Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy Yes or No ?

"Tron Suits are Awesome"

18 December Saturday - I throw spinning disk that vaporises programs !

Few days back , I went to watch Tron with a bunch of buds of mine.I was really excited as it is a digital oriented movie.I love computers and the idea of having a world inside the digital world excites me , especially the nicely done glowing suits , I would love having one of those.Now look at me talking like a super nerd (because I am) , it is time for Yes or No ?

"Bike is awesomely sexy if I might add"

"Jeff Bridge ! He started in the original movie way back before I was even born"

"Jeff Bridge ! When he was young and this is him in the original movie"

I did not watch the original so I am not in the fully understand category , but to me , Tron Legacy was a YES.The first thing that I like about the movie is the digital world , the film portrays the world of Tron was so beautiful , I would love to visit the world but not live in it , provided if they don't throw me into an arena fighting.I feel cold when I was watching the movie , don't know why.

The story was nice enough , a boy going into a stranger world trying to find his dad but he can't do it easily because there are complications , but in the end managed to win the antagonist and went back home safe sound with a girl by his side.This is just a super summary , go to watch the real movie to be flabbergasted.

Anyways guys , just go watch the movie and enjoy it , tell me how it is ! 

Mine = 6/10
Rotten Tomatoes = 49% (Rotten)  Rotten Tomatoes Website
Metacritic = 49% (Average) Metacritic Website

Ops my pencil is broken , I wanna ride on of them bikes on full mach speed !


Friday, December 10, 2010

Alviss Kong R.I.P

"A Panzershrek to the face ?"

10 December Friday - R.I.P

"Photo from his Facebook page"

Recently , a guy named Alviss Kong on Facebook announced that he would commit suicide after a recent break up with his girlfriend.He actually did it , by Thursday 12am in the morning.This incident caused a storm of people talking about this particular topic.

Alviss Kong's Facebook Profile   <--- Link

I don't know why in the freaking world that he would choose to die for something this little , lots of people out there fell down badly but eventually got back up.But I guess saying this can't change anything eh ? I gotta respect his decision , we seriously can't understand him unless we are him.

It is just so unfair to his parents , he just went on like that , his parents must on be on their knees now.My deepest condolence to his parents , may his soul find peace in somewhere beyond our world.What do you think about this ? Did he choose the right choice ? Is this really necessary ? 

Ops my pencil is broken , R.I.P


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dog Nightmare O_O

"Schnauzers Are Awesome"

5 December Sunday - Grey !

I am sick recently , probably because I kept staying awake until late late nights.This super deadly fatal sickness has lead me to have a really creepy nightmare.Recently , I got a dog.Her name is "Dogmeat" , yes it is a reference from the game Fallout 3.The dog companion that you can acquire from the scrapyard later in the game.

The nightmare goes like this , I was walking with my dog in some tall apartment.I don't know why I was walking my dog in some strange tall apartment , the dream just sets me there.Then suddenly , my dog suddenly runs off and I lose grab of him.My dog did not notice the staircase infront of him and fell through an opening.It fell all the way from 15 floor to the ground floor.

I went back to my brother and dad , I told them and they responded with "Aiya , can buy new one la".Then I cried in my dream .When I woke up , I was like WTF ? After that dream , I kept on keeping my eye on my dog constantly !

"If I want my dog to die , I want her to die like this.PEACEFULLY"

Ops my pencil is broken , Miniature Schnauzer.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


"Weird Island"

2 December Thursday - Strange Flora and Fauna

Hey guys , recently I pass through a website filled with pictures of weird plants growing and living on an island  east of Horn of Africa and south of the Arabian Peninsular.This island houses a massive collection of alien looking plants everywhere.I was searching "Weirdest Islands" because I was bored , I found all these images of weird plants growing on an island.I was curious so I went to research.

The long isolation and the great heat of the island have created a unique endemic flora , that means most of the plants here are uniquely found here and no where else.Check them out now.

I love how the trees look , so alien and out of this world !

Ops my pencil is broken , Yemen or Somalia ?