Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shotgunny Tuesday

Today was kinda sad =_= , the only special thing happened in school today was the school finally gave us books 0_0.Theres 17 books in total and you guess it right , HEAVY.I stuffed as much books as I can in my bag and carried the rest back home.My bag was suffering +__+ , anytime it would just break and fall.Lucky it did not if not I am doomed.At first I thought I can't redeem my new books since I havent return one of the Form 3 books but they still let me go without calling me to pay up 0_0.Strange.... =_= Looks like my luck is brighten up *Light shining me from the sky* lol

BUT the SAD thing was that I can't go tuition ARGH.Yesterday , I asked my mom that if she could bring me to tuition and she said that a car would be available the next day.BUT at the last minute my mom said no cars are available for me =_=.Sad very very sad but I perked up after a 5 minutes bath ^_^.Jay Ming , Kan , Qian , Jimmy and Kim Hoong if you guys are reading this , Sorry ~_~.


Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee has over 50 broken "typing" pencils , HE MADE THE WORLD RECORD 0_0.


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