Monday, January 18, 2010

Infamous Monday

18 January Monday - I never gone to school today since I was sick from all those bean curds yesterday.So I think alot yesterday and today that I would make the blog more exciting then before.And I wrote a story called , Anna and Simon at my story blog.I moved it to there since this is not the suitable place to post my stories.So heres the link , I think you guys would love this story.Since its about love and its going to be a great story unless you guys don't like this kind of genre.

So NO MORE details in school , since they are boring and I am only gonna say the ones that were funny or interesting.I am also considering to make a Vlog on Youtube soon , so I am gonna need to buy a camcorder.IF you guys know any good camcorder please tell me.Polls would be on my blog every week and it would be about random topics so remember to vote.This week's comment of the week is "You pissed me off by spelling saturday to satuday !!!" by RealmNature , wow I am an idiot LOL.

I am bored so lets make an interview with me since I never get to finished the introduction post so I am gonna recall it now.Want to know more about me ? Find out now.I swear I am saying the truth if not monkeys would scratch my face while eating my brain.Here it comes !!!

1.What is your favourite pet ?

-My favourite pet would be the Panda !!! LOL , just kidding I can't get a panda to be my pet since its illegal.I am gonna choose dogs.Why ? Because dogs are loyal.I always wanted a dog since they won't betray you like humans.Dogs are fun to have and really loyal.They would risk your life to save you !!! But I can't get a dog since I am living in a condo.

2.If you have a chance to go to a country , where would you go ?
-Canada , old people and beautiful mountains.Nuff said xD , old people are nice and kind.The mountains are beautiful too and its very peaceful and calming over there.Well Canada is for when I am very old , if I am young I would go to Japan and America.Japan is awesome , I just love Japan culture.I know I am an otaku.Americans are my people , they are carefree people and the ones that I actually could talk with for hours !!!

3.What is your pursuit in future life ?
-Future ... future is unpredictable and can be molded by only you.I want to travel the world and meet people but that won't happen haha but I wish it could happen.I want to be a technician while drawing art for some advertisements or websites.Or I could write stories and live a quiet life.I know I am a geek , don't need to say that again.

4.What kind of guy are you ?

- I am a gamer guy but I still focus on my studies unlike many other gamers.I am very weird and goofy.I have bad score in Charisma and I am bad in talking.Ok goodbye badsides , here are my goodsides.I am not so easy to get angry , I am good in listening to people.If I said I would attend , I would be there and I won't let anything else block me.Err I could keep secrets and I like to solve people's problem.I only know these , others ask my friends or yourself lol.

5.Have you ever fell in love ?
-Yes only once , now no.

Ok guys , the interview was short and sweet and I got a question for you guys !!! What are my bads and goods ?? Leave a comment of your answer at the chatbox or on this blog.Now I am not being cocky or arrogant its just that I want to know how people think of me sooo please dont curse me in your heart.Remember don't slap horse butt xD

Oh and before you guys go , please continue the sentence.I know you are (Anything you want) from me !!! Post it on the comments or chatbox and the special one would be on the next post !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , Ok guys love ya Bye *FLY KISS*


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