Monday, November 29, 2010

Fallout New Vegas

"Veteran Rangers are not for fun :D"

28 November Sunday - Fallout New Vegas

Holidays are dull , wish theres school but I won't think the same while I am at school.Lately , I been playing Fallout New Vegas.A new game by Obsidian Entertainment , yes this game is not made by Bethesda.I played Fallout 3 and I find it extremely fun to play , one of the best games of this generation.Most people might say that this game is like an expansion of the Fallout 3 , but to me , it is a whole other experience.

"Robots sound better in this game xD"

The story is about you the courier just got mixed up into something you don't want to be mixed with.Then you find yourself shot dead and later risen from the dead by a doctor.The story continues as you try to find the one who is responsible for your death and things start to get more complicated in the late part of the game.It is a free roaming game so there is a lot of freedom in this game , you could do anything you want !

It is quite hard for me to make choices for me in this game since I am very picky about my games.But after spending a long time with this game , I realize there is not perfect ending to this game.Everything has a price to pay , no matter how much good you done , the ending won't be all dandy.

Weapons in this have Ironsights ! Hooray.It is made for more First Person Shooter oriented fans , I am not a FPS fan I find this a great improvement for the game.But there are a lot of bugs in this game , I will not lie.The PC version is better because it has console commands , this allows you to help you out of any buggy situations.

This is a very wonderful game , especially for PC gamers.You could download or create mods to improve your gaming experience.You could use console commands and if you have a gaming system , then this game would run much better than Xbox 360 and PS 3.

Ops my pencil is broken , :D


Thursday, November 25, 2010


"Tweet Tweet Tweet"

25 November Thursday - Oh My Baby

People people , twitter has been getting quite a bit of fame in my area where I am living.I know it is already really famous in the west but here in Asia , not that famous.But recently , I been using twitter a lot so I figure , "Why not talk about Twitter ?".

Twitter is a social web just like Facebook , well not exactly "just like" Facebook.It is totally different though , instead of adding friends , you follow friends.Also , statuses in Twitter are called "Tweets" instead of statuses.You could follow someone without the one's confirmation unless they are in private or something something.There are a lot of other features too.

I created a Twitter account months ago , I found out whats Twitter by watching videos on Youtube.Most of them Youtubers have Twitter accounts and would encourage people to follow them.

But the main point of Twitter is posting "Tweets" about what are you doing or thinking , share it to total strangers.Most stars have their own twitter account , careful though , some are fakes who deserve a beating instead of a tweeting.But I still find Facebook much better than Twitter , there are a lot of obvious reasons.My biggest reason is that I don't have much friends playing Twitter , right now I am only following 10 friends.Most of them are not that close to me too.

Still if you want to try out this Social Web then click on the link below.

Twitter   <--------- Here

Ops my pencil is broken , tweet tweet


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jimmy's 16th Burfday Bash

"Happy Times"

23 November Tuesday - Hot Dogs

Heyo everyone , before going on with my posts.I am going to wish well to all SPM students right now because they are having their big big big big big big big exam now.Good luck and all the best you all , study and eat smart , a healthy mind ain't useful without a healthy body.I am not gonna lie , that piece of paper could change your lives forever and ever.So stay strong and stay confident , a few days of hell then the rest is heaven.

Happy Birthday SEE JEE MEE

Hey hey hey , me and a few other friends went to Jimmy's 16th Birthday party a few days ago.Lets just say we had a great giant explosive blast ! Me and my boy Jimmy been friends ever since Primary , sure there have been complications but most of them were due to immature misunderstandings.But those times should be forgotten and happy times should be kept.Happy Birthday Jimmy and may your wishes come true.

Oh yea and one more thing.I played with a couple of folks a PS 2 game , it is a Naruto fighting thingie.It was really fun and since I was a newbie at it , those guys beaten me like a drunkie beating a little kid.Finding our way to Jimmy's house was a scary and fun one , we got lost in a village area once and everyone freaked out haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , Happy Birthday Jimmy and give me a pie pls ?


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter In Wangsa

"The Deathly Hallows"

18 November Thursday - Hairy Potter

Hey guys whats up , yesterday I went to Wangsa Walk Mall to watch the all epic movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.I was telling myself , I hate the previous two movies , why would I take my precious time to watch this.Well it certainly did not waste my time , it is a fairly good movie with development just to prepare for part 2.Yes this is Part , the guys behind the scenes want this to be parted as it is the last of the Harry Potter series.

At first , my friend is all excited saying "The Real guys in Harry Potter is coming to Wangsa Walk Mall !".I was saying WTF ? Because there are so much reasons why they would not come to Wangsa Walk Mall.I would love to meet Emma Watson , the beautiful and intelligent British actress who plays Hermione in the movie.Sadly , the rumor was false and I am caught covering in the corner crying all day long haha.

Photo Time 

Now that day , I get to meet Emily Ng.She is a nice young girl and a friend of my friends , nice to meet you mate.After the movie , we went to eat sushi but I don't like sushi so I ordered Tempura Udon.But right after that , Jay Ming and the other Mun Yee gang went to this gathering party they were going to attend.I hope they  have mighty fun at there.

I went to Popular right after that just to buy a book Hsin Jie recommended to me.But the book was not available so I took the liberty to buy John Grisham's Theodore Boone Kid lawyer.

Ops my pencil is broken , ONCE AGAIN SHEESH


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shaveena's Birthday Party

"Happy Days Later Birthday"

16 November Tuesday - White Flower !

Hey blog lovers , in my last blogpost I was a bit sickie in the body.Thats why I smell like wet dog and talk like a movie without Mel Gibson or with Mel Gibson ? Hmm.Recently , I went to my friend Shaveena Birthday Party.Me and Shawn went there and had lots of fun , mostly because there are a lot of ... oh never mind.Don't you guys think of anything stupid , I was about to say ... oh never mind.Fantasize the word people , Fantasize !

Photo Time 

Okay back to reality ! I really love the curry prawns Shaveena's mother made , I ate it even though I got allergies , I am ashamed of myself haha.Luckily , nothing happened to me except for the slight giant huge red thing on my forehead that produces blood each second.Other than that , nothing :)

Ops my pencil is broken , Pipboys


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vlog Number 3 or 4 ? Hmm 5 ?

Sorry if I am not speaking clearly or something.In one part I was saying

Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Day of School for Form 3

"Don't Look Back"

12 November Friday - Thats Life

Today is the last day of school for the Form 3 , after that it is all holidays.Form 3 students may find today a very special day as they leave their Form 3 shoes and embark on a journey to a new world.It is Hari Koko today too , I never bring my camera to school so no pictures.The ones who were going to get their prize have chairs to sit while the others sit on the floor at the back.My hips are sore after all that sitting on the cold hard ground.

To the right I could see Form 5 students breaking sweat , working very hard to study and prepare for SPM which is coming very soon.You can say it is around the corner.To the left , everyone was trying to pass time.Congratulations to those who got to get the prize , your patience has finally gave you something.There are some performances today , I find the choral speaking most amusing.

After the ceremony , me and the others took refuge in the canteen.We talked and had a lot of fun together.The PBSMs have pizzas today ! They were behind me , munching and chomping down bits and bits of pizza in their mouths.Oh I wish I could have some of that , the smell ! Haha.

So yeah , I guess thats about it.Heres a song for you guys to listen , see if you like it ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Bazookas ! What ? nvm xD


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Games For The Holidays ? PART 1

"Bored ?"

10 November Wednesday - Not for long.

The holidays are coming soon and people are finding ways to spend their time better during the holidays , we don't want sleep all day long and watching soap operas.Most would find part time jobs to earn extra money for them to use or just to past the long holidays.Some prepared a powerful schedule filled with educational activities to prepare for the next stage of education , like reading books or going to extra tuition classes.

But what if you want to play video games to past your days ? What if you suddenly find a huge gap of time for you to use but you find yourself using the time for napping ? You want something that keeps you motivated while having fun or just trying to find a break after a day's work.In today's post , I show you some of the best games I played in my miserable life haha ! Note : This is mostly for Malaysians so no WOW.


The first online game I recommend is Dragonica , it is a cute side scrolling action fantasy online game.It is free and you only use money for extra items , you don't need them but to those who wants fancy items or coolio weapons , they just might waste their money to buy those items.Dragonica is a very fun game and the engine is quite familiar to those who loves dungeon games , it is a hack and slash type game that uses the combo system too.

The graphics are very cute and girls would love this game.The animations and the character designs are all cute and fun to look at.You could choose from four classes , Warrior , Mage , Archer and Thief or Rogue.Then you start growing your character by doing quests , challenging dungeons with other online gamers or kill like theres no tomorrow.Mostly , you up level faster by challenging dungeons.Quests help too but not that much.The game also features a fun PVP system , you could battle one on one or battle together as a team.I think much has change in the game since it was 4 months since I played this game , I only have a lv34 Gladiator.

Website ---> Dragonica  (IAH Games)

Now I don't really like this game but most people I know LOVE this game so I am just going to introduce this game to you guys.To those who like easy killing of mummies or people with wide variety of crazy arsenals , this game is perfect for you all.Most young boys might find this game more appealing since it is a shooting game.I played this game before , it is really fun but filled with idiotic little children online.If you ignore them then this game is worth to play with.

Like I said , this is a First Person Shooter game.To those who don't know whats a First Person Shooter , it is a type of shooting game that views from the eyes , meaning you could only see your hand holding a weapon along with additional HUD.Now what makes this game fun to most people ? It has wacky weapons with no recoil and theres a mummy mode.The mummy mode is a mode where players team up with other players to fight against the mummies or you could play the mummies and slaughter the humans.There is also a mode that allows you to fight easy to kill AI (Artificial Intelligence) , these enemies are controlled by computers and they give you easy kills.

Website ---> M.A.T (Mission Against Terror) CIBmall

Now this next game is one of my favorites , it is not an online game , it is a PC video game.If you like history of ancient empires and love strategy games then this video game is built for you.You get to choose one of 12 civilizations inside this game , for example China , Persia , Aztecs , Rome , Greece , Ottomans , Siamese and many others.After choosing a civilization , you get to grow it and challenge the test of time.You need to expand your empire and win the game by Cultural Victory or Science Victory or Dominance.You could also win by getting the highest score in the end of the match.

This is a strategy game so it is made to challenge your mind against the PC.You get build wonders of the world such as Pyramids , Stonehedges , The Oracle , The Great Wall of China and many more.The game is really beautiful and appealing to the eyes too , the beautiful lush landscape really brings you into the game.What makes this game special is the diplomatic engine , I can't describe how it is but please do watch the video you may find this game extraordinary.

This is the Official Website ---> Civ 5

Buy the game in your local store.

Ops my pencil is broken , hope you all have fun this holidays.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wangsa Walk Hangout November 6

"Wangsa Walk Mall 6 November"

7 November Sunday - Sundae !

Yes , like I said yesterday.I was going to Wangsa Walk Mall for a hangout and it was really fun.We watched Megamind which is one of the best Dreamworks film I ever seen haha.I really love the story and the characters , especially Megamind.He is a blue alien from another galaxy who thinks his destiny is to be a super villian.But later on he found out that you could change destiny itself , it is a really good movie.I recommend checking it out soon enough , much better than The Child's Eye which I don't like.

We went Karaoke , ate in Subway and played Bowling.I am really bad in bowling , my right hand is souring now.

Ops my pencil is broken , tomorrow I will intro great games you could spend time with in the coming holiday.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Puppies In Friday

"No no these"

6 November Saturday - Awww

Aren't those puppies cute ? Makes me wanna eat them...I mean hug them.Sorry for not updating yesterday , I went out the whole day and I got tired and lazy in the end.Yesterday morning , I went to play football with my friends and brother.We went to my school's field in the morning under the baking hot sunlight , we saw a bunch of malay guys hanging out there too.

All of a sudden , we saw wild puppies trying to get over a short wall.But they were not tall enough to get over the wall , it seems they were calling out for their mother.We helped some of them to get over but only one got stubborn enough to not even budge.But in the end , every puppy managed to get over the wall.

Later , we played football with the malay dudes.It was an epic battle of swords and bombs , almost everyone died.Yes and they beaten us , a  massacre ! Arr sorry , got a bit tied up back there.It was just a simple football match , no blood and organs flying around the field.

I don't have much to talk now , gotta go to Wangsa Walk later !

Ops my pencil is broken , Lame post ~


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Football Competition (Form 4)


4 November Thursday - SHOOT !

Hey Ho guys to another episode of Random Blogging By Nicholas , the most dumbest TV show in the history of TV shows that ever existed in TV shows.I got a special surprise for you guys , I got limited edition football competition photos from my house.My house is directly next to my school so I could have bird's eyes view of the match ! But 4 ARIF lost in the final , awww.I don't know who is the champion , their team has different classes mixed together I think.At least we got second place ! To those 4 ARIF players , me and the other students in our class are sooooo proud of you guys , you guys done greatly so don't feel remorse.

Here are some photos , they are in bad quality since I used a mediocre camera to zoom in.I use my binoculars for optical vision hehe...gosh.

"Ikhwan got hurt >< , hope he gets well soon."

It seems , some guy from some place of some company thing came to find some young fresh talent.He needs 10 players , two of them were Fariz and Shawn.Shawn played excellently today along with Fariz , they were like tigers hungry for the ball.Ikhwan got hurt , rest well man , you done a good job.Other teams were great too ! Really nice competition.

Ops my pencil is broken , Helicopter power !


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Four Penises ?


3 November Wednesday - Edchina

Hello and welcome people to the wonderful world of pain and suffering , no wait I mean , welcome to the wonderful world of four penises ? What ? Four penises ? Am I kidding ? NO ! I recently read an article about this little fella , odd little thing ain't it ?

The Edchina or the spiny anteater is just like any normal being (Animal)  , you know , they eat , sleep , drink and die.But , this specific species has an interesting trait.That trait is having four penises , seriously four ! The spikes on their back are just for defensive purposes.Let me show you the picture of the penis ! Hope you are not eating anything right now.

"Ain't the world awesome ?"

This is the monster penis that I am talking about ! The world is filled with surprises.Four heads of pure sexual ejaculation.The Edchina does not use their penises for urination or pee-ing , they use them during sexual intercourses.During ejaculation , they would use only two penises to produce semen for the females.This is because if all four penises got "excited" or "hard" , they can't fit in the female reproductive system.

The four penises actually give the anteaters some advantage , a female could mate with 11 males in a row.When all these sperms join together , they form a sperm bundle.The sperm bundle travels faster than individual sperms.

Ops my pencil is broken , Nature you scary !


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Exam is Over and that means...


2 November Tuesday - Yes , it is over.

Finally , the long 3 weeks of pure studying is finally over.It was fun , or kinda menacing but still fun.Fun in a bad way I suppose.Yes it is over and I got plans for my holidays ! For now , I am going review my exam subjects.

BM - Good , not so bad.
English - Worried about my essay.
Mathematic - Good , not so bad
Add Maths - Hell , not well prepared.
Physics - OKOK
Chemistry - OKOK
Biology - Good , not so bad.
Sejarah - Good , not so bad.

My results are not going to be sunshine all the way but still better than the mid year exam.In the mid year exam , I was so clueless.Now that it is pushed aside , from now on , it is  BLOGGING TIME.Yes , I am going to update everyday from now on until the next exam.No excuses for me to not update ! 

For now I will leave my keyboard here , I need to perform search and rescue to find my text books in order to return them tomorrow.So see ya ! Oh and one more thing , my calculator and Sejarah text book are missing ! 

Ops my pencil is broken , please call 1300-Found-My-Book-007 thank you.