Friday, January 22, 2010


22 January Friday - Hi guys whats up !!! Recently I been hearing people saying "OMG Facebook is gonna charge us , OH THE IRONY."WRONG , Facebook ain't gonna charge us just for using the social website.I mean how could they ? I am sure that the creators have brains and not emptiness in their heads.If they charge us , they are screwed...just saying.I know you guys are thinking or cursing me lol because do I have proof ? Yes I have proof , I won't come out naked do I ? Well maybe when I am drunk I will lol.Heres the link to my proof

I am sure that if this really happens , Facebook would either rot to dust or thousands of people would be arming their shotgun at the HQ.

Today school was awesome !!! In chemistry , we finally got to do EXPERIMENT.Chemistry is boring without experiments because if all you do are reading formulas and memorizing the periodic table then it's gonna be more boring than heaven.I was waiting for this for all my form 4 days and now it finally came and hug me ^_^ .The experiment process was fun hehe , I just love hitting the stopwatch , it makes me feel official lol.I don't want to tell the whole experiment details , the point is that we are seeing how long does it take to melt something and then how long does it take to solidify something lol.Ok I will stop ~_~ , I hate the smell though but I like playing with the flamethrower thingy.I think its a flamethrower...

Aww I like the maths teacher , shes nice.Oh no I sounded like Jia Hui ... I wonder why people always make fun of him.

In moral ,it was effing fun.Teacher gave us random situasi from an envelope and then we gotta elaborate it and act it.Heres our playout so lets see if its good or not ~

Han Xien (Son) : *Listening to music*

*Phone Ringing*

Han Xien (Son) : Ugh , hello.

Yee Ying (Mom) : SON !!! I forgot to take my money.Could you help me bring it to the bank ?

Han Xien (Son) : Alright MOM , but you owe me big time !!!

Yee Ying (Mom) : Omg , you are such a drama queen !!!

Han Xien (Son) : Shut up mom !!! *Closes phone*

Yee Ying (Mom) : Man , I hate that boy !!!

*DIng DOng*

Han Xien (Son) : What now !!!

Nicholas (Bob) : Hey its me , BOB *points at the prison ID on my shirt*.I am back from prison.Lets hangout !!!

Han Xien (Son) : Oh its you , I got my mom's money.Lets go and buy something instead.

Nicholas (Bob) : AWESOME , lets go !!!

*In the mall*

Nicholas (Bob) : Look at the ladies !!! Call me sweet hunnies "Winks"

Han Xien (Son) : Stop doing that , its weird !!!

Nicholas (Bob) : Okay.

*At the PS 3 Shop*

Nicholas (BoB) : I WANT PS 3 !!!

Sundeep (Salesman) : Yes , we got lots of them

Han Xien (Son) : I take one.

Sundeep (Salesman) : Oh we ...

Han Xien (Son) : Just take the money !!!

Sundeep (Salesman) : Sir , your balance !!!

Han Xien (Son) : Thanks

Nicholas (Bob) : Bye freak


Yee Ying (MOM) : SON !!! How dare you use my money to buy a Playstation 3

Han Xien (Son) : I ... I ... mom


Han Xien and Nicholas (Son and Bob) : O_O

Yee Ying (MOM) : You are grounded for LIFE !!!


Nicholas (Bob) : Err , one question.Can I take the PS 3 ?

Han Xien (Son) : FINE

Nicholas (Bob) : THANKS *RUN AWAY*


That was fun , by the way Grace was our narrator.I am Bob , Han Xien was Son and Yee Ying was Mom.Sundeep was another group but we hired him to be our temporary actor.Yee Ying was awesome haha , the last part was nice.Teacher loved our play she promised to give us a more exciting one for us next time.We got 95 points !!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Chin's team done another play but I will leave it for tomorrow.His group gotten 94 points ??? RAWR NEXT TIME WE WANT 110 !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , I wonder why people call me a fag 0_0


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