Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day Of January xD

31 January Sunday - Why is the last day of the month so conveniently be the last day of the week or the first day of the week , depends on how you see lol.Sundays are dull days for me , I never got a chance to actually go out.My dad always has duties during this time of the week , lolz.

Today's comments of the week ... hmm nah since most of them are get well wishes.Haha , tomorrow no school xD.Its Federal Territory Day , I think only KL got the privileges to have a holiday.

I think I am gonna write a story , yeah I should write a story.Here I go , WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

New song on my blog , introduced by Jay's brother Jay Sern.Beyonce - Halo ~

The Squirrel Over The Hunter 1/2

Note : I rarely see a squirrel in Malaysia.Sometimes I saw them going under the drains.Maybe the squirrels in Malaysia prefered living in the drains rather than trees xD Kidding.OK here comes the story.

One shiny sunset evening , a squirrel was just enjoying his nuts and sweets inside a hollow tree.The squirrel's name is Squeky because everytime he moves , a squeky noise comes out.The girl squirrels call him Dash because of his incredible dexterity and reflexes in climbing trees.Squeky prefered people to call him Dash since it is much cooler but Grandma Pop kept on calling Squeky no matter what.Its just a grandma's intuition.

He got tired of eating nuts and sweets so he went out for a walk.Squeky hates the evening , he always hate it because it is a sign of the day ending during the evening.He was bouncing along the trees but suddenly he bumped into a female squirrel."Run , don't go that way , a hawk is coming !!!" the female squirrel said."A hawk in this time of the day ?" Squeky said in shock."Run before it gets you , Dash" the female squirrel then ran away."Nah , how can there be a hawk in the middle of the evening.That girl was just playing with me" Squeky said to himself.He ignored the warnings and kept on happily bouncing from branch to branch.

Suddenly a hawk appeared out of the horizon , Squeky was scared.He regretted not to listen to the female squirrel.But he knew that his days was about to end , the hawk was just getting closer and closer.Even with his lightning speed he can't think of outrun the hawk.But suddenly a big BANG came out , the hawk dropped from the sky and bumped on the ground with a loud thump.Squeky was curious , he went to the spot where the Hawk fell.
He found out that a hunter shot the hawk down , Squeky later took off a big sigh off his chest.

Ops my pencil is broken , Man I hate Sundays.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Glup Glup

30 January Friday - I broke my table mirror today , sucks == .My friend showed me a video about a new game but it was actually not a new game but a freaking scare prank.I hate that guy =_= , made me scream and tripped my mirror down to break ville.No I won't get 7 years of bad luck , its just a minor scratch.

Okay guys , my headaches are getting lesser and lesser.The doctor told me to meditate myself more and it worked wonders.I am feeling much more better than before , I am feeling back my old self again.

Today I was bored , and I found myself looking into space.No I am not daydreaming , I was talking about using google to learn more about the galaxy.Earth is not the only planet out there and we know it.Out there , there are more systems and clusters for us to discover.Who knows , maybe we will find a technology on Mars that could let us travel further into the stars and meet new species of this wonderful galaxy.The galaxy has no limitations , there will be more.The cycle will never end , when a civilisation reaches it's peak.It will be destroyed and a new one arises.Man I sounded like a mad prophet , anyways I just wish that I could live long enough to experience that kind of advancement.Thats why I find myself enthralled in Science fictions.There are always new possibilities.

To celebrate my love for science fiction , I put on some cool soundtracks.

I got nothing else to say today , I slept almost for a whole day.Tomorrow will be different , I promise.

Ohya I put the topic Glup Glup today because I ate fish for breakfast , lunch and dinner.My mom says fish could help the brain ~

Ops my pencil is broken , ARRR help me.I am getting low on pencil insurance =(.


Friday, January 29, 2010

On The Way To Betterness

29th January Friday - I am feeling better today , medication kept me asleep almost whole day.

Today morning , I went to the hospital.The hospital was cold and quiet , I never liked the hospital before.It has so many grims and darkness overcame almost every corner even if theres a shed of light over there.Everytime I saw an empty bed , memories passed into me.Hospital is a gateway to healing and a gateway to death too.Enough with the sadness , back to the story.

The doctor was the same doctor I attended to for all these years.The doctor gave me some check ups and gave me a medication to let me sleep.I hate this illness , it caused nothing but trouble for all these years.Sometimes I wish for it to end but it has it's positive side.I can't say those positive sides , classified XD.I got back home and ended up asleep for hours from the medicine the doctor gave me.

After I woke up , I felt like my mind was refreshed.Like I am starting a new life.Headaches still consist though but they are getting fewer by the minute.Doctor said I got too much things to think about , he told me to be more "quiet" in the mind.Meditation and Massages work.But right now , I felt like I am a different person.Don't worry , its not the first time.I felt this lots of times.

I don't wanna write much since I still got F-king headaches.

Ops my pencil is broken , may I rest in slumber.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Bay Sucks

28 January Thursday - Nothing much happened today since I went to school and now forcing myself to ignore constant headaches.It is rare for me to have a boring day even on sick leave.But today's headaches were so intense , I just gotta lie down and shut my eyes while listening to the humming of the PC I left opened.Too lazy to close it off.

I am guessing that my past sickness is back again , man I wish it ain't that.I gotta go to the hospital to make sure of that , tomorrow....I hate this sickness , its like my brain is taking control of my body.Won't let me sleep through certain hours , won't let me sleep during intense lighting.I am guessing its the lack of sleep , my brain is now mourning over it.My brains gotta be busy , if its not busy it ended up giving me a headaches.Thats why it hates me sleeping lol.

Nothing much today , besides having medications and eating non taste food ? Nothing

Short post for a short day , well at least for me.

Ops my pencil is broken , SICK BAY SUCKS period...


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Mom Says Big Cars Are Awesome !!!

27 January Wednesday - Wednesday , my favourite day of the week.You might say "NO , Sunday is the best." Its not , its boring.Imagine my father on duty and can't go out while staying at home with nothing to do all day long.Now that's torture my friends lolz , ended up facing Facebook all day ~_~.Thats why I have only a few sets of "good" clothes , less went out to shop.Unless its the holidays lol.

That reminds me , what do you guys do if you are in a boring Sunday situation.Tell me via comments or the chatbox.I would do these few things ~

1.Spam watch Youtube videos
2.Watch boring romance movies , make no sense lol
3.Write a story or draw some random pictures
4.Wishing one of my friends would come my house
5.Imagine I am in a different situation or you can say its DAYDREAMING.

I wonder what you guys would answer , might be fun lol.

Today is the first day of my family's annual VEGETARIAN week *EPIC MUSIC*.I hate vegetarian week , the first day is good since my mom would improvise her veggie cookings.Like today , I ate Mapo Tofu (I know it brings back memories when I am on my toilet seat and the birthday bash lol) , Carrot Stew (Love it xD) , Potato Salad ( I hate it !!!) and some other fried veggies.But the other days of the week would be torturement since my mom won't cook all her specialties these days.She would say " I random cooked some veggies " lol.My dad could get away from it since he is working and eats out !!! NOT FAIR !!!

Today when I was setting out for school , my mom used my dad's company car.It was a Toyota Rush , my dad use this car for advertisement purposes and it also saves oil usage from his real car haha.My mom was scared about using a big car since she is kinda bad in driving.The car was kinda huge for her to drive but I was about to be late.So I said "Let's try , if you can't then I would run to school.".But my mom ended up enjoying the big car , she said "BIG CARS ARE AWESOME".My dad said that driving a big car would intimidate other cars to let you pass first.Who would have the most damage if a big car crushes a small car ?

Today some guy came in my house and cut off the electricity to do some technical stuff to the main power line.Without warning , I was blogging and then POOF , the electricity stopped and I ended up facing a blackscreen.DO you guys hate it when theres no electricity ? I sounded like a spoiled brat just now RAWR.

Yesterday I posted "What style suits you ?" on Facebook.Kan Kan answered the most random answer , "Boy Next Garden".What does this means ? Kan Kan is living beside the garden beside my garden ? or Kan Kan is living in the avatar world xD.Nice comment Kan Kan !!!

Lately people are getting more suspicious on me lol , its over yet they still fussing over it.Rumors are virus , they spread not by touch but by mouth.One guy knows then the next thing you know 10 people knows.Thats why never say something wrong or a secret infront of your friends.Unless he or she is 100% trustable , if not don't tell.If this keeps on going , I need to use Plan B.

AAAARH I love MooMoo Icecream , 70% !!! MILK I think...

Ops my pencil is broken , who likes using mask as a costume ? Why am I asking this ?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I See Two Rainbows

26 January Tuesday - I saw two rainbows !!! Ain't that awesome ? Its not everyday that you see two rainbows infront of you.I was at the balcony by that time , the sun today was especially beautiful and TADA.Two rainbows appeared infront of me , beautiful just beautiful.I wish I could go to the end of the rainbow and then find a pot of gold.The leprachauns won't let me do that though , sigh I wish I got a shotgun.I was just kidding about the shotgun part !!!

Yesterday , I was so eagered to do my Add Maths 3 homework.But I ended up finding out that my paper was lost.I rushed and copied my friend's homework lolz , stupid add maths 3 !!! Well I think I am the one should be blamed.OMG , I almost fell asleep today in Sivic class but luckily once the teacher talked about the racial problems in Malaysia , you know ~ The Burning Churches.I was quickly awoke by my brain and paid attention to her lolz.I seriously think that inspectors should end this quickly.

I never went down during today's recess , I found out that staying upstairs is better than going down.I found a spot for me to hide , haha reminds me of when I was in Form 3.I almost never go down during recess , I kept on hiding in my class.Teachers just passed by without them noticing me.Once I was hiding behind at the back of the classroom , my math teacher went inside the classroom and took his book.He didn't even notice me , I was so afraid that I stayed there until my classmates came back up.One of the girls got scared and screamed lol...I think she thinks that I am a pervert elgor lol ?

Physic teacher forced us to stay back after school today , man I never even revise my physic lessons.T_T

Today , I think I overloaded Jay's car xD.But the sound came from Ron not me =X

Yesterday , my emotions got hold of me and simply wrote a post.Haha , I know the post yesterday sucks.I forgot to say that yesterday when I was walking home from school.A car beep on me and theres a malay girl in there gave me a peace sign.I was shocked because I don't even know who she is !!! Random PEACE sign at me lolz.

Lith Harbor song on my blog , very soothing.Reminds me when I was lv11 then got lost around pig beach.Good times ~

I got a friend who is sick right now , I don't want to mention the name.But if you are reading this , get well soon.Lol popcorn and that potato chip thing , HOT.

Ops my pencil is broken , My water bottle fell today and I don't have water for the rest of the day.DEHYDRATED


Monday, January 25, 2010

Man I am A Idiot

25 January Monday - Hey whats up guys , do you like Japanese Instant Noodles ? Because my mom bought like a DOZEN of Japanese instant noodles and they all tasted bad.The flavor was Spicy White Radish ... Disgusting.Imagine white radishes with spicy sauce all over them.

Today , Han Xien told me I was actually harassing someone without even knowing.Argh , I am an idiot.Tomorrow I am gonna apologize to her no matter what !!! I know I am a link giving asshole but you should tell me if I am harassing you or else I would be mindlessly talking to you lol.

OKAY Mass Effect 2 is coming out tomorrow , Dota players please stop playing that kiddie game and start playing mature games for once.Modern warfare geeks stop holding that rifle and start playing this game please.

Mass Effect 2 is a very perfect game , no flaws.Those who don't engorge themselves in video games or not a gamer then you may skip this part but to those who love video games then come.

Mass Effect 2 begins in 2183, not long after the events of Mass Effect. While on patrol for geth, the protagonist Commander Shepard's ship, the Normandy, comes under attack by an unknown assailant. The ship suffers extensive damage, forcing the crew to evacuate in escape pods. Joker continues to pilot the ship, despite it suffering extensive damage and the rest of the crew evacuating. Shepard reaches Joker, and orders him to get off the ship. Joker insists he can save the ship even though that obviously wasn't the case. Shepard drags Joker out of his seat and into a pod, but before he can board himself, debris slices through his suit. He suffocates and dies. His body is seen drifting through space. Commander Shepard's body is retrieved by the Shadow Broker, a secretive buyer of information, selling it to the highest bidder, who has been employed by The Collectors, an enigmatic and xenophobic alien race who serve as the game's primary antagonists. In the events of Mass Effect: Redemption, former squadmate Liara T'Soni is employed by Cerberus, a pro-human group, to get the body for the organization, before it is delivered to the Collectors. After this, Cerberus works to revive the Commander through a project known as "Lazarus." Two years later in 2185, Shepard is awakened aboard a Cerberus space station that is under attack, and aids Cerberus agents Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor in escaping. Shepard is taken to Cerberus' headquarters and granted an audience with the Illusive Man, who explains that Shepard was "upgraded" and asks for the Commander's help in combating a new threat which has been abducting entire human colonies. Shepard and his team are dispatched to the recently attacked colony of Freedom's Progress in the Terminus Systems to investigate. There, the group encounters Tali, one of Shepard's former squad members, and discovers that the mysterious insect-like Collectors were behind the attack. Shepard reports this to the Illusive Man, who then reveals what Shepard's previous squad members are up to. After receiving command of the Normandy SR-2, Shepard decides to begin recruiting a new team to discover the Collectors' plan.

Cool Gameplay
-Vanguards , Sentinels , Adepts , Engineers , Infiltrators and Soldiers.These are the 6 classes that you can use in this game.Each class has it's unique and powerful skills to use.Vanguards have a badass charging biotic power.Sentinels have tech armor that increases your armor tenfold.Adepts have powerful biotic powers that changes the course of the battlefield.Engineers could control synthetic enemies as well as deploying drones to the battlefield.Infiltrators specialize in killing enemies from afar with the illusive sniper rifle.Soldiers are top notch front line killer that uses heavy armor to boost their defenses.Choose one ~

Side Quests
-Don't you hate that when a game ends and then it ends ? The side quests in the game are not just stupid missions calling you to do stuffs.The side quests actually have unique cut scenes and story.So you won't just pointlessly walking around and just kill monsters and get items for some stranger.Instead you get to know more of the universe and character development.

-The plot makes sense and it won't let you say "HAR ? What was that crap ?" .Immature gamers are not advised to play this game since they would get bored very easily because theres nothing about Dota inside of it ==.Mass Effect 2 story is one of the major reasons why people buy this game.

Lesser technical problems
-No more slow loading textures and slow loading time.Mass Effect 2 ensures you that technical problems have been reduced.Making you play this game much much smoother.

Tomorrow is it's release day so I am gonna say more the next few days.

Ops my pencil is broken , I am so gonna waste my life on Mass Effect 2

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because Of You ...

24 January Sunday - Because of you I am afraid ... I felt the feeling of being in love...I felt shy infront of you ... I learn the hard way never to get that far.

Hey whats up guys , sorry for the sad line just now.Just felt wanted to say that to the one...So today is Sunday yet again and you know what time it is ? It's comments of the week time ZING ~ So theres this post from a few days ago called Infamous Monday and someone comment this "You fell in love with me ... JkJk xD" , since the post said I felt in love with somebody.I like that comment , it made my day.My heart was brittle but after reading that comment.It got all warmed up ^_^ , thx Calyn for the great comment.There's another comment on Prototype Wednesday , It was posted by Sundeep and he said "Yeah I love Prototype".Prototype was a great game even though it has bad graphics , I'm just saying.The game would be much better if theres better details on the textures.BTW thanks to you guys for the comments.

Yesterday on Facebook , I posted a question "What do you do to make you feel your awesome ?".And Aqilah Fazal answered "Everything I do makes me feel awesome" , Haha nice answer.I never thought someone would say that , impressive answer I gotta say.It means she has good self-esteem and confidence.I wonder what you guys would answer ? If I would answer this , I will answer "When I am doing Michael Jackson's signature dance xD".Yes , quite.

Damn , I can't enjoy Sunday because stacks of homework are waiting for me.Wait , I wonder if it's correct to say "stacks".Its not actually that much of homeworks , people just love to make themselves feel that they have alot of homeworks.Well not all the time BTW , sometimes they do have alot of homework.Man I hate doing notes of Sejarah.Makes me wanna go get a burger and splat it on a wall.O_O

Today was peaceful and quiet but I never went for a nap or something.Instead I took the time to went out and bought a soldier hat.If you wanna see me wearing that hat then I will show you through MSN.Aww man I love cliffhangers.Lesser ppl online on MSN today , I think they went out.Lucky T_T

Today , we gotta say goodbye to TaeYoung and his wedding dress.But we gotta say hello to Reba McEntire , Kelly Clarkson - Because of You.Its another version of Because Of You , it is my favourite SONG.Alot of emotions in little music video.Great singers too , to those who want nice English songs.Then you gotta check this out.

Anybody noticed the internet is slower these day ? Anybody ?

One of my friends said that I should make a private blog to take out all of my stupid feelings in my heart.Because those feelings are shooting arrows at me , they just won't let go.Should I ? I am afraid of dirty bastards using hacks to get into my private blog.So I am gonna take of my feelings out to here.

Because of her , I was never the same.I found out that now is not the good time to confess.At first at Form 1 , I was like saying this to myself "I am not gonna be like those people who's gonna take about love and all that crap" but at Form 2 I can't escape , I fell in love with someone.Now I can't say who SHE is but I can confirm that person is not a boy.I am not gay !!! Sheesh ... I am not that fit with her anywayz , I think ? Am I ? Nah I don't wanna think too much about it.I better get fitter first before saying this again.

I am watching the cooking channel ~_~

Ops my pencil is broken , see you guys next week !!! Love you guys MUACKS !!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Is Not The Day

23 January Saturday - Hey folks whats up.Today my school and many other schools have SATURDAY school.The school board wants us to pay for our extended Chinese New Year holiday from 7 days to 10 days , they mean it.A tough week we thought we could relax ourselves and play slack but looks like the school board is showing no mercy at us.Along with the shortened relax time , we got notes for history and its gonna be a long one.ARGH

Today everyone was so sleepy , most people of my class slept through some periods since the Chemistry teacher didn't came.Looks like we are not the only one being lazy hehe.Teacher of BM cut us some slack too , Maths well not so much.I wonder how people could sleep in school.I know I can't , too noisy and smelly.Everytime I wanna sleep in schools I ended up getting a headache , EVEN IN EXAMS.My mom says that I have sleep sickness or something , but I refused to go to the doctors.

You know mental illness doctors , they are the scariest of all doctors since they tell you the truth wether or not you are crazy.Then people would start avoiding you from school because they are afraid if it's contagious.Even though that most mental illnesses are not contagious...Ok I am talking to myself again.

Today Moral I told you yesterday was gonna do some other groups' plays.It was fantastic , very funny and very mind blowing.Some of groups brought humor even though that they are not doing a humor thing.I favourite would be Sundeep's group , even though Jimmy and Elijah can't act well but Sundeep turned the tide with his italian and spanish words.His impersonation of 50 cent the rapper not rapist made the play a fantastic experience for all.Teacher was disappointed that Yee Ying never came since she gave a good expression yesterday and she was hoping for more of Yee Ying's acting.

I am not gonna put all the plays since if I would the blog is gonna be stuffed.

My brother is now facing torture at school now and since he is not at home I can tell you this.He is obsessed with Facebook , he has been facing Facebook for days.He don't even play his usual gun games anymore , only stares at applications of Facebook.Posting status like a Facebook whore , and doing quiz with no explanations at all.Somebody needs to snap some sense into the boy lol.

I was gonna talk about Mass Effect 2 but since nobody's aware of the gaming world.I will cut that out.

Now almost all of my friends are sleeping or slacking.xD

Oh ya to those who likes Tae Young Wedding Dress out there , I posted the song on the blog and its awesome.I just love the piano piece ~ Enjoy and have a good saturday

Ops my pencil is broken , I need to see the doctor but I don't wanna which makes me stingy.


Friday, January 22, 2010


22 January Friday - Hi guys whats up !!! Recently I been hearing people saying "OMG Facebook is gonna charge us , OH THE IRONY."WRONG , Facebook ain't gonna charge us just for using the social website.I mean how could they ? I am sure that the creators have brains and not emptiness in their heads.If they charge us , they are screwed...just saying.I know you guys are thinking or cursing me lol because do I have proof ? Yes I have proof , I won't come out naked do I ? Well maybe when I am drunk I will lol.Heres the link to my proof

I am sure that if this really happens , Facebook would either rot to dust or thousands of people would be arming their shotgun at the HQ.

Today school was awesome !!! In chemistry , we finally got to do EXPERIMENT.Chemistry is boring without experiments because if all you do are reading formulas and memorizing the periodic table then it's gonna be more boring than heaven.I was waiting for this for all my form 4 days and now it finally came and hug me ^_^ .The experiment process was fun hehe , I just love hitting the stopwatch , it makes me feel official lol.I don't want to tell the whole experiment details , the point is that we are seeing how long does it take to melt something and then how long does it take to solidify something lol.Ok I will stop ~_~ , I hate the smell though but I like playing with the flamethrower thingy.I think its a flamethrower...

Aww I like the maths teacher , shes nice.Oh no I sounded like Jia Hui ... I wonder why people always make fun of him.

In moral ,it was effing fun.Teacher gave us random situasi from an envelope and then we gotta elaborate it and act it.Heres our playout so lets see if its good or not ~

Han Xien (Son) : *Listening to music*

*Phone Ringing*

Han Xien (Son) : Ugh , hello.

Yee Ying (Mom) : SON !!! I forgot to take my money.Could you help me bring it to the bank ?

Han Xien (Son) : Alright MOM , but you owe me big time !!!

Yee Ying (Mom) : Omg , you are such a drama queen !!!

Han Xien (Son) : Shut up mom !!! *Closes phone*

Yee Ying (Mom) : Man , I hate that boy !!!

*DIng DOng*

Han Xien (Son) : What now !!!

Nicholas (Bob) : Hey its me , BOB *points at the prison ID on my shirt*.I am back from prison.Lets hangout !!!

Han Xien (Son) : Oh its you , I got my mom's money.Lets go and buy something instead.

Nicholas (Bob) : AWESOME , lets go !!!

*In the mall*

Nicholas (Bob) : Look at the ladies !!! Call me sweet hunnies "Winks"

Han Xien (Son) : Stop doing that , its weird !!!

Nicholas (Bob) : Okay.

*At the PS 3 Shop*

Nicholas (BoB) : I WANT PS 3 !!!

Sundeep (Salesman) : Yes , we got lots of them

Han Xien (Son) : I take one.

Sundeep (Salesman) : Oh we ...

Han Xien (Son) : Just take the money !!!

Sundeep (Salesman) : Sir , your balance !!!

Han Xien (Son) : Thanks

Nicholas (Bob) : Bye freak


Yee Ying (MOM) : SON !!! How dare you use my money to buy a Playstation 3

Han Xien (Son) : I ... I ... mom


Han Xien and Nicholas (Son and Bob) : O_O

Yee Ying (MOM) : You are grounded for LIFE !!!


Nicholas (Bob) : Err , one question.Can I take the PS 3 ?

Han Xien (Son) : FINE

Nicholas (Bob) : THANKS *RUN AWAY*


That was fun , by the way Grace was our narrator.I am Bob , Han Xien was Son and Yee Ying was Mom.Sundeep was another group but we hired him to be our temporary actor.Yee Ying was awesome haha , the last part was nice.Teacher loved our play she promised to give us a more exciting one for us next time.We got 95 points !!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Chin's team done another play but I will leave it for tomorrow.His group gotten 94 points ??? RAWR NEXT TIME WE WANT 110 !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , I wonder why people call me a fag 0_0


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Mario Thursday

~Ding...another night you came to talk with me~

21 January Thursday - Hi guys , good day and good night , I don't know what time you are reading this right now but all I know is you are reading this right now.

Haiz , Its sad I am bad at sports.I am not the sports kind of guy , I even hate football.Most boys would say , I LOVE FOOTBALL but I would say ok lo.My father would spend his night by watching football on TV , I wonder why is it so interesting.Let me know if you know.But seeing people enjoying sports really makes me sad since I can't play any sports perfectly well except for swimming lol.

My friends would say go to sports Hwa Ee , it would make you become even more fitter and stronger.I declined , I better stick to exercising.You know why am I talking about this ? Today PJK was really boring , I never do anything related to sports today.I only run and walk around the school compound.There are no swimming pools in my school.Sad =(

Oh ya guys , my little brother made a Facebook account.Here it is ,

He finally made a Facebook account , I told him to make it a thousand times.But now he finally made a Facebook account.My brother is a freak , I can only say this.He is more mature than most people his age.He is quite intelligent and handsome too , my mom's friends always say that my brother is more handsome.And of course , he likes games but don't think his results are bad.The only subject he didn't get A is Chinese.

Let me tell you guys something , in primary my brother had two admirers but I think he was not interested since he got a little lady in his eyes too xD.But he gave up now since she went to another secondary school.Oh ya my brother is Form 1 now ~

I should bring him along when I go to parties next time.

I am tired , I will stop here.

Ops , my pencil is broken.Hmm I wonder how Lady Gaga got all that ideas of creativity.I guess I will never know ~


"Remember to close the door when you leave"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prototype Wednesday

~Ding ... another night you came and talk with me ~

20 January Wednesday - Sometimes I wonder why does Miley Cyrus has a hoarse voice.Is she sick all the time ?

I just love Wednesday , dunno apart from no tuition or the word Wednesday just makes me smile.Man I am weird.Yesterday , I asked you guys what celebrity you guys want to be.Nobody answered lol , my answer would be Brad Pitt.Two words , sexy looks.I know you guys would say oh you want him because he is married with Angelina Jolie , nope just sexy looks.You always want what you can't have :(.

Remember I told you guys yesterday about an email from a friend who needs help giving money for charity.Well I sent him the email on how to give the money , you know whats the response ? He said he didn't gave me any email.Man I hate these fake emails given by strange people who have nothing to do.Nevertheless , don't change your mind on giving money to charity too.

Today during Biology class , I didn't paid attention because I was having a very painful stomachache.I finally forced myself to go "poo" in the school's toilet.I have "no time" to go to the toilets located upstairs.I ended up going to the PKBP's toilet , strangely its much cleaner than the usual toilets I used lol.Aww man I hate stomachaches.

Why does quadratic expressions seem more easier than functions lol ? And why does chapter 4 is easier than functions but they put functions first ? No damn clue ... I talked with Kan about it and we have no clue too.

Today we got several new students in my class.When I was walking home from school , I saw one of those new students walking infront of me.And I later found out she lives in the same condo as me.LOL , I never seen her before all this time.

Oh I finally know that when you are doing something you are good at does not mean you are showing off.It means you are sharing your talents to the world lol.Friends would say that your talents suck and made your self-esteem low.My English teacher told my class that lolz.SHOWING OFF IS A DIFFERENT THING ... ~_~

Before going away , answer this question

"What Spongebob character do you wish you want to be ?"

leave a comment or write it on the chatbox

Ops my pencil is broken , I wish I got tapeworm... Ops I said something wrong ~_~

~Don't forget to close the door when you leave~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uncharted Tuesday

19 January Tuesday - Greetings and salutations humans of Earth , I am not Nicholas right now because I killed him and took over his body.I am an alien from Mars , take me to your leader and we will have ice cream.

Dont worry its just me being crazy , I wonder who would believe that ? Hmm....Okay today was a bad day , I forgot to take my Add Maths book but luckily my teacher never noticed.I also broke my shoe , theres a big hole T_T.Can somebody patch that up ? Nah I rather buy a new one ~_~ since the hole is too big.Too many homework T_T since I never went to school yesterday , one day already and I got a ton of homeworks waiting for me.

Today when I was checking my email , a friend from America sent me an email.He is currently working for charity and he needs my help to give some money to Africa.So I was thinking.Here in Malaysia , kids are complaining about not having an Ipod , Iphone , Clothes , accessories bla bla bla while African kids can't even get a decent meal everyday.Yet we still complain not having enough money when clearly we are very lucky.Everyday , thousands of African kids die from Malaria , H1N1 , Aids and other deadly diseases while we are popping champagne and talking about cute celebrities.

I ended up agreed to donate RM10 for the kids and I put up a song on my blog.It's Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror.But the only problem do I do it ? My friend never actually sent me details zzz , now I gotta email back to him lolz.Everytime theres people walking into your class and ask for a donation , don't be stingy and at least give them RM1 or something around that.

Today , my English teacher told us to post something that everyone likes on Facebook and then see whats the feedback.So I am gonna think of something but ... I can't think of anything LOL.Maybe I should comment my status myself , or bribe...*cough*

Aww Man I think I made Jay's car became shorter after sitting on it LOL.

Okay guys before I go , answer this question in the comments or chatbox.I know commenting in blogger is abit hard but you could comment it on the chatbox , its much easier since all you need to do is write your name and your msg.It's easy as pie.Heres the question ...

*What kind of celebrity you want to be like ?*

Ops my pencil is broken , why do I always break my pencil ? SOMEthings wrong with me.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Infamous Monday

18 January Monday - I never gone to school today since I was sick from all those bean curds yesterday.So I think alot yesterday and today that I would make the blog more exciting then before.And I wrote a story called , Anna and Simon at my story blog.I moved it to there since this is not the suitable place to post my stories.So heres the link , I think you guys would love this story.Since its about love and its going to be a great story unless you guys don't like this kind of genre.

So NO MORE details in school , since they are boring and I am only gonna say the ones that were funny or interesting.I am also considering to make a Vlog on Youtube soon , so I am gonna need to buy a camcorder.IF you guys know any good camcorder please tell me.Polls would be on my blog every week and it would be about random topics so remember to vote.This week's comment of the week is "You pissed me off by spelling saturday to satuday !!!" by RealmNature , wow I am an idiot LOL.

I am bored so lets make an interview with me since I never get to finished the introduction post so I am gonna recall it now.Want to know more about me ? Find out now.I swear I am saying the truth if not monkeys would scratch my face while eating my brain.Here it comes !!!

1.What is your favourite pet ?

-My favourite pet would be the Panda !!! LOL , just kidding I can't get a panda to be my pet since its illegal.I am gonna choose dogs.Why ? Because dogs are loyal.I always wanted a dog since they won't betray you like humans.Dogs are fun to have and really loyal.They would risk your life to save you !!! But I can't get a dog since I am living in a condo.

2.If you have a chance to go to a country , where would you go ?
-Canada , old people and beautiful mountains.Nuff said xD , old people are nice and kind.The mountains are beautiful too and its very peaceful and calming over there.Well Canada is for when I am very old , if I am young I would go to Japan and America.Japan is awesome , I just love Japan culture.I know I am an otaku.Americans are my people , they are carefree people and the ones that I actually could talk with for hours !!!

3.What is your pursuit in future life ?
-Future ... future is unpredictable and can be molded by only you.I want to travel the world and meet people but that won't happen haha but I wish it could happen.I want to be a technician while drawing art for some advertisements or websites.Or I could write stories and live a quiet life.I know I am a geek , don't need to say that again.

4.What kind of guy are you ?

- I am a gamer guy but I still focus on my studies unlike many other gamers.I am very weird and goofy.I have bad score in Charisma and I am bad in talking.Ok goodbye badsides , here are my goodsides.I am not so easy to get angry , I am good in listening to people.If I said I would attend , I would be there and I won't let anything else block me.Err I could keep secrets and I like to solve people's problem.I only know these , others ask my friends or yourself lol.

5.Have you ever fell in love ?
-Yes only once , now no.

Ok guys , the interview was short and sweet and I got a question for you guys !!! What are my bads and goods ?? Leave a comment of your answer at the chatbox or on this blog.Now I am not being cocky or arrogant its just that I want to know how people think of me sooo please dont curse me in your heart.Remember don't slap horse butt xD

Oh and before you guys go , please continue the sentence.I know you are (Anything you want) from me !!! Post it on the comments or chatbox and the special one would be on the next post !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , Ok guys love ya Bye *FLY KISS*


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mangolian Sunday : JC's Birthday

17 January Sunday - Today is the day , today we celebrate someone's special day , the day where she was being brought into this world , her birthday.Birthday is a special day and it should be remembered.Especially a sweet sixteen.

Today morning 10.00am I reached the LRT station while reaching there I met Kanchelski.Now if you guys never heard of Kanchelski , he is a great guy.He said that he does not want to be late since Jessie said if we late , she was gonna kill us haha.We spent our time watching on the overpass while using my trustee binoculars to see if they reached the station or not.

11.00am , everyone arrived.Everyone were wearing sneakers and fashionable clothes.I felt like a dork trying to be friends with cool people lol.Oh and I found out Ron has 3 girlfriends ? LOL , don't know if its true but I heard about it.Ron you cheeky bastard haha.Jia Cheng today was much prettier than before , all for her boyfriend Jimmy xD.Later on , Kan went to buy the LRT tickets and we were all set to go.Everytime I am infront ot the LRT , I have the urge to jump into the rail and then climb back up LOL.Damn I need to see a therapist -_-.The LRT was a noisy ride but we managed to reach to the monorail station.On the way to the monorail , I saw parrots inside cages !!! I tried to teach them how to say "hello" but failed xD.Its a pity to see birds inside cages , sometimes I just want to open it up and let them free.They have wings , they want to feel the air but can't.Ohya I remember , Jimmy and Jia Cheng holded hands xDDD.

I lost track of time so I don't know when we went into the monorail , in the crowdy monorail I overheard two guys talking about singapore's transportation system is much better than ours.Ya I agree , I went to Singapore before and its like heaven to me.After stepping off the monorail , bla bla bla we reached Pavillion.I forgot to mention that we went Pavillion to celebrate her birthday.Gosh I am so forgetful.Finally stepping into air conditioned area , everyone was sweating from all those sunning.We went above and above and above to get the tickets Jia Cheng reserved.We were fooling around the posters outside the cinema , Ron tried to pose as "The Rock" but he failed xD.We later took a picture of me posing as Buzz Lightyear and Ron posing as Woody infront the Toy Story 3 poster ~_~.

After getting the tickets we wanted , we went down and down and down until we reached starbucks coffee.Han Xien forced me to help him buy drinks and food -.- , he wants the vanilla latte and the tuna sandwich while I chose the croissant and shaken iced lemon tea.The iced lemon tea costed friggin RM12 ????? =_= .If I was the CEO of Starbucks Coffee , I would gone happy feet.Rui Zhen and Junz came not long after me and Han Xien ate those food we bought.The movie was about to start and were Oscar Mike ( It means good to go ).

We watched "The Spy Next Door" , its a film about Jackie Chan being one of the top spy trying to get the acceptance of three kids.These three kids are children of the one he loves.In the movie , Jackie Chan performed countless stunts and I was surprised that he is still so dedicated to perform to stunts even though his age is coming.We all know Jackie Chan does his own stunts but I think he is about to retire.The movie was sooo funny , the director made up of alot of things just make the movie fun and enjoyable.It may be not a blockbuster but it was still sweet , I just love how the russians talk.Talk to me in MSN or Skype to hear me impersonate them xD.One of the lines touched me , "If you really love that girl , then you should think of her happiness" something like that forgot +_+.I mean its true , some people fell in love with someone and then realize that she or he are not interested.But they still kept on trying to chase her heart which is bad , if she or he don't like you then let it go and move on.Don't be a jerk that blocks people's happiness.Let it go...

After watching the movie , the boys planned how to surprise Jia Cheng.We splitted into two teams to find a cake shop.Me , Kan and Kim one team and Jay and Ron one team.Jay and Ron found a cake shop at the dining floor while my group rushed to there.We kept on fighting over what greeting to put on the fruit cake and we finally thought of this "Happy Sweet Sixteen Mee Mee Jie" lol.It was a fruit cake by the way ... wait I told you that.Moving on , the shopkeeper was really annoyed by us lol.SInce we kept on changing and changing and changing.

Man , you know how hard was to make a surprise ? Me , Kan , Jay and Ron kept on trying to hide the cake.Kan was our leader , he kept on finding an excuse to give us commands by saying he went to the toilet.Me and Ron kept on trying to find hiding spots , trust me ROn ain't good at hiding.He was all shaking and kept on playing with his handphone ~_~.Kan was calm and steady while Ron was shaking and shivering LOL.Jia Cheng almost saw the cake !!! We were going down the escalator and she almost saw it.Luckily me and Kan blocked her view ...PHEW.My trustee binos helped me once again xD.Atlas we reached the dining floor and Jia Cheng with the others went into the chinese restaurant.Me and Ron were left behind in order to hide the cake , Kan kept on walking in circles in order to command us lol.I was about to introduce them the chinese restaurant at the time when we reached Pavillion but almost everything I said they not interested so I kept my mouth shut alot.BUT they actually went there without me introducing them LOL , must be fate.I am not faking , its the truth , its fate.

Kan finally managed to persuade the restaurant employee to hide the cake for us.Jay was pale before that , I was wondering why , I dont like seeing people like this.Maybe its the price of the food in the restaurant LOL.Oh and one more reason why fate was on our side was because we met FIONA !!! Fiona was once my primary classmate but she left to New Zealand but she came back for vacation.I was surprised to see her here , me , jimmy , HX , RZ , Kim were so happy to see her.She changed alot !!! She was with her friend , I think she was from Japan.She gave us a hug when she saw us , this is a first time a girl hugs me LOL.I was not ready , I forgot that she was from New Zealand and hugging is a form of greeting.I ended up gave her a rude hug , HX scolded me for that.We invited her to come in to the restaurant to join us.Well when she came to the table , the others who don't know her quiet up lolz.

At least Han Xien , Me and Jimmy made her feel comfortable since we were once good friends.We ordered food and we ate the food LOL.I don't really want to talk about what we were eating since I was sick from all those bean curds xD.Nobody wants to eat those two bowls of sour and spicy bean curds.I ended up eating all of them since I don't like to see food go to waste ( the second bowl ... I gave up lolz).Fiona and her friend went away after a while since they wanted to go shopping.I was sooo full , Kim told me to go for a walk with him so I won't feel that full.On the way to the restrooms , I met Fiona and she said goodbye.I apologised to what I did and I gave her a proper hug.Fiona said that dunno when she could meet us once more.But meeting her in such circumstances really makes me believe more in fate.CHeers Fiona , hope you enjoy your trip in stinky Malaysia xD.

ITS CAKE TIME.We sang happy birthday to Jia Cheng and she blowed the candles.SHe made a really long wish , I saw her closing her eyes while mumbling some words.Looks like she really enjoys her birthday bash xD.Jimmy gave her a birthday KISS !!! Everyone was WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.First time seeing a friend of mine kissing his girlfriend.I am proud of you jimmy , your the man.We splitted the cake
and it was delicious , especially the whipped cream.I know I am lame I am lame.We made jokes and everybody was having fun.One of the waiter was really rude , Jay asked that if he could help us clean the table but he refused.But the second time , Jun asked him if he could help us take the cake box from the kitchen and he agreed.Maybe the waiter shows his sensitive side to girls only haha , what a cocky bastard.I don't want to mention the name of the restaurant =)

After a great meal , we went out of the restaurant.I think I made HX angry for not understanding what he was saying.Sorry HX , you know me ... blur +_+.We walk and walk and walk , we reached the fountain outside of the mall.The fountain was beautiful , it kept on changing colours.I taught some to how to make a wish to a fountain.I made a wish but it would be unlikely that it could come true.Kim was really concetrating on wishing and he was waiting for the fountain to change into the right colour.

It was getting late , we went back home.With vigor in our hearts and our goal was completed.We gave Jia Cheng an unforgetable birthday , Jimmy's the one who gave her the most unforgetable gift.Nothing can compare a kiss for a birthday gift !!! It warms my heart.I think his relationship with her just took another step higher.Hooah Jimmy Hooah.

Guys , if you are reading this.Sorry if I said something bad or really blur cause I am not a socialist and I am really bad in talking.Thats why I kept my mouth shut at the beginning of the day.I really don't want to suddenly say "Hey look someone just pop someone's cherry" LOL.Kay I am lame =.=.Oh , HX and RZ if you guys are reading this.Sorry if I am a burden , I know I talked too much -_- .

Ops my pencil is broken , catch you guys in the flipside and I won't be going to school tomorrow.I am tired , so I am gonna continue my Simon and Anna story tomorrow.Cheers and PEACE !!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guavanish Satuday

I won't talk much , because I wrote two part of my story and I am thinking of moving it to my story blog LOL.

I went out bought a present for Qian tomorrow is her birthday !!! Can't wait

Ops my pencil is broken , PEACE OUT HOME DOG


Friday, January 15, 2010

Watermelonish Friday

15 January Friday - Watermelon , my favourite fruits of all time !!!

How many hours of torture should I endure !!! No seriously how many ? Today's chemistry was how do I put this ? Err Boring.Today morning I started with a silent treatment , I don't want too talk much considering ... never mind.I was saving a seat for Han Xien but he did not came.I later found out he was sitting in the front all along and he was caught along with Foong and Shawn for not wearing their ties on Friday.

Chemistry was hell.The teacher kept on talking and talking about easy lessons if it were hard lessons then I don't want to know what will happen next.Shawn kept calling us to beat his back in order to keep him awake.While me and Han Xien mourn to our deaths.Before Chemistry , I was thinking to be more spirited and listen to teacher's every word but I ended up getting sleepy again.Damn the teacher was too good haha , 0_0.

BM was fun , maybe its because the karangan we were writing was my favourite topic - PENCEMARAN AIR xD.It was easy for me , I wrote 126 words for the first pendahuluan haha but I never wrote the others since teacher only wanted us to write pendahuluan.Before recess , I smelled a strange odour from Han Xien and it was the same smell as Jia Hui's.Sometimes I remember the smell of people in order to regconize them if I am blind or something bad happened...I know almost all of my friend's body odour.Some was fresh while some stinks with sweat.I know I am disgusting.After much explanation , the smell actually came from Han Xien's hand and it was actually the smell of saliva.So...Does that mean Jia Hui's body is filled with SALIVA ??? -_-

Moral class , teacher told us to form another team again to discuss about why do parents abandoned their babies.In our team , there was Me , Han Xien , Yee Ying and Grace.A perfect team ??? Dunno.Since Han Xien always called Yee Ying as Porn Queen , we acted like royal people talking in the royal palace.We wrote alot of reasons and they planned to send me out to present for them.I told them to write "We should Ban sex" but they won't let me =( ( I WAS JOKING ) I wanted ppl to laugh lol and they did xD.Since the question was how do we prevent parents from abandoning their child.BUT teacher told us at the last minute that the presentation was postponed to next week.


LOL our physic teacher was awesome xD.He was very funny , almost everytime he spoke in a particular way we laughed.Han Xien went in and went out in the middle of class.Me and Jay were curious why he left but it looks like he was having a headache.So he skipped the whole tuition that day.Math class was stuffy and crowdy since theres not enough chairs for the whole class.

Now I am back home , waiting for someone.

Tomorrow theres gonna be a short story named - Baby On The Clouds

Ops my pencil is broken , I just love teddy bears 0_0


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pineapplelish Thursday

-Spongebob and his neighbours

14 January Thursday - Today morning almost made me had a heart attack.I woke up at 5.30am and I said "Yeah , I am gonna go to school early today" but I ended up sleeping again until 6.30am !!! And worst of all , I had the stomachaches and I went for a poo.After a good poo , it was 6.59 am and I was rushing to school like a fangirl rushing to a super pop star.Ignoring everything in the way , I forgotten my PJ book.HARSH

Luckily I made it to school 2 minutes before the second bell ringed.Today , Han Xien reminded me of the Bio homework which I forgot to do yesterday night.LOL , I write down all my homeworks in a book so I won't forget anything teacher wanted us to do.Today's BI and BM class teachers were absent.We ended up waiting for our substitute teacher for a long time while complaining about our butts pain !!!

PJK was hell , we played football on the field while the hot sun burning our skins.Jia Hui was appointed to be the goalkeeper and he kept on missing the ball.The other team was cheering as we were moping lol.I finally get to persuade Han Xien to join in the game , we needed all the help we could get.But we still kept on losing and the other team kept on winning.Alas , Shawn was back from playing ping pong with Jay Ming and we turned the tide.Our team was kicking the ball in the other team's goal post and ... PJ teacher called us to stop playing lol.The reason he called us to stop playing was to keep us out of the sun for too long.He said 70% of our energy were sapped away while playing under the hot sun.He also said we cannot change our body's temperature in flash or else it would be dangerous.He is a good PJK teacher since he cared about us not like the others.

I changed my clothes on the third floor's restroom , nobody was inside xD while the second floor's restroom had alot of people changing.

Today , our Bio teacher forced us to stay for an extra lesson LOL.Omg , I had no mood to study by that time.Me and Foong talked about Bioshock , the scene where the big daddy killed a man trying to kill a little girl.In that class , I told Han Xien a secret that none may know.But I am willing to give up on that secret , I am not ready...

Ops my pencil is broken , No I am not ready for that kind of challenge...Maybe 5 years later or something...


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rambutanlicious Wednesday


13 January Wednesday - I woke up early today , my mom finally took heart to actually sleep early yesterday night and I was in clear except for being sleepy.The water never ever felt so warm today but the strangest thing was why won't I use the warm water ? Because its noisy and it makes a very loud sound if I don't close it for a long time.Wish I got a bath tub T-T.Before I went to school , I looked at the mirror VERY CLOSELY and I discovered BLACKHEADS omg.I thought "Oh no wonder people look away when talking to me sometimes LOL."Its time to put egg and cucumber on my nose xD.

Today the school held a mesyuarat agong for half of the day's class xD.I am from the extra curriculum group named Epsilon.Its a very stupid name , it sounds like "Nap-si-lon" in Cantonese which means Duck Shit ? I think....Anyway , I chose Pengakap , Art and Badminton.NOTE : I don't know how to play badminton , I am a ball boy who picks up dropped balls.The teachers of Epsilon chose people in each positions today.Most of the positions were taken by malays , well what do you expect from Malaysia lol.

After that long and boring meeting , I went to pengakap.It is the same spot we just sat on just now at the meeting so I just sat at there lolz.The same old pengerusi from last year became the pengerusi again , which is good since he has more experience and has already destined to become the pengerusi.I remember Rui Zhen's brother dunno whats his name >.< became penolong right ? I dunno lol.If you do please tell me in comments or chatbox or at school.He is very tall though 0_0 , I wonder what he ate to become this tall.Damn he could be a basketball player if he wants to.

Next was SENI , I took art class this year and abandoned English class this year its because of several reasons.

1.I like to draw
2.English class was boring
3.I want to build a better relationship with my friends (which its really hard because I am different)
4.Wanted to learn new kind of concept art
5.Improve my drawing skills

Lawrence became our penolong pengerusi xD.I remember others have their own positions too but I forgot.I think Jay is bendahari and Hsin Jie is penolong bendahari ? The art class was beautiful (For our school's standard) , it is much prettier than the other classes in school.This is what art can do for this world , making it more fantastic and beautiful.I wanted to be one of the positions but oh well better luck next time XD.

Next !!! Badminton.OMG badminton club was PACKED.Almost every students want to join this club maybe because of badminton is one of the famous sports in Malaysia ? Anyways , as I said before I can't play badminton.Even though First Person Shooter games could improve your hand eye coordination but I am bad in Badminton.Wish someone could teach me how since I can't learn it on my own.I kept on missing the ball whenever I tried and I kept on hitting my leg in return.Ya I am a noob haha.

The other half of the day was filled with add maths and english haha.Nothing much...

In recess , Han Xien told me to find my own style of life since I always follow him around.So I left Han Xien all alone and went to the canteen.I want him to talk with his sister Rui Zhen (NOT really sisters , like good friends lol) since I think he does not have the time to talk to her while I was around.Here what I done in my own free will time.

1.Walk around the canteen and eventually looking for food but don't want to eat them
2.Went to Koperasi and bought a 100 plus.
3.Drank my 100 plus near the pole of the canteen.
4.Went to buy long Gapen book , a 2B pencil and a UHU glue.
5.Went back to class and sat down on my table while reading the English Short Story book.

Wow I did all of that for 20 minutes.Han Xien came back from recess and said "Your lifestyle sucks !!!" xD.

Ohya everybody check this link ,
Jay Ming I think you will know this , since you watched alot of Xing Guang Da Dao.Its Connie Talbot singing !!! She was one of the contestants from Brittan Got Talent.SHE IS 7 YEARS OLD AND DAM SHE COULD SING BETTER THAN ALOT OF PEOPLE.I am not overreacting since she was one of the best in that show and now she is improving.

Everytime I wanted to sing , I remember Connie Talbot and I gave up on singing lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , I hope people would talk to me since I would feel lonely if nobody talks to me and I hate feeling lonely.It takes you to a state of depression and could change you.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Durianish Tuesday

12th January Tuesday - Its a busy day if you ask me , now I am trying to write my blog as fast as I can while eating curry fish with rice.Spicy fish lol

Today morning , I was almost late !!! I was burning midnight oil yesterday because I was doing my add maths homework and revising my Biology text.I told my mom to sleep early in case I wake up late the next morning and you know what ? I woke up late this morning -_- , my mom failed to call me to wake up.Its like 6.50pm when I woke up and I WAS SOOO RUSH.I immediately went to bathe after I got off my bed and the water is sooo cold >.< . Can you imagine snow landing on your bare skin without proper clothing ? Thats what I felt like today , showering with snow.Brrrr , lucky I managed to get to school before the bell rings.Hooah !!!

School was kinda relaxing today because they changed the schedule.Which means had some relieve classes !!! But all was destroyed when my add maths teacher enter the scene.She told us all to remain standing while she called out names until the ones who were left were the ones never passing up the notebook.My add maths teacher is a very strict teacher.She told those specific students to say three reasons to compensate for not passing up their notebooks.I don't want to say more in case any teacher's pet is reading rignt now lol.

Physic teacher gave us homework as usual ~_~

Sivik teacher was great , she told us stories instead of teaching us sivik.One of her stories was when she was 17 years old.Here it goes...

"20 years ago , I was a student and I was gonna take SPM that year.I was very proud to be a Form 4 student because I know that I am now a young adult instead of ribena kids.I got a friend who was really poor and he was really hardworking.In the end of SPM , we all got good grades and most of my friends went overseas to further their studies but that poor one did not have enough money to go overseas.So he stayed in Malaysia.But 20 years later , me and my was driving by the mountain estates looking for house for sale and I saw someone familiar.He was my friend , he was poor 20 years ago but now he is a millionare !!!"

I cut the blog short... I can't finish it tomorrow since I have no time right now.Too tried lolz.Tomorrow , I got alot of time.I promise a short story.!!!

Ops my pencil is broken , ~_~


Monday, January 11, 2010

Applelish Monday

11th January Monday - Rainy , just plain old rainy day.Rainy day but still sweating =_=.Today the first day of the Fruit Theme Week.Remember to vote on my poll , be generous.

Today was one hella of a day , today morning I forgot pee and ended up hold it for hours >.< until I finally can get to the toilet T_T.Ok I will stop with the yuck stuffs.

The first class was Math class I remember , and I done my homework the wrong way.I was suppose to do both notes and exercise in one book but I ended up splitting them up in different books.I gotta copy the whole thing all over again , crap.Its all my fault , I never take away my love of splitting books when I am doing maths.Han Xien copied the wrong exercise in the text books , he needs to copy it all over again too haha XD.

Moral was really fun , BUT THE TEACHER SPLITTED OUR CLASS INTO GROUPS.I hate people who wants to organize groups , waste time and waste resources.The teacher told us to know things among our groups , like hobby , name , ambitions and favourite food.Grace Goh is currently my leader and I am her assistant.Grace asked the whole group about themselves.This was when Grace was asking me ...

Grace : Whats your fav food ?
ME : Anything that is delicious !!!
Grace : What is your ambition ?
ME : Computer Engineer !!!
Grace : What are your hobbies ?
ME : Swimming , drawing , writing stories , playing PC games , read and surfing
the net...
Grace : Too many ..
ME : Ya I know lol
Grace : Lastly , your fav colour ?
ME : Blue

LOL , very boring conversation.She asked all 8 of the members in our group , I don't regconize most of them.Teacher then ordered us to call someone to represent for the group to answer some questions.It was like this ...

Teacher : What is the girl's fav food ?
Yik Chun : Err
ME : *Cough* fried *Cough* rice (The class laughed)
Yik Chun : Huh ?
Teacher : What is the girl's fav food ?
ME : *Cough* FRIED RICE *Cough*
Yik Chun : Err
ME : AIya , Chao Fan (Fried Rice in CHinese)
Yik Chun : Fried Rice
Teacher : Good

LOL , the teacher don't know the real answer but Yik Chun don't want to lie her so teacher said he is very Jujur.

During Recess , I gave one of my note books to Rui Zhen and Han Xien teased me.I got many note books since my mom bought TOO MANY LOL.And I bought a yellow card for Wednesday's outdoor activity.ARGH , its starting this week.

I went to tuition today and I found out being fat is very BAD in tuition class.The path is very small and not big enough for me to stinking fit in.Especially my butt....But the centre chose a very good teacher.He is handsome and smart at the freaking same time.He is singh too which makes him more handsome than normal guys you see everyday.Girls if you are reading this , come here and I promise you will have a good time haha.

Oh I am officially in love with KOREAN.I recently posted someone introduced me a happy korean song right ? I instantly fell in love with it , dunno why americans hate their songs maybe its because I am asian ? SNSD and Super Junior are not average team of singers.They are well trained.They had trained about acting, dancing,singing, MC-ing,etc.DO they plastic surgery ? Of course but not that much , 90% of the pop stars in Korea had plastic surgery.Its like plastic surgery central over there.

Currently listening to GEE

Ops my pencil is broken , I hate ice cream with mint lol.Ice cream is cold enough without the mint xD.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soldierific Sunday

-This photo carry a meaning ... tell me what it is

10th January Sunday - Aww man , today my glasses broke /.\.I need to repair it in order to see well , my spare glasses ain't that good enough.Nothing big broke just the plastic thing that holds the nose.I hate you gravity but we need you LOL if not everything would be floating around 0_0.OH AND I HIT 1000 VIEWS , THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU GUYS SUPPORTING ME IN THE FRONT LINE.MUACKS LOVE YA XD . Today will be the end of Military week and off to FRUIT WEEK.Starting with Applelish Monday.

I cut my hair too , because long hair makes me gloomy and sleepy.Short makes me feel alive and spirited , don't really know why.

Today , I started to use Microphones in MSN and tried it on alot.The feedback was great but only two people responded with a Mic.Most of my friends don't have a microphone so they ended up talking to me by typing while I talk through a Microphone.Its really fun , I should do it more xD.I am a microphone whore ==

Kanchelski talked to me today and he said he want to change school.But he said he can't because he already paid for the books and he don't want to buy new ones again.So he decided to come here next year , dummie why the end of secondary school only come.If you come now , we will our teacher to let you sit with us and not at the back xD.

Nothing much today , can I really keep up updating everyday ? Of course XD.

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas hates when his hair is too short.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Helicopter Saturday

January 9th Saturday - One by one , each day ends but one by one problems are surfacing.I gotten news yesterday that 3 churches in Malaysia has been fire bombed over the allah word controversy.It seems that the attackers or protestors were using molotov cocktails and incinerate objects to destroy the churches.Some witnesses reported that they saw 4 men on motorcycles threw the molotov into the church and drived off.I am not trying to be racist here but this must be put to a stop.Malaysia is a peaceful multiracial country and the age of religion fight religion is over.This is a developed society now and we have brains not brawns.If this keeps on happening , this may start a civil war or riots.Start a protests because non-muslims said the word "Allah" ? Seriously , either they have nothing to do or just trying to piss off the government.Pointless ... just very pointless.Hope those bastards burn in hell.

Enough with the politics and on the weird stuffs encountered.Today morning , some freak show just happened to my body.Theres yellow foam came out of my butt , I immediately went to the toilet and wipe my butt.It has no stink and I feel no pain when this yellow foam came out.I went to check online and my stomach is having a flu.I was like "WOW , theres stomach flu ?" , I think its intestine juice or maybe stomach juice ? No matter what , its freaking gross.YUCK

Today , I have a sad mood.Thats why I kept on finding happy songs.BUT most songs I know are freaking sad and emo songs that make you want to facedesk.So I consult help from a friend on MSN and she introduced me some nice korean songs.Its "Way To GO by SNSD" and "Happy by Super Juniors".The SNSD one is much better , I am posted it on my blog check it out and don't mute your speakers.


Ops my pencil is broken , I am not racist , I am just expressing my feelings over this matter.


Special : Angel's Dreams

This story was Inspired by a real event

It was a rainy day that day , the boy remembered that he was working as an intern in a hospital nearby a lake.He remembered he was taking care of a vet whose leg was broke.The boy seen alot of doctors and nurses but he never ever seen a vet before because of the rarity people having pets in his town.He talked to the vet and asked why would she wanted to become a vet.The vet replied in a way that she told a story.

*Years Ago*

It was also a rainy day , but the difference was that people were dressed in black.They were in a funeral ... for the vet's mother and father.The vet's name is Angel , Angel's parents died while trying to protect her from a bandit.She was once happy and cheerful when her parents were alive , but after they died she changed.Angel was a little girl by that time , she can't take that kind of burden.After her parents died , her aunt took care of her but she was rough and cruel.She won't spend social time with Angel but just kept on playing MahJong with her friends.

One day , Angel pleaded her to play with her but her aunt refused and gave her abit of money to buy herself some food.Angel ran outside , all she heard when going outside was her aunt scolding Angel.In the gloomy streets , Angel bought a butter bun from a nearby bakery.After having a bite , she cried.She just can't stop thinking about her mom and dad.She gave up eating the butter bun and went home.

On the way back home , she saw a white dog by the streets.It was the same as her , all sad and lonely.Angel gave the dog her butter bun and the dog happily ate it.The girl started a friendship with the dog , she was never ever lonely again.Everyday from that day on , she would find that dog and played with it.They laughed together , ate together , cried together , everything they done together suddenly changed...

One stormy day , the dog suddenly stopped playing and looked sick.Angel was worried so she went back home and pleaded her aunt to bring the dog to a vet but her aunt refused.Angel quarreled with her aunt and her aunt had the last straw.She pulled Angel into her room and locked the door.Angel vigorously knocked on the door but to no availed.She looked outside the window , the rain was gruelish.She can't stand the thought that the dog was outside that rain all alone so cold...But she can't do anything , only sitting on her bed and watched the rain slowly stopping.

When the rain stopped , she went back to the spot where she last found the dog.But it was not there , she desperately asked anyone nearby that do they seen a dog but without a use.Finally , she asked a nearby street cleaner , the street cleaner said that the dog died so she treated it as trash and threw it into the garbage truck.Angel was devastated , she can't imagine another loved one just gone...

*Years later back at the hospital*
The vet stopped and told the boy that animals are like us and we should respect them as one of us.Not treating them as trash and monsters but we should treat them as companions.This is why Angel became a vet , to help defenseless pets and animals.As she stopped talking , the rain outside stopped and a ray of sunlight shone upon Angel.The boy at that time thought he saw the most beautiful angel he has ever seen.

And at the door of her ward , Angel's aunt was crying while taking a fruit basket filled with Angel Fruit Cake.She regretted what she had done so long ago...

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Ops my pencil is broken , nothing to say mate.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Minigunny Friday

8th January Friday - Omg this is the second time I write this post.The first I posted it , the internet lagged out and theres an error.Now I gotta write it all again , sigh.

Today's English class was a bummer and an inspirational one.The English teacher changed the position of the tables.I can't talk with my friends during English class that easily now thanks to her although the classroom is neat right now 0_0.The inspirational part was that she talked about the world judging people on appearances and not looking inside the box.When they saw someone ugly , they would mock him or her and even ignoring them.You must look inside of him or her , don't just saw him and then judge him.Understand them and talk to them , you will a flower bloomed from their hearts.Try that and you may meet a great friend.They are people who are now waiting to be accepted by their classmates or friends and not just being ignored by society.

Chemistry was boring , its not that I don't like the subject.Its because of the teacher , so I ended up reading the text book myself.

Moral class was fun but I ignored the second half period and I finished the latihan faster so I could do my own stuffs.I saw Chin and Foong sitting on the same chair in a very strange way so I said "That is sick and wrong in so many levels" and everyone laughed.They were sitting on the same chair because theres not enough chairs left since we went to another class for our Moral class , can't blame them.

I drew Virgo but those who are Virgo don't like my concept art of Virgo.They said it is not graceful enough.Pisces was a boring one too so I gotta redraw them again.Oh and Rui Zhen wore glasses to school today , the glasses suit her but Han Xien tried them on and it does not suit him.Because both hairstyles are different , and glasses sometimes depend on hairstyles to see if they are suitable with the face.

Not much today lolz

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas hates being alone in a big place like a little kid.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tankirific Thursday

-Natsu , Gray , Erza and Lucy in the labyrinth

7th of January Thursday - Today's weather was cloudy and breezing at first but it became sunny and hot later , now it's cloudy.Typical Malaysia weather 0_0

Today was kinda boring , well at least for me.Today I used my mom's car to school because my mom was about to go to the market in Prima.The funny thing was I was holding 3 books at that time and when I got out of the car , I found out I only have 1 book left !!! I was like "Huh ?" and then I realize two books I was holding just now slipped through my hand , it landed on the sofa in my mom's car.I gasped and turned around to call my mom but it was useless.She went away , leaving me without my Biology text book and practical book.~_~

Today's PJK was crazy (Boy Stuff Ahead) , the teacher kept on saying not wear two pants during PJK because some people would be lazy to change their pants so they wear two pants.But our teacher said that it would be better not to wear two pants since our "tool" =_= cannot stand higher temperatures if not we would meet sterilization.He also said not to take spare underwear lol...I don't want to say the reason.

Before recess , I drew a concept art of Saggitarius on a paper and Han Xien said it is mocking people who are Saggitarius because it looks goofy.I think its pretty darn good but others think its not.If you are one of my schoolmates , I could bring it to school and show it to you guys.Jay also told me to help him think of 30 ideas about the English subject game.

Biology class was boring ~_~ , the so called "veteran" teacher was not that good after all.All my friends said she don't know much about teaching Biology so I read the book myself ~_~.Her eyes were strange too , she always looks up during she talks.Her eyes were always looking at the ceilling and my friends were really strange about it.Its freaky when you are seeing someone talking to you while looking at the ceilling.Makes you wonder ~_~

As usual .. Add maths teacher gave us alot of homework sigh 0_0

Oh and today when I was outside the lift lobby , I was waiting someone to open the high security door with a pass card so that I could follow them in.A jewish or arabic guy asked me if I am waiting for someone to open the door , I said yes and he opened it.He was really kind , he even said thanks when I was holding the lift's door for him.He even said goodbye when I left the lift.If more people were like him , this world would be different.

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee just lost all his memories after a successful cyborg transplant.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sniperific Wednesday

-Gray from Fairy Tail destroying the Ice.

January 6th Wednesday - Today's weather was strange , at first theres no clouds and the moon was still ther even though its 10am.Then later it became cloudy and very cold but after a half an hour it turned sunny and hot.Looks like the weathers are having a fight , 0_0.

Today's perhimpunan was a total drag , it took a very long time for it to even be finished.Causing my Biology class to be canceled , aww man I really wish I could know what teacher is teaching us but sadly we can't.OHYA , I forgot to tell that I worn my scout uniform to school.My school forced us to wear this boring uniform to "impress" the freaking school board 0_0.But I rather like the uniform since it makes me look cool OR NOT =.=.

90% of the school's student don't even wear the uniform so the teachers can't even punish them and all they could do was calling the class monitors to write down names of students who were not wearing the Unit Beruniform's uniform.The only friends I have wearing these special uniforms were Chin , Jay , Kim Hoong , Yap and Rui Zhen.Quite alot actually lol.Jia Cheng forced Chin not to write down her name but Chin wanted to be responsible so he wrote it down haha XD.

I don't like my sejarah teacher 0_0.He is a wise guy kind of guy , the one that let you see his sensitive side first.Our add maths teacher was great , she was having a sorethroat so she can't speak loudly.She is a great teacher , the kind that you want to have for an add maths teacher.Han Xien said that she is the only teacher that won't make Han Xien fall asleep during class.Maybe its because she is Puan Wong's best friend 0_0 Don't know ...

My English teacher today called us to get ready for a presentation for the future time.Each race do the other's race culture festival , CHINESE DO DEEPAVALI OMG.I don't even know a single thing about Deepavali only that it gives us holidays XD.My english teacher was talking about the Chinese Zodiacs.She told us to give our Chinese Zodiacs as titles for each member of Chinese group.But the problem is we are all "DOGS" , that made alot of people laugh.We are all the same year so our Chinese Zodiacs are dogs except for Yik Chun as he is older than us.

Oh and I volunteered to help bringing 1990 English songs for my English teacher.Anybody know any good ones ?

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee just had a free sun tan and he is now roasted with gravy sauce on top of him.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shotgunny Tuesday

Today was kinda sad =_= , the only special thing happened in school today was the school finally gave us books 0_0.Theres 17 books in total and you guess it right , HEAVY.I stuffed as much books as I can in my bag and carried the rest back home.My bag was suffering +__+ , anytime it would just break and fall.Lucky it did not if not I am doomed.At first I thought I can't redeem my new books since I havent return one of the Form 3 books but they still let me go without calling me to pay up 0_0.Strange.... =_= Looks like my luck is brighten up *Light shining me from the sky* lol

BUT the SAD thing was that I can't go tuition ARGH.Yesterday , I asked my mom that if she could bring me to tuition and she said that a car would be available the next day.BUT at the last minute my mom said no cars are available for me =_=.Sad very very sad but I perked up after a 5 minutes bath ^_^.Jay Ming , Kan , Qian , Jimmy and Kim Hoong if you guys are reading this , Sorry ~_~.


Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee has over 50 broken "typing" pencils , HE MADE THE WORLD RECORD 0_0.


Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Of Form 4

I will be starting to write short posts since it is much easier to read and I don't have much time to write long ones.I won't send links by MSN too as someone complaint that it is annoying.You gotta ask from me the link or come here yourself.

My first day of Form 4 was really peaceful , with moody clouds and wet ground.Every drop of water dripping down from leaf to leaf made a tending sound after hitting the ground.I first found out that I was gonna be in 4Arif , wow what kind of name is this.4Arif is a very hard class since it has all the science subs and add maths in it but I think I can handle it.

My seat was beside Han Xien under the fan hanging from a ceiling.Han Xien felt the wind blowing from the fan was a forming a spiral shape around his head.He could feel it because he was under it the whole time.My class teacher was kind enough to not organizing our seats her way and let us organize in our own way.

The funniest thing was I was chosen to be a AJK of Keceriaan.My friends voted on me because I know how to draw.That does not mean I am good enough for this job mates lol but still thanks anyway.Now I get to write and draw my stuff in peacefulness since 4DKA is much more peaceful than the one in Form 3.

It was a peaceful day ... but the teachers want way too many books.I was quite quiet for the whole day , don't know why 0_0 , too much to think I guess.

Thank you Kanchelski for sharing this music piece with me.After listening to this , I got back my writer's heart and I am at peace now.I posted the music on my blog , listen to it ... it tells a story.

Ops my pencil is broken , Sorry for troubling you guys by sending you guys links , this would be the last time I send links +_+.Forgive me plx


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye Holidays Hello School

Ever seen a clown this sad ? His holiday is about to end =(

Well ladies and gentlemen , our school holidays are about to come to an end.But even though our holidays are ending but everything we done in this 30+ days will not be forgotten.Some people found love , found money , found fun and most of all found friendships.Things will never be the same ... wait hold on , it will still be the same.Just alot more homework and lesser social time.

I have been waiting this for a long time and been not wanting this for a long time.I like school to open because I got something to do but I don't want school to open because Form 4 is a very very busy year.Well look at the bright side , we can enjoy stress with our friends again.Wish I could be in DK 1 though , please please let me be in DK 1 T-T , I dont care if I can only go home at 2pm.I will be tuitioning in Sri Setia though , wonder if its ok hmmm.

As I said before , my luck last year was a total bummer or was it because I was careless or sumthing.Hope my studies this year would be better than last year too , physics make my brain itch @_@.No much time for MSN , not much time for gaming , not much time for a rest well except for saturday and sunday xD.I gotta do homework everyday especially if I am in DK 1 or DK 2 or DK 3 or DK4 , @_@.Hope teachers would be good too and not messed up ones lol.

I wonder what drama would happen this year 0_0 like last year theres alot.Dont you guys ever think that your future is always lay down on you and that you want your future to be your future ? Well everybody does , I mean who would want your future to be molded by someone else and not the rightful owner.

Well heres my speech before the new age dawns -

"The healthy human mind does not wakes up in the morning and says today is the end of the holidays , but I think it is a luxury and not a curse.Knowing that you are closer to the end , gives some kind of freedom.Time to do the things you want before holidays end my friends.Outgunned ... outnumbered ... out of our minds , nothing but sands and rocks stained with thousands of things we done in the holidays.We will face forward and challenge the new decade starting with a 2010."

wow the speech makes me look old 0_0

Ops my pencil is broken , see you guys in school love ya.