Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Be Happy XD

"Sunny Side Up"

30 April Friday - =D

Hey there !!! We all know that we are living right now right ? Well , unless your a undead zombie risen from the dead just to update your Facebook status.I seen them !!! haha.So here are some professional advice on how to be happy everyday !!! ( I am not really a professional =P )

1.Be More Tolerance
- Don't be a "Xiao Qi Gui" , be more open minded.Dont be easily gotten mad , the more mad you get , the more unhappy you will get.Friends would like you more too if you are more tolerance.When you heard something bad coming into your mind , take a deep breath and close your eyes.Don't let anger take over you =D.

-The more carefree you are , the more happier you are.Smiliar to the more stupid you are , the more happier you are.Because you don't care any bad controversies around you.2012 ? Nah , I love it haha xD.

3.Jokes , JOKES AND JOKES !!!!
-Understand jokes !!! The more you understand them , the more you will laugh about them.

4.Always laugh !!
-Under any circumstances , you gotta laugh.At least a little giggle , a little laughter goes a long way !!!

5.Be Healthy
-A good diet means a good healthy lifestyle , a good healthy lifestyle means a happy life without diseases and any other illnesses.

Ops my pencil is broken !!!!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Few Pages Missing

"One by one falling"

29 April Thursday - I hate the feeling of not updating my blog.

Perhaps the bond between me and my blog is much more stronger than I ever thought , everytime I failed to update it daily , I would have that bad feeling inside my heart.Even though my blog doesn't have much viewers but I am still updating the best I could.Most of my posts these few weeks were not sastifying for me , I was always rushy and my post's contents ain't that all good.Too much things to do , too little time.

Hmm today is my favourite teacher's second last day to be in our school , tomorrow is gonna be her last.I am very sad of her depature , so soon.I don't want the old teacher to come back , she wasn't all that good in teaching us.Her way of marking our essays and her assignments were all bullshits.But she was replaced by a new practical teacher , she is really nice.We all like our new teacher and we dislike our original one.I drew a picture for her tomorrow , since it is her last day tomorrow.

I will post the picture tomorrow since I don't wanna let my friends know about it XD

Today , me and my friend Shawn kept on using Video Call on MSN and Skype.It was really fun , I was teaching him on how to crack files and configure them.Let me tell you a story on how I met Shawn.

At first , I didn't talk to him at all.I only started to met and talk to him at Form 3 , I always went to 3DK9 during recess since most of my friends were all over there.I saw him eating his breakfast while reading a book , I went over and said "Hi".Then we started to talk and then I got a new friend ~ He is a really athletic and smart guy.His strong point is Math , he is a real wizard in Add Math.He is also one of Full As PMR candidate last year.

Maybe I should write histories on how I met my friends huh ? haha

Ops my pencil is broken , I am gonna hit the hay , good night ^^


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broke Ma Knee

"Ouchy Ouch"

27 April Tuesday - Yeah !!! Oh crap I fell =X

Hey guys today is one funny day , I guess...if you count getting hurt three times as a funny day then it is a funny day haha , man I am lame.Today was Sukan Tara Day !!! I love it so much  (I hate it) ^_^ !!!

Today's Sukan Tara had the following activities
1.Heavy Metal Ball Throwing (Don't know the real name of it)
2.100 Metre Run
3.200 Metre Run

I managed to throw the heavy metal ball thingy quite far away , the ball was really heavy.Heavier than the dumbbells I used to work out with in the gym.Here comes the funny part , during the 200 Metre Run I fell.The story is kinda short really , I was getting ready to run and waiting for the teacher to say "GO".Just when my teacher shouted "GO" , I started to run but my shoe went loose and flipped to the back , eventually I fell.I broke my knee and bruised my hands , my neck got hurt too.At first it was nothing like not even abit of pain came out , but after a few hours my knee started to hurt alot.I can't even move properly.

It really really hurts right now +_+

But with the medication of the doctor I just went and some happy faces haha , I managed to heal apart of my injuries.My knee and neck still hurts though.He applied the medicine on my knee wound , it hurts so BADLY.Oh well ~_~

Hahahahahaha , I am laughing because laughter is the best medicine hahahaha.

Ops my pencil is broken , hahahaha I am a retard -_-


Monday, April 26, 2010

Television Madness

"Wheres the remote control ?"

26 April Monday - Monkeys love Mondays

Guys whats up !!! Today was one tiring day , let me just get you started with this.Today my friend was feeling unwell so he went back earlier than before , he didn't talk to me or any other person for the whole time he was in class.I was suspecting if he was either unwell or angry at something , looks like he was feeling unwell.I won't mention his name here as he doesn't like publicity much.Take care my good mate and to you too Ron , lately alot of my friends have been contracted sickness.

This morning , our last year's Form 5 best student arrived in our school just to present us a short speech on how he became a good student and his success on his SPM.His name is Lim Teck Yu , all of my friends say he looks and suits to be a politician.He has that messiah and that charasmatic looks on his face.His speech skill is excellent too , makes him a perfect motivational speaker or a politician haha.His speech today was really inspirational and made alot of sleepy students got back on their feet.I wish he could come back again , just seeing him walking down the halls made numerous students talking and pointing him.He really brings the morale up.

Tomorrow there is gonna be a Sukan  Tara activity for Form 4 and Form 5 students.That means running , high jumping , far jumping (is that what its called ? LOL) and metal ball swinging >=D.I can run and throw that little metal ball far away enough.But high jumping and "far jumping" ain't in my good side.As you all know or didn't know , I have a big physical body.I am not suited for these two sport activities , I would end up getting myself hurt wahahaha....hope not.Our teacher ordered our class to attend tomorrow's Sukan Tara if not we would get punished.Dictatorship anyone ? haha

Since my friend was sick , his mom won't be fetching us to tuition this afternoon.Me and my good friend Shawn went to tuition by foot today.Really like to walk to a faraway place , has an adventuring feeling to it you know ? But sometimes I would feel lazy and not walk in a long distance travel XD unless if I really have to then no choice.We had a pop quiz at tuition today ... yeah ?

I gotta pass up my argumentative essay tomorrow , I wrote 1009 words.First time so active -_-

Ops my pencil is broken , I love me pies !!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Roar 2


25 April Sunday - Aww Spongebob Squarepants

Week Review :
This week was one tough week to go by , not only there is a stack of homework.Problems were constantly coming into my mind , but luckily most of them are finally now solved.Thankfully , a relaxable week is coming as there will be alot of activities coming on.

Sivic teacher told us to create a scrapbook for some topic I forgot , she wants to test our creative.This project is a real pain but luckily the deadline is the week after the next week.I can't wait for 1 May and I don't want the mid term to come any faster.1 May would be a really fun day because I would be going to the Metro Carnival and my friend's open house party.

The objective of the Metro Carnival is to fund raise for the church which was a victim of the church burning case a few months ago.I went there to support the church and to have a little fun.I hope I would win every single game stand I find , I wanna win more teddies >=D.

Video :

Amazing fire illusions , it formed a cube in the end of the video and there was a guy sitting on it haha.

Want to know more about teenage boys ? This guy says it all.
(He is a funny comedian on Youtube , his account's name is Charlieissocoolike)

Personally , I really like his accent !!!

This picture is so normal !! Where is the... Oh I see -_-

I call this The Triple Horse !!!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Sunday Roar !!! Remember to keep on ROARING , cough ><

Ops my pencil is broken , freak of nature


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yeah SHort !!!

"Fly Away"

24 April Saturday - Bald Eagle you are not bald

This is going to be a short post , writing my story right now ~

The 10 beautiful soundtrack is over there <<<<<< As promise haha

Let me tell you a little story , a cute one ... I think =P

Once upon a time there was a mouse

He went to a bakery store , he asked the baker for a treat

The baker suggested him sugar mouse for a treat

The mouse asked why is it made of sugar ?

The baker told a story about why it is made of sugar

Long time time ago in a distant land

It was all rich and glamour in that land

Lives a beautiful princess

With no suitors for the princess

As all princes were wrong

their presents were wrong

But one day , comes along a man

A sugar mouse treat was with the man

The man gave the princess the sugar mouse

The princess agreed to the sugar mouse

She did not want any gold

She just wanted a heart of gold

They got married

a very happy marriage ~

Love is sweet and so is sugar !!!

Short SHORT !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , squek ?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Alarms Got Me Busted

"Ring Ring Ring"

23 April Friday - This reminds me of a SHE song lol

Today alarms kept on giving me trouble , don't really know why.Maybe the queen of alarms sent her army of alarm soldiers just to harm me or even cause trouble for me haha.I wonder what weapon they were using , maybe those pointy things on their faces and the power of their rings !!!

My lift's alarm sounded this afternoon , it doesn't affect me much but the feeling of knowing someone trapped inside the lift ain't comfortable at all.My mom went to check it out and found out it was just some random kids playing with the lift button.Today at tuition , during Ganesh's class.I forgotten to set my cellphone ringtone to silent and I eventually got caught haha.Luckily Ganesh didn't confiscate my handphone , phew ~_~.It was my fault really , I forgotten to set my phone to silent.

"Ring a Daisy" - Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Tomorrow I would put a Mixpod application or gadjet on the sidebar with 10 beautiful soundtracks from 10 beautiful movies.I find them very inspirational and soothing so please do listen to them , you could change the music from the mixpod.

Today , modern music culture has taken most of the world.But the epic classical music still never seize to amaze us with their epicness and inspirational tunes.I am a fan of wonderful soundtracks and classical musics.Before I even became a pop culture fan , I always listen to soundtracks and classical musics.People would call me boring and outdate but I dismissed them.Now I found out there are actually more people liking these kind of musics , warms my heart really.

To me , these kinds of music are true MUSIC.But hey , I still listen to any modern music hahaaha xD I can't say which is True Music anyway , all of them are unique in their own way.

This is one of my favourite soundtracks from Lord Of The Rings , one of the most beautiful movie I ever seen in my life.

Ops my pencil is broken , Goblins !!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drama Is A Pain

"HAHA ^^ ... NONO T_T"

22 April Thursday - DRAMA !!!

Do you know what time is it ? Its drama time !!!

We all know drama , we watch drama on television too.Some of us went to plays of dramas acted by actors on stage , reacting an event or just following a script.Well what about real life drama , like things happening to you similiar to those in those TV shows on Television.You laugh , I laugh and then later FIGHT.Good old drama always gave us stress and things to think about.Even if the drama is only happening on our friends , it would somehow affect you in a way too.

"Its like your not even want a war and get caught in the blast"

Drama on television is a real fun to watch but don't you guys happen to find out something similiar with the dramas on television.Mostly on the Asian dramas.Its like first , all was going well and everything was fine and dandy.Later , BOOM , instant sad and epicness filled your program.I guess thats how dramas are ~ Here are some odd things about dramas.

1.Emotional music plays when thinking about something
2.There will be romance
3.Usually the romance has a real complex triangle
4.The funny scenes are not that funny at all most of the time
5.Alot of bad actors

Even with all these odd things , drama is still a favourite genre watched by most audience of the world.I am not saying drama is a bad thing , I am just pointing things out because I watched alot of drama.Most of them are bad and while some of them are worth watching.All we need is a good director and good actors !!!

Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano just erupted not too long ago , alot of flights from airports in Europe has been canceled due to the ash clouds.The volcano has a really funny name hahaha.Now the European government is planning on sending military planes and aircrafts to take those people who are in the airports trying to get back to Europe.Now this is not the only problem , the ashes could affect the clouds and cause acid rains.Hey at least , the temperature of the Earth is lower !!! Not helping at all isit ?

Eyjafjallajokull , I wonder how that pronounces.... hmmm

Ohyea , guys the vlog of my party is right below this post.Sorry for the inexperienced filming in that vlog because that was my first try with my new camera and I was really high that day , I was high even without the alchohol ... omg lol.

Silent Love Part 1 is right here ~ ---->

I hope you guys like it !!! ^^

Ops my pencil is broken , 2 + 2 = 4 ?


Party Vlog

( wow I was really high +_+)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Pyramies ?"

21 April Wednesday - Pyramid oh pyramid

Ever been to Egypt ? Its a wonderful place to visit even though I never been there before but I heard stories from there.Yeah it is a hot country and yeah it is very sandy but if you want to have an adventure then go to Egypt for a little visit.The pyramids and it's mysteries , the people there , mummies and many other things made Egypt a wonderful place for explorers and adventure dwellers.We read about the era when Egypt reign a powerful empire in our history books I presume.

I know you are thinking why am I talking about Egypt and this boring pyramid well , thats because there is a new song named Pyramid sang by Charice and Iyaz.Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world and it has alot of mysteries hiding behind it.For years , experts from all around the world are finding out how did the ancient egyptians build such ancient marvels.I wonder how did they built it ? UFO ? Super Human Powers ? Smarts ? Who knows ? It is a very amazing structure.

Heres the song I was talking about xD

Charice is from Phillipine and she has a very wonderful voice , a perfect duet partner with Iyaz.I like Iyaz too , his Replay was excellent but his video abit too errr sexy ? Lol.Charice and Iyaz made a good duet , so do please listen to the song.I wish more asian singers would collaborate with US singers.Like maybe some Taiwan singers with US singer.Nah , that can't happen =.=.Charice has a very beautiful voice , love it ;D.I sitll dunno why won't asian singers collaborate with US singers ><.

I finished writing Silent Love , expect the story tomorrow as well as the vlog I promised.I always delay my promises >< My DEEPEST APOLOGY , internet has been very down lately =(.

Ops my pencil is broken , Caro Dear


Monday, April 19, 2010

I Got A Guinea Pig / Poem

"Guinea Piggy Bob"

19 April Monday - I bought myself a guinea pig

Before I talk about my wonderful day today , I gotta talk about yesterday's night fight fest in order to sleep.I can't sleep yesterday , I was rushing for my poem , I finished my sketch of the poem and I wrote finish the real thing by 1am.My eyes were kept opened from 1 am to 3am , I kept on tossing and turning , I just can't seem to fall into slumberland.About 3am , my guinea pig started to make noise in his little cage.He was hungry and there was no food , he kept on beating the little bowl against the cage's wall , aww how cute haha.I gave him food and I went to bed but it was so hot yesterday so I went to my mom's room to sleep , by 4am , I managed to fall asleep but woke up at 5am lol.

"In that tired night , one hour of sleep is only available" -  Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee =.=

Surprisingly , the lack of sleep didn't affect my energy for todays's poem presentation.I was selected to enter this English Poem Competition and I won first prize !!! I was so surprised that I won !!! But the major problem right now is that my English teacher is expecting me to recide my poem this following week.Lets just hope I won't faint while I am standing infront of the entire school.I have never been so happy for years haha.Finally , a giant boost of my confidence.Heres the poem ,  hope you guys and girls like it.

Four Seasons

Oh Spring , Beautiful spring.
How I miss the giant bed of bloomed flowers ,
you painted the world with your colourful flowers.
Everywhere I go I see the birds singing ,
along with the dances of the grasses swaying.

Oh summer , hot summer.
How I miss the excruciating heat you brought down
and the heat made sweats slowly flowing down.
But I will never forget the days I swam in the pool ,
I even pulled a prank on old Mister Fool.

Oh autumn , gentle autumn.
How I miss the leaves fell made taps and cracks ,
it always reminded me of soldiers walking down tracks.
I remember my mom forcing me to rack fallen leaves ,
till now I still can hear the cracking of those leaves.

Oh winter , cold winter.
How I miss the sky turned all blue ,
you drifted with me way far away from my blues.
Those rains of snowflakes slowly falling down ,
it was like frozen angel tears drifting down.

Look at me talking about my days in seasons ,
I am still in the kitchen , figuring out my seasoning.

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Thanks Erin for inspiring me to write a poem about seasons !!!!

I love guinea pigs , me and my brother would look at guinea pig pictures all the time.Now I finally have one haha , I am so gonna take care of it well !!!!! His name is Bob , he is so cute x3.

Ops my pencil is broken , NEW YORK !!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Arrogant Cheesers (Homemade Video)

Alvin beating Kevin for showing off his new Sony Ericsson Xperia !!!

Sunday Roar 1

"Another Sunset"

18 April Saturday - Lame sunset picture huh ?

Hi guys whats up :) , I decided to make a little Sunday Roar during each Sunday of each week.Sunday Roar would have review of my week , a little video sharing from some sites and funny picture.The sunset picture above sucks huh ? Haha , I know :D

This week is one busy and fun week !!! It is always fun when you are busy well unless you have a boring job , but hey !!! , every job could be fun.If you are a waiter , you could shake your hips and do some dance moves while waiting some tables.You could even crack jokes for your customers.If you are being a boring computer programmer , improvise your work abit.Bring music and shake along with the music while you do your programming.There are many ways to make your life more fun and happy XD.Use your imagination guys ~

"Imagination is the most important thing" - Albert Einstein

Hey guys a little video for you guys and gals out there.This video is from Mystery Guitar Man from Youtube , he is by far the most imaginative and creative guy I seen in Youtube.This video would make you smile and if it won't , come in my room with a running chainsaw !!!

Oh wait , forget about the running chainsaw thing ... brrr

Told you not to drink out of the toilet !!!

Now I seen everything =.=

Ops my pencil is broken , QUESTOS !!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

James Blunt - Your Beautiful Lyrics Story


"Leads ?"

17 April Saturday - Sorry for not updating for 2 days , the internet was down ><

I don't know what happened to the internet these few days , it started out as a minor break down for a while.Like the internet would lost its connection and then it would get back up.Later it gets worst , the whole internet went down never came back up for 2 days.Ever since I got that Aztech modem , my internet has been gone downhill.The internet cafe below my house has internet breakdowns too , my dad complained to my internet service company but to no avail.

This morning , I decided to see whats up.Guess what ? I changed my Aztech modem to the old broken one , the Belkin one.The internet came back up at once !!! Unbelievable , the Belkin modem was confirmed broken and cannot be used again.But now , the little modem still works like a charm.I had this kind of experience once , I got two Gameboys when I was little.The first one broke very badly , the second one was fine at first and then it broke because it fell down from my 5 storey condo.The game catridge inside the gameboy was fine and the save file was still intact.I placed the game catridge into my old one and it worked wonderfully !!!

Had any experience like this before ?

Friday , my school had lecturers from the University Of Leeds of England to come in order to present a little show for us.A guy name Rob who is a mathematician from the University presented us a short presentation of The Mathematics Of Chaos , it means the ability to predict the future or disasters.His goal was to increase the our interests in Mathematics and he did it !!! Mathematics are used in every aspect , most jobs need Mathematics so please do well in this subject.

After Rob completed his presentation , another woman lecturer , I forgot her name sorry >< She is a lecturer too but majored on Business Psychology.Her goal was also the same as Rob but different subjects.She was finding a volunteer to help in her experiment and I volunteered !!! A chance to talk with people from England XD.She was really nice to me , she instructed me on what to do.I was told to describe a diagram to the students while my back was facing them.I can't make eye contact and body languages for them.Only 3 got the diagram right >< .

The second part of the experiment was that I could face them this time but still the body languages were restricted.I could use eye contact and I could answer their questions about the diagram.I was describing it really bad but the lecturer told me that I doing great.The diagram was really hard to describe , its kinda like 4 rectangles but connecting in different ways to each other.The results of the experiment was that the second part of the experiment was much more effective than the first part of the experiment.The second part of the experiment was much more effective because they could ask me questions , we could get feedback to each other.

All of us got pens from the University of Leeds , I am happy that I have a pen all the way from England I think...I told my grandma about the experience and she was really worked up about it.She scolded me for talking to a foreign people.Why are people so racist ? Most asian parents are really secure about their kids talking to foreigners and especially Black people.This world is not judge by colour ok ?

Purple ?

Ops my pencil is broken , Rawr ?


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"Smiley Or No Smiley ?"

14 April Wednesday - Hot as ever but lucky no extra curriculum :D

Hey guys whats up , let me ask you a question today.How do you judge a person ? Do you judge them by their covers ? by their looks ? Like when you see a hot and beautiful girl or boy , you would like oh he or she is a good person.Then when you see a nerdy and ugly person , you would like judge him as a bad person or boring person.Fortunately , most people I know don't do that.

Imagine yourself going into a massive library , you picked a colourful book , sure it look pretty but the contents inside suck.You found a boring looking book , everything inside mesmerized you into reading it until the end of the page.I am not saying all good looking people are ugly in the inside , I am just telling you not to judge a book by it's cover.Try to talk with the person and understand them before you judge them , you may find a best friend among all of them.


Arrrh , today one of our school teachers forced us to sit on the cold hard ground of the assembly spot because we got 3 periods without a teacher.I can't do well when I am sitting on a brick ground , especially a hard one.Luckily , it ain't sunny today.If not , we would be sweating our butts off arrh !!! But regardless if its sunny or not , I sweated alot today.I don't really know why , I kept on sweating and sweating , usually I ain't like that.Strange , maybe my body decided to sweat more today.

Add maths class was still as stressing as ever , everybody was working their head off just to figure Log and Indices out.I wish every chapter is as easy as Chapter 4 haha , I doubt that would happen though.I am trying to improve my Add Maths , I need to get good marks !!! English Class gave us a pop quiz about the short story QWERTYUIOP.It was kinda easy , I thought it would be really hard.

Why do I always break my vlog posting promises ? I would upload the videos this Friday when I am off to tuition , I would use those 4 hours to upload all the vlogs I should had posted.Sorry for the disappoinment ><.

Jason Mraz Lucky ... Enjoy :D

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , Oh baby I am trying ~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

End Of The Streak

"End Of The Streak Not Steak !!!"

13 April Tuesday - I wanna get me some steak :P

Today was one fun day , never thought Tuesday would be a really fun day.Usually , Tuesday would be boring and tiring but today was different.Maybe because there were a lot of things happened to me today.When I first got to school , I talked to some of my old classmates since I came to school earlier.We were talking about one guy in my class , I don't want to mention his name.He was a good student at first , a very likeable guy to me but a little bit annoying sometimes.Lately , he has been skipping school or ponteng just to play online games in Cyber Cafe.He skipped like about 16 days and got alot of warning letters , he got caught once but he kept on going.

But last week Friday or Saturday I forgot , my friend told me he got really busted that day.I don't want to speak much of him as talking bad behind people's back discomforts me.He does not want to face the fact that he is addicted.Video games are like drugs , you will get addicted to them.Luckily , his parents took responsibilities and quarantined his actions.

Now today my Sivik teacher taught us about troubles in our country.How could people throw their babies into trash cans ? Even if they are still teenagers , they can't just throw their baby into the pits of trash cans.At least send the baby to a temple or a hospital.Lately there are alot of cases regarding Kidnappings and Tortures , some dad even used his daughter as a sex slave , what world am I living in ? One of the victims of torture was ironed to the skin , got his nails all plugged off and and ... lol I will stop =.=.Why do people even kidnap people ? This is insane +_+

Oh NO , now I need to prepare materials for the big debate for Thursday.Teacher told us that there is gonna be a debate between two groups that day.The debate topic is "Social Network Sites".What do you think about Facebook ? Well I think it is kinda too open for a social network site , almost every friend you added could know what are you thinking , doing or staying.Its kinda dangerous but nobody cares haha , we kept on adding strangers we don't know.Myspace , I don't really know this site but most of my malay friends use this site.Twitter is great for popular people as many people would follow you just to know what your doing , tweet tweet.

But without Facebook , I won't be doing alot of things right now.Facebook gave me the courage to talk to people I don't really know much and then became good friends.Facebook gave me supports on writing my blogs and stories.Without Facebook , I won't some good friends that I made with Facebook.If you guys are reading this , you know that I am talking about you guys ;D

I may post a vlog later but I am really busy today , doing my Add Maths homework about Log and Indices !!! I hate you Add Maths homework , you always seem to take away my time for my house work.

Ops my pencil is broken , lately academics have been pulling me down +_+


Monday, April 12, 2010

My Birthday Bash

"Yeah Crowdy"

12 April Monday - I still got that fruit cake taste on my lips :P

Hi guys its me again , I know I had been neglecting my blog lately since I was really busy with the party and other stuffs.Now that I am free , its time to catch up.Lets start at Friday , Friday I managed to clean the whole house before the whole day.I was so worked up over the party would be boring or lame that I kept on cleaning and preparing the house.

My mom gave me some cloths and some sanitizers , is it called sanitizers ? Never mind lets call it the "Shiny" because it made things I wiped go bling bling.My mom was in charged of the foods and drinks while my dad in charged of the utilities.I was in charged a part of everything but mostly in the cleanings.I cleaned my brother's room first because out of all the rooms in my house , his room was the worst.It doesn't go clean a day , a few hours later it would get messy , it is like a ghost is living in his room right now lol.

I cleaned my room next , my room's air conditioner is a real pain in the neck.I can't seem to get it to be shiny , my "shiny" can't even make it shiny.I rearranged my dolls and took out my pride and joy of all the dolls.My CJ-7 doll , it was my Form 2 birthday present.It is so fluffy and cute but I don't really like to hug it because it is big , I will show it down below.I cleaned the living room next , so many dust bunnies got killed by me muahahaha XD.

Dang Dang Dang !!!

Saturday morning , I manged to prepare every single computers to be in their top conditions.My laptop became a music box that day with 100 popular songs known by worldwide with a nice speaker system.My gaming computer and casual computer were ready to let the party goers use it.

It was about 2pm , Ron arrived because I rushed him to come.He was my Co-Host so I need him to come much earlier than the others.He was so exicted to meet someone he always wanted to meet in his life.About 3pm , Yee San and Erin arrived.They arrived earlier because Yee San has other plans later on at night and since Erin was following her to attend my party so she tagged along earlier.Yee San and Ron rolled each other's eyes but no biggie.Ron was so shy over meeting Erin for the first time that he remained speechless for a long time.It was great to meet back old friends during primary haha.

Jimmy was the next to arrive , he always have his awesome hair haha.He is like the only guy I know who has that hairstyle and I love it , I could stare at it for days , ew I sounded gay.Tan Kim Hoong was next and then Lim Jay Ming arrived , both of them are best friends of each other.Jay's mom helped me alot by preparing two salads for my party , thanks Jay's mom =).

Qian Ng Jia Cheng and Shawn arrived later own , Jimmy acted as Qian's escort haha.I found Shawn waiting at the guard post when we arrived to wait for Qian , ain't it a coincidence.Qian was as perky as ever and Shawn was as cool as ever xD.Foong , Daniel and Tan Jun Liang arrived later on , I was glad that Jun Liang was able to make it to my party.I never seen Daniel for years and he became a lot more taller !!! Grace arrived later on , she gave me a pretty cup as a birthday present  , haha thanks xD.Lim Hsin Jie , Chong Han Xien and Yeong Rui Zhen arrived later on along with Rachel not for long.

I kept on going up down just to fetch my friends up , so tired +_+.I was all sweaty and sticky so I changed my clothes and took a refreshing shower.Everyone was digging in their food and drinks , most of them were chilling and chatting in my living room.My balcony was packed with people watching the tall view of the setapak area.Some of them play games like UNO Stacko and Poker. My father came back with a brand new camera in his hands , he bought the camera just for this special occasion lol.I took alot of pictures , some of my friends borrowed my camera and took alot of pictures too.Joel arrived at 7pm , Calyn and Cy Ma also arrived at the scene by that time.Cy Ma is really a gentleman , he is pretty shy maybe it was because he doesn't know anybody over there.Calyn was so hungry that time , she stuffed herself alot of chicken xD.Joel was the same cute and jumpy guy haha.

That day , not only I celebrated my birthday , I also celebrated Yee San's birthday.Ron and me came up with this plan haha.We really did surprised her alot xD.The party was alot of fun and I had alot of fun with my pals.I wish that night would never end , seeing them happy makes me happy alot.But that day was my happiest and saddest day ever as I know that was my last day ever on my golden pathway.I wish I could write this longer but the memory of me facing that misery is making me stopping my pencil.

Pictures and Vlog would be on my next post :D

Ops my pencil is broken , I am only gonna break your heart if I tell you the truth , I was slow and I lost.


Friday, April 9, 2010


"Arhh ^_^"

9 April Friday - Relaxing with a cup of sparkling juice.

Haha , after a long day of preparing and cleaning the house.I am confident that tomorrow's party is gonna be a good one.The most important thing is my guests are comfortable and having fun tomorrow !!! I don't need gifts to make me happy , I need their laughters and smiles :) A host always wants to see his guests having fun and not boring , god bless me and my friends tomorrow.Ensure them safety and no family conflicts bounded to them.Heres some features for tomorrow.

The Music BoX

~ The Music Box is my laptop along with my good speakers.It alone contains 100 popular songs known by people worldwide.Multiple and different genres are all inside that little rascal and it would boom out everything it could tomorrow.You could go and change the music as you please or just call the DJ to change it for you.The laptop has Wi-Fi connection so you guys could use it to surf the net if you want to.

Computer Haven

~ 3 computers are waiting for you to use it to your favours.The computer in my brother's room has high speed ram in used.Good internet connection quality is awaiting to you to use it the fullest.Latest and popular video games are all available inside the computer.The laptop outside in the living has moderate speed and has Wi-fi connection too , so you guys could still use.The computer in my room has the slowest speed among all 3 of my computers but still manage to get the job done for you guys.The room has the most perfect lighting to sastify a relaxing computer usage.


~ Poker cards are available so remember to bring money because there maybe gambling tomorrow.My dad would be the banker he said haha.UNO Stacko is available too , whoever makes the tower of blocks to fall would be cursed by the Truth or Dare mantra haha.UNO cards for casual users are available too so you could enjoy without gambling XD.Balloons are here too !!!!

Movie Fantasticolia

~ I prepared 3 movies for tomorrow.One of them is the Oscar Winning Movie - Hurt Locker.The other two are chinese comedy movies , I can't tell you their names , you guys would know tomorrow.There will be a period that I would let my guests to choose which movie to watch.

The Couple Lounge

~ Got a boyfriend ? Got a girlfriend ? Then go and sit in the couple lounge out in my balcony.I prepared two chairs and a mirror table for couples to enjoy their food while watching the beautiful night city.Maybe even makeout a little ? haha.Don't worry , people who don't have a partner could go watch the view too but make sure to not disturb the couples.

Food And Drinks

~ Foods and Drinks are all prepared for tomorrow , so be sure to get ready your stomach tomorrow :D

Ops my pencil is broken , tired go sleep now XD

Tomorrow ... will be my happiest and saddest day ever...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



7 March Wednesday - Head is exploding

Arrr , hi guys , hows it going lately ? Me ? Well just fine but alot of stress lately.School has never given so much homeworks to me.The recent party organizing sent my head flying around the room while screaming.Some of my friends are meeting time and transport problems.Hopefully , they could solve them.Some told me my party ends a little too late , they advised me to open it earlier.My party starts at around 6pm and ends at whatever time you want.You guys can come earlier if you want to !!! I am not changing the time but you guys could come earlier :D.

Today I actually slept for 2 hours , a little nap won't hurt right ? I guess I was really tired to actually fell asleep.

Ladies and gentlemen , my friend wants me to help him promote his little page on Facebook.The page's name is We Love English Songs , so if you are a fan of english songs , go to the link below.He uploaded alot of songs in MP3 format and most of them are awesome.Trust me , if you want a new English song to listen to , go to that little page and find a new one.But he alone can't upload that much songs and I am planning to help him on his quest to uploading the best of all English songs.If can , maybe can create a website xD.!/pages/We-Love-English-Songs/107742439250891?ref=ts

A good song from the website :D

Ops my pencil is broken , busy busy days T_T , can't even write a long post.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Sea Slugs !!!

"Aww Cute Sea Slug"

5 April Monday

 I know you guys are wondering , "Why am I talking about Sea Slugs ?".My mom bought sea slugs from the market  this morning.When I arrived home , the first thing she done was showing me those icky yucky sea slugs.I don't hate sea slugs just afraid to touch them lol.I wish my mom won't force me to eat those little jabbers.Sea slugs are like snails without shells and live in the sea , some of them are poisonous and pretty.They are cute to look at but alot of people does not want to touch them much , including me.Man , I am such a coward.

Aww I like little kids , little kids are my weakness.If they call me to do something with their large buggly eyes , I can't resist it , I must help them because they are so cute.I love playing with them , they are so active and fun to play with.Just now , I passed by two children playing , the usual chasing around.The little one got his face smacked to a wall but the big one laughed at the little one.The little one started to laugh back !!! Little kids don't care about getting hurt , once they got hurt they just laugh about it ? Wow !!! Still , I love em little kids xD.

This Saturday's party is getting a little bit messed up , now I am trying to fix it.One of my friends advised me to start the party earlier because no parents like a late party.I don't know wether or not I want to change my time , I am still considering.Out of 20 invitations , only 8 confirmed their arrivals.I need them to confirm their arrivals before thursday because I need to reserve stuffs for the party.Hopefully , they would confirm their invitations before Thursday.

Never before a female friend of mine ever entered my house , I am not kidding.I had less female friends when I was in lesser secondary and primary , I don't talk to most of them really.I started to gain more female friends during Form 3 when my social skills started to act up.People were really starting to think that I am gay for having 90% of my friends are boys.You can't blame me , I was a real shy knick knack , I still am right now. When I was little , I never EVER looked into a mirror before.I was afraid of my appearance , ya I know I was stupid LOL.Recently , I gained alot of confidence boost so I changed alot. A Little Vlog for you guys :D

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , Sea SLugs !!

- Sea Slugs =.=

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Shoutout


April 4 Sunday - No Energy

Yesterday , I spent like the whole night writing this long karangan for today's tuition class.It is long but I don't think the quality is good enough to sastify my tuition teacher , he is a real nut over good karangan.I decided to pass it up next week but the teacher also told us to pass up next week in order to improve our last paragraph or ending.Lets just hope I could do it this time xD , I have bad BM.

I am so excited because there is gonna be a party this Saturday and this time I will be the one to organize it.Its been long since I organize a party , the last I organized a party was 12 years old.Its been 4 years now and I need a book , a book about how to organize a party.Like Spongebob , he use a party kit to organize his party haha.

I really wish that my party would be fun and interesting.I don't want it to be dull and boring.So me and my brother would prepare some games and maybe some movies.My house is not a bungalow and definitely not a terrace too , its a condo so it has limited space.Lets hope it could fit my friends , my dad told me that I got too many friends lol.

Yesterday , I posted a video on my blog.I found a way to speed up my uploading time so I would continue to work on my vlogs !!! Yeah.I would post videos of the day at the Time Square Gathering and soon to come events.Normal talking vlogs would be more because I can't go out everyday haha.

Thats all for today , I am gonna go take a nap and then do my homework PEACE ~ Today is the last day of my break ~

Ops my pencil is broken , 3 komsas and 3 rumusans.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools 2010

"Ah ! You April Fool"

1 April Thursday - Yeah , it is April Fools today !!!

As I said , I would take a break today so enjoy these wonderful pictures I found from the internet ~ Now , I would go and take my leave.It is time to dance my butt off !!!

Wheres My Head

Kissy Kiss

I Am On The Magazine Cover


Oh No The Queen Is Bald

Statue Shoot !

MR.Fantastic Playing Football

The Long Pee

Ops my pencil is broken , YEAH APRIL FOOLS :D

Dance dance !!