Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because Of You ...

24 January Sunday - Because of you I am afraid ... I felt the feeling of being in love...I felt shy infront of you ... I learn the hard way never to get that far.

Hey whats up guys , sorry for the sad line just now.Just felt wanted to say that to the one...So today is Sunday yet again and you know what time it is ? It's comments of the week time ZING ~ So theres this post from a few days ago called Infamous Monday and someone comment this "You fell in love with me ... JkJk xD" , since the post said I felt in love with somebody.I like that comment , it made my day.My heart was brittle but after reading that comment.It got all warmed up ^_^ , thx Calyn for the great comment.There's another comment on Prototype Wednesday , It was posted by Sundeep and he said "Yeah I love Prototype".Prototype was a great game even though it has bad graphics , I'm just saying.The game would be much better if theres better details on the textures.BTW thanks to you guys for the comments.

Yesterday on Facebook , I posted a question "What do you do to make you feel your awesome ?".And Aqilah Fazal answered "Everything I do makes me feel awesome" , Haha nice answer.I never thought someone would say that , impressive answer I gotta say.It means she has good self-esteem and confidence.I wonder what you guys would answer ? If I would answer this , I will answer "When I am doing Michael Jackson's signature dance xD".Yes , quite.

Damn , I can't enjoy Sunday because stacks of homework are waiting for me.Wait , I wonder if it's correct to say "stacks".Its not actually that much of homeworks , people just love to make themselves feel that they have alot of homeworks.Well not all the time BTW , sometimes they do have alot of homework.Man I hate doing notes of Sejarah.Makes me wanna go get a burger and splat it on a wall.O_O

Today was peaceful and quiet but I never went for a nap or something.Instead I took the time to went out and bought a soldier hat.If you wanna see me wearing that hat then I will show you through MSN.Aww man I love cliffhangers.Lesser ppl online on MSN today , I think they went out.Lucky T_T

Today , we gotta say goodbye to TaeYoung and his wedding dress.But we gotta say hello to Reba McEntire , Kelly Clarkson - Because of You.Its another version of Because Of You , it is my favourite SONG.Alot of emotions in little music video.Great singers too , to those who want nice English songs.Then you gotta check this out.

Anybody noticed the internet is slower these day ? Anybody ?

One of my friends said that I should make a private blog to take out all of my stupid feelings in my heart.Because those feelings are shooting arrows at me , they just won't let go.Should I ? I am afraid of dirty bastards using hacks to get into my private blog.So I am gonna take of my feelings out to here.

Because of her , I was never the same.I found out that now is not the good time to confess.At first at Form 1 , I was like saying this to myself "I am not gonna be like those people who's gonna take about love and all that crap" but at Form 2 I can't escape , I fell in love with someone.Now I can't say who SHE is but I can confirm that person is not a boy.I am not gay !!! Sheesh ... I am not that fit with her anywayz , I think ? Am I ? Nah I don't wanna think too much about it.I better get fitter first before saying this again.

I am watching the cooking channel ~_~

Ops my pencil is broken , see you guys next week !!! Love you guys MUACKS !!!


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  1. haha, welcome
    nice hat =)
    ytd more lag than today leh ><