Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Bubbles

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

28 February Sunday - Sunday's bubbles ? I just popped most them and all them made a POP noise O_O.

Whats up guys , its morning and I decided to write my blog earlier than usual.MUCH earlier than usual.Sorry about yesterday's post , I was in a state of depression but I am fine now since someone helped me to stand back up.Now I am perky and happy than most of the time.I am back to my old self once more xD

FAV !!! Everyone has their own favourite things.On Youtube , you could favourite any video you watched or you like.In life , you could favourite anything you like or interested in too.I am gonna share with you some of my favourites to you guys.

This is my favourite song , Jason Mraz - I'm Yours.His voice is so beautiful and soothing.It makes you feel happy and calming at the same time , he sings beautifully during LIVE too so he doesn't need autotune to sound better.The video is nice too , he in Hawaii and how he spent his time over there.Hawaii is such a beautiful island , reminds me about Lilo and Stitch.OHANA means family and family means nobody gets left behind.

My favourite singer and idol would be Lady Gaga.Her imaginations and creativity surpasses most artists , thats why she is so different from the others.She managed to be a hit in less than a year , makes her even more outstanding.Her ridiculous fashions that most people would never wear but she wears all the time.From latex to common silk , Lady Gaga wears it all , as long as its fashionable.Criticism doesn't affect her but in the end she is on top of stairs.

My favourite weather is Rain , especially heavy rain.Rain is gloomy but its relaxing at the same time.Imagine the cold air and water drips on your face when you are looking out the window.Each rain drop that dropped onto something made a wonderous tune that only nature could provide.My room is rain colour because its relaxing and it helps me to calm down.

Well heres some of my favourites , but what about you guys ? Share me whats your favourite song , singer and weather.Comment or just write it down on the chatbox , come on dont be shy.

Ops my pencil is broken , have a wonderful day guys XP Peace out HOMIES

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Road To Nowhere

"Welcome ~@#"

27 February Saturday - One of my friend is beside me right now , he don't want me to tell who is beside me.

Life is like a road , a road with many obstacles.
Life is like an ocean , it is beautiful but dangerous.
Life has always been priceless , which no money could buy.
There are a lot of participants traveling in life's road.

I am one of those participants ,each with our own obstacles.
We are like the water , flowing through streams of rocks.
Choices are irrelevant in life , we must choose between them.
Always hoping for the right , always doubting for the wrong.

Right now , I am in one of the crossroads in life.
Choosing one and hoping the one I chose is right.
Knowing that choosing the wrong one would effect the whole way

Wow my poem writing skills suck haha , I felt like repeating the whole same thing over and over again.Poems , they are short but hard to write.Do you guys like poems because I don't really like them much , I don't write them but I read them.Some poems are nice but most others don't leave me an image in my brain.Anyways what I wrote is my feeling right now , a lot has been going in my mind lately.Kept on sighing whole day today.

I can't focus ... , my heart is crying and breaking.My mind is aching and beating me up.

Ops my pencil is broken , Haix


Friday, February 26, 2010

Nature Sees Me But I don't See Him

"Welcome Mates :D"

26 February Friday - I don't know where are you or what are you doing right now , all I know is that you are safe and sound , not getting hurt.

Hey whats up guys , guess what ? I babysitted today.Not really babysitting , more like taking-care-of-my-brother-friend-sitting for the whole morning.Today at 8am !!! I was sleeping peacefully , dreaming peacefully and with serenity but awoken with the loud DING-DONG on my door.I ignored it for awhile , hoping its just a paperboy or some random mail guy trying to tell me about not paying the bills haha.But the DING-DONG persisted , so I went to the door with sleepy battering eyes +_+.He was my brother's friend , my brother went to tuition and left me a letter on my table to take care of his friend when he was away.

I was wanting to have a little bit of revision and later go to tuition but I got stucked with his friend.But it was great though , he left me studying alone and not annoying me.Which is rare from my brother's friends , because most of my brother's friends are high pitch guys xD.I studied for awhile but after seeing him so bored while staring at his Facebook.I went to play with him , we played left for dead 2 for the whole morning.It was fun playing with him , he was good at that game.

My brother came home at 12 , so I left his friend to him.Suddenly my father told me that he can't make it back home until 4pm and my tuition was at 3pm.It was lucky he told me earlier about this , usually he would call me at the last minute.So I walked all the way to there , I skipped Lunch and ate bread because I can't walk with a full stomach xD.I will cause an earthquake and everyone would be running around and screaming while I am like this

O_O ?

So while I was walking to there , I kept on thinking why am I living in this kind of industrial wasteland.I seen trees and air (Well not literally seen air) , but all of them were not that refreshing and healthy.How I hope I could walk in the paveways of the forests and the blue rocky beautiful mountains in Tibet.Feel the fresh air flowing through my lungs and the peaceful music sing by the creatures of the forest.I don't want smoke from cars and industrial loud bangings from nearby construction sites.Yet my dream has been destroyed.Maybe I would move to Canada or Australia when I am older , most old people go to Canada because its peaceful over there.

I talked like that guy who wrote the poem that I read during Form 1.I forgotten his name , all I know is that he has a cool beard O_O

Tuition was fun guys , its not boring at all.Physics teacher used his old PONDAN trick again and Math teacher was late for work haha.He claimed about Traffic Jam , hmm xD.BM teacher was awesome today , I heard he teaches the Sunday karangan class , I am signing up for his teaching skills and entertaining expressions xD.

So guys , right now.My internet is down :( , I am reading my books in the Cyber Cafe below.The CC was peaceful just now , I read and enjoyed for awhile.Then , people were starting to shout about DOTA.SERIOUSLY , WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT DOTA ??? =.=

Ops my pencil is broken , I am swimming in a pool of being Single for a long time.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tweedle xD

"Welcome Mates xD"

25 February Thursday - Lady Gaga Telephone :D

Hey whats up guys , I am gonna keep this short because my internet is going crazy.Each 5 minutes , it would disconnect me and it would restart the whole thing all over again.My dad checked , its not the modem's problem.Its the problem of my condo I think or maybe just my house.So if you guys are staying near me , tell me if you experiencing problems with your net.I hate it when the modem cuts me off during in a middle of a conversation on MSN.

So today was a fine day at school , I cut my hair yesterday.Which is good because I feel more livelier and much more comfortable.No more oily long hair and oily face , say goodbye to those itchy scalps that were driving me nuts with those itches.Oh today there was a photo session , I won't talk much about it but I hate to button up my collar button simply because it makes me choke and feel uncomfortable.The final photo run was a freestyle run so I made a this face

:D Haha Just kidding , it was close to this but without the wrinkles and the furry back xD.

So guys today will be the grand opening of my new blog , Tail By Tale.It is a new story blog and I would post new stories over there but sometimes if it is short , I may post here just to ease you guys.I would put the link on the side bar so you guys could visit it.Heres the link , theres a new story I posted there so if you want , go check it out.

Hey guys I recently listen to this song , its nice and makes me happy all the time.

OH AND a little shout out for my friend Rachel for lending me Dragon Codex : Red , its a great story book xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , sorry for the short post :(


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

24 February Wednesday - I gotta feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night !!! Wrong , its not =.=

Hey whats up guys ? Let me ask you one question right now , did you guys ever seen a mother giving up hope on her son ? Well I got a friend whose name I can't mention because the internet is a very dangerous place.You never know this would start a controversy and the mom will end up staying in jail while singing to old country folk music O_O.Internet people likes to start arguements and most of all , they like cats.

Today is one tiring day.We got extra curriculum class so I stayed in school until 5pm.I been quite quiet today because I am writing a story in my mind.The only class I paid attention today is Add Maths class.Today , me and Han Xien skipped Pengakap class because I don't like seeing a friend being alone.I always try my best to keep my lonely friends companied.I know the pain of being alone , bored and moody.We talked about Mass Effect and he was really interested in it.Good xD.One thing I HATE about Pengakap.Calling us to buy a very thick book with 200 pages but how can we filled up the whole book by the end of 2010.Theres only like 8 or 10 more classes ahead , maybe they want to us to throw the books into the fireplace and make a bonfire xD.Marshmallows ~

So today I went out to buy a Komsas Reference book.On the way to the bookstore , my brother kept on talking about puberty.What is with him and pubic hair ? Maybe this is a stage of growing up , yeah I think it is.If I have a son when I grow up , I will tell him this when he is in puberty."Son , when your all grown up.You will have hair all over your body and your voice will become like Phil Collins for a while.You will like girls more and you would flirt them more rather than beating or pulling their hair :D".No I am just kidding , maybe I will change my line.

The whole bookshop doesn't have the komsas book I want.But I finally found one BUT it is inside a RM26 book , the komsas book is actually a handbook inside a BM reference book.I don't want the BM reference book , I want the komsas one.So I told my mom I will slip the handbook into my plastic bag but I saw security cameras so...I gave up.I am such a bad boy.RM26 gone just for that small little handbook , I don't even think I will touch the BM reference book -_-.

So after I bought the book , I was singing Jay Sean - Down.Then when I got up into the car and tuned into the radio.The FM was broadcasting Jay Sean - Down !!! What a coincidence ~ Next time , I am so gonna go the end of the rainbow.So that I could get that pot of gold from that Leprachaun.Leprachauns are like small little midgets with green clothings.They love gold and long orange beard :D

JIA BA BEH ?? My Hokkien still sucks :P

Ops my pencil is broken , Welcome to the church of vegetables !!! Lettuce pray !!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

23 February Tuesday - Keep on saying , I ain't gonna talk.

Whats up guys , its night and I am tired haha.Never got to bath this morning because theres not enough time.I went to school and tuition without the freshness of coming out of a shower.My whole body was feeling oily and I had no mood :( .Its different now , finally got to take a bath xD.So tell me guys , don't you hate it when you didn't take a bath for a long time ?

Don't you guys love astrology ? It predicts your future and your feelings for the day.Theres a Facebook Application call "Astrology" , it predicted alot of my days and feelings.I am Aries and my birthday is well...go check my Facebook and you will know.Aries is a ram and a ram is a sheep. Meeehh MeeeH Meeeeh or Beeeh Beeeh Beeh xD.To people who play God of War on Playstation consoles , to them Aries is the previous God of War before Kratos xD.

I don't have alot of support in my life , only criticism lingers in my mind....I like who , you don't need to know and judge.

I haven't done my Komsas !!! OMG.I hate komsas , especially when teacher call us to find all those infos by ourselves.Theres no good reference book out there good enough to supply my needs RAWR.I am not really good in komsas either =.= .

Sorry guys , I ain't writing this post long because I got alot of homeworks today so heres a song to share with you guys.

Chris Brown - Crawl

Its my favourite song !! Don't say Chris Brown about what he done , he is human and humans make mistakes in our life.He is a pop star doesn't mean he is not human.

Ops my pencil is broken , my hands are weak...oh wait wheres my Hokkien Lesson rawr !!! Jia Ba beh ? xD


Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading Pants

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

22 February Monday - Dont pee in the middle of an amazon river ...

Hey whats up guys , I didn't went to school today with the obvious reason - Bai Tian Gong.I am a Hokkien if you guys don't know but I don't know how to speak Hokkien.All I know is "Jia Ba Be" , means "Have You Eaten ?".My dad hates seeing me dunno how to speak Hokkien , he sometimes regrets for teaching me and my brother English in an early age.Now I don't know much metaphor or jokes from Chinese Languages !!! If only I am in Chong Hwa right now , things would be different.

Look at the bright side , at least I know how to use chopsticks...not much.Can somebody teach me Hokkien ? Pretty please +_+

Don't you guys just love Bai Tian Gong , it gives you the freedom to burn stuffs.Well not all the stuffs , just some limited ones.Often , we would use a designation place for the burning but my dad wanted to be faster so he improvise his own burning spot.Its outside my condo , an empty spot by the car wash place.What spooked me was a police patrol car went by us but ignored us lol.I thought they would stop us.

Ever seen your vegies before they are prepared for you ? before they are even on sale in the supermarkets or local markets ? Heres a video for you on how farmers use Biological control to keep their crops out from Diamond Back Caterpillars xD

DONT WORRY ITS NOT BORING , after watching this video your eyes would be like this O_O.

Wow those funguses are sick !!! Thats nature , its scary and gross.We didn't experience it because we are protected by technology.Go camping in the rainforests and I am sure you would find these kinds of things happen all around you xD.Be sure to get your happy pants :) and ... toilet paper because leaves suck.
My dad forgot I have tuition today , he is currently outside of KL and he can't make it back !!! Han Xien is gonna kill me tomorrow xD

As we all know , EXAM IS COMING.So time to take out your books and pencils.Start closing your handphones and Facebook.Start READING and having black circles around your eyes :D.No I am just kidding , no seriously start reading now !!! Me personally would stop facebooking and youtubing.But I will still open my MSN and writing stories.Why wouldn't I ? I want to finish my storybook after the next holidays !!! MAC HOLIDAYS YEAH !!!

I am still in my holiday mood , so if I start reading my focus skills would be cut to half !!! Stop the exams !!! Saves trees !!! Thats what most Facebook Groups name will be but the government won't care :D

Ops my pencil is broken , Aww shucks don't be like that :D


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time To Relax

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

21 February Sunday - Hey hey guys look at this !!!

How can that guy made his dog to stay like that ? That dog must the most obedient dog I ever seen and I seen very less xD.Its very cute , haha the expression of the dog made me say "Awwww".What is he eating ? Butter cookies ? Dog food ? Butter Dog Food ? It is such a loving and trusting dog.The master's friendship with this dog must be deep and strong.A Dog is always a man's best friend.

Heres another one xD

The video is from Mystery Guitar Man , trust me he makes one of the best videos on youtube now.His creativity is un-matchable by a longshot.Root Beer Mozart haha , I think he truly can be the next mozart.I wish I could meet him in person , it would be so fun to meet such a creative person.He is from Brazil but I think he is living in Los Angeles.

Heres a trailer of a very scary movie I just watched

This is probably one of the best scary movies I ever seen.Other scary movies are very obvious and cheesy.But this one actually made me focus onto it.Its about a couple moved into a new house.They sense a presence of a evil being inside their house and they found alot of paranormal activity going on all around the house.So one of the characters mounted cameras around the house.The camera caught alot of creepy activities.Watch it , you won't be disappointed ... I think :D

Wow , all I did was show you guys random videos.Aww well , nothing happened much today xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , the word mozart tingles me.


Jay Dinner Party

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

20 February Saturday - I hate the feeling of a holiday ending !!!

Hey whats up guys , I am finally freed ... I finally know the truth.Its 1am right now and my father is playing poker with his computer again.He actually made a Facebook account !!! I think he is going to spy me like those communist xD.One of my friend has came back from her hometown , welcome back Calyn.Now only come back haha xD.

Now people we all know that I went to Jay's dinner party.My brother was so excited to get drunk and drink wine.He worn a very stylish outfit today , he looks like Han Xien =.= .Its sad that Kim and Kan can't come.Kan went out with his relatives while Kim I dunno lol.Kan would usually be the heavy drinker along with my bro and Jason.Lets see what happened in the party ~ I will left out some details and info...

Now the first thing I done when I got there was seeing Ron and Teoh playing MSN.It seems like Ron is chatting with a girl , can I say this is flirting ? xD.Others were playing Mah Jong , the click clack sound of scrambling Mah Jong always gives me the goosebumps.

Later its steamboat time , I wonder why they call this steamboat.Its not a boat , maybe because it looks like a boat and it produces steam when the water inside is heated lol.Okay now , this is how a steamboat works.Just throw whatever food you want in it and then heat it up.When its done , take it all out and eat.Heres a small tip , vegetables make the soup taste sweeter and tastier.Don't put too much seafood because the soup's taste would change.

After a big dinner , everyone went into their chilling form.Some playing Mah Jong while others play computer.A few just chill around and talk.Ron , Jay and teoh started to sing while Ron plays the guitar.A new SHE is born !!! Oh wait...k nvm.I found out HJ likes listening to Classical music , awesome xD.Canon in D minor , truly a remarkable piece.Theres a rock version of it , playing Canon in D with a electric guitar is very hard.

I was the last one to go back home :(

Jay , we enjoyed the party.Don't feel guilty ~ Give me a big smile kay ?

Oh and Calyn if you are reading this , tell me your new blog link.

Ops my pencil is broken , AWW my bro never got drunk xD

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hsin Jie Party


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

19 February Friday - Wiggle around in excrement ? Thats gross...

Whats up guys , its really cold thats what up.I just got out of a bath and I am chilling to the air conditioner , my brother doesn't want to close the air conditioner.Brrr , excuse my cold words.Now today almost everyone know I would attend HJ's party.But before that , let me tell you about a weird thing this morning.
Today when I was preparing for the party , I saw a bunch of little baby spiders in corner of the bathroom.They are like white little spiders all crawling around , I don't want to kill them simply they looked so innocent.Maybe a week or two later they will become fully grown adult spiders and I would kill them ... with a dictionary.I am a freak ~

I think I was the second person to arrive first.When I got there , I greeted JC and HJ.Her house is beautiful and spacious , I like the decorations all around the house.What makes me think its a coincidence is that I watched Yip Man yesterday and today her TV was broadcasting Yip Man too.Yip Man is a great movie by the way , watch it if you can.

After everyone arrived except for RZ , she arrived later than us because she had something to do.The first thing we done was Lou San ? Dripping Mountain ? LOL just kidding.Its like a you have a combination of fish ,sweet biscuits , sesame and some sauces then wala !!! You got a Lou San !!! Now that I think of it , it really does look like a mountain.What do we do with that mountain ? Destroy it of course !!! We used chopsticks and then carried it up high then put it back.Is it the correct term to say that ? I don't know how to say >< Chinese readers would know lol.

I can't eat anything today because I got the sore throats , damn I am a weakling.I already got the sore throats since Wednesday but I don't care , I kept on eating fried foods then I ended up my condition getting worse.Now I can't eat HJ's mom food , sorry I hope I was not too rude lol kept on rejecting.I went to watch TV because I don't want to occupy the dining table since I didn't eat lol.Guess what , it was the food channel haha xD.It was showing a chef cooking Ma Po Tofu , omg this brings me memories.Remember the time at Pavillion celebrating JC's birthday , Ma Po Tofu made me poo all day xD.

Now just after lunch , HJ opened Micheal Jackson This Is It.IT was great , the movie showed us what Micheal done during the auditions before the concert.Rui Zhen arrived during the middle of the movie.Oh ya I forgot to talk about the Angpao lottery.Theres alot of Angpaos on the blossom tree ? Is it a blossom tree ? Anywayz , those angpaos contain RM1-RM10.So the ones who got the RM10 means they are lucky xD.The movie was awesome , if only he is still alive the world will change.Nobody would replace Michael Jackson , sure you could make another king of pop but he won't be as awesome as Michael.

We watched Shaolin Soccer after a few rounds of Mahjong and poker ? POKER FACE , po-po-po-poker face xD.Stephen Chow never seizes to amaze me , his comedy ways always put people in their laughing shoes.Seeing people kicking football with Kung Fu , come on guys what gets better than this ? Okay maybe Kung Fu James Cameron...

Ops my pencil is broken , I am sorry guys for the lesser details but I gotta go ~~~~~ GOT A MOVIE I WANT TO WATCH RAWR


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opening A Book

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

18 February Thursday - War ? War never changes...

Hey whats up guys , ignore the little intro above because I just watched some war movies.My mind now is all about world war 2 and cruel times during war haha.So I was pretty busy today because I created a fan page on Facebook.Now I don't really do this things but my friend suggested me to do it.Its easier to keep track of my stories on Facebook.Now I am really grateful to all those who became a fan , I got around 14 fans right now.I want to thank you guys for becoming a fan.Especially Kan for helping me promoting even though I didn't want him to haha.

There were alot of people I don't even think of them would become a fan.Nevertheless , you guys have my deepest gratitude.I will continue to write more in the future.So those who don't know about the page , heres the link!/pages/Kuala-Lumpur-Malaysia/Nicholas-NHE/355930399808?ref=ts

copy this link and paste it above the bar and then press ENTER ~

I am not forcing you guys to become a fan ><

So today I was bored as usual and started to watch movies based on war times.Like Saving Private Ryan , The Call and many more.War movies are one of my favourite movies , not because they got violence and gore.Its because they recreate histories and make them more interestings , unlike books that would make you fall asleep and saliva would be flowing down from your mouth.I like movies that are inspiring and touching , these movies inspired most of my stories and let me learn more of the values of life.Sci fi movies are still one of my favs and don't worry I like comedies too , I am not a old man haha xD ahem... 0_0

Eating prosperity burger

sorry for a short post , I am tired.Spent whole day making websites and writing story for my new book.The book's name is Tale By Tail ?.Its gonna be finished at my birthday , its free if you guys want it I could make a copy for you guys xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , See you guys tomorrow :D


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby On The Clouds

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

17 February Wednesday - Yoink ? Nah

Today was one great day , I went to Jay's house nuff said.This time my brother followed me too , so did my whole family.Maybe I should have said the whole family =.= , never mind.The first thing we done was eating steamboat in his kitchen , his mom's cookings are awesome and always tasty.But it disappoints me that I can't eat prawns because I am allergic to them but my brother always wanted me to eat prawn because he wanted to take a picture of my swollen lips.

After my mom , dad and grandma went to visit another relative.Well we started to talk about drinks.My brother got drunk before but I never even tried to get drunk probably because I hate wine and other alcoholic drinks.Now the reason why my brother would know how to drink in such an early age is because he took a sip of wine during 12 years old and he loves it.Every time someone offers me a beer , I would refuse.I don't like the after taste =_=

Mahjong was fun , we talked about some jokes that I can't mention here :D.This was my second time playing Mah Jong and the first for my brother.Well we had fun there with Jay Ming and Jason , I am not gonna say much of it.We took the rest of the time chatting and facebooking , simple as that.Oh and Jason's friends came to visit today.Sorry Jay , I can't help you to fix that problem :(

Now today I am in the mood of writing a story , mainly because I promised you "Baby On The Clouds" weeks ago but I haven't write it yet by that time so here it is ~

This is my first story in my upcoming book - Tale by Tail ?

~@#Baby On The Clouds#@~

A beautiful evening , everything were was beautiful and never hurt.The sun was orange and the wind was blowing hard.In the middle of a peaceful town De Capicro , there was a jolly carnival going on inside the beautiful town.Everyone was enjoying the carnival , eating candies and enjoying rides all over the carnival.But not everything was fine and dandy , one oldman and his hot air balloon ride were down in the dumps.The weather was windy and it could be dangerous if someone ride on the hot air balloon.

The old man was carrying a baby whose name is Sustantivo.Sustantivo had a little hair by that time but every single short little baby hair was white as clouds.Everyday , the old man who is also the baby's grandpa would took him in the hot air balloon and surf the skies.Sustantivo loves to touch the clouds but never got a chance to touch the clouds because his grandpa was very touchy into Sustantivo's safety.He doesn't want Sustantivo to fell or got hurt.

But that was different , the old man placed Sustantivo into his cradle inside the hot air balloon.He went for a toilet break and a little lunch.Sustantivo was sucking on his pacifier while looking at the skies , he was a baby by that time but he still dreams of to be in the open skies.Suddenly , the hot air balloon's anchors got loose and it flew up into the sky.The hot air balloon flew right up into the sky and everyone was watching it flying away gracefully with the winds.The old man finished his bathroom break and came out with an opened wide jaw.He was watching standing still while watching the hot air balloon flying away with Sustantivo with it.

The hot air balloon was flying peacefully even though the wind was really deadly.Sustantivo finally got to feel the smell of fresh air in the sky , he finally got a chance to touch the clouds but he was not tall enough to touch.It was all fine and dandy but the hot air balloon was flying to a storm.Inch by inch , the hot air balloon was getting closer to the clouds but suddenly laughter was heard.There was giggling and there was laughing all around the hot air balloon.A gentle and soft laugh that none had ever heard before.

Suddenly , all over the balloon was flying angels.They are not the angels we seen in graphic novels or storybooks though.They were baby angels with little floppy winds , they were cute little white diapers with a golden pin attached.The baby angels took the hot air balloon off course to the storm.They took the hot air balloon into the clouds.They landed the hot air balloon on the clouds and used the golden pins to attach the hot air balloon onto the cloud.They carried little Sustantivo out from his cradle and placed him on the clouds.Sustantivo was not frightened , he was OVERJOYED !!! He finally get to step on the clouds and he met angels.

The baby angels were all giggling and laughing.Sustantivo stood up in his very first time , he wanted to walk and not crawl.He wanted to move fast so he could step on every cloud he could see !!! The baby angels helped little Sustantivo to walk and just about time he knows how to walk.He was taught by angels how to walk instead of parents or adults.Out in the midst , a bigger baby angel came out with a little crown on his head.The other baby angels stopped laughing and stood in a line orderly.The crowned baby angel walked towards Sustantivo and looked at him.Little Sustantivo was not afraid , he smiled back at the crowned baby angel.

The crowned baby angel smiled back at him :) , imagine a cute little baby smiling at you right now.The crowned baby angel is the king of baby angels , he ordered the other baby angels to take little Sustantivo for a tour around the little kingdom.Little Sustantivo saw alot of amazing things.

He saw baby angels watering cloud plants all over the kingdom.When theres too much water in the cloud plants , the water became rain for the people down below.He saw baby angels preparing cupid arrows for cupid , they all have a little pink halo on top of their heads.Every single one of the cupid arrows were kissed by the baby angels to have magical love powers.The king of baby angels invited Sustantivo to his little cloud made castle , each step they took was like a moonwalk.They bounced and bounced , it was like a trampoline ~ Boing Boing.The king of baby angels had dinner with Sustantivo and the other baby angels , the meal was exquisite.

But suddenly loud footsteps were closing in and someone shouted "Where are those worthless babies.It was the sound of a angry cranky old woman.The king of baby angels acted fast and took Sustantivo away back to his hot air balloon.The little baby angels had no knowledge of what so ever of operating a hot air balloon.So they called in baby angels who are specialist in flying , they are scouts to spy the skies in order to let the castle to avoid other air crafts.They were also the ones who saved little Sustantivo from the storm.They carried the hot air balloon back to the carnival.But before they go , Sustantivo said goodbye to the king of baby angels and his subjects.Tear was rolling down but Sustantivo managed to throw his pacifier back to the king of baby angels as a gift to remind that special day.

In the carnival , the old man never left the carnival.Everyone left because it was closing hour.The old man was crying and shouting for his little grandson to come back.The little baby angels carried the hot air balloon and silently placing it behind the old man.They flew away and let out a giggle , the old man heard the giggle and turned around.Tears were flowing down his face as he saw his little Sustantivo came back into his arms.Little Sustantivo hugged his grandpa's thumb while looking at the sky ~

*Years Later*

Sustantivo is now old enough to operate the hot air balloon without his grandpa.He was riding the same old hot air balloon from years ago.He was painting a picture of clouds on the hot air balloon.Just when he was about to finish the picture , a pacifier dropped down on his head.Sustantivo hold the pacifier tight and noticed it was the same pacifier he threw to the king of baby angels years ago.Suddenly , he heard sounds of giggle all around...all sounded so angels yet had a hint of babies :D

*Dreams Do Come True*

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

You guys like it , if you do PLEASE tell me.I don't want to put a lousy story into my book ><

Ops my pencil is broken , babies are cute :3


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freak Powers

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

16 February Tuesday - I wonder why people in clubs use drugs even though they know it could kill them , probably think that its cool ._.

Lets talk about freaky powers today , what if one day you got an option to have freaky powerful abilities for the rest of your life ? What would you choose ? I would choose the ability to fly , simple because tell me one situation that flying is a bad thing.You could escape from dying situations and you could even get free flights to everywhere in the world unless its a no flying zone made by the military , if you do fly over these places make sure not to get hit by incoming rockets because those things could kill you ! So whats your freaky powers of your choice ? Leave your answer in the comment section or chatbox at ---->

Now people are asking how do you guys comment on my post , just go to the end of the post and click the "Read User's Comments" caption.Then you just type your message and comment , remember to register for a Google account or hotmail email.

Now today was one hella fun day , I went to Prima for a walk after trying to help a friend to fix his technical problems.Its sunny today and the streets were empty , its like a ghost town.Probably because Prima is more of a Chinese place , most of the locals were away for Chinese New Year.Now I rarely even went for a walk with someone beside me but this time my brother followed me.He INSISTED that I buy an old video game that I already had , now not really "had" more like a "broke".I broke the DVD but I played finish the game so I was really curious why are we buying a new one.And guess what ? After I bought it , the DVD ended up not installing the game.Neat day eh ? :D

I know I posted this post late because I went out for dinner today.All the upper class restaurants are closed today , so I ended up eating in a hawker place with my family but the food was awesome than the ones in those fancy manshy restaurants.But the bill was woah O.o and the period for them to serve you the food is slower because theres alot of people eating there.

Now guys I have TWO videos for you guys , yes TWO.This first one is a baby rocking to death metal music.The baby is cute and adorable , it looks sweet and innocent and then he started to dance along with the hardcore rock music in the car.The baby later then fell asleep and became a cute little angel again :D.This video is cute and awesome so check it out.

Now I don't really like metal band musics but I hope this kid would be the next Linkin Park 0_0 He even wears like a metal band dude haha , such a cute little baby.

Now this next video is really awesome.Its from a guy named MysteryGuitarMan and he is the most creative and funny guy I ever seen on Youtube ! Kanchelski and I are big fans of him simply because he is super creative.I respect creative and vision filled people , because they can change the world !!! Heres one of his videos , its called Iflip !!!

If you like this video then watch more of his videos in his channel.He is a stop motion genius !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , Glee has been removed from PPStream ? *TOOT* you PPStream.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Side Hug ?

"Viewer Discretion is Advised"

15 February Monday - Lately people have been asking me , "Nicholas why are you putting {Viewer Discretion Is Advised} infront of your every blog post ?".I don't know ... Maybe I want people to be more careful when reading my blog , you never know when a shark would come out and OH MY GOD it ate you.

Guys , do you hate it when you are minding your own business and then suddenly your mom comes in to talk about Feng Shui.I am sure you guys know what is Feng Shui...right ? My mom said the position of my bed is a sign that alot of girls adore me.I was like "HAR ?" , because thats not true.Usually when little girls saw me , they would run away and scream .If this Feng Shui is right , then I am happy :D

Now guys , this would be sensitive to some people.I am not insulting Christian , I am just insulting these guys.Theres one Christian Hip Hop Group made a song dedicated into telling people not to give a hug from the front , but you could give them a hug from the side.Because giving a hug from the front may cause sexual urges , I DONT GET IT.Everyone all around the world gives people hug from the front and not affected by sexual urges , only retards or perverts get sexual urges.The song's name is Christian Side Hug

Its Chinese New Year right ? Try giving your relatives a side hug , they will think that your weird and stupid.The video's comment section has been closed in youtube , probably alot of people are trolling them.Remember , I am not insulting Christian and I am not racist.I love Christians but these people in this group are faggots.Oh this video was found when I am watching RayWilliamJohnson's video on Youtube so check him out guys cause he is funny and he review viral videos.Heres the link

Today , I was bored and choking down alot of drinks on my table.If you are in my room right now , you will see alot of cans and alot of snacks.I been drinking and watching videos online all day , burping is common xD.But suddenly Jay wants to play Webcam with me , I never play webcam with someone before.Now I seen my bro's friends all play webcam all day long.They are not camera shy because they are younger ? Usually when I ask someone to play webcam with me , they would say they don't look good or shy.

I had fun with Jay xD , he can't talk to me with microphone though.His cousin is a one cute little boy xD.PS I forgot to screenshot my screen when webcamming.But Jay took pictures of me doing funny faces.

Now people , I don't usually talk about video games here.Usually most people I know plays Dota or other online games.But you guys just gotta check this out , its a trailer for Bad Company : Battlefield 2.Now theres something I like about this trailer is that it does not lie to you like most video games trailer out there , it actually speaks the truth.In this game's multiplayer , almost everything could be destroyed.You could use tanks and vehicles , you could also call in air strikes or motar fires on armored vehicles.

Now I know what are you thinking , "NICHOLAS ARE YOU LYING ?" NO.Heres the gameplay of the beta version of the multiplayer mode.The game is not released yet but the beta version or the demo version of the multiplayer mode was hand out to some guys.Heres the video of the gameplay

Look at the graphics !!! If only more people I know play these kinds of games T_T , I am so buying this in march but I gotta wait until my examination period is over =D

Ops my pencil is broken , I am bored ~_~ I am gonna write a story on my book :D


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY and Happy Valentines Day [Story] : How Foolish I was...

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

14 February Sunday - Happy Chinese New Year everyone !!! Argh I don't care about that right now , I am caring about Valentines Day =D.Why must Valentines Day be on the same day as the first day of Chinese New Year , it really sucks you know.I wanna plug my hair out haha , I got plans before this but now never mind then.

Valentines Day is the day when you share your love with someone you like or have feelings with.You don't need to celebrate Valentines Day with lovers you know , families and friends are other options too but of course mostly for lovers.Alot of people would think of dates and gifts for their lover.A heart shaped chocolate box with pink ribbon on it or a bouquet with beautiful decorations and flowers.Most people who take Valentines Day the time to marry or to confess their love.No other day is perfect for confessing your love.But careful about the risk haha xD

Oh did you guys listened to the new We Are The World ? It sucks =.= , the original one is better but good thought for the cause for Haiti.The new one lacks compassion =(

In a good day like today , really makes me smile.So why not write a story for you all love birds out there.Alot of people told me about their love life , most of them turned up bad.Some of them made it together.While others are still taking steps in the ladder of love.But one inspired me ...

[Story] : How Foolish I Was...

"In the middle of the wheat field , a man is sitting there while writing his diary.The winds were blowing hard that day , every wheat plan was being blown towards the west yet their roots remained intact to the ground.The man didn't care about the wind , he was so engrossed into his diary."

~@# In His Diary #@~

2012 February 14 Valentines Day - Hey diary , its me again ... Jack.I am telling you something right now , I am alone during Valentines Day.Why ? Because I don't want to have a girlfriend for a few years.Not after what happened last year , you want me to tell you don't you ? Of course !!! Your a diary thats what you are made for haha.Okay , I will tell you the story.

Last year , I was a real playboy.Every girlfriend I had didn't last for two weeks.But that doesn't stop me from dating and stopping girls from falling in love with me.I was the most handsomest guy in school , I am good in sports too.I was the talk of the school , I won so much competitions.Yet I am still craving for more , pride and fame got hold of me.Making me a "flower heart" kind of guy.

Long story short , one day when I was at school.One of my past girlfriends broke up with me because she said I don't pay much attention to her , yeah I was a real bastard.Everytime if theres a break up happened , I would scream and be emo in a garden of my school.That day was different though , when I was in the garden.A girl was at there painting , she was painting a potrait of a fountain inside the garden.The mood inside the garden was different , everytime I was there it would be raining or cloudy.That day was different , the sun shines and the birds sing.You could feel the life in the garden , every single living being breathing and growing all together.

The girl was like sparkling in my eyes , I never seen such a calm and peaceful aura coming from the girls I dated before.I accidentally said "wow" , haha I was astonished that time.The girl turned her head slowly towards me.She had the most beautiful eyes you would ever seen.I never seen a girl's eyes with so much details.I sensed a calm and soothing strike from her eyes , all my worries were gone.She came over and talked to me.She comforted me in a gentle way which no girl has ever done before.I found out that she loves art and books.She was not really my type but I ended up chasing over her.

I done alot of crazy things to win her heart.Like hanging posters all over school that I like her.Helping her in anyway I can.I actually stood up to one of the teachers when he was scolding her for doing art during math class.All those things came good into the end , I won her heart.I was her second boyfriend , her first boyfriend moved away to California so they broke up because they wanted to move on.

I wanna make this short because I don't wanna think too much about it.I was a real bastard back then , I was always not hanging out with her.I was really quiet about me being a couple with her.I was not wanting my reputation to go down like a river.Cause I was a cool kid but why was I being a nobody's boyfriend.But I really loved her deep down in my heart , its just that I was afraid to let people know.

During my birthday , the girl told my friends I was a couple with her.She painted a beautiful picture for me but I was an asshole.I scolded her to let people know I was a couple with her , I beaten her and threw the picture away into the trash can.I broken up with her and she cried alot.Why ? WHY AM I SUCH AN ASSHOLE ? BEAT A GIRL , I AM NOT A MAN ...

I was angry...but I felt guilty.I remembered all those times when I didn't spend time with her or ignore her when she was nearby infront of my friends.I was confused , why must the world must be categorized by cool or not cool.Why can't everybody accept the way we are , I just don't understand.

It was Valentines Day that day , I slept on my bed thinking and thinking.She done alot for me , she took care of me when I was sick.She helped me done my homeworks when I didn't want to do it , she cared for me.She gave me a birthday present which even my busy parents won't even care.I felt guilty and cried , I tried to call her but she was on busy mode or sleep mode whenever I call her.I went downstairs to get the picture out of the trash can.

The picture was beautiful...why can't I see it sooner.Why must I threw it into the trash can without seeing it.A boy and a girl sitting on the hill watching the beautiful summer sunset.But something was wrong , the part where the girl supposed to be was a hole....its gone forever.Something was wrong , I must find her as soon as possible.I remembered she liked going to an art centre to paint and learn.

I took the picture and quickly ran to there but as I was about to get there.I saw the girl crossing the road while crying , a car was coming in.It was about to hit her , I called her name but she can't hear me.I ran and ran while trying to get her notice.The car was coming closer and closer , I SHOUTED and called her name.

JILL !!!!!

She turned around but it was too late , the car crushed into her.I remember seeing her lying down in a pool of blood , I have never cried so loud and hard before in my life.Seeing the one I love , lying in a pool of blood.The driver inside the car was drunk , I wanted to beat the bastard out of him but some other people stopped me.I was so depressed , WHY ? Why must god be so cruel , why can't he give me a chance.

The last time I saw her was at the hospital , she was in critical condition.She always wanted me to celebrate Valentines Day by lighting a candle and have dinner together.I went out to buy a beautiful scented candle and dinner.As soon as I got back , I lighted it up but she can't eat dinner...She told me to come closer to her.She whispered to me

"Thank you Jack , thank you for fullfilling my wish.*cough* Don't worry Jack *cough* I forgive you"

With a warm smile and beautiful sad eyes I ever seen , she whispered.But the lighted candle didn't last long ... when the fire on the candle disappeared , she was gone...gone from my life.She passed away...I holded her hand tightly and cried all night long...

"The boy cried while writing his diary ... but he saw something that made him stood up.He saw Jill standing infront of him ... He walked towards her but she ran away.The boy chased after her , he ran and ran and ran.Until he reached the end of wheat field ... he realized its just a mere matter what ... she can't come back ...He stood there while holding his diary , he cried..."

(Appreciate your love ... before its all too late)

Happy Valentines Day

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , I dunno why but I cried after writing this story...


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiet Chinese New Year

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

13 February Saturday - Its quiet ... almost too quiet.

Hey whats up guys , its lazy Saturday yet again.Its the year of the tiger , RAWR.Anybody here whose zodiac is a tiger ? If you are then you must be one vigorous and bossy guy or girl.I was wanting to cut my hair but the shop closed , aww man means I gotta experiment hair gel on my hair.I rarely use hair gel , really hate it.

Chinese New Year is always a dull festival for me.Don't really have the mood to celebrate it much.I just help with the preparations for Chinese New Year or decorate the house.Maybe some parties but other than that nothing.Now lets hope someone would come my house , ladies and gentlemen I got Angpaos ready for you guys to take xD.Better come kutip cukai before its all too late xD.Maybe we could go swimming together !!! I got a beautiful swimming pool xD.Theres a jacuzzi in the middle of it too 0_0 , we could chill in it.

Well during Chinese New Year , we would hear people say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" maybe you could add another "Hong Bao Na Lai" haha."Gong Xi Fa Cai" means get rich right ? By get rich , its not really fully calling you to earn more and more money.It could be defined as rich in health or rich in life.Well to most people , being healthy without being sick is the most greatest thing to have.Some illness in this world money can't help you cure like Cancer.Man , I would want a life without cancer.Really really bad to have cancer ...

Oh , I know most of you guys went back to hometowns.But to those who haven't get there yet , be sure not to greet "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to elders.They don't want to get rich , they want to be healthy.You guys should say "Zhu Ni Shen Ti Jian kang" , it means bless your health.My father always tell me that older people don't want to ask much more from the world , all they want is a family to be with them and a healthy lifestyle.When I was Form one , my mom took me to the old folks home.She gave all the elder people living inside the old folks home some clothes.I saw some of them cried , its sad to see old people abandoned by their families.Imagine yourself being one of them.

Heres an advertisement for you guys out there =DIts very Inspirational and touching ~

Ops my pencil is broken , yet another lonely Valentines Day tomorrow.And in the memory of my grandmother who passed away because of Cancer ...


Friday, February 12, 2010

Back To Hometown ? [Story] : Don't Do Dis Daddy

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

12 February Friday - To those who likes fashion , then I am sad to say that Alexander Mcqueen passed away.Man , Lady Gaga wears his design so those Rihanna.He was a great fashion designer , another great artist has left us.Please take a minute to stay silent.

CHinese New Year is coming yet my stomach is still killing me , I been eating porridge and soup all this time well...don't count wednesday xD.Anybody going back to hometown earlier ? My hometown is right here !!! xD , I don't need to move rawr.Guess I am one of those people who is staying in their own hometown.Now I got alot of friends going back to their hometown for the whole Chinese New Year which makes me feel like a bummer.I get lesser angpaos than most people T_T because I have seldom relatives.I got no cousins too haha , think of the pressure being the biggest of the generation.Is it generation ? or blood line ? pee line ? never mind ==.Its just that people would expect you so much from you for being the eldest.My mom would say "Be a pilot like that auntie's son" and my dad would say "Be a successful man son".I will reply back "Aww mom ! Dad ! I want to have a normal and easy life ! Not scaring my butt off on an airplane even though I could travel around the world..." Yea maybe thats not a good answer.

Well the main point today is not about hometowns , its about my story "Don't Do Dis Daddy".Now before you think something else , its not a dad torturing his child.I don't write those kinds of movies , its sick like Chucky...brrr.Oh and in case you dont know , Chucky is a mean little demon doll that kills people while talking ALOT.

Heres the story , I hope you guys would like it because I like it !!!

"Don't Do Dis Daddy"

"You Have A Second Chance...Use It Wisely..."

Its raining that day...Nobody has seen such a rain before.The rain was like any other rain but the atmosphere was different.A girl and her mother were watching TV at home just like any other family , same as the rain the atmosphere was different.The girl was sheding tears ... tears of grief while holding a cracked locket , a golden locket inside written "Best Daughter Ever"...

*Few Days Ago In London*
It was the MV awards that day , a famous singer named Luther was awarded the Best Album Award.He was the happiest man on the earth after receiving that award.After the award ceremony , he went to a party to celebrate with his celebrity friends.He was chocking down drunks and wine all night long.While he was drinking one of the finest wines by the bar , a lady caught Luther's eyes like lightning.The look on the lady told him that she needs a friend.Luther tipped the bartender with a pop and went through the crowd to reach the lady.As they approache each other , their eyes were like magnets , never repel each other's pupil.

But as soon as Luther was about to dance with her , his phone rang.His mind woke and took up the phone in a dash.It was his wife , he and his wife fought alot because Luther did not spend time with his family before.His wife was furious and said "Luther !!! Where in the world are you now !!!".Luther answered with an angry voice "I told you not to call me again !!!"."Don't you know its your daughter's birthday today ?" , his wife replied in a huff.Luther replied back "You should be proud of me woman , I won The Best Album Award !!!".His wife closed the phone immediately after hearing that and cried.Luther's daugther name is Anna.Anna overheard the conversation and went to comfort her mother.She said "Don't worry mommy , I am happy." with the warmest smile you ever seen.Her mom hugged her and cried for a long time.

At the same time , Luther was feeling guilty.He thought of the times when his daughter gave him a present for every birthday yet he haven't even done something for her.He went to a locket shop , he requested the owner to make a golden locket with "Best Daughter Ever" engraved on it exclusively made for Anna.He was so excited to see the looks on her daughter's face when she got the present.But when he got home...

He was standing inside of his house while holding the locket , he saw papers with the words "GO AWAY DADDY , YOU MADE MOMMY SAD" all over the house.In the same time , Anna and her mom came back home.Luther's wife scolded him so hard while crying "You always never spend time with us , I don't even know why I married you !!! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS MONEY AND FAME , LUTHER WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE TAKEN YOU TO !!!".Luther then replied "Honey don't be angry please , I bought a gift for Anna.Here Anna , Happy Birthday !!!".Anna took the golden locket and then threw it against the wall and shouted "DAD !!! Its too late , its already been 13 years and you never ever spent time with me.I don't know why my friends are jealous of me having a super star dad but I am the one who is jealous !!! Their dads are all so caring and kind , they always spend time with their daughters !!! I am the unlucky ONE !!!".Luther was shocked in awe...his wife was crying so hard while his daughter told him to never come back.Luther went out of the house , Anna closed the door with a loud bang behind him.

It started to rain ... Luther looked up awhile...the clouds were angry and crying.Luther went to a hotel , he was drenched with rain water all over him.He went into the bathroom of his hotel room and dried himself.Luther looked at his reflection in the mirror , he saw a man inside the mirror.The man who won't care about his family , the man who made his family sad , THE MAN WHO IS THE SOURCE OF ALL THE PAIN.He punched the mirror , the walls were closing in and telling him to do the right thing.Luther was confused and angry at himself.His heart was breaking and it was about to burst.Suddenly , his phone rang...

He picked up the phone and it was his agent who was calling him."Luther where the hell are you right now ? Don't you know you got a concert tomorrow , get your ass back to London right now !!!" , his agent scolded him.Luther replied "No , I am not going to London.I am gonna stay here and spend time with my daughter !!!".The agent replied "Luther !!! Its like I don't know you anymore !!! If you let it go now , your reputation would be jeopardized !!! Money ! Women ! Fame ! ALL GONE !!!".Luther's inner mind was fighting , karma is a hard thing to subside.His paragon side lost...his pride won and Luther agreed to return to London.He packed his things up and went to the airport in a flash.He stood infront of the airport , while looking at the night sky.It was still raining but much heavier ... the clouds were more angrier than ever...Luther went into the airport and his plane was 1407 , it was about to depart.Luther was confused ... he saw alot of dads enjoying with their daughters no matter what age they were.Everyone of them was smiling and happy...Luther was about to cry but an announcement came up and said that flight 1407 was about to depart in 10 minutes.Luther looked back at the airport doors , the rain outside was more and more heavier.Just after a while , he was sitting inside the airplane while looking at his window.He saw his daughter's face in the window crying ... He called back to him home and voice messaged them that he has gone to London now.

Few hours later , back at Anna's house.Anna and her mom were watching TV after having dinner.Anna was about to fall asleep but she was disturbed by the news on TV.It was flight 1407 back to London ... it met an accident and crashed...NO SURVIVORS.Anna and her mom were shocked and frightened.Anna immediately cried so does her mom.Luther died...Anna went to take back the locket , she found out it was cracked and it has the words "Best Daughter Ever" engraved on it.She holded it tightly , her mom went over and hugged her tightly.You never seen such a sad scene before...the grief the pain of losing someone you love...the rain outside was gloomy and soft...

But all things turned into the light , Anna's house door opened and outside was Luther standing in the rain.He changed his mind , he dropped being a singer.He got out of the plane after seeing a dad hugging his daughter who was sick , he wanted to hug his daughter too.Anna and Wife rushed over and hugged him.One big happy family ... finally together ...

Luther : Lets celebrate your birthday one more time Anna

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Ops my pencil is broken , use your second chance wisely...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tick Tock With Me

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

11 February Thursday - Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I know I never update my blog yesterday because the internet was down and I can't do anything.I don't want to go to the Cyber Cafe below my block because I don't trust them , simple as that.So I am gonna write happenings of yesterday and today.Its gonna be a fun ride ladies and gentlemen so grab your seatbelts !!!

Yesterday , I was sick and my mom was about to bring to the doctor for medical treatment.But my dad suddenly went out because he has a urgent meeting in his office.Wow he sounded so official , I wish I could say that infront of my friends.Its Calyn's birthday that day , my inner self told me to go to her party and not tomorrow only give her.I don't know why , my inner self was pushing me to go before its too late.So I told my mom that I would go to see the doctor in prima and go to Calyn's party for a while.

As usual , my mom would freak out over me going out with a sickness.I don't like staying at home when I am sick , I got nothing to do.So I persuaded my mom to let me go and she agreed.On the way to the clinic , I met Shawn.He was on his way back to school for Kokurikulum.I was thinking in my mind "Oh shit , BUSTED" haha.But Shawn is a good friend , he told me that if I would attend to school the next day I gotta bring my Chemistry report and Physic report.

I don't wanna talk about my experience in the clinic.One of the medication syrup tasted awful , its like the combination of Lime + Lemon + Salt.Which is good for stomachaches.

My inner self was calling me to get to Pizza Hut quickly.When I got there , nobody was there but I stayed and ordered something to eat.Not too heavy of course , I just ordered mushroom soup and bolagneise.I don't look good that day , felt like shit so my mood was down.But after an hour , one of my old friend arrived with some of her friends.Her name is Cui Yee Lim , the last time I saw her was 4 years ago.She told me that there will be alot of people attending the party that day.AND she was right , there were like 20 people and most of them were dudes.

Everybody was waiting for her , some were even tried to call her.My friend gave me a tip that she may wear a brown or chocolate dress.But she was wrong , Calyn worn a blue patterned dress with a jacket.She had a entourage with her , I think its her boyfriend haha xD.I found out theres someone liking her , he was so excited before she arrived.He bought her an ice cream cake with guava ? I think its guava or isit kiwi but it doesn't taste like kiwi so it must be guava.

I didn't hanged around with them since I don't know most of them.I sat quietly beside the window most of the time haha.Calyn took some pictures with me though.The picture above must be taken by her.Later , everyone was singing happy birthday and the chinese version of happy birthday ? I think it was lol.She can't cut the cake properly since it was ice cream cake haha.I don't know what she wished for though.I enjoyed my time at there and the sound of laughter made sure I am not lonely.I just love seeing people wishing during their birthdays , their expressions and faces during wishing makes me feel happy.

*Calyn's Wishing Face*

Later , she and her other friends went to Time Square.So I went home and said goodbye , hope she likes the present.I won't tell you guys what I gave her , I hope she take pictures of her presents.

My inner self was right...If I don't give her the present that day.I can't give her the present the next day because theres gonna be extra class.Thank god...

As you guys know , Chinese New Year and Valentines day are coming soon !!! Chinese New Year is gonna be awesome but Valentines day...Looks like I am gonna spend another Valentines Day alone.And as usual , I would write a romantic story just for Valentines Day.I hope you guys would love it ^_^

I gotta earn back my money xD , I spent alot this two months.Each penny was worth it.

Heres one of my favourite songs , Usher - Moving Mountains.Kudos for Jay Ming's brother for introducing to me the song !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , MEDICATIONS XD


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Combinations

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

9 February Tuesday - Milo + Maggi Goreng + Milk + Apples = Food Poisoning ? WHY

Why every time I feel happy and done all my hard homeworks so I could go to school next day without worries.And then something happens to keep me from going to school and makes me feel guilty.Last night , I went to the gym to have a workout and some get fit exercises.After that , I went to a nearby mamak stall and ate a maggi goreng.Then I drank milk with milo and then some apples.I went to bed after finishing the last of my homework and little bit reading on a book call "七天“.I bought this book 2 years ago but I never read it after I buy it.I started to read this book like about a week ago.And its very interesting , I believe it is my fourth chinese novel I read.I seldom read Chinese novels.This morning , I woke up with a smile on my face and itching for Chinese New Year to be here quickly.But suddenly a twist of pain hit my stomach and I thought it was maybe gas or a little constipation.But I kept on "pooping" and "pooping" all morning , I got a slight fever and my legs were soft from all those sitting.

So ? Maggi Goreng ? Milk ? Apples ? Milo ? Which ? I think its the Maggi Goreng or the milk.Maybe the milk expired ? All I know is ... I am one now step behind in add maths class.

So I was on bed today , wondering about things to do.I suddenly wanted to take pictures of my junk and random items in my room then post it in here to share them with you guys.I have one and a half rooms...Yea I know its weird.Half of the stuffs in my brother's bedroom are mine so that makes it one and a half rooms ?

I got toys since I was a baby and I never throw them out yet.Because every time I wanna throw something that has alot of memories inside of it.I would ended up not throwing it or regretting for throwing it after I threw it.I know most guys would say , [Your a coward Nicholas !!! ].Dude , I got feelings.Well I never seen my little brother throw things before except for candy wrappers and papers.

To those who attended Jay's New Year Countdown Party , you guys would know which teddy bear was my first teddy bear.Yes its the white teddy bear with paper attached to it.I remember I was 6 years old that time , I was a real bastard who only likes dinosaurs and stupid little race cars that cost alot.My father likes to furniture shopping but I don't.My father would force me to go and say he would buy me something nice.At the end of that day , my father was about to buy this BIG remote control car.But my stupid little brother convinced my father to buy a IKEA teddy bear.My father agreed because it only costs RM10 while my BIG remote control car costs about RM80.I scolded my brother alot but I ended up liking teddy bears ever since.

Imagine your a scared little kid who is afraid of the dark.You need something to accompany you instead of a little ray of light from the night city lights.Yes thats me and I ended up fighting over the teddy bear with my brother every night just to hug it with me when I was sleeping.You can imagine what happened when my mom took it away for laundry.YES ... I cried.

I may take pictures of things and junks in my room next week or this Sunday.I am currently saving money for a Google Nexus One.Smart Phones are better than normal phones in my opinion.Although they are expensive and freaking more suited for adults but I don't care.I like things that are multi purposed like the Gaming Computer I have right now.I know most people would say [Why the Google Nexus One ? Why not the Iphone 3GS ?].Nah , Google Nexus One has a better camera len.It has a removable battery so you won't need to buy a whole new phone just to use it again.It has a larger processor too so why not the Google Nexus One ?

Oh heres a review of Bioshock 2 , it came out today but I would only buy it at friday.I wish you guys have a swell day and now I am gonna take my medications.

Ops my pencil is broken , its been long and I never get chance to thank all of you for reading my blog so if you guys got any requests then send it to me by email or by comments.I would see to it that it is done.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Emo Teddy Bear ?

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

8 February Monday - This is my 100th post xD I know , you guys would think "Where got ?".Well theres a few posts I written only for myself and cannot be publicized.I made a private blog , nobody can see it xD.I would move those posts to that new blog.

Hey guys whats up , today is Monday.Today moon's shape was crescent shape 0_0 , it shone beautifully during the dark morning sky.Today I decided to make that new blog because alot of reasons.I don't have anything or someone to talk about my feelings and also I decided to start a get fit montage !!! I would write my get fit logs in that blog.LOL Puan Wong told me not to keep fit because I won't be the same if I got fitter haha.Will I ? O.o.

So yesterday , I already decided to go to Calyn's birthday party BUT Wednesday got extra curriculum class.Aww man , I already bought a gift.People always scold me for giving teddy bears but this time its her request.I can't deny a request xD.BUT WTF I can't go =_= , I gotta find a way to give her.If not , that gift would be sitting on my table for a long time.I can't get out of school that day since Puan Aziah would close the doors.

Singer and Nicholson 0_0

Okay I guess thats all ? NO , you must see this video.Its about some Australian news about investments rising or something something.Yea its boring but look closely at one of the computer screens behind the man talking.One of the worker is watching "Those kind" of pictures.Wow , he was working and looking at "Those" pictures in the same time.

Ops my pencil is broken , I am finding a best friend =(

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lets Take A Quiz

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

7 January Sunday - Sunday again , SIGH

Hey guys whats up , my friend just sent me an link to this quiz so I am thinking lets do this quiz right here right now.Ok the quiz's name is What Kind of Girl Would You Like ? I seriously don't know what kind of girl would like me so I take this quiz just for fun and maybe its right ? Okay heres the first question

1.BIG DATE TONIGHT!!!! how long have you known the girl you're about to go out with??

-Hmm I am seriously not picking "I know her today" , I am gonna pick blind date ? Okay I pick blind date.

2.Who asked who out??

-I am gonna pick "we just decided to go out" because I like mutual agreements lol.What kind of questions are these !!!

3.What would you wear ?

- Something casual !!! Formal saved for the last !!!

4.Where do you take her?

-Restaurant xD

5.How do you treat her?

-Woah I would choose treat her nicely.

Okay and the results are "could be anybody, you're pretty cool and will be nice to whoever you might decide to go out with, good call man!" and a picture of an anime girl.Stupid quiz =.= , this quiz is on Quizilla.Go to and you may find it.

But its good to know that any girl would like me .... oh wait quizzes are suppose to cheer you up.Moving on !!!

Okay guys , I know alot of friends of mine got RM200 for having full As in their PMR.I just gotta say , damn good job you guys have done.You guys have earned it , congratulations xD.Jay and the others were so happy to meet an old friend , his name is Teoh Kee Zhuan.He was one of us in our school but he moved to another school.Sure , everybody would miss him.Teoh if you are reading this , no matter where you go or where you live.You are still one of us man xD , keep in touch !!! Hope you are comfortable in your new school.Heres the list of my friends who got the RM200 !!!

1.Lim Jay Ming <--- Obviously
2.Ng Jia Cheng <--- Jimmy would be proud xD
3.Teoh Kee Zhuan <--- You earned it man !!!
4.Grace Goh <--- Nice job !!!
5.Ron Chin Qi Wynn <--- Cheeky Bastard xD
6.Lim Keng Shawn <--- Damn good Job !!!
7.Alisa Asdi <--- Once again good job !
8.Nurfalihin <--- You Go GIrl !!!

Phew , that was alot of names ~_~

This morning , I was sucking on a straw for lemon juice.I pass by a funny music video by Lonely Island.Here it goes ~ Its called Jizz In Ma Pants !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , RAWR