Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emulators !

"Ok Press "A" "

28 October Saturday - This here is a Gameboy Micro

Hi guys , today is Thursday..Today I am going to talk about Emulators ! Not just any emulators , Gameboy and NDS (Nintendo DS).No emulators are not the machines , they are the copy of the machine inside the computer ! Meaning , you could play Gameboy Games on PC ! I am sure lots of people knew about this but to those who don't , read on and grab a coke.

Back in the old days , I used to play a lot of Gameboy and I mean A LOT.I could go on about all day long just playing these little consoles , I was addicted to them.I guess I am not the only one , tons of other kids played Gameboys or any others and they know how I feel.Back in those days , there were only Gameboy Color , Gameboy Advance and so on.Now ! There is the NDS and even Nintendo 3DS , the technology today is so awesome.

I remember the game that I always loved is the Pokemon Series.I played all of them from Blue to Diamond and Peal , it is the kind of game that I would always remember.I can forget Call of Duty or even my own name but I won't forget Pokemon.Those who don't know Pokemon , might know the famous Pikachu.The cute lightning type pokemon that appears everywhere in the world !

But the old Pokemon games along with the old consoles are getting more and more left out ever since Diamond and Peal came out.Some of them even stopped producing in the factories but people still play them ! One easy way to play these games is by Emulators.I found out about this when I was a little little boy , don't get me wrong , I still have all those original games.Emulators are like the duplicated versions of consoles in the computer , you could use them to play games.

You should give them a try and it is free ! Go to this link

After downloading an emulator , go to a ROM website where you could download games that have been stopped in the production line.It is not illegal if the games are not in production anymore.

Instructions !

After downloading the emulator , just extract the file into somewhere in your computer.Download the game you want and extract it somewhere in your computer.

Then open your emulator for example : (Visual Boy Adance).Then click "File" in the top left corner and then press "Open" to load a ROM then you are all set to play !!! To save , you could either do it the normal way or by pressing "File" and then "Save".

Ops my pencil is broken , Bye !


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jamuan Kelas 2010

"Rockin On"

21 October Thursday - Finally a Break

Today is the day when students get to arrive in the eye of the storm as we sodder up and get ourselves wasted for the whole day.No , we are not drunkies.Finally I have time to update my blog , exam is really getting on my schedule guys.I been neglecting this blog for weeks , my streak is lost.Now I gotta wait until the exams are over , then I could get on with my blog life.

It is Thursday today and students of SMKDK may find this day a very special day as everyone is getting a party ready in each of their classes.It was a blast today , students were really grateful the chance given to party after a long year.PMR students are especially happy as they just finished their PMR exam , celebrating their joy off.SPM students may find this day a great opportunity to create a memorable chapter in their last year in secondary school.

The food today was pretty less though , not enough food to go around.The spaghetti disappeared in a matter of minutes , everyone was struggling just to get a bowl of spaghetti.There was way too much pasta but way too less spaghetti haha.There were some other foods though but not as famous as the spaghetti.I took a lot of pictures today.Check it out on my Facebook , to those who know my Facebook.


It was a really fun day filled with laughter and sweat , it is best to cherish every moment we have in this beautiful world.Yet so much beauty in this world , beauty goes overseen.

Ops my pencil is broken , scrimmage !


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Vegas / End Year Examination

"Welcome to my shop !"

13 October Wednesday - Exams -_-

Heyo guys , it is very sunny today and by sunny I mean really really sunny.Yes it is normal for Malaysia to have a sunny day but today is particularly more hotter than usual sunny days , or am I just "high" and dreaming that I am stuck in the middle of the desert craving for the luxury of air conditioners.I have not been well lately , headaches are becoming more and more frequent , serves me right for not exercising more.Maybe I am lacking oxygen in my brain and it is degenerating right in front of me.

Please guys if you have any tips to lighten up headaches , do tell.I learned a lot of techniques but maybe you guys have special home made techniques ? I don't know , we will see.

Final exams are here and earlier than most of us expected , when I first lay sight on the exam schedule I laugh.I just hate it when things get disorganized , makes my eyes hurt.I took Chemistry Paper 3 today , it was an "OK" situation for a bad chemistry student like myself.Look at me , in the middle of my final exam and still I am facing my computer , my parents need to file a restraining order immediately.

A lot of new video games are coming out , Fallout New Vegas is one of them and it caught my eye like treasures caught a pirate's eye.I love the Fallout series , they are one of the best PC games I ever played.Fallout 3 was a major success and won GOTY (Game Of The Year Award ) , nothing beats running around the wasteland and blow things up.Call of Duty - Black Ops is coming out too , sadly I can't play both of these games anytime soon.I gotta wait until next month cause its final exam time.

Here are their Trailers :

Ops my pencil is broken , BM TOMORROW RAWR.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Form 3 Students To War !

"Fight To The Death"

4 October Monday - Prepare yourselves

Its PMR tomorrow and what better thing to do ? Well for PMR students , they should be studying right now ,  dishing out every fibre of their strength to confront this massive exam.For the others , well they should be boosting their fellow Form 3 friends' confidence.Morale is important , especially during dire times.Blessings upon the Form 3 students , may all stay calm and vigilant at the same time , may lady luck smile upon you all.Stay true to your heart and be as cunning as a fox for tomorrow's PMR , but don't stoop to cheating or the hammer of righteousness would smite down on you.

And by hammer I mean teacher.

I remember the day before my PMR , I can't stay asleep for the whole night.I would study till 12 while listening to Mika's music , later I found out that listening to music actually distracts me =_= .I remember it clearly , the long line waiting to get into the hall , the atmosphere was not silent but crowded in nature.Nervous faces all around me , thoughts telling me to calm down raced across my brain.I told myself to still but I tremble.But when the true threat shown itself , I braved it through just like anyone else.I came out of the exam halls with a puff , I have my regrets but I will never forget , my part has done and I have tried my best.

So remember this PMR candidates , you may have regrets after this , about how would your marks be much better if you done this and that.Lingering in past does not help at all , forgive yourself and change , just know that you done your very best.

Heres a song for you guys , maybe a little morale boost.

Ops my pencil is broken , this is the moment of truth.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Awakening Finished !

"The Architect"

2 October Saturday - Different !

I just finished Dragon Age : Awakening today , it was a really fun expansion , I enjoyed a lot.I gotta make HARD choices in the game , different choices would affect the game differently.Those choices were destroying my mind , like where to defend ? What kind of punishment should I use ? I gotta be ruthless and compassionate at the same time.

The battles in this game are really easy compare to the original game , my character never fell to the ground once.Even though they added a lot of badass monsters and creatures into the expansion , I never felt any stress while dealing with those monstrosities.But I love the equipments they have ! The Sentinel Armor looks so awesome that tears would roll out of your eyes ! Well maybe not but I think you get the idea.

But one particular creature made me wanna barf ! I mean seriously , it looks so disgusting.It is a Broodmother , no not the DOTA one.It has so many nipples ! Imagine looking at this monster in real life.


Ops my pencil is broken , nipples ! 


Friday, October 1, 2010

Riot Week

"I ran out of words to say"

1 October Friday - Hello October

Heyo , let us all join our hands and wish September goodbye as October is coming into the league.Yes , the month of octopus and final exams is here so lets go to a nearby tavern to celebrate with ale , my treat ! The past few days were difficult to handle , I will tell you the full story later.Right now , ale ! Fictional ale tastes not half bad if you put your mind to it , now all I gotta do is to act drunk and piss on everybody.I drew a portriat of Lim Hsin Jie , I know it doesn't look like her , I am going to do better next time , well hopefully.

The past few days were hard , my team lost some marks on the oral test because of me.I did not provide enough evidence and my team got lectured by my English Teacher , two marks went Hallehluyah after that.She is not so fond of me and I am not so fond of her , even though I gotta do her personal biddings from time to time.She has her shining moments , but most of the time she only has a broken spotlight flickering above her.I feel so guilty man , can't feel guilty forever , gotta do better next time.Hopefully no more dramatic requirements.

Recent headaches have been more and more frequent , I gotta stop staring at radioactive computers.There is a bright side to this week , I got an expansion for my Dragon Age : Origins video game.The name is Dragon Age : Awakening , it picks up the story right after the ending of the original game.I love this game , I seriously do , I could go all nerd rage on this game all day long if I want to.It is a beautiful game , worth trying out.The expansion is kinda plain , maybe I grew too attached to the old characters.Still , the expansion is fun xD.

Yesterday in school , a frog came into class all of a sudden.I don't know how it got in there.Everyone went panic when they found out about the frog underneath them.I could have sworn I seen some jumping up on the table haha.The looks on their face was priceless ! I was holding a broom and a thing that temporary contains rubbish , I don't know what it's name is.I grabbed the chance to trap the frog and released it into the wilds.Ron was trying to sabotage me =.= , PETA would come to him now haha , kidding.

Ops my pencil is broken , Have a fun month , gotta prepare for the final exam.