Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mangolian Sunday : JC's Birthday

17 January Sunday - Today is the day , today we celebrate someone's special day , the day where she was being brought into this world , her birthday.Birthday is a special day and it should be remembered.Especially a sweet sixteen.

Today morning 10.00am I reached the LRT station while reaching there I met Kanchelski.Now if you guys never heard of Kanchelski , he is a great guy.He said that he does not want to be late since Jessie said if we late , she was gonna kill us haha.We spent our time watching on the overpass while using my trustee binoculars to see if they reached the station or not.

11.00am , everyone arrived.Everyone were wearing sneakers and fashionable clothes.I felt like a dork trying to be friends with cool people lol.Oh and I found out Ron has 3 girlfriends ? LOL , don't know if its true but I heard about it.Ron you cheeky bastard haha.Jia Cheng today was much prettier than before , all for her boyfriend Jimmy xD.Later on , Kan went to buy the LRT tickets and we were all set to go.Everytime I am infront ot the LRT , I have the urge to jump into the rail and then climb back up LOL.Damn I need to see a therapist -_-.The LRT was a noisy ride but we managed to reach to the monorail station.On the way to the monorail , I saw parrots inside cages !!! I tried to teach them how to say "hello" but failed xD.Its a pity to see birds inside cages , sometimes I just want to open it up and let them free.They have wings , they want to feel the air but can't.Ohya I remember , Jimmy and Jia Cheng holded hands xDDD.

I lost track of time so I don't know when we went into the monorail , in the crowdy monorail I overheard two guys talking about singapore's transportation system is much better than ours.Ya I agree , I went to Singapore before and its like heaven to me.After stepping off the monorail , bla bla bla we reached Pavillion.I forgot to mention that we went Pavillion to celebrate her birthday.Gosh I am so forgetful.Finally stepping into air conditioned area , everyone was sweating from all those sunning.We went above and above and above to get the tickets Jia Cheng reserved.We were fooling around the posters outside the cinema , Ron tried to pose as "The Rock" but he failed xD.We later took a picture of me posing as Buzz Lightyear and Ron posing as Woody infront the Toy Story 3 poster ~_~.

After getting the tickets we wanted , we went down and down and down until we reached starbucks coffee.Han Xien forced me to help him buy drinks and food -.- , he wants the vanilla latte and the tuna sandwich while I chose the croissant and shaken iced lemon tea.The iced lemon tea costed friggin RM12 ????? =_= .If I was the CEO of Starbucks Coffee , I would gone happy feet.Rui Zhen and Junz came not long after me and Han Xien ate those food we bought.The movie was about to start and were Oscar Mike ( It means good to go ).

We watched "The Spy Next Door" , its a film about Jackie Chan being one of the top spy trying to get the acceptance of three kids.These three kids are children of the one he loves.In the movie , Jackie Chan performed countless stunts and I was surprised that he is still so dedicated to perform to stunts even though his age is coming.We all know Jackie Chan does his own stunts but I think he is about to retire.The movie was sooo funny , the director made up of alot of things just make the movie fun and enjoyable.It may be not a blockbuster but it was still sweet , I just love how the russians talk.Talk to me in MSN or Skype to hear me impersonate them xD.One of the lines touched me , "If you really love that girl , then you should think of her happiness" something like that forgot +_+.I mean its true , some people fell in love with someone and then realize that she or he are not interested.But they still kept on trying to chase her heart which is bad , if she or he don't like you then let it go and move on.Don't be a jerk that blocks people's happiness.Let it go...

After watching the movie , the boys planned how to surprise Jia Cheng.We splitted into two teams to find a cake shop.Me , Kan and Kim one team and Jay and Ron one team.Jay and Ron found a cake shop at the dining floor while my group rushed to there.We kept on fighting over what greeting to put on the fruit cake and we finally thought of this "Happy Sweet Sixteen Mee Mee Jie" lol.It was a fruit cake by the way ... wait I told you that.Moving on , the shopkeeper was really annoyed by us lol.SInce we kept on changing and changing and changing.

Man , you know how hard was to make a surprise ? Me , Kan , Jay and Ron kept on trying to hide the cake.Kan was our leader , he kept on finding an excuse to give us commands by saying he went to the toilet.Me and Ron kept on trying to find hiding spots , trust me ROn ain't good at hiding.He was all shaking and kept on playing with his handphone ~_~.Kan was calm and steady while Ron was shaking and shivering LOL.Jia Cheng almost saw the cake !!! We were going down the escalator and she almost saw it.Luckily me and Kan blocked her view ...PHEW.My trustee binos helped me once again xD.Atlas we reached the dining floor and Jia Cheng with the others went into the chinese restaurant.Me and Ron were left behind in order to hide the cake , Kan kept on walking in circles in order to command us lol.I was about to introduce them the chinese restaurant at the time when we reached Pavillion but almost everything I said they not interested so I kept my mouth shut alot.BUT they actually went there without me introducing them LOL , must be fate.I am not faking , its the truth , its fate.

Kan finally managed to persuade the restaurant employee to hide the cake for us.Jay was pale before that , I was wondering why , I dont like seeing people like this.Maybe its the price of the food in the restaurant LOL.Oh and one more reason why fate was on our side was because we met FIONA !!! Fiona was once my primary classmate but she left to New Zealand but she came back for vacation.I was surprised to see her here , me , jimmy , HX , RZ , Kim were so happy to see her.She changed alot !!! She was with her friend , I think she was from Japan.She gave us a hug when she saw us , this is a first time a girl hugs me LOL.I was not ready , I forgot that she was from New Zealand and hugging is a form of greeting.I ended up gave her a rude hug , HX scolded me for that.We invited her to come in to the restaurant to join us.Well when she came to the table , the others who don't know her quiet up lolz.

At least Han Xien , Me and Jimmy made her feel comfortable since we were once good friends.We ordered food and we ate the food LOL.I don't really want to talk about what we were eating since I was sick from all those bean curds xD.Nobody wants to eat those two bowls of sour and spicy bean curds.I ended up eating all of them since I don't like to see food go to waste ( the second bowl ... I gave up lolz).Fiona and her friend went away after a while since they wanted to go shopping.I was sooo full , Kim told me to go for a walk with him so I won't feel that full.On the way to the restrooms , I met Fiona and she said goodbye.I apologised to what I did and I gave her a proper hug.Fiona said that dunno when she could meet us once more.But meeting her in such circumstances really makes me believe more in fate.CHeers Fiona , hope you enjoy your trip in stinky Malaysia xD.

ITS CAKE TIME.We sang happy birthday to Jia Cheng and she blowed the candles.SHe made a really long wish , I saw her closing her eyes while mumbling some words.Looks like she really enjoys her birthday bash xD.Jimmy gave her a birthday KISS !!! Everyone was WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.First time seeing a friend of mine kissing his girlfriend.I am proud of you jimmy , your the man.We splitted the cake
and it was delicious , especially the whipped cream.I know I am lame I am lame.We made jokes and everybody was having fun.One of the waiter was really rude , Jay asked that if he could help us clean the table but he refused.But the second time , Jun asked him if he could help us take the cake box from the kitchen and he agreed.Maybe the waiter shows his sensitive side to girls only haha , what a cocky bastard.I don't want to mention the name of the restaurant =)

After a great meal , we went out of the restaurant.I think I made HX angry for not understanding what he was saying.Sorry HX , you know me ... blur +_+.We walk and walk and walk , we reached the fountain outside of the mall.The fountain was beautiful , it kept on changing colours.I taught some to how to make a wish to a fountain.I made a wish but it would be unlikely that it could come true.Kim was really concetrating on wishing and he was waiting for the fountain to change into the right colour.

It was getting late , we went back home.With vigor in our hearts and our goal was completed.We gave Jia Cheng an unforgetable birthday , Jimmy's the one who gave her the most unforgetable gift.Nothing can compare a kiss for a birthday gift !!! It warms my heart.I think his relationship with her just took another step higher.Hooah Jimmy Hooah.

Guys , if you are reading this.Sorry if I said something bad or really blur cause I am not a socialist and I am really bad in talking.Thats why I kept my mouth shut at the beginning of the day.I really don't want to suddenly say "Hey look someone just pop someone's cherry" LOL.Kay I am lame =.=.Oh , HX and RZ if you guys are reading this.Sorry if I am a burden , I know I talked too much -_- .

Ops my pencil is broken , catch you guys in the flipside and I won't be going to school tomorrow.I am tired , so I am gonna continue my Simon and Anna story tomorrow.Cheers and PEACE !!!


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