my pencil is broken , Traffic lights go BOOM


Thursday, June 24, 2010

HEY GET THIS : The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion

"Charge !"

24 June Thursday - We all like a good role playing game don't we ?

Hello gamers and any others who are interested in today's topic , today I am gonna review a video game that has made a major influence in the RPG games category.Today I bring you The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion , a marvelous RPG game.Lets get it started.

I bought this game last year and I enjoyed it , this game has over a hundred hours of game play time.Meaningly you won't be buying a new game soon and it really dampers down the cost of gaming.Usually we bought games with only 7 hours of game play value and replaying the tits and bits of the game would be absolute boredom.Then , we would need to buy a new game again.This game has enough contents to keep you running and playing.

The story is a very typical adventure action kind of story.The kingdom in the game has met a terrible crisis , the emperor is dead and the portal between the realm of demons and the kingdom is beginning to fade.With no new heir to the throne , the kingdom is doomed.You are a prisoner who witnessed the death of the emperor , before he fell into the claws of death , he told you fulfill your destiny and that is to save the kingdom from the realm of demons.You would find yourself very intrigued by the story as you play the game.Not only that , hundreds of side quests are waiting for you to complete.Explore the vast world and uncover secrets never before seen.You would meet new interesting characters with backgrounds throughout the world of Oblivion , some would help you and some would even try to kill you.

I played the game for a few months and I found myself making a new character after another.After bashing and slashing with warrior characters , I found myself casting spells and performing alchemy with magician characters.So many things to do , so little time.Combat in the game is pretty simple , you can either be in FPS mode or Third Person Mode.FPS mode allows you to only see your character's arms and you would be seeing through his eyes , Third Person Mode allows you to see your whole character and you would be able see the surroundings from overall view.Personally , I like the FPS mode , suits me better.You could either take down your enemy by force and brute strength or by stealth and cunning , it is all depend on your choice of class your character has.

The graphics are very pretty for a game of it's age , a decent computer could run it just fine.Remember to check the system requirements to play this game.Not all computers are game wised , some computers are only just for working.The natural environment in this game is very detailed , from the rivers under the mountains to the beautiful cities of the kingdom.Visit every single city in the game ! Each has it's own history and past.

A very unique game and a must get !!! IF you like being free and able to do with anything with your character inside a video game then this is the game you need.What I said is only a fraction of this game , try it out now ! Buy a copy of this game , I don't care if it's a legit copy or a pirated copy.GET IT !!

A few videos concerning towards this game :

Ops my pencil is broken , HEY GET THIS !!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Canning !!

"I Love This Picture XD"

22 June Tuesday - Quite an interesting day.

Lets start today's journal by saying that my class got jinxed , exactly this morning during the daily meetings we have everyday in our school.There was a special presentation today by 5A , they were doing a debate on stage regarding the issue of canning in school.Personally , I rather have this system to be in our schools in further years to come.Why ? Well thats rather a long answer to it.You can talk to them but most of them would do the same thing over again or rather just ignore the counselor who they are to speaking to.What matters is not about the canning , its about educating parents on how to raise a child with good mentality and physical qualities.Canning is just a system of maintaining order , it is to release fear into the  minds of the students that if they did something wrong , they are gonna be canned.I heard cases of parents of children coming to schools just to complain about hurting their children and that the parents themselves won't even can them.If the children are really that fragile that they can't even handle a smack to the butt then I don't know what to say really.So to me , canning must be used but in a more proper way rather than abusing it's power.But my opinion might change in the future , who knows ?

Anyway , after the debate.Puan Wong told my class to prepare the next presentation for next week , I was shocked.I can't find myself going up on stage , I have stage frights.I find myself shivering like a dog when I am talking infront of alot of people.My mind would stagger and I would forget everything in my mind.Today was quite busy except for BI class since our BI teacher was absent today.We actually went back home earlier than ever before , I was pleased hehe.

A few exam papers came today , I did well in my Physics paper 1 but badly in paper 2.Right now , I am waiting for Physics paper 3 , which would tell me my official marks.I hope there won't be a FAILURE in my exam !!! I am grateful at what I got right now.

Ops my pencil is broken , goodnight


Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Comeback

"Yeah !"

21 June Monday - I like it when things go boom or whatever

Well today is the opening day of the school after the June Holidays , I always call it the Middle Holidays because it is usually during the middle of the year but never mind because thats just me.It went well to my surprise , usually my open school days were not that nice.Usually because our teachers got angry due to lack of homework passing up to the teachers.But since we don't really have that much homework this holiday , I guess it went well.But the teachers were quite quiet today.

Alot of exam papers got handed out to us today , I can say that I done normally in this exam just like I always do except for form 2.I did not get extraordinary marks and I did not get really terrible marks , but my Chemistry got very low.I actually done well in my BM , I can't believe it.The parts where they asked about the BM grammars were hard , I done badly at that part but my karangan saved my life from the jeopardy of failing BM.Oh , thank god.

Today , the whole school was filled with insects flying around all over the place.Little green bugs landed on my body a few times , I don't know what kind of bugs are they because I am not really a bug guy.I don't hate insects , I just don't have the interest of studying further about them.Theres an interesting quote said by some guy I forgot , he or she said "If all the insects of the world vanished , Earth could not survive.If all the humans of the world vanished , Earth could survive ahead and even better".We humans always insult the insect kingdom on how disgusting they are but we are actually the disgusting since Mother Earth don't really need us at all.A scientist once said that humans are an accidental on this Earth , we are a mistake of diverse genes or something something.I can't speak science language well haha.

Well , its been a long day.I find myself easily getting tired this few days , maybe it is the lack of sleep I am getting ? Oh well , I am sure it will be solved pretty soon enough.

Ops my pencil is broken , farewell.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holiday Review

"Its A Mystery !"

19 June Saturday - One last watch back to our holidays !

I like pie , I really do.The taste and smell of a delicious roasted pie are just too irresistible.But you know what I like too ? Reviewing everything I done , well not everything but you get the point.This holiday is a real joy ride just like any other holiday , mainly because we get to be at our homes for like days.I spent most of my time in my house this holiday just like any nest dweller out there.Heres some fun things I done this holiday.

I constantly went to the gym with my friend and I found no results on me.Because I also constantly wake up late at night and then ended up being hungry , I took supper almost everyday this holiday.My dad appointed me to wake him up when its 2am because theres gonna be a World Cup match by then.I was a human alarm clock , fear me as I wake you up with annoying noises during times you don't need to be woken up.I will make an army of human alarm clocks , we are gonna rule the world !

I tend to avoid the dramas , because dramas are ugly.Not by outlook but by "inlook" , dramas usually get you down all the time.By drama I mean real drama in real life and not fake drama in TV Shows.Well we also celebrated Jay , Ron and RZ birthday.It turned out very well , we even managed to surprise them.They did not suspected a thing , I think.

Well thats really it , see you later then !

Ops my pencil is broken , Imma hit !


Youth In Revolt

"Oh Michael Cera"

18 June Friday - Youth In Revolt

I came across this movie when I was snuffing out my DVD closet , found this particular film sitting on a dusted wooden platform.I took it out and then I watched it and it was a blast ! The story is really unique and was inspired by a writer's book.I like the sense of comedy in this movie , I never had this much fun watching this movie for a long time.Warning though , please do mind anything negative towards you while watching this movie.You know what I mean right ?

The film is pretty simple , a teenager named Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) is a 16 year old boy who is an outcast of his generation.He doesn't fit in at all , he has the mind of the older generations.He has a dirvoced wife who has a boyfriend , issues in High School , a somewhat erect member disfigured friend and finds himself excluded from the world of teenagers.One day , his mother's boyfriend sent the whole family to live by a lake in a trailer.Nick then met this intelligent and beautiful girl , he then dated with her a couple of times but later on found out that she has a boyfriend.

I don't wanna say much later on , I am just telling you that Nick is gonna do alot of stupid things just to get her.Much like any other movies but much different , so please do check this film out as it is a blast to watch.The comedy is brilliant , I like how Nick's different persona comes in and help out Nick with his bad boyish personality.Some good sarcasm and some crazy characters to fit into the line.The protagonist has an interesting background which makes him a perfect guy for this film.

While the story provided me with interesting entertainment , it also provided me with moral values.Here are the things I learnt from this film ~

1.That girls like bad boys more than good boys.I think it is an ancient fetish lol
2.Never insult a cop "Donut eating guy" but you can treat them one.
3.Don't mess with the Navy.They can do anything !
4.French school is awesome !

Ok , don't take those seriously.I was kidding ~ Here is the real moral value I learnt.Guys , I know that you would love a girl and do whatever it takes just to win her heart.But you don't need to change just for a girl , just be yourself.If they don't like you for who you are then the choice is yours to decide.There are girls out there that would love and care for you for who you are and not who you aren't , just be yourself as what Nick Twisp said in the end of the movie.

"Maybe Nick Twisp Was Enough"

I seen people out there actually falling for bad people instead of decent ones , so heres a message to yall out there.Careful about what you choose , sometimes it isn't love.True love is hard to find and only comes once in your life time.Just giving you guys some heads up !

"A Perfect Outing Eh ?"
"He looks Shocked"

Ops my pencil is broken , CHOOSE WISELY.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Combo Birthday Celebration !

"Jay-Ron-RZ Combo Pack"

17 June Thursday - Cakey Cake

We love birthdays , we all love celebrating birthdays even more ! But imagine celebrating three person's birthdays at once , a wonderful and grand festive eh ? We went to HJ's party just to celebrate birthdays of Ron , Jay and Rui Zhen.We had a blast that day !

Well at first we gotta surprise them with the birthday cake , which was really hard but we managed to sort it all out.It won't be a surprise if we let him see that we brought a cake for him.We told someone to distract him so we could take the cake into the house , we managed to sneak it in perfectly but I think he suspected something.

We played Mahjong and Erin even stacked those Mahjong tiles into monuments of the world.Pictures of those stacked monuments are in my Facebook Profile , I gotta find a place to put my pictures instead of Facebook.We even played that tower of blocks that until now I still don't know the name lol.Cards were also a "got" in the party haha.

We later surprised them with the birthday cake and with presents of course.They had a blast and were surprised !!! We ate cake later , I chosen the cake myself.It was chocolate and vanilla cake , a normal cake for a great festive.After the cake ceremony , we all discussed about the video on Youtube lol.Everyone was talking about Lady Gaga Alejandro MV.All those conspiracy theories and satanic thingies , no big deal lol.

We then went to Wangsa Walk and ate dinner in BBQ Plaza , spicy chickens are awesome !

Ops my pencil is broken , BAM


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Arrh Chicken Soup"

15 June Tuesday - My tongue got burnt by that chicken soup !!

Hi guys , my tongue got burnt by a bowl of chicken soup I just drank.But this happens to me all the time when I am drinking soup , I am just too impatient to wait the soup to get cooled down so I just swallow it whole while it is smoking hot.I never seem to learn lesson on the art of soup drinking , its an ancient art promoted by the Spoon people.I am not making this up ! They disappeared because they are tired of seeing us using their babies us eating utensils.We are sick and wrong.

I had nightmares recently , reoccuring ones.Two days ago , I dreamed of myself in a dark forest walking through the darkness that shrouded me.I can't see anything except for the fog surrounding me , I walked slowly through the fog for fear that I would stumble upon an object and fall.I found myself walking straight into a cliff and fell into the river stream flowing through the land below.I was soaking wet but I can't feel anything at all , no pain and no signs of me feeling wet.

The river was very rough , I can't remember if I was swimming or just letting the water dragging me through the entire stream.I remember waking up on land and I saw broken boat with paddles on it , all broken and all wet.It was a sign that it has been used before not too long ago in fact.I stood up and then the nightmare stopped , I found myself waking up on my bed while the sun shines into my room.

The same thing happened again the night before and yesterday night.The dream inspired me to write a new story , I am getting tired of writing love stories.Now time for a psychological thriller , just wait and see guys.

Ops my pencil is broken , dreams.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Rawr #4


13 June Sunday - Coldishly Yummy

Hey guys whats up , do you know that in history that theres a whale got washed up to shore in a beach somewhere.Then everyone started to gathered around it , the whale then started to rumble in it's tummy.The not long after , the whale's stomach exploded !! All the organs fell on those people.The whale contains gases inside it's stomach , it exploded because the stomach can't hold on much longer.So next time you see a whale got washed up to shore , get away immediately and head far away to see the awesome exploding sight.

Whale + Exploding Stomach + Blubber = Bombastic


In this video , a girl actually said "C-Word" in international television.I think she said "cunt" ? It was on the Youtube front page lol

I heard alot of guys said the F-word and many other "(alphabets)-word" on international television :D

Guys please watch this video then promote this video all over the world , Facebook or whatever just help me promotoe.This guy is Michael Grimm , he is competing for the America's Got Talent Show just to get the money to help his grandma.He has a soulful and emotional voice , please do listen to him.He has a true talent.

I cried after watching this T_T

Ops my pencil is broken , NO pictures this week lolz


Borderlands Rampage

"Alot Of Em"

June 12 Saturday - Borderlands

Today my friend came to my house and told me to play Borderlands with him on LAN , my brother followed us so we rocked on the world of Borderlands.Borderlands is a video game that talks about survival and treasure hunting on the harsh and cruel planet of Pandora.It has a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode too , so it is tons of fun.You could use your own single player character and play together with other players all around the world fighting monsters and raiders in Pandora.

I used Lilith , a siren.My bro used Roland a Soldier and my friend used Modercai a Sniper.The game was hilarious , we died alot and we kept screaming.The first boss , I kept running around as the boss was chasing me around.I kept on shouting like a little girl because I was about to die while my brother and my friend were busying focusing on another monster.I kept getting bad guns !!!

We did not made it to the second boss , but we kept on doing side quests.One side quest required us to go into a cave and collect shock crystals.We ended up getting our arses kicked by powerful monsters inside , we managed to reach the half of the cave but we died alot so we gave up.Theres one particular monster that you can't damage it well with normal gunshots on it's body , you gotta kill it by shooting it in the eye.Its a really small target but deals large damage against it.

An interesting day indeed , I also cleaned my Guinea Pig cage.

Ops my pencil is broken , clean as a whisker.


Friday, June 11, 2010

The Patriot (Film)

"The Patriot"

11 June Friday - Awesome film.

Hi guys , I just went to a therapy this afternoon for my headaches , it helped me tremendously but I did not get to sit for my tuition today.I always get this guilty feeling when I did not attend to school and tuition , I really hate this feeling , it makes me feel like I am a criminal or an outlaw.Back to the topic , yesterday I watched this amazing film after coming back from gym.

I always play those 18th century and 19th century war video games , where you choose a country and conquer the whole entire world.The wars and cultures during the century was amazing , it was the age of industrialisation.It was a time of cannons , gunpowder , naval battles and travelling around the world.The major superpower back then was The British Empire , having a strong army and spectacular wealth.In the early 19th century , there comes one of my favourite generals of all time.Napoleon Bonaparte who changed European politics and started the Napoleonic Wars.Enough about history , lets carry on with the film shall we?

The Patriot is a film by Roland Emmerich and a bunch of people who are responsible in creating this wonderful movie.Starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger , it was produced by Mutal Film Company and distributed by Colombian Pictures.This film is largely filmed in South Carolina and it is about the American Revolutionary War , when the 13 British Colonies of America with the help of the French Army fought against the mainland British Empire.The Patriot was nominated for 3 academy awards.

Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is a veteran of the indian and french war and a widower who is raising alot of kids in his family.Benjamin Martin has alot of skills in guerilla warfare and sharpshooting with muskets.Skirmishes then came and burned his house and his livestocks , the horses were spared because the skirmishes are Green Calvary Dragoons.Dragoons are infantry units with sharpshooting and sword fighting skills riding on strong horses.They left the horses alive so that they could use them , they were there to raid and capture a colonial infantry named Gabriel.In the chaos , Benjamin's son got shot by the leader of the Green Calvary Dragoons.This made Benjamin furious and chased down the transport unit which they had Gabriel.Bejamin along with his two brave sons and some weapons managed to rescue Gabriel from the Redcoats.Redcoats are British Soldiers , because they all worn red colour coats back then.The people usually called them Redcoats either as respect or insult as Redcoats also meant "Bloodyback" to the colonial.

I can't say the story further down , all I am going to say is that Benjamin later ordered by a higher ranking officer to recruit militias specialize in guerrila warfare and tactical raiding.In his adventures , he would meet new people into his ranks.Like the French General who is sent by France to aid the colonian army and a black man who is a slave and he is fighting for his freedom.The story in The Patriot is a mind numbing one , able to mix politics , drama , action and even comedy together in one single jumbo pack is truly an amazing and inspirational thing to do.Sometimes I found myself laughing through comedic short scenes of the movie and sometimes I found myself giving sympathy to the sad scenes.The final battle of the movie almost made me cry as the colonial soldiers fought on the Redcoats even though they were overly outnumbered.

The fighting scenes are great too , the scene when Benjamin was fighting transport units transporting the captured Gabriel.His tactics of guerilla warfare and tomahawking skills are nice to watch.The fighting scenes of the Militia gathered by Benjamin was also quite nice too , but nothing beats the epicness of the last battle.The movie also has love themes in it , the father's love to his children and the love of a boy with a girl.Always hoping to meet them back after this service has ended.The theme of fighting for freedom is of course very seen in this movie , as colonian line infantry stood strong against the mighty British Armies even all odds are against them.

This film is an excellent war film , I recommend you to watch it.But rarely anyone I know would watch these kinds of films so thats why I am promoting on my blog where different variety of people is on cyberspace could know this.

Ops my pencil is broken , Viva La


Thursday, June 10, 2010

TMNet and Bola


10 June Thursday - Stupid Internet , Glorious World Cup

Hey guys , these days are a real bummer.The internet is abit glitchy , I can't seem to browse through most webs smoothly , tons of error messages came in like a charging calvary.The only smooth website I could find are Youtube and Facebook.I can't log in into my MSN and play online games.I am not the only one , all my friends are facing this problem.Streamyx must be doing some hardcore stuff over there.Today , the web got better a little and I am able to login my Blogger account.

FIFA World Cup is coming guys !! I am not really a soccer guy , I don't watch soccer that much but I really like FIFA World Cup.I rarely even chase the English Premier League , I like the World Cup more because it brings all diffrent cultures and races of the world together and compete each other with a single sport.Italy has the most titles , four I guess.I am rooting for England , maybe just maybe they could win.

Short posts for short days :(

Ops my pencil is broken , Boring holidays.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Erin's BBQ Party


6 June Monday - Chicken , Fishballs , Crab , Hotdogs....

Yesterday night was a blast of a night , me and Shawn went to Erin's BBQ Party.She invited me during when I was sick and I can't confirm her invitation properly.At the last minute , I confirmed my invitation and I went to her party.Shawn also confirmed his invitation in the last minute too.

When we got there , we found ourselves in the middle of busy people.We were trying to find something to do , we walked around the area at first.The field was serene and a bunch of malays were playing football.We got back to Erin's house just to see if we could help out , Erin told us to help fetch some people from the Taman Melati LRT Station nearby.We went there immediately and fetch a bunch of guys.Ron arrived with a cake on his hands , he baked it for Erin.

Abel was the same old singing dude , he kept singing all of Justin Bieber's hits.We arrived back at the house , Erin was so exhausted.On the way back to her house , I met Elycia for the first time in person.I think she did not regconize me at first.We went to the dewan of her area , she rented the place for the whole year for RM20 , awesome.When I got to te dewan , I saw a bunch of people trying to make the fire for the BBQ.They managed to make a perfect fire for the festivitie just in time.

Everyone was sticking food into a metal rod and went to the BBQ place to cook it.The chicken was harder to cook than any other food that day.I cooked it for a long time and still I can't manage to get it well cooked , I failed in barbequeing.Shawn was like a tiger as usual , ngom ngom on every thing he sees.He was fast and quick.Ron was chatting all night with people all around him.Abel was walking around singing and all that haha.Erin was so busy that night , girl you done a good party.I met a guy there , his name is alvin and his brother's name is Nicholas.I am Nicholas and my brother's name is Alvin , wow.

Someone surprised Erin with a birthday cake that day , instead of eating the cake.Everyone took bits of cake and threw at each other , smurling everything all over people's faces.Erin was the pure target that day , she was one with most cake on her face.I think she cried when someone brought the cake to her , Happy Birthday Erin !!!

We cleaned the place up before we went home.Shawn and me went home by Taxi , the taxi driver really likes to talk.

Ops my pencil is broken , I like BBQ !!!

Mun Yee 6K Gathering (Helper)

"Fried Chicken"

6 June Sunday - I love me some fried chicken.

Sorry about yesterday for not posting anything , I did not think that I would go to a shopping mall right after my tuition.When I got back it was one hour away to the BBQ party so I can't find time to write the post.I promised you something but I failed to comply , sorry.

Saturday , I went to a Mun Yee 6K Gathering with my friend.I am not from Mun Yee and I am definitely not 6K , my friend invited me to be his helper.He told me to meet him up at Sky Restaurant near the Archery Range at 6pm.I met him up and he started to send out phone callls.He found out that a two of his classmates were at another Sky Restaurant , there are two Sky Restaurants in the area.One is near the Prima Market and another one near the skybridge.We went there ASAP to fetch them back.

After fetching them back , we went to fetch another two girls.At first , my friend who is host created a plan to eat at a steamboat restaurant but later the plans changed into eating at KFC located at Genting Klang.I met some new friends , a girl named Esther and a guy named Jun Xing.I don't know their surnames , oh well.We ordered a barrel of fried chickens and some other drinks.

Shaveena and Shawn arrived later on , everyone was trying to get their hands on my camera just to delete my taken photos.Haha , not a chance.The gathering was kinda disappointing  because only 8 out of 40 came that day.Foong was kinda disappointed ,  I can see it from his face.Shawn was a beast that day , chewing down every chicken he saw lol.He is a very good eater.After the gathering was over , Shaveena's took me home.

It was fun even though only 8 ppl came , we managed to lighten up the party.

Ops my pencil is broken , Massa !


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pointless Rant


5 June Saturday - I apologize

Just don't know why these few days , I felt like I done alot of sins , bad things to everything around me.I got a heavy heart and a heavy head these few days , thinking and reconsidering what I done and what I would done in the future.Why am I feeling guilty ?

Anyways , today I went to a gathering union party thingie , but it was not my primary class.It was my friend's class gathering , he invited me because he wanted me to his camera man but I did not took that much pictures because people were covering their faces haha.The gathering had few people attented , 8 out of 40 people came.Imagine the atmosphere but we managed to get the gathering heated up despite of the minority of numbers.

Its late and I gotta do my work before tomorrow so I would upload my pics to Facebook tomorrow , there will be two posts tomorrow.

ops my pencil is broken , yoink


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Military Week : Napoleon Bonaparte


4 June Friday - My headaches just won't go away.

Hi guys , as usual my headaches just won't go away.Sometimes I would be fine for a few hours and then a chain of headaches would attack me.Anyways , lets just hope I could get well during the holidays.I missed school , I feel so bad.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Today we talk about the history of the mighty general of the French.This general was one of most feared and powerful generals of all time , having most of Europe nations enraging to eliminate this individual from the face of the Earth.Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769 in Corsica , Corsica is an island and Napoleon was born in a peaceful family. Educated at military school, he was rapidly promoted and in 1796, was made commander of the French army in Italy.The army Italy was losing hope at first but after Napoleon's strategic use of artillery , the tides of battle turned and Italy won.He forced Austria and its allies to make peace with French. In 1798, Napoleon conquered Ottoman-ruled Egypt in an attempt to strike at British trade routes with India.The Battle of The Pyramids was one of the most epic battles of the Napoleonic age. He was stranded when his fleet was destroyed by the British at the Battle of the Nile , the British had the best navy during that time.

Later on , France was facing deadly danger of the coalition.British , Austria and Russia formed a coalition against the mighty French.Napoleon got back to France where the government was in crisis.In a coup d'etat , Napoleon became the first consul.In 1802, he was made consul for life and two years later, emperor. He oversaw the centralisation of government, the creation of the Bank of France, the reinstatement of Roman Catholicism as the state religion and law reform with the Code Napoleon.

Napoleon continued his warmongering in Europe , he was defeated by the British's Navy while trying to invade England.He later abandoned his plans on invading England and turned his attention on Austrian and Russian forces , where he defeated later at Austerlitz.He gained much larger territorial areas later on and the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved.

The Peninsular War started during 1808 , where his French Armies were defeated multiple times and thier supplies running on low.Napoleon lead an attack against Russia but he was defeated miserably because of the harsh cold weather of the land of Russia and the numbers of his troops were outnumbered.The tides turned into a favour of the allies against france and in 1814 , Paris fell.Napoleon went into exile on the Mediterranean island of Elba.In 1815 , he escaped and marched on to his capital.He fought the British in the Battle Of Waterloo and lost.He was later imprisoned on a remote atlantic island on St Helena where he died on 5 may 1821.

Ops my pencil is broken , Vive Napoleon !!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smoking Toddler In Indonesia

"WTF ?"

3 June Thursday - Instant troll mode : ON

We all know smoking cigars or tobaccos is a bad thing to do yet millions of people around the world are doing this , even some people I know around me smoke all the time.My mom always told me to "Live And Let Live" , let them live as however they want unless they are hurting us.BUT they are hurting us , think about it.Everytime they inhale the cigarette smoke , they exhale more smokes out again.The exhaled smoke is actually much deadly and life threatening than inhaled smoke.We breath the exhaled smoke and we got the most deadly circumstances.

Now theres actually a 2 year old toddler smoking out there in the rural areas of Indonesia.This baby was addicted to cigarettes since 18 months old.His father actually stupidily introduced him cigarettes and now the baby is super addicted to cigarettes.He can't pass a day without it , if he doesn't get his regular dose of cigarettes , he would throw things and shout all day long.Everyday , his parents spent $7 for his regular smokes.The toddler would smoke 40 cigarettes a day , this would endanger his life.His life would end before he even get to puberty , lung cancer is a tough bitch to fight.His brain would become obselete and his body would be in broken shape.

The parents are stupid , I blame them.Who in the world would introduce cigarettes to a 18 months old toddler , would you ? I seen teenagers in toilets or after school hanging out around while smoking cigarettes but they weren't forced by their parents.Those parents should be put to jail and be educated on how to be a good parent.

Indonesia doesn't ban their cigarettes comercials on televisions like we do.The people of Indonesia is allowed to sell their cigarettes or tobaccos through comercials through the media.The Health Care of Indonesia performed a survey on the people of the country.Most teenagers got introduced into cigarettes is because of they got attracted to the comercials broadcasting through the media.

Please do watch your health guys , dear readers ,  don't ever smoke.If you are smoking right now , then please lessen your doses.Smoking kills.

Click here to read the article on this little shocking news

Ops my pencil is broken , headache ...


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Military Week : AK-47


1 June Tuesday - Imma shoot you

Its the starting of June guys , I don't seem excited about this because theres gonna be a school holiday.Two weeks without school is kinda good at first but it gets duller and duller as days go by.Sure , you may go out shopping and maybe travel but once your pocket money is gone , it is back to your nest watching TV or maybe get yourself fat infront of your computer.Unless you are rich then you don't have anything to fear.I don't know if theres any plans ahead for me , I hate dull holidays so much.


I am not an expert in this gun , I am just stating what I learned and researched.The AK-47 was first developed in The Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov , The designation for AK-47 stands for  Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle.The AK-47 fires the 7.62X39mm catridge which produces significant wound effects known as the hydrostatic shock.The AK-47 was one of the first few true assault rifles , its reliability and endurance is legendary.It has low production cost and it is very easy to use.Almost anyone could use this gun with proper license of course.The AK-47 and it's variants remain one of most used assault rifles by the entire world.

Mikhail Kalashnikov began his weapon design in a hospital after being shot at during the Battle Of Bryansk.After tinkering with the sub machine gun design , he entered a gun competition by Elisarov and Semin in 1943.The particular requirement was that the gun could withstand any harsh conditions of Russia.But his design was too heavy so Mikhail went back and created a new design.He then submitted his new design to another contest two years later.It was a gas-operated rifle which had a breech-block mechanism similar to his 1944 carbine, and a curved 30-round magazine.

His designs were accepted along with another weapon designer and his rifles were tested(AK-1 and AK-2).One of his member in his design team suggested a major modification on the AK-1 , which improved the durability and reliability of the rifle.It is then the 1947 model was accepted by the armies of Russia , because of it's easy to use designs and durability in any harsh conditions during wars and battles.

AK-47 has been seen in many of video games , example Modern Warfare , Counter Strike , Bad Company 2 and many more.People has seen AK-47 as a high damage and high recoil assault rifle.It is in fact true that the AK-47 has high recoil , the damage it does cause the recoil to go higher than any other assault rifles.It has been claimed that the AK-47 is more closer to the machine gun than the rifle.Due to it's high recoil and high damage.The AK-47 has in fact influenced the people all around the world to be the baddest of all assault rifles.

A few videos relating to AK-47

Learn more about this wonderul soviet weapon.

Ops my pencil is broken , Russia owns.