Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sniperific Wednesday

-Gray from Fairy Tail destroying the Ice.

January 6th Wednesday - Today's weather was strange , at first theres no clouds and the moon was still ther even though its 10am.Then later it became cloudy and very cold but after a half an hour it turned sunny and hot.Looks like the weathers are having a fight , 0_0.

Today's perhimpunan was a total drag , it took a very long time for it to even be finished.Causing my Biology class to be canceled , aww man I really wish I could know what teacher is teaching us but sadly we can't.OHYA , I forgot to tell that I worn my scout uniform to school.My school forced us to wear this boring uniform to "impress" the freaking school board 0_0.But I rather like the uniform since it makes me look cool OR NOT =.=.

90% of the school's student don't even wear the uniform so the teachers can't even punish them and all they could do was calling the class monitors to write down names of students who were not wearing the Unit Beruniform's uniform.The only friends I have wearing these special uniforms were Chin , Jay , Kim Hoong , Yap and Rui Zhen.Quite alot actually lol.Jia Cheng forced Chin not to write down her name but Chin wanted to be responsible so he wrote it down haha XD.

I don't like my sejarah teacher 0_0.He is a wise guy kind of guy , the one that let you see his sensitive side first.Our add maths teacher was great , she was having a sorethroat so she can't speak loudly.She is a great teacher , the kind that you want to have for an add maths teacher.Han Xien said that she is the only teacher that won't make Han Xien fall asleep during class.Maybe its because she is Puan Wong's best friend 0_0 Don't know ...

My English teacher today called us to get ready for a presentation for the future time.Each race do the other's race culture festival , CHINESE DO DEEPAVALI OMG.I don't even know a single thing about Deepavali only that it gives us holidays XD.My english teacher was talking about the Chinese Zodiacs.She told us to give our Chinese Zodiacs as titles for each member of Chinese group.But the problem is we are all "DOGS" , that made alot of people laugh.We are all the same year so our Chinese Zodiacs are dogs except for Yik Chun as he is older than us.

Oh and I volunteered to help bringing 1990 English songs for my English teacher.Anybody know any good ones ?

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee just had a free sun tan and he is now roasted with gravy sauce on top of him.


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