Friday, January 8, 2010

Minigunny Friday

8th January Friday - Omg this is the second time I write this post.The first I posted it , the internet lagged out and theres an error.Now I gotta write it all again , sigh.

Today's English class was a bummer and an inspirational one.The English teacher changed the position of the tables.I can't talk with my friends during English class that easily now thanks to her although the classroom is neat right now 0_0.The inspirational part was that she talked about the world judging people on appearances and not looking inside the box.When they saw someone ugly , they would mock him or her and even ignoring them.You must look inside of him or her , don't just saw him and then judge him.Understand them and talk to them , you will a flower bloomed from their hearts.Try that and you may meet a great friend.They are people who are now waiting to be accepted by their classmates or friends and not just being ignored by society.

Chemistry was boring , its not that I don't like the subject.Its because of the teacher , so I ended up reading the text book myself.

Moral class was fun but I ignored the second half period and I finished the latihan faster so I could do my own stuffs.I saw Chin and Foong sitting on the same chair in a very strange way so I said "That is sick and wrong in so many levels" and everyone laughed.They were sitting on the same chair because theres not enough chairs left since we went to another class for our Moral class , can't blame them.

I drew Virgo but those who are Virgo don't like my concept art of Virgo.They said it is not graceful enough.Pisces was a boring one too so I gotta redraw them again.Oh and Rui Zhen wore glasses to school today , the glasses suit her but Han Xien tried them on and it does not suit him.Because both hairstyles are different , and glasses sometimes depend on hairstyles to see if they are suitable with the face.

Not much today lolz

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas hates being alone in a big place like a little kid.


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