Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Ever Marriage With A Video Game Character

Boys and girls of the world , just when things can't get anymore weirder in this world.I heard this from a youtube friend in Japan and he told me about this video , the video shows that a japanese "otaku" or nerd just married a video game character from a love simulation game in Nintendo DS.More info and video link right here...

I have a Nintendo DS but I don't have the game , the only games I have in NDS is Mario and Sword of Mana.All I can say is that guy is crazy !!! He can't even talk much with her since the dialouge would repeat itself , he can't even touch her , he can't even go to bed with her.Most people commented on him being lonely and he is obsessed with the video game character.Leading to marriage with her , I wonder what his parents are now thinking about ...

We live in a weird world boys and girls , ladies and gents.Let's just hope none of this happens again because me it makes me feel weird for this guy +_+.

Ops , My pencil is broken - I wonder the meaning of Otaku is nerd ?


Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Big Piece

Who loves big pieces ? I know I do.Usually when my family and I having dinner , we would fight over the best meat piece or the biggest piece of dish we can find.I would rather choose the biggest chicken breast meat yummy.My family always say that I am weird that I keep choosing breast meat over chiken wings or drumsticks.Heck I don't care since its more chewy and juicy if I might add...

Anyway today's topic is not about chicken meat or mutton meat or blah blah.It's about I spent most of my week writing a new story caled "Choice" , it's a lively fantasy story that I written since the week before last week and I planned this story 3 months ago but PMR holded me back.I miss PMR , it gave me something I don't really like hahaha.

Ops , my pencil is broken - YUMMY PIECE OF MEAT


Friday, November 20, 2009

What If I Am A Rat ...

Female Rat : I wish I could be a human , wearing those beautiful clothes and pretty
jewelry.Sigh...But I am stuck to being a filthy ugly rat.

Male Rat : I got an idea !!! Wanna try it out ?

Female Rat : Really ? You got an idea to make me become a human ?

Male Rat : Yea !!! Just let me kiss you and you will magically turn into a Princess
Human just like in the storybooks !!!

Female Rat : ...

Ola guys , I just watched the Pixar's animation film called Ratatouille "again" if I might add and I was wondering ... What if I am a Rat right now ?

I dunno how to become a rat right now , maybe a witch come swooping into my house and use some curse to transform me into a disease ridden rat.I could sneak into a scientist's and drink some potion and become a rat or I would become a half man half rat thing .... Disturbing.Ok let's just forget about how I am gonna become a rat and focus what if I am a RAT.

Rats are all we know are Filthy , disguting and ugly buy I don't think so.They are rather intelligent and cute.Girls would disagree with me since they would Scream everytime they see a rat.I never even seen a Wild Rat before , I only heard them squeking in the drain in the dark but I can't see them.Little Rascals...

But what if one day , I become a rat - Lets find out the list of things I would do if I am a rat.

1.Get into every hole I can find , no don't think that please.I mean seen alot of small openings that I can't get in , I always wonder what is it like to be inside a hole and walk into a new place , maybe a treasure cache haha.

2.I can talk with rats !!! I always wanted to know what those cunning rats are up to but I can't cause I am human.But if I am a rat I could understand them and maybe I could be their friends haha.

3.I will have Incredible biting power !!! I could bite through anything and I want to bite those annoying people =D .

4.I love cheeses , they are fragrant in smell and strong in tatse.I heard rats could feel and smell better than humans so I am gonna steal me some cheeses if I am a rat.Yummy cheese.

Well even though I want to be a rat but theres still some bad side with it.People would hate me and smack me everytime I am near them and due to my faster heartbeat , I would have a shorter lifespan...Maybe I should be a turtle...wait no...

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , I will be Human for now.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

UPSR Results ... Well My Brother's

(Hey this kid got 5A because he is in a Malay school while Chinese school has two more extra subjects so theres 7A but I don't know much about Tamil Schools.)

Student A : Hey , whats your PMR result ?

Student B : 8 As , =D .

Student A : Wow , I still remember you got none A in UPSR during standard 6.

Student B : Haha , I was so lazy and I remember you got 7As , you are quite remarkable.Whats your PMR result ?

Student A : Oh I failed my PMR....

Student B : ....

HAHA , ok that was just a little joke.Seriously I seen alot of people got 7 As in UPSR but later on in PMR , either failed or get very less marks because they underestimated PMR.

Still remember UPSR ? I know I do.I still remember the day I was inside the test hall.The hall was cold because theres alot of air-conditioners and the principal was kind enough to put gentle soothing classical musics to ease our minds.Yet , I was so panicked that I can't sleep the night before my UPSR day and I remember I pissed in my pants that night...and I cried ... yes I cried.

But the day I sat for my UPSR exam , I said "Why is it this damn easy yet I pissed about it yesterday !!! ".Well UPSR is actually easy , the mathematic was child's play since it's so easy.The only subject that makes me scratch my head all the time is CHINeSE.I am lame in Chinese T_T don't know why though ? Makes me feel unworthy since I am a Chinese but suck in Chinese.

Oh my god , I forgot this post is about my brother's results.My brother got 5A 1 B 1 C while I got 4 A 3 B . I don't know who is better , maybe it's a tie.Whatever...

The night before my brother sat for the exam , he did not pissed in his pants but he came to my room and sleep.My brother has unbreakable bonds between each other , we won't fight each other and we hangout alot together.Some of my friends have bad relationships with their siblings.We share beds often too because we are used to it.We used to slept together when we were much much younger.ITS NOT GAY = =

Ops , My pencil is broken !!! UPSR pawnage !!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Story : Monkey's Trouble

Once upon a time , theres a monkey named Joe who lives in the rain forest of Malaysia.He is also a monkey with alot of troubles , one of his troubles is wanting to fit into the clan and his clan is the Red Butt Monkey Clan.All the monkeys in this clan have red colour butts and the most biggest butt of all is the leader of the clan.

But the problem is , Joe's butt is not red in colour but white.The reason why he wanted to join this clan is because all his cool friends are over there.He wanted to be cooler and that the cool monkeys recognize him even though they never even been nice to Joe.

Every night , he would ramble about how cool he will gonna be when he is in that clan to his mother.All his mother would do is roll her eyes since explaining won't work.But no matter how many times he tried to convince the members of Red Butt Clan , he would be shunned by them or mocked by them for not having a red colour butt.

He tried of alot of things to make his butt become red.He once tried to make his butt become red by painting it red with red paint but it got washed off by the rain.He also tried making his butt red by heating it with fire but later gave up because of the pain.He tried alot of ways but all failed to meet his expectations.

One day , he went to the shaman of his village.The shaman has vast magical powers and is very wise.The monkey seek wisdom from the shaman on how to fit in into the Red Butt Clan.The shaman has no plan to make Joe's butt turn red but he had a plan to help him fit in.The shaman gave Joe a golden banana that could trick the Red Butt Clan members mind.If Joe holds the golden banana while around the Red Butt Clan members , the members of the Red Butt Clan would think that Joe has a red butt.

Joe was overjoyed and thanked the shaman, all the shaman did was laugh out loud.Joe immediately rushed over to the Red Butt Clan's territory and they immediately accepted him into the clan.He has been treated like royalty and all monkeys are very nice to him.But theres something wrong , the monkeys all around him are like zombies , all mindless and keep on saying the same thing.Joe finally realised that he was wrong , he don't want people to like him by force or by being a diffrent person.He quickly ran out of the Red Butt Clan's territory and destroy the golden banana.

He was sad and frustrated but he knew he was doing the right thing.At least those monkeys are not in a mindless state anymore.He cried hard that night , he is so sad that all is frown on his face.Suddenly , a female monkey from the White Butt Clan passed by and overheard the monkey crying.She asked Joe why is he so sad and Joe explained the whole story.The female white butt monkey hugged him and adviced him not to join in a group that does not accept who you are and what you are.Joe finally knows what to do and later joined in the White Butt Clan.

Joe never became cool and popular but at least he is happy now.

"Join The Right Group"

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , goodnight =D

-Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final Words For Form 3

Hey guys , been days since we last met each other because of streamyx little problem again.I think they are sleeping the whole time without knowing that our internet line is down constantly or is it they are having a maintenance ?

Ohya , yesterday was my FINAL DAY of school for this year and something bad happened until I can't go to school...I will explain later.So , I want to say my final goodbye to my friends and hope we can meet again if fate brings us to meet.This year is one tough year yet I feel relaxec and I sometimes forgot that I just took my PMR exam.Form 3 is indeed a tough year , as if teenagers haven't had enough troubles , the government presented us the PMR examination and is stressing alot of students but some including me still relax during times of darkness.

We had fights , feuds and even tears this year but all must be forgotten as a new year arises with new challenges to fight against.If you once had a fight with your best friend or other friends then just forget about it already , people would only get more injuries if you keep on fighting.And I am not talking about the physcial injuries , I am talking about the mental injuries like sadness , anger , vengeance and many many more.I never encountered any negative events this year since I am a carefree kind of guy , you want what I give you what.Also , my face is not so easily to get angry at XD , thats what my friends said.

Sad things say BYE BYE while happy things should NOT be forgotten.Who wants forgot happy things anyway ? The happiest time I ever had this year is .... erm .... Wow , I don't think I have the happiest lol.Maybe my trip to the highlands is the happiest , nothing beats taking time with nature itself.I have alot of happy times yet still can't define one as the happiest.

So I will take this final goodbye and farewell to those who are friends with me and to those who I love , make sure to say goodbye to me in the comments too :D .Not a very good these days , my heart feels like as if there is someone pulling it down but I dont even know whats the problem.Maybe I should meditate more , yes maybe xD.

Ohya I want to show you my friends or honor for this year , friends of honor are friends that showed me alot of development and friendship.Lets see who they are shall we ?

(This is not a top ten list so all are equal)
1.Lim Kai Hao (He is really diffrent than the others in my class , very patient)
2.Chong Han Xian (The same old cruel looking guy but with a sympathic heart)
3.See Jee Mee (Spiky Hair and humourous in his own way)
4.Lim Jay Ming ( Quiet yet likeable fellow , smart too )
5.Wong Yik Chun ( He is unsocial at times but really social to me)
6.Foong Wai Loong ( Goofy guy that inherited my dance ..."The Chaka" )
7.Sundeep Singh ( Great guy to hangout with and very funny )
8.Lawrence Lee ( The DK9's class clown and popular lookout with his "Maggi hair")
9.Yap Jia Hui ( Very loyal and helpful at times in need )
10.Tan Kim Hoong ( Quiet just like Jayming but when they are together "Tada" )

I know , you must be asking why theres no girls on top because I seldom talk with girls.Maybe I am shy or something , ARGH.Oh , to those who are not on the list does not mean you are bad friends , each of you guys are great in your own ways.I am lucky to have such friends yes ?

OPS , my pencil is broken =( and now I bid my farewell and I am now booking tickets for 2012 .... I know abit too late >.<.

(Remember to comment and say goodbye if not you making a little puppy sad =( )


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dragon Age Origins Review

Today's topic won't be much of a intrest again , I do apologize since not much people like gaming posts.Today I will write a review of Dragon Age : Origins , the latest game I bought.It is a Role Playing Game much like I said before , and it has some tactical views.If you played Baldur's Gate then you will like this game very much , its almost the same as Knights Of The Old Republic too.Bioware is the creator of this game and Dragon Age : Origins is one of the masterpieces by Bioware much like many other RPG games made by Bioware.

Hey lets stop the introduction shall we ? I will try to point out the pro and cons of this game shall we ? Note !!! I am playing the PC version of this game ...

1.Bloody , very bloody.
-Don't you like games that have great blood effects everytime you done with a fight or in a fight.The game is bloody , almost 80% of the time you play would be seeing your character all bloody unless you clean up frequently.Blood effects are great too especially you beheaded somebody , Muahahahaha I am a sadist.

2.Fantastic Storyline.
-Storyline is important in RPG games , I want good stories !!! The storyline in this game is great , theres more than one story !!! Depend on which race , class or background you choose for your character.Sometimes you could alter storylines by doing bad things or good things.

3.Great Characters.
-The characters in this game are voiced by serious voice actors and not by money making superstars.The characters have depth and development , the more you play with them the more you know more.The character I like the most is Alistair , he is one of the Grey Wardens and a very funny guy.

4.Thousands of hours of Gameplay.
-After finishing the first run , you would want yo play all over again just to use new race , new class and new background.Never ending game time is one of the pros in this game.Some games don't even worth the money....

5.No Graphics Spikes.
-IF you are playing the PC version , there won't be any graphics spike in this game.But the Xbox360 and PS 3 may have alot of graphic spikes.

1.Bored to some people
-The game would be boring to those people who don't like slow fighting and not really good in english since you would be spending hours talking to people with long dialouges.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gaming Computer

Hey guys , today's topic would not attract most of you guys attention but for PC gamers out there , you may want to read this post.We all know Malaysia has alot of people play video games , mostly on PC though because the xbox360 and the PS 3 are expensive.But even making a PC suitable for gaming is difficult....Most people ended up heading towards cyber cafes or play low settings requirement games.But I am not the one to sit there and play old games , I wanna play the latest and most funnest games of all.I wannt to be toe to toe with the americans !!!

Gaming computers are very expensive to make and need some computer educations.I already spent liek RM3850 for my gaming computer and is WORTH IT.Friends keep coming to my house just to play the latest games.

I got some ideas to upgrade your PC into a Gaming PC , heres the components you need to do that.

1.Motherboard Asus P5Q Pro
-Intel's P45 chipset is still the best for Core 2 CPUs.It's not the cheapest , but worth spending extra cash on.I don't have this T_T .

2.Memory 4GB Corsair XMS2 DHX
-Cosair has alot of fantastic heatsinks , buy this because it is vital if you are planning to overlock.I dont have this but my cooler is enough to last.

3.DVD Drive Generic
-This is a blu ray player haha , I got one of this babies >:D.

4.Cases Antec Three Hundred
-There are some good reasons to spend extra cash on cases.I got this.

5.Monitor Liayama Prolite E2407
-We need better monitors in order to get higher resolutions.It's price is very cheap too for this kind of monitor.I got this !!!

6.Keyboard Logitech G15
-This is the king of online gaming keyboard.Get this if you love online games.

7.Processor Intel Core 2 Quad 6700
-It is very delicate but very powerful and won't be around much longer.

8.3D Card Radeon HD4890
-Graphics are not a problem with this baby.I got this !!! ^_^

9.Hard Drive Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB
-640 GB would let you have enough space to install giant games.

10.Power Supply OCZ Stealth XStream 600W
-Get this , but if you don't , theres nothing wrong.

11.Mouse Microsoft Sidewinder
-I know theres alot of better ones but this one is great and cheaper.

12.Headset Sennheiser PC161
-Not much to say about this one.

Heres my opinion though , there are other gamers that think otherwise.

Ops My pencil is Broken !!! PC GAMING FTW


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lonely ? Curse or a Gift ?

Lonely...its a very much used word by teenagers.Teenagers love to say this word when they are single or pending for love.Everybody would get lonely but not all the time.So is lonely a curse or a gift ?

Some people would say it as a gift as they want to be alone when they are being disturbed by their friends or family.Most of this kind of people usually are either have alot of friends or never ever been lonely before.

To most of people , lonely is a curse.You don't have many friends and you will be bored most of the time.I hate boredom +_+

Let us look in another perspective shall we ? What about we say that being alone is a curse and a gift ? Alone is a curse and a gift to me , sometimes when I am lonely I want people to be with me but when I am not lonely and being disturbed then I would don't want to be lonely.Its a gift but sooner or later it would become a curse.

Am I lonely right now ? Nope I am neither lonely or wanting to be lonely...

Ops , my pencil is broken !!! Alone is a gift and a curse.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Choosing Subjects

Hey this year PMR candidates , PMR is over but the results is coming but we still gotta think about the Form 4 subjects.Form 4 subjects are a BUMMER since they are much much harder than Form 3 subjects.Choosing the right one and your favourite will be hard.Since your friends want you to follow them but instead you want choose your own subjects that proved to have a better future ( Which is not entirely true to me , Every subject is good).

SO which subject am I choosing ? I not entirely sure yet and the day I choose my subject for next year is in WEDNESDAY.All I know I am gonna choose science subjects.I am good in science and I could easily understand it since its in English , math is Decent for me but not that good.I love art but most of my friends disagree me but some of my friends agreed with me because I love to draw.

Ohya...I am writing this in the cyber cafe nearby my house since I have no electric in my house right now until TOMORROW.Stupid electric company...take so long to reboot our electricity even though we paid it.As if I had enough trouble already....

So what about you ? Do you have trouble choosing your subjects or if you guys are all set and ready to choose the subjects you want.Write down in the comments and share me what kind of subjects you choose.To those who have not chosen their subjects for Form 4 then .... lets cry together lol .

OPS , my pencil is broken. SUB JECTS !!!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little Story : The Goblin and The Girl

Once upon a time , there live a girl in little modest village with nothing but carefree days and hardworking hours.And there is a goblin living in a cave , he is the prince of the goblin clan.Two different beings that have two different lives but what if one day .... they meet each other.

The girl is a very kind and outgoing person , she loves to try new things and not doing the same thing over and over again.But her mom keep on forcing her to help in the farm.All day long , she just helps with the farm and nothing else.She is bored and tired of doing the same thing over and over again.One night , she was resting beside the window while watching the peaceful night sky.Suddenly , She saw a falling star falling through the sky.She hold both of her hands tightly while closing her eyes and wished for a more exciting life.

Meanwhile....The goblin prince is also complaining about something.He is always in the cave because of humans are scared of goblins.He never got a chance to talk to humans , he heard a lot of stories about humans but never even got to meet one of them.One night , he sneaked out of his royal cave and seek out a human village.After an hour of walking in the dark , he found himself in the girl's village.The goblin was overjoyed to arrived at the village as he could meet some people at last.But , it was night time and all the villagers were sleeping.The goblin was confuse and lost at the same time.Suddenly , He saw a little cottage just infront of him , he went to open the door and to his surprise , he saw the little girl right infront him.

The little girl was about to run away from home instead she saw the goblin.They were both surprise but they are not afraid of each other.The little girl invited the goblin into her house , they both talked about their stories right beside the fireplace.When they know about each other problems , they immediately went out and find a witch.They went to the Widow's Hill where the most powerful witch lives there.When they arrived there , the witch was surprise to find one girl and a goblin on her doorstep , not a very usual combo.The witch welcomed them into her house and listen to their problems.After listening to their problems , the witch casted a spell to switch their bodies.After mumbling mumbo jumbo , the girl is now inside the body of the goblin while the goblin is inside the body of the girl.They were overjoyed !!! They thanked the witch and went back to their own home.

But after one day , they went back to the witch and pleaded to switch back their bodies.It seems they are both not very sastify with their new lives.When the girl is inside the goblin's body , she had fun but the humans were afraid of her and that makes her sad because her own mother don't even like her.The goblin was happy that he can talk to humans because he was inside the girl's body but the goblin felt bored because all he do is help with the farm.They witch knew that they would come back and then switched them back to the way they were.

And after that , the goblin and the girl lead a happy life and they never complain again.THE END

"Appreciate who you are"

Ops My pencil is broken !!!! Every sunday I would write a small story =)


Saturday, November 7, 2009


ROAR !!! Warriors !!! Who would even don't regconize them , they are fighters of pride and protectors of countries.They would either fight for a living or fight for their countries.And after a fight , they would get drunk at wine bars and talk about their stories.They use countless weapons like spears , mace , swords , axes and many many more.Sure ... they are fierce , bloody and smelly but not all are like that.Remember princes ? They are warriors too except more fancier and weaker....hehe.

They are alot of warriors out there , all from diffrent countries or religions.The Samurais use sharp and long katana blades for war , their oath to the their emperors are very "loyalish".Crusaders have big red crosses on their battle armor and a very big shield (I think) haha.Barbarians usually use giant swords and big axes >:D.

My favourite of all warriors are SPARTANS . The reasons why I like them is because of they are half naked , fast , strong and they trained in the army since they were 7 .They fight for Greece proudly and mostly ... they fight for women.
Ops , My pencil is broken !!! URA

Weather Today ~ 11/7

Today's weather is gloomy and dark.The clouds block alot of sunlight that is shining through the atmosphere !!! I hate this kind of weather but somewhat kinda like it , since this is a sign of its going to rain and I love rains. - Note , This is a boring post =D

Friday, November 6, 2009

Things that make me BORED

I am a guy that is easily to get bored.Almost everyday I would feel bored because I got a very unique brain (self proclaimed ) that would shut down everytime I am unintrested or nothing to do.Usually when I am bored , I would sleep or stare at an empty space until I got something to do or somebody to talk with me.I don't care who you are just one little chat would power up my brain to horse speed !!!
Boredom is a very very self-torture thing.Everytime when you are bored , you would do senseless things or just loafing around.When you are bored , the time would go slower but when you are having fun , the time would go faster !!! Because when you are bored , you would always look at the time.But when you are having fun , you don't even notice the time.Is like time travelling but slower haha.
Like everytime I am having history class at school , I would keep looking at my watch and my sweat would flow down.I would think " Why is time so slow".But when I am having alot alot of fun , I would think "WHAT its time already ?".Its a natural reaction to all .So everytime I go out , I would prepare something to keep me out of boredom's reach.I don't want to keep watching at my watch every 5 seconds and begging god to give me time travel powers !!! HOOPLA , my wish would not come true +_+.
Hey you know what ? I am gonna show you my list of things that make me bored ~ Heres the list of things that make me extremely bored or just plain old boredom.Let the pressure start !!!
1.History Class !!!! History is my most weakest subject and I hate it very much.Everytime I am taking history class , I would yawn till dawn.I can't sleep as the History teacher is a Discipline teacher !!! Oh the horror.
2.My friends are all chatting without me.Yeah , sometimes I can't get into the topic of my friends talking about.I would mope around and stare into space while listening to my friend's talking.
3.Going shopping .... No , I mean going into a boring shop.I love shopping , it gives me the opportunity to find inspirations and BUY STUFFs XD.Boring shops such as .... shoe stores.My mother want me to change my attitude about shoe stores as my future girlfriend would love shoe stores so if I don't change , my girlfriend would hate me +_+.
4.Watching chick flicks =_= , chick flicks are not in my favourite movie category as it is a plotless shit.My friends love it but I hate it =.=""
5.No games to play =( , when I played finish all my video games , I would be bored as I have nothing to play with.I will need to buy a new video game to sastify my need before I get bored.
6.No books to read - same as the above one.
7.empty mind makes me bored .... yes.....
These are the things that make me BORED which I HATE.What about you guys ? Do you ever get bored ? or you guys are always having fun that you hve significant time traveling powers ? Write down in the comments and tell what makes you bored and what makes you get HIGH.Yes , HIGH ~
OPS , my pencil is broken !!! BORED

Thursday, November 5, 2009

回家的路 (Home Run) Review

Today , I take break by watching random movies on Television and I found this."Home Run" is a very touching movie by 范冰冰 and some other guy that I forgot his name +_+ because his name hard to read for me hahahaha.Actually...Dont care about those two , care the kid in this movie.He is cute and smart at the same time haha.He is very obedient too , always listening to his "comrade" dad.

I was about to tell you the story but I don't want to spoil it so I am gonna stick to a summary plot.It is a story about a woman who is a hostess of a TV show named "回家的路“.The TV show is about kids finding their way back home alone in a middle of the city !!! OMG , child abuse much ? They find untrained kids to .... never mind....

The woman is out children so she use her OWN SON.Her son almost die in one of the parts in the movie.I am only gonna tell you until here !!! The rest of the intresting part... watch it yourself.The movie is touching and has alot of funny quotes , the starting part of the movie is very funny.One of my favourite quotes is ...

"Teeth are like our children , they have a life and the most important thing is that they are healthy.How could I pluck out a healthy canine teeth just for the sake of her being more prettier."

This is not a good review because I was eating MC-Donalds when I am typing. >:D

Ops My pencil is broken !!! Be sure to watch this movie , just watch it .... please .... pretty please.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dragon Age : Origins

Hello there guys , looks like today's topic will be boring for none video games fan.People , one of the greatest RPG game ever has been released yesterday !!! Dragon Age : Origins is another masterpiece by Bioware who also created Knights Of The Old Republic also known as (KOTOR) and Mass Effect.I like most of bioware's games but looks like this is another great game for me.THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE GAME -
The meaning of RPG is "Role-Playing Game" , they are games that you use one specific character you created or been created.You can change your characters' clothes , cuztomise body and face , change their storylines and make stronger your characters.As the game goes , you find out background story of your characters and other such.Those who want to play Role-Playing Games require skill , patience , good hearing , determination and discipline.As one role playing game can let you have thousands of gameplay hour.Depend on which kind of RPG game of course.
Dragon Age : Origins tells a story of a Grey Warden and his team fight to stop the the evil spawn.You can change the storyline of your character and make him a badguy or a goodguy.Being a badguy or a goodguy (Karma System) could change your entire storyline.Your team members may leave if they don't like you or sometimes wanting to kill you.
The game features party system , you could use 3 characters at once.You could choose between characters you want to use while the other 2 will be control by the AI system (Artificial Intelligience).The game has great graphics but the system requirement does not requre that much.The developers of Bioware has out done themselves by optimizing the game properly that even none gaming computers could play it.But the bad news is that it needs 20GB SPACE !!! Such a bother.
Well , I am really really excited about this game.I am gonna buy it tomorrow for RM30. !!!
Heres the link to the Trailer and its Homepage Website ~ Enjoy
Ops My pencil is broken !!! BYE

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Collections are pride and joy of someone who has them.Some people collect items that are rare or unique or just common things.Some people I seen would even die for their hard earned collections.Collections are expensive when it is complete and requires alot of time to complete one collection.

Do I collect things ? Of course !!! I collect stuffed animals or teddy bears , its a habit since I was small.Teddy bears are cute and very warm to hug , they are great companions when sleeping or watching TV.I found myself can't even throw these little things.Once , before I moved my house.My mom threw all my teddy bears and I cried LOL.I ran to the rubbish bin and took back the teddy bears , I later wash it in a dobi.Yes , its quiet strange for a boy collecting teddy bears but I love them.

I also collect video games.When I have new video games , I would display them in my mirror case in my room.I love video games so I aimed to keep them like small museum XD.These collections are my pride and joy.I would not sell them and would not even throw them away.So whats your collection ? Write it in the comments if you want to share your collections.

Ops my pencil is broken !!! TEDDIES !!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

FLying Dream

Yesterday , I had weird dream.I dreamed that I am in a middle of a grassy field with painted surroundings.I saw an owl with golden feathers flying towards me gracefully in the sky , it landed right infront of me and let out a hoot.I looked at the owl's silver eyes , he looked back at me.Without thinking , I jumped on the Owl's back and and it took off into the skys.It flew so high that I could see seas of clouds under us , when my hand touched the clouds , only droplets of water were on my hand.

Out of nowhere , I could see a golden castle not far from where we were.The owl was flying towards the golden castle , it is as beautiful as pure gold itself.When we reached the castle , I jumped off the owl's back and a weird thing happended to me.I was floating ... NO flying.I flew into the castle and there was nothing inside the golden castle.Only some chairs and some televisions.A strange urge pulled me into sitting on the chair , I seen images of some sort flashing in one of the televisions.

The television started to show some peaceful images and it said "The world is changing now , boy.We now live in a peaceful world with little war and little less to worry........(I forgot some lines)......In years to come , a judgement will come and test mankind.Humans must work together in order survive by that time.The one man who would send this message to the world is dead not too long ago.....(I forgot again) .... Now things becoming more and more worse , politicians and leaders of the world are foolish and blind to not see this coming.I shall show you something my boy..."

The television started to show images of horrible things to come ....

After that , I just woke up in sweat.....I don't know why I had that dream .... I try not to think about it.

Ops my pencil is broken .... sweet dreams.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Le Nice Day ~

Ladies and Gentlemen , My true face has finally been revealed !!! I don't look good = ( . Today I went to Jungle Trekking and Europe Village.I am very tired after all this walking and climbing ...

I went to the Europe Village first today , the place is like a mini europe city with the same architecture style from countries in Europe.They are celebrating Halloween over there , some of the people live there too !!! When I grow up , I gonna go live and there , high up in the mountains with lots of fresh air.No pressure and no bad air ^_^ .... Ahhhh , a high mountain's life sure is peaceful eh ? Every artists dream is to in beautiful environment filled with inspirations.

There are resorts and hotels the style like castles.Knights in armour are everywhere hahaha , but I never rent a room.

The streets of europe village , it is not it's real name.I forgot the real name hahaha

The people are walking around the streets while enjoying fresh mountain air.

A beautiful swan

City Gate . its looks so real from a real europe village.

two white swans swimming around the pond.

Bridge Tower

Next its the jungle trekking !!! I went to the japanese botanical gardens nearby genting highlands.The garden is beautiful as expected , the tall trees that block the sunlight from shining in , the flowing mountain stream , the narutal habitats living in this garden are chattering around noisily.
I rarely get to breath mountain fresh air , the air in the cities are bad and filled with bad chemicals.Cars ... Factories ... Air Conditioners ... all destroying the air.Maybe when the environment gets bad , I would move to the mountains XD.