Monday, January 11, 2010

Applelish Monday

11th January Monday - Rainy , just plain old rainy day.Rainy day but still sweating =_=.Today the first day of the Fruit Theme Week.Remember to vote on my poll , be generous.

Today was one hella of a day , today morning I forgot pee and ended up hold it for hours >.< until I finally can get to the toilet T_T.Ok I will stop with the yuck stuffs.

The first class was Math class I remember , and I done my homework the wrong way.I was suppose to do both notes and exercise in one book but I ended up splitting them up in different books.I gotta copy the whole thing all over again , crap.Its all my fault , I never take away my love of splitting books when I am doing maths.Han Xien copied the wrong exercise in the text books , he needs to copy it all over again too haha XD.

Moral was really fun , BUT THE TEACHER SPLITTED OUR CLASS INTO GROUPS.I hate people who wants to organize groups , waste time and waste resources.The teacher told us to know things among our groups , like hobby , name , ambitions and favourite food.Grace Goh is currently my leader and I am her assistant.Grace asked the whole group about themselves.This was when Grace was asking me ...

Grace : Whats your fav food ?
ME : Anything that is delicious !!!
Grace : What is your ambition ?
ME : Computer Engineer !!!
Grace : What are your hobbies ?
ME : Swimming , drawing , writing stories , playing PC games , read and surfing
the net...
Grace : Too many ..
ME : Ya I know lol
Grace : Lastly , your fav colour ?
ME : Blue

LOL , very boring conversation.She asked all 8 of the members in our group , I don't regconize most of them.Teacher then ordered us to call someone to represent for the group to answer some questions.It was like this ...

Teacher : What is the girl's fav food ?
Yik Chun : Err
ME : *Cough* fried *Cough* rice (The class laughed)
Yik Chun : Huh ?
Teacher : What is the girl's fav food ?
ME : *Cough* FRIED RICE *Cough*
Yik Chun : Err
ME : AIya , Chao Fan (Fried Rice in CHinese)
Yik Chun : Fried Rice
Teacher : Good

LOL , the teacher don't know the real answer but Yik Chun don't want to lie her so teacher said he is very Jujur.

During Recess , I gave one of my note books to Rui Zhen and Han Xien teased me.I got many note books since my mom bought TOO MANY LOL.And I bought a yellow card for Wednesday's outdoor activity.ARGH , its starting this week.

I went to tuition today and I found out being fat is very BAD in tuition class.The path is very small and not big enough for me to stinking fit in.Especially my butt....But the centre chose a very good teacher.He is handsome and smart at the freaking same time.He is singh too which makes him more handsome than normal guys you see everyday.Girls if you are reading this , come here and I promise you will have a good time haha.

Oh I am officially in love with KOREAN.I recently posted someone introduced me a happy korean song right ? I instantly fell in love with it , dunno why americans hate their songs maybe its because I am asian ? SNSD and Super Junior are not average team of singers.They are well trained.They had trained about acting, dancing,singing, MC-ing,etc.DO they plastic surgery ? Of course but not that much , 90% of the pop stars in Korea had plastic surgery.Its like plastic surgery central over there.

Currently listening to GEE

Ops my pencil is broken , I hate ice cream with mint lol.Ice cream is cold enough without the mint xD.


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