Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Bay Sucks

28 January Thursday - Nothing much happened today since I went to school and now forcing myself to ignore constant headaches.It is rare for me to have a boring day even on sick leave.But today's headaches were so intense , I just gotta lie down and shut my eyes while listening to the humming of the PC I left opened.Too lazy to close it off.

I am guessing that my past sickness is back again , man I wish it ain't that.I gotta go to the hospital to make sure of that , tomorrow....I hate this sickness , its like my brain is taking control of my body.Won't let me sleep through certain hours , won't let me sleep during intense lighting.I am guessing its the lack of sleep , my brain is now mourning over it.My brains gotta be busy , if its not busy it ended up giving me a headaches.Thats why it hates me sleeping lol.

Nothing much today , besides having medications and eating non taste food ? Nothing

Short post for a short day , well at least for me.

Ops my pencil is broken , SICK BAY SUCKS period...


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