Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rambutanlicious Wednesday


13 January Wednesday - I woke up early today , my mom finally took heart to actually sleep early yesterday night and I was in clear except for being sleepy.The water never ever felt so warm today but the strangest thing was why won't I use the warm water ? Because its noisy and it makes a very loud sound if I don't close it for a long time.Wish I got a bath tub T-T.Before I went to school , I looked at the mirror VERY CLOSELY and I discovered BLACKHEADS omg.I thought "Oh no wonder people look away when talking to me sometimes LOL."Its time to put egg and cucumber on my nose xD.

Today the school held a mesyuarat agong for half of the day's class xD.I am from the extra curriculum group named Epsilon.Its a very stupid name , it sounds like "Nap-si-lon" in Cantonese which means Duck Shit ? I think....Anyway , I chose Pengakap , Art and Badminton.NOTE : I don't know how to play badminton , I am a ball boy who picks up dropped balls.The teachers of Epsilon chose people in each positions today.Most of the positions were taken by malays , well what do you expect from Malaysia lol.

After that long and boring meeting , I went to pengakap.It is the same spot we just sat on just now at the meeting so I just sat at there lolz.The same old pengerusi from last year became the pengerusi again , which is good since he has more experience and has already destined to become the pengerusi.I remember Rui Zhen's brother dunno whats his name >.< became penolong right ? I dunno lol.If you do please tell me in comments or chatbox or at school.He is very tall though 0_0 , I wonder what he ate to become this tall.Damn he could be a basketball player if he wants to.

Next was SENI , I took art class this year and abandoned English class this year its because of several reasons.

1.I like to draw
2.English class was boring
3.I want to build a better relationship with my friends (which its really hard because I am different)
4.Wanted to learn new kind of concept art
5.Improve my drawing skills

Lawrence became our penolong pengerusi xD.I remember others have their own positions too but I forgot.I think Jay is bendahari and Hsin Jie is penolong bendahari ? The art class was beautiful (For our school's standard) , it is much prettier than the other classes in school.This is what art can do for this world , making it more fantastic and beautiful.I wanted to be one of the positions but oh well better luck next time XD.

Next !!! Badminton.OMG badminton club was PACKED.Almost every students want to join this club maybe because of badminton is one of the famous sports in Malaysia ? Anyways , as I said before I can't play badminton.Even though First Person Shooter games could improve your hand eye coordination but I am bad in Badminton.Wish someone could teach me how since I can't learn it on my own.I kept on missing the ball whenever I tried and I kept on hitting my leg in return.Ya I am a noob haha.

The other half of the day was filled with add maths and english haha.Nothing much...

In recess , Han Xien told me to find my own style of life since I always follow him around.So I left Han Xien all alone and went to the canteen.I want him to talk with his sister Rui Zhen (NOT really sisters , like good friends lol) since I think he does not have the time to talk to her while I was around.Here what I done in my own free will time.

1.Walk around the canteen and eventually looking for food but don't want to eat them
2.Went to Koperasi and bought a 100 plus.
3.Drank my 100 plus near the pole of the canteen.
4.Went to buy long Gapen book , a 2B pencil and a UHU glue.
5.Went back to class and sat down on my table while reading the English Short Story book.

Wow I did all of that for 20 minutes.Han Xien came back from recess and said "Your lifestyle sucks !!!" xD.

Ohya everybody check this link ,
Jay Ming I think you will know this , since you watched alot of Xing Guang Da Dao.Its Connie Talbot singing !!! She was one of the contestants from Brittan Got Talent.SHE IS 7 YEARS OLD AND DAM SHE COULD SING BETTER THAN ALOT OF PEOPLE.I am not overreacting since she was one of the best in that show and now she is improving.

Everytime I wanted to sing , I remember Connie Talbot and I gave up on singing lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , I hope people would talk to me since I would feel lonely if nobody talks to me and I hate feeling lonely.It takes you to a state of depression and could change you.


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