Friday, January 29, 2010

On The Way To Betterness

29th January Friday - I am feeling better today , medication kept me asleep almost whole day.

Today morning , I went to the hospital.The hospital was cold and quiet , I never liked the hospital before.It has so many grims and darkness overcame almost every corner even if theres a shed of light over there.Everytime I saw an empty bed , memories passed into me.Hospital is a gateway to healing and a gateway to death too.Enough with the sadness , back to the story.

The doctor was the same doctor I attended to for all these years.The doctor gave me some check ups and gave me a medication to let me sleep.I hate this illness , it caused nothing but trouble for all these years.Sometimes I wish for it to end but it has it's positive side.I can't say those positive sides , classified XD.I got back home and ended up asleep for hours from the medicine the doctor gave me.

After I woke up , I felt like my mind was refreshed.Like I am starting a new life.Headaches still consist though but they are getting fewer by the minute.Doctor said I got too much things to think about , he told me to be more "quiet" in the mind.Meditation and Massages work.But right now , I felt like I am a different person.Don't worry , its not the first time.I felt this lots of times.

I don't wanna write much since I still got F-king headaches.

Ops my pencil is broken , may I rest in slumber.


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