Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Of Form 4

I will be starting to write short posts since it is much easier to read and I don't have much time to write long ones.I won't send links by MSN too as someone complaint that it is annoying.You gotta ask from me the link or come here yourself.

My first day of Form 4 was really peaceful , with moody clouds and wet ground.Every drop of water dripping down from leaf to leaf made a tending sound after hitting the ground.I first found out that I was gonna be in 4Arif , wow what kind of name is this.4Arif is a very hard class since it has all the science subs and add maths in it but I think I can handle it.

My seat was beside Han Xien under the fan hanging from a ceiling.Han Xien felt the wind blowing from the fan was a forming a spiral shape around his head.He could feel it because he was under it the whole time.My class teacher was kind enough to not organizing our seats her way and let us organize in our own way.

The funniest thing was I was chosen to be a AJK of Keceriaan.My friends voted on me because I know how to draw.That does not mean I am good enough for this job mates lol but still thanks anyway.Now I get to write and draw my stuff in peacefulness since 4DKA is much more peaceful than the one in Form 3.

It was a peaceful day ... but the teachers want way too many books.I was quite quiet for the whole day , don't know why 0_0 , too much to think I guess.

Thank you Kanchelski for sharing this music piece with me.After listening to this , I got back my writer's heart and I am at peace now.I posted the music on my blog , listen to it ... it tells a story.

Ops my pencil is broken , Sorry for troubling you guys by sending you guys links , this would be the last time I send links +_+.Forgive me plx



  1. nah~~ not troublesome laR~~ keep sending those links~ lmao xD

  2. they vote for you to progress the duty must be a reason inside their heart,think in positive way,it's the great chance to show off your art talent to the "public"