Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Durianish Tuesday

12th January Tuesday - Its a busy day if you ask me , now I am trying to write my blog as fast as I can while eating curry fish with rice.Spicy fish lol

Today morning , I was almost late !!! I was burning midnight oil yesterday because I was doing my add maths homework and revising my Biology text.I told my mom to sleep early in case I wake up late the next morning and you know what ? I woke up late this morning -_- , my mom failed to call me to wake up.Its like 6.50pm when I woke up and I WAS SOOO RUSH.I immediately went to bathe after I got off my bed and the water is sooo cold >.< . Can you imagine snow landing on your bare skin without proper clothing ? Thats what I felt like today , showering with snow.Brrrr , lucky I managed to get to school before the bell rings.Hooah !!!

School was kinda relaxing today because they changed the schedule.Which means had some relieve classes !!! But all was destroyed when my add maths teacher enter the scene.She told us all to remain standing while she called out names until the ones who were left were the ones never passing up the notebook.My add maths teacher is a very strict teacher.She told those specific students to say three reasons to compensate for not passing up their notebooks.I don't want to say more in case any teacher's pet is reading rignt now lol.

Physic teacher gave us homework as usual ~_~

Sivik teacher was great , she told us stories instead of teaching us sivik.One of her stories was when she was 17 years old.Here it goes...

"20 years ago , I was a student and I was gonna take SPM that year.I was very proud to be a Form 4 student because I know that I am now a young adult instead of ribena kids.I got a friend who was really poor and he was really hardworking.In the end of SPM , we all got good grades and most of my friends went overseas to further their studies but that poor one did not have enough money to go overseas.So he stayed in Malaysia.But 20 years later , me and my was driving by the mountain estates looking for house for sale and I saw someone familiar.He was my friend , he was poor 20 years ago but now he is a millionare !!!"

I cut the blog short... I can't finish it tomorrow since I have no time right now.Too tried lolz.Tomorrow , I got alot of time.I promise a short story.!!!

Ops my pencil is broken , ~_~


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