Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Holidays Hello School

Ever seen a clown this sad ? His holiday is about to end =(

Well ladies and gentlemen , our school holidays are about to come to an end.But even though our holidays are ending but everything we done in this 30+ days will not be forgotten.Some people found love , found money , found fun and most of all found friendships.Things will never be the same ... wait hold on , it will still be the same.Just alot more homework and lesser social time.

I have been waiting this for a long time and been not wanting this for a long time.I like school to open because I got something to do but I don't want school to open because Form 4 is a very very busy year.Well look at the bright side , we can enjoy stress with our friends again.Wish I could be in DK 1 though , please please let me be in DK 1 T-T , I dont care if I can only go home at 2pm.I will be tuitioning in Sri Setia though , wonder if its ok hmmm.

As I said before , my luck last year was a total bummer or was it because I was careless or sumthing.Hope my studies this year would be better than last year too , physics make my brain itch @_@.No much time for MSN , not much time for gaming , not much time for a rest well except for saturday and sunday xD.I gotta do homework everyday especially if I am in DK 1 or DK 2 or DK 3 or DK4 , @_@.Hope teachers would be good too and not messed up ones lol.

I wonder what drama would happen this year 0_0 like last year theres alot.Dont you guys ever think that your future is always lay down on you and that you want your future to be your future ? Well everybody does , I mean who would want your future to be molded by someone else and not the rightful owner.

Well heres my speech before the new age dawns -

"The healthy human mind does not wakes up in the morning and says today is the end of the holidays , but I think it is a luxury and not a curse.Knowing that you are closer to the end , gives some kind of freedom.Time to do the things you want before holidays end my friends.Outgunned ... outnumbered ... out of our minds , nothing but sands and rocks stained with thousands of things we done in the holidays.We will face forward and challenge the new decade starting with a 2010."

wow the speech makes me look old 0_0

Ops my pencil is broken , see you guys in school love ya.


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