Tuesday, January 4, 2011



4 January Tuesday - A new year

Hey guys , I have finally able to open my blog ! I can't log in to my account for days , I found out later that I changed the password , zzzz , I should be sleeping with the fishes instead of blogging for my retarded mass of grey matter in my brain.This post is the first post of 2011 , a new year filled with excitement and glory , most of all...SPM ! Hooray , I love SPM ( Sarcasm ) I would hug it ( Sarcasm ) and even molest it ! ( Sarcasm ).I just can't wait for SPM.

Before me rambling more , heres some pictures from Jimmy's Countdown Party

The party was lots of fun , especially the part with the cards part.Truth or Dare is so awesome , this game is definitely a party keeper.

2010 was a rough year I gotta say , I had the most trouble and suspense in 2010 than any other year I been to.Don't get me wrong , 2010 is an awesome year , the year when I had the most fun too.I guess you can say it's my renaissance year , I changed a lot , I think.Depends on which angle are you looking at xD.I will miss u 2010 , the photos I took during 2010 shall remain with me forever as an embodiment of soul and memory.

Now a new year has begun and SPM is waiting for us right now , I am going to sharpen my blade as sharp as it can be just to stab SPM in the heart.I don't have much of a resolution , a new year means unpredictable things are about to happen , I am just going to let 2011 do all the talking for me.I fear for the worst and eager for the best.

Ops my pencil is broken , I wish you all good luck and always smile.

Written by - Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee