Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lim Jay Ming's New Year Countdown Party

December 31 Thursday - What was that day all about again ? Its Happy New Year's eve man and every Happy New Year's eve must have COUNTDOWN PARTIES.Its like a tradition and this year I went to Lim jay Ming's countdown party.Let the party began...

It was 7.00pm when I was got there , well not really 7.00pm but maybe about 7.15pm.The first thing happened when I got there was being greeted by my friends.They are Lim Jay Ming , Lim Hsin Jie , Ng Jia Cheng , Yeong Rui Zhen , Ron Chin Qi Wynn , Kanchelski , Jimmy See , Teoh Kee Zhuan , Me and Teddy.Yes I bring my teddy bear to the party and everyone seems to want to get their hands on it especially Jay Ming's big brother lol.Jay Sern called it the "Lucky Bear" lol.

The fruit punch was very nice , its like a mixture of lemon + orange + mango + alcohol.I don't know the fruit punch's name , maybe its pineapple or mimosa I dunno.Jay Ming took out his compact piano and Jimmy , Rui Zhen and Hsin Jie played it.Wow , never know they could play piano so well.Some of the other guys played Mah Jong and I chatted with Jay Ming's brother about video games lol.We all agreed to wait for Chong Han Xien before we start the feast but he FORGOT LOL.We were all starved and he forgot about the party , he can't come because theres no transportation available for him.

At 8.00pm we started the feast and its delicious ~ Jay Ming's mom cooked alot of food and seeing her looked so tired touched my heart.Theres Lamb Chops , Salads , Bacon Rolls , Black Peppered Chickens , Toasts , Spaghetti and many many more.We ate and chatted around while listening to Michael Jackson's MV.My lips were covered with sauces and creams from various dishes after finishing the feast.Finger Licking Good ~

After eating , I went to the Mah Jong table and stacked up Mah Jong "cards" or "chips" into a tower lol.Some of my friends went to the computer to surf the net while Jimmy and Rui Zhen played with the compact piano again.I think Jia Cheng took a picture of my tower +_+ .Later Jay Ming mentioned to me about the PS 1 and I jumped to joy but Rui Zhen and Jimmy can't enjoy their piano playing anymore because of me +_+ sorry!!! if you guys are reading this.I played a racing car game I don't really know much of how to play it but I beaten Jay Sern , Jia Cheng and Kee Zhuan in Versus mode matches yeah ~ Later we played Digimon Rumble Arena and I sucked in it , Ron , Jimmy and Jay Ming beaten my arse.I lost every match XD.While we were playing PS 1 , Ron , Jay Sern , Kanchelski , Rui Zhen and Jia Cheng played poker and Ron self proclaimed that he is the "Poker King" lame xD.

Later , I went to sit on the chair for a good rest while watching TV.Jay Sern opened a musical with his DVD player and he forced me to sing along the musical with Karaoke.The lyrics were too slow and I can't follow it LOL.Jay Ming later took out his dance game that uses feet to touch left , right , down and up button , dunno what name was it.But instead of using feet , we used hands to press haha xD.I tried to solo the game but it was too fast and I was too slow.Jay Ming keep putting my teddy on one of the steps I was gonna lay my foot on =.=.We all had fun.

One hour before Happy New Year , I played Mah Jong with Jay Sern , Jia Cheng and Rui Zhen.It was my first time playing Mah Jong and I was nervous about not getting to know how to play the game but lucky I got good friends to teach me how to play the game.Thanks again if you guys are reading this.Its not really hard to play even though I was clueless on what type of Mah Jong we were playing.While we were playing Mah Jong , Jay Ming and the others were fooling around with the webcam haha.

In the middle of the Mah Jong game , Jay Sern opened up some Chinese and English songs.He skipped Chinese songs because he and some others said the Chinese singers are gays or lesbians as excuses lol.10 minutes before Happy New Year , we were all getting ready to the countdown.

10 , 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR.We got high and we started shaking everyone's hand.We got out of the house and try to get a look of fireworks all around Kuala Lumpur but unfortunately we only get to see a little fireworks because the trees were blocking us.We went back and started to drink wine and eat marshmallows , banana and strawberry dipped in hot melted chocolate.Oh ya and the taste of wine , carlsberg and tiger ... I don't like it very much.I wonder why many people likes them.We keep Yam Seng with our drinks and it was very fun seeing everybody so happy.I was forced to drink a cup of Tiger with Jay Sern and see who would be the one to finish it first.I won and I went home after that haha.

Lim Jay Ming thank you for the wonderful night , we all had a unforgetable time.

Ops my pencil is broken , Happy New Year


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Recall

Here I am eating spaghetti and meatballs while writing this blog just trying to recall what I done in my holidays.This school holiday is a fun experience , finally get to go parties haha.But not all things could last forever though ... well you may say love could last forever lol.

What did I do in my holidays ? Definitely not goofing around and sleep on my bed sheet all day long like a retard.Heres the list of things I done in my holidays , I just love to make lists.

1.Only sleep for 6 hours each day , most people sleep to no end during holidays but I only sleep for 6 hours each day because time is precious and I am not gonna waste it all and sleep all day.If I sleep 6 hours each day then I got another 18 hours to do what I wanted to do.But time sure flies when you having FUN ==

2.I finally got time to draw manga since during my study days , I don't have time to tinker around and draw mangas.I also got time to write stories URA !!!

3.I never travel in this holiday though , but I did climb or walk up mountains and taste the fresh air of the mountains.

4.Play video games without my mom saying "PMR IS COMING !!!" ^_^

5.Read alot of manga and watched alot of anime cause I am bored =_=

6.Learn how to open my CPU and actually repair it without going to PC repair shops.

7.Ate alot of fish !!!

8.I am invited to parties , I am so touched T_T

9.Made a gallery of video games I have and teddy bears I own.

10.Spring cleaned my room !!!

11.Downloaded tons of music from the internet.

12.Finally learn how to butterfly swim !!!

13.Got fatter =.=

14.Social circle got wider than before

15.Found a job from a video game store but declined it LOL

Hmm I think thats about it , sorry I can't write much since I am too excited about Jay Ming's New Year Countdown tomorrow.If you don't know who is he then you should know , hes a great guy.

Ops my pencil is broken , COLD HARD CASH

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Video Games ... Good or BAD ?

Ever since the day video games existed , millions of people around the world loved them.But now , video games became addicting and costly.Sure there are free flash games but they are not addicting , I am talking about the ones that need a powerful computer in order to play it and those games that play on PS 3 and Xbox360.Those are the real addicting ones.Online games may seem free but you will need money to upgrade yourself soon.Let's talk about the good side and the bad side k ?


1.Most people play video games because they need to find their true talent.I met a guy once who was very handsome during primary school but when he reached secondary school he changed.He is now obsessed with games and can't go away without them , even shopping outside he would bring a PSP or a NDS to play with it.Imagine if he had a girlfriend.But he always said to me "I was a very useless guy , I am weak in everything.I am good in studies but thats not enough , I gotta find my true talent.I play video games because I am really good at them , I don't care what anyone says."The things he said was true though , he won alot of tournaments and already won almost RM10000 this year.

2.Some games are inspirational and dramatic.Most artist or directors get their best ideas from video games too.This is also a reason why I play video games , to learn more English and to learn how to sculpt a story.My mom always said "Son , why do you like to play video games ?" I always said "It gives me Inspiration".Video games are not things that only focus on VIOLENCE or GUN SHOOTING.I play games that have a great stories and well developed characters.These games are mostly for 20 years old and above but I play them since they have longer dialogs and mature stories , not like other games that are "I SHOOT YOU , YOU SHOOT ME" lame .

3.It gives you something to do when you have free time and not just lying down on your bed sheet and roll over like an idiot.I am in my school holidays now and I have seen 90% of my friends finding jobs or trying to find some event to go like parties , concerts etc.But most of them ended up not finding a job and going to events , instead they mop around.Video games give you challenges in life , it gives you something to do rather then mourning all day long.I research this by looking at friend's status on Facebook.

4.It makes you know your computer well.In Malaysia , many people's computers are not fit for gaming or maybe even surfing the net.When you wanted to play a PC game , you will check for the game's system requirement and when you know that your computer does not have the specs to play them then you would understand your computer.Computers are like people too , they don't do well without good equipments and will slow down in the matter of years.I am very careful of my computer , if somethings wrong I am gonna fix it.

These are the good sides I can think of


1.IF YOU ARE ADDICTED , YOU HAVE NO LIFE.Its true !!! During secondary year 1 , I was addicted to video games.This is common to people who just started to play video games , they would have no self control and keep pressing your face against the screen.I call this the "Addiction Period" , video games are not like smoking.Once you started to smoke you get a little bit of addiction but you can still fight it off but it won't work if you smoke for a long time.But video games , they are different.You will straight away get addicted if you are playing a very interesting game and its hard to fight off without people to help you unless you got a strong mind.During the Addiction Period , I dont go shopping , I dont go parties , I dont go ANYWHERE.Only staring at my computer hours after hours in a dark room all alone.
People usually shunned me away especially girls and that time I tried to fight it off.after months of cold hard battles , I finally got out of hell holes.I managed to balance life and video games.

2.People would call you ... NERD.People with uncountable knowledge of sci-fi and computers are called nerds.In Malaysia , people seldom being called as nerds.Japan has a different view though , they call nerds Otakus.Nerd are not bad , they bring technologies to us and without them we would be still living in the stone age.Take Bill Gates for an instance , without him would you have microsoft ? Don't call people nerds and you should respect them.I know their feelings , when they are called nerds they would feel alone and useless.Don't ever do that to them ...

3.Funds are WOAH.Seriously , you gotta waste alot of money just to upgrade your computer or buy consoles.Each games are expensive too since they were imported from America or China.Prepaid cards used in Online games are expensive too.

4.You lost focus on your studies.when I was in Secondary Year one , I lost interests in my studies and ended up dropping class the next year.But after I got out of the addiction period , I managed to improved my overall studies.Es became Bs and Ds became As.Lost focus on your studies could be a very very bad thing , you would have a bad future or worst ... people look down on you.

These are all the bad things and good things I can think of.SO is playing video games good or bad ? Write in the comments or the chatbox , I want to know your opinions.



Monday, December 28, 2009

My Most Busiest Day EVER

PHEW , I gotta let off that last breath to feel relax.Today is one my most busiest days ever , I done alot of stuffs.Finishing all the stuffs I am doing now is gonna take a hell long time.I am just hoping that I could finish before night falls anyway I am writing this post because I am in my 30 minute break.

I first done a spring cleaning in my computer , deleting any forms of history data or unwanted games.It is very hard to choose which files you want to delete and which one I need because I am afraid that I would regret it.I freed 100GB space from my computer in the end !!! Pretty satisfied.I also fix all registries and clean leftover minor files with my CCcleaner and it worked wonders.My computer's performance increased alot.

Then after spring cleaning my computer , I drew my manga in hopes that it could catch up with my novel's chapter.I already wrote my novel in a book with 13 chapters and 2 chapters on my story blog but my comic only reached to chapter 2.Drawing is harder than writing , keep a note of that.I need to study the landscapes of countries and architecture of buildings worldwide.I am still drawing it right now.

I also reorganized my clothes by color types.I don't have much colorful clothes so I finished this faster than other stuffs.I just realized I got alot of collar shirts and white shirts , is it abit too old ? I clean my room too ... well not much.I also made a gallery of my video games and display them inside my transparent shelf.So everybody could see my achievements.

Well I still gotta clean the insides of my CPU and my speakers.As well as organizing my books , I GOT ALOT OF THEM.Aww Man



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Night Talks - Own Made Story

Oh god , I feel like those guys in the mediacore trying to advertise their stupid ads as I am advertising my stupid novel haha.Hey guys , nothing special today so I am gonna write random topics again.Oh I put a new song in this main blog , it is an OST from a video game I own and it is wonderful don't you agree ? It is a folklore song , very nice.

Oh I almost forgot , I made a new story for you guys to read and it's going to have alot of chapters.I TRIED to make it shorter as I am getting feedbacks from my friends saying the story is too long and they lazy read haha so I am gonna try to make it much shorter and less complex vocabs so you guys could understand.

The novel version of my story is actually more light depth and mystical type of story.While the comic version would be more comedic kind of genre.A girl that could summon a giant teddy bear through her necklace and a boy who is a monk but tricked the monk that he is bald by wearing a bandana , these two are my main characters.Drawings of them would be available anytime soon :(

My chapter 1 has been released and it received some good feedbacks so please try to read it.Every writer or author likes people to read the stories they made , we are expressing ourselves through writtings so gambateh XD.

BORING POST +_+ , ohya my internet gone weird , usually the loading time of me going in a net is about 1 second but it turned to minutes.=_=

Ops my pencil is broken , Heres the link the my story -


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yeong Rui Zhen's Christmas Party

26th December 2009 - I went to Yeong Rui Zhen's Christmas party after being invited during the results day.The funny thing is i was the ONLY one attending her party out of all of her friends.I was shocked as the Jun Liang called off the invitation but that didn't stop me.I can't even believe that all of her friends suddenly no time to come , coincidence or not ?

Well theres actually one guy would come but he thinks that the party is on Monday ... lol you Lawrence xD.Well the first thing I do when I arrived at her party was sitting on the a couch and look around xD.I accidentally called her sister "auntie" as I was confused her as Rui Zhen's mother =_= , I think I upset her.Help me say sorry to her if you are reading this Rui Zhen.

At first if was just some of her sister's friends in the party then suddenly waves after waves of people came in after a few minutes and all of them are Ruizhen's sister's and brother's friends !!! OMG !!! Poor Rui Zhen :( . Dinner was great though , I ate alot of Satays and Shiskebabs.Oh and Kentucky Fried Chicken but I never eat it XD.

After eating , I told Ruizhen to open the Christmas present I gave her.It was doll of a sheep , I can't find any better ones so I gave mine.It is very fluffy and warm , perfect for hugging.I drew some handdrawn sheeps on a piece of paper lol.Most of them sucked XD.After that , we just chatted about random topics.

After a while , Rui Zhen told me to use her computer as the games she prepared won't fit for two persons.I surfed a few webs and read abit of mangas.Suddenly , her father wanted to use her computer to watch football through PPstream.Rui Zhen has two computers , I was using the second computer and she was using the first computer.Her father wanted to use the first computer.I insisted her to use the computer I was using but she denied a few times but finally I convinced her.

Rui Zhen's brother's friends are all hardcore football fans , theres alot of shouting and cheering lol.I don't know why football is so intresting , its boring and I am a boy :D.If you know why is it so interesting please tell me in the comments.Me and Rui Zhen played alot of flash games but we ended up addicted to a spelling game , all the questions in this game were the same.But some of the questions were impossible to solve.

It was 11.30PM and I went home while saying goodbye.Ohya , I was the only one wearing a santa claus hat !!! xD I thought there will be alot ... Oh and those who did not come to her party please explain yourselves xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , Another pencil broken - I had lots of fun don't you worry , I am not bored.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hey it's Christmas everybody , and you know what that means.Its time for a big celebration and some roast suckling pigs.Christmas is my favourite festival of all festivals even though I am not christian.The reason why I like Christmas is because it gives you a snowing feeling that I like very much , and I also like the Christmas's feast !!! The decorations are much more prettier and colourful.Whats best of all is the spirit of Christmas , you do not need decorations or carol to have Christmas but most importantly you must have the Christmas Spirit.Going back to your hometown and visit your parents or relatives , just having fun in front of the fire while drinking hot chocolate ...

Well you may now noticed I just put a Christmas song on my blog.I was wanting to change my layout to a new Christmas theme layout but I got too much gadgets to put back if I really changed it.Well I have a Christmas short story for you guys , hope you guys would enjoy it.

Every year theres Christmas , families would enjoy themselves with their own relatives in their own warm home with a Christmas tree in the living room.But allot of people can't do this ...

In the year 2008 , the US war against Iraq has gotten alot of more worse.Alot of personnel from US died from nuclear bombs being used by the Iraq insurgents.After a few months , the president of US announced that he started to use his every effort to end this war and most importantly before Christmas.

Somewhere in Seattle , a old woman named Tina is sitting in front of her phone listening to the recording sent by his son named Josh.Josh was a soldier fighting in the Iraq war , every year he never ever celebrate Christmas with his mom.It would just be the same thing over and over again "I going to a friend's party mom sorry" or "I got work to do mom sorry".Tina was always alone while celebrating christmas , she gotten alot of presents from Josh but she don't want those presents at the first place.All she want is to celebrate Christmas with her one and only son.

Two weeks before Christmas , Josh single handed destroyed a whole base of equipment by the Iraq Insurgents.He was later promoted into the special forces unit the Task Force 141.He was later sent into a mission to assinate one of the Iraq Insurgents' leaders.It was tough but not for the Task Force 141...

One night , as Josh and his partner were camping near the location of operation.They talked about Christmas , his partner named Parker was eagerer to go back home and celebrate with his family.After hearing Parker talking about how fun Christmas is when celebrating with families , Josh remembered that he never ever celebrated christmas with his mom before since 5 years old...30 years of not celebrating Christmas with his mother.He promised to celebrate with her this time.

The day before Christmas , he and his partner successfully assasinated the leader but were chased down by the Iraq Insurgents.They were pinned down in the forests and can't get out until reinforcements set in.But the reinforcements can only arrive the day after Christmas , Josh and Parker were desperate and tired.Christmas day ... the Iraq Insurgents dropped a napalm bomb in the forests and burned Josh and Parker alive.Before he died , he told the Colonel to take his audio logs hidden under the dirt nearby him.

Back in Seattle , Tina was sitting infront of the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate while rocking on her favourite nicely carved chair.Suddenly , she saw a picture of her son celebrating Christmas dropped down from the shelf and broke.As she was about to pick it up , the doorbell ringed.She opened the door and was shocked to see the colonel commanding the Task Force 141 telling her the bad news.The colonel said "Your son died on service for the army of the country madam , I am sorry...He wanted you to have these recordings...Merry Christmas." Then he walked away to his car and drove off.

"Audio Log 413 - Date 24 December 2008 - Hey mom it's me Josh , I just wanted to tell you that its been long time no I mean long years since I celebrated Christmas with you.Well...thats gonna change now , I will be there with you during Christmas mom I promise.Once this mission is over , I will be there to celebrate Christmas with you.You have my word."

"Audio Log 414 - Date 25 December 2008 - Hi mom , I am sorry that I can't come.The flight been canceled but I will still celebrate Christmas with you mom , lets sing a song together mom.We wish you have a merry Christmas , we wish you have a merry Christmas and have a happy new year.Hahaha [Bomb Sound] .....[Static]."

Tina tried not to cry ... but she can't.She cried alot while holding the picture of her son ... celebrating Christmas and hugging his mom tightly...At last , Tina finally got a chance to celebrate Christmas even though he got a little bit late.

by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

I hope you enjoy the story and have a happy new year. :D

Ops my pencil is broken , SNOW


Thursday, December 24, 2009

PMR Exam Results (REPORTED)

Hey guys guess what ? I got my PMR results but I never get the paper slip since the teacher said I forgot to pay the class fee and only next year she give me only I pay her back =_= lame huh ? By the way , heres my bad results.(Should had focus on other subjects too)

English A (xD)
Math A (YEAH)
Science A (YEAH)
Geografi B (Dam one more correct I get A T_T)
Sejarah C (MY weakest subject)
KH B (lol I don't really care this subject)
BM B (wow my BM got B 0_0)

I am 80% satisfy with my results since I scored A in the subjects that I wanted to get As.20% unsatisfied because of the freaking Geografi almost A.Sejarah I before PMR already knew won't get a B or A.KH I don't care xD , BM I really shocked I got a B LOL.The Paper 1 of BM is damn hella hard.Looks like my Karangan saved my life =D.URA

Today 9.30am , I went to school to get results of PMR and I was really shaken and excited to get my results.I was not the only one though , alot of people felt the same way.They say 10am can get results is a blasphemy , we waited until around 12pm only let us see results.Damn slow man ~ Other schools got their results before us.

After knowing our results , I followed a bunch of friends to a local cafe called Homecafe or isit Towncafe forgot....You know teenagers , once they got away from their stress they will get HIGH.We ordered foods and after we finished we played a block tower game forgot what name.You must slowly take out each block and never let it fall down EVER.IF you do , you get punished by TRUTH OR DARE muahahahaha.I ended up making the tower fell and I done a Michael Jackson dance.(Put your hand under the part and twist your body up and down).After alot of rounds , here are the results on how many times the tower fell.

Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee - 2 times ==
Chong Han Xien - 1 Time
Jessie Ng Jia Cheng - None
Lim Jay Ming - 1 time
Lim Hsin Jie - 1 time
Sherilyn Jun - 1 time
Ron Chi Qi Wynn - 1 time

Wow I am one unlucky fellow =_=.

Ohya ,the people I know who got straight As are Lim Jay Ming , Jessie Ng Jia Cheng , Ron Chi Qi Wynn and Teoh Kee Zhuan.Others forgot...Oh before I stop writting , I am honoured to meet a fellow dedicated blog writer in person. (Sherilyn Jun)



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PMR Exam Results (Unreported)

After all those days weeks and months , PMR results are finally on the brink for students.This year's PMR candidates are either gonna be a lucky that the requirement for As are lower or unlucky that the requirement for As are higher.Damn I hope we are lukcy this year.Even though PMR is just a small step towards your life but it still helps you alot in next year's class.Especially for me since I never pay much attention the trial exam since I know they only pay attention to the PMR results but my school is different +_+.My school let us choose first before holiday and depends on our trial exam for our next year's class but you could change your class into a better class by using PMR results too.

So I better steel myself up before tomorrow's PMR exam results.All I know is that my 3 english subjects are a sure A , Geo has a 70% chance A , Sejarah does not have a chance to get A lol , BM dunno and KH has 60% chance to get A.I never took Chinese.Those 3 english subjects must A since I am choosing the Science Class next year.If I don't , I am off with NUMBERS class lol.Too many numbers make my brain hurt +_+.Well its too late to say that now xD.

So whats your hypothesis on how many As you will get ? Write it in the comments if you want me to know.

Ops , My pencil is broken - All I know is I can't get FULL As xD because my BM is super weak T-T.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar Movie Review

December 20th 2009 was the day me and my friends went to watch Avatar by James Cameron in KLCC's cinema.We were not watching the premiere and definitely not the 3D version because the 3D version was not available that day.I was really excited like a girl seeing one of the korean pop stars.This is a movie that sets James Cameron's imaginative world run wild , Titanic was also one of his masterpieces.Do not judge the movie until you watch it , it is truly remarkable and spectacular.

In AD 2154,[17] a human corporation mines Pandora, the lush, low gravity moon of Polyphemus, one of three gas giants that orbit Alpha Centauri A,[17] 4.4 light years from Earth. The humans seek to exploit Pandora's reserves of a precious mineral called unobtanium. Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the head of the mining operation, employs former marines and soldiers as mercenaries.

Pandora is inhabited by an indigenous paleolithic species of sapient humanoids called the Na'vi. Standing nine feet (2.74 m) tall, with tails, bones reinforced with naturally occurring carbon fiber, and bioluminescent blue skin, the Na'vi live in harmony with the natural world, and are considered primitive by human standards. They worship a mother goddess called Eywa.

Humans are unable to breathe Pandora's atmosphere, which is rich in carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia,[18] and peaceful interaction with the Na'vi is difficult. Human researchers led by Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) create the Avatar Program, genetically engineering human-Na'vi hybrids. A human who shares genetic material with an avatar is mentally linked to it, allowing them to control it while their own body 'sleeps'. These avatars cost millions to produce and link, so gaining access to one is difficult. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a former Marine who was paralyzed below the waist in combat on Earth. His twin brother, Thomas, was a scientist working in the Avatar Program; when Thomas is killed, Jake takes his brother's place because he is compatible with his brother's avatar. Dr. Augustine is less than happy about Jake being there, as his brother had a doctorate and years of training to participate in the program. In contrast, Jake has no knowledge of Na'vi culture and has never used an avatar. The research team lets him go through with the program, having him act as security detail rather than a scientist.

Jake's first assignment is to escort Dr. Augustine and a biologist named Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore) through the hostile jungle. The group is attacked by a thanator, a large predator, and Jake becomes separated from the others, forcing them to leave him behind for the night. Jake attempts to survive in his avatar body, fending off dangerous creatures. This attracts the attention of a female Na'vi named Neytiri (Zoë Saldaña) who rescues Jake. Although, at first, she is troubled by Jake's recklessness, she sees a sign from Eywa when small, pure spiritual creatures are attracted to him. She takes him to the Na'vi Hometree, the spiritual and geographical home of her clan. The Na'vi decide to teach Jake about their culture.

Jake is ordered by Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) on a diplomatic mission to obtain the trust of the Na'vi clan and is given three months to convince them to abandon their Hometree, which sits above a large deposit of unobtanium. As Jake learns the way of the Na'vi, he gradually finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth and a newfound love for his adopted home and people. As part of the initiation into the tribe, Jake must tame a flying creature known as a Banshee, which he does successfully. While flying with Neytiri, they are attacked by a Toruk, a formidable and revered winged creature and the largest on Pandora. Neytiri explains that only five Na'vi have successfully tamed and bonded with the Toruk, only in times of great need, and that those who bond with it can unite all Na'vi clans and lead them into battle.

Jake is successfully initiated into the tribe after passing the Omaticaya rites of passage to become a Man. Neytiri and Jake choose each other as mates, much to the jealousy of Tsu'Tey (Laz Alonso), heir to the chieftainship of the tribe who was originally chosen as Neytiri's mate. Jake keeps silent on the human's plans to use force if the Na'vi will not leave peacefully, but when the deadline runs out, a bulldozing machine comes to begin destruction and almost kills Jake and Neytiri. He saves them both by destroying the camera and remote control signals on the machine. After confirming his identity and betrayal using the camera footage, Quaritch rips Jake from his avatar mid-transmission. Jake asks for more time to convince the Na'vi to leave, but Quaritch reveals a vlog where Jake says that the Na'vi will never leave, and Selfridge orders an assault on Hometree.

Jake pleads for another chance to convince them to leave and is given one hour by Selfridge. When he reveals his mission to the Na'vi, they feel betrayed by him and they leave him for dead when the hour runs out. The human forces arrive and destroy the Hometree resulting in the death of Eytucan (Wes Studi), the tribe's chief and Neytiri's father. Jake and his compatriots are forcibly disconnected from their avatar interfaces and detained to prevent further betrayal. Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez), one of the pilots who is disgusted by the violence, breaks the prisoners out, but Grace is critically shot and wounded by Quaritch during the escape. Deciding there is only one way that the Na'vi will listen to him, Jake tames the Toruk, earning back the respect of the Na'vi. He pleads with Mo'at (C. C. H. Pounder), the spiritual leader of the Na'vi, to heal Grace with the help of Eywa. They attempt to transplant her soul into her avatar at the Tree of Souls. Grace dies from her injuries, but shortly before death, reports that she sees the goddess, Eywa, and that she is real.

Jake stirs the Na'vi to war with the assistance of Neytiri and Tsu'Tey, now the newly appointed chief of the clan. Jake assembles thousands of Na'vi from other tribes to battle the human forces. Colonel Quaritch, seeing that the Na'vi are growing in numbers, orders a preemptive attack to destroy the Tree of Souls, the center of Na'vi religion and culture. If the humans destroy it the Na'vi will be too demoralized to resist their conquest of Pandora. Jake goes to the Tree of Souls and prays to Eywa to intercede on behalf of the Na'vi in the battle, despite Neytiri's insistence that Eywa usually remains neutral.

As the battle begins, the Na'vi put up a formidable defense under Jake's leadership, but take heavy casualties, including Tsu'Tey, Trudy, and Norm's avatar. When all hope seems lost, the Pandoran wildlife suddenly launch a mass attack, overwhelming the humans. Neytiri interprets this as Eywa answering Jake's prayer. Colonel Quaritch orders the Tree of Souls bombed, but Jake destroys the bombing shuttle before the explosive is launched.

Quaritch's gunship is destroyed, but he manages to escape in his AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suit. As he proceeds to the Tree of Souls in order to destroy it, he finds the Avatar interface field pod Jake's compatriots had moved and decides to assault it to kill the human Jake. Neytiri, who was riding on a Thanator and Jake's avatar arrive to defeat him, but not before the pod sustains serious damage, exposing Jake to Pandora's toxic atmosphere. Neytiri kills Quaritch and saves Jake, seeing his human form for the first time. They then express their love for each other.

Defeated, the humans are forced to leave Pandora, while Jake and his friends are allowed to remain. As the humans leave, Jake is seen wearing the insignia of the Omaticaya clan leader. The film ends with Jake's soul being transplanted from his human body to his Na'vi avatar at the Tree of Souls; his breathing mask is removed from his human body, indicating that the action is a permanent transfer of his consciousness.

Nice Things In The Movie -
Visual Effects
The visual effects are stunning and beautiful , it shows that the world of Pandora has it's dangers and beauty.Plants and insects glowing in the nights and clear blue water streaming through the river.Predatory animals that controls the balance of the food chain.Spiritual trees with myths beyond thousands of years.Ok enough , its just that the Graphics and CGI are AMAZING.

Good Storyline
Unlike Transformers 2 and other bad parodies or sequels.Avatar has a good storyline with character development.A must watch story.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna

Creatures and plants of Pandora are strange yet seems to pull you in to live with them forever and avoiding the pollutions of Earth.

Positive Religion
The Navi's Religion is pure and cleansing.They believe that everything has a life and they could bond with them.YEAH no cults.

and many many more

Flaws of the movie -
Not much flaws to talk about , dialouges stink sometimes but still good.

I GAVE IT A 10/10 xD Seriously you must watch this show , very very nice.

This is the only movie that could beat Transformers 2 Fanboy fave this year in 2009 and it will be the best of 20009 or maybe the DECADE.

Ops my pencil is broken - Cheers


Monday, December 21, 2009

Chong Han Xien's Open House Party

December 19th was the day I went to my friend's open house party ,I was always waiting for this day before it even started.When me and my dad arrived at his neighbourhood and we are awed by the big houses and exquisite designs.The only bad side is , theres a plot of forests behind the neighbourhood.Bugs could easily go inside your house without noticing.

When I found his house , I was found standing infront of alot of people hogging the buffet and chatting loudly.I was clueless of the whereabouts of my friends , luckily my friend's father found me and told me they were upstairs.

I walked through the living room and its much prettier than the exterior.Its just like any other fancy houses , good furniture and great lighting.But the whole house is almost in white haha , good idea if you ask me.When I arrived at the second floor I was greeted by my friends but I think I just rudely ignored them +_+ , since I am shy.SORRY !!! oh and I gave Jay Ming a copy of my MapleStory file.

There are 6 friends attended the party ,Me , Lim Jay Ming , Tan Jun Liang , Ng Jia Cheng , Lim Hsin Jie and Yeong Rui Zhen.Tan Jun Liang was once a student in my school but he was tranferred to another school because his house is much much nearby.After a few minutes , we went down and eat dinner from the buffet but the food aren't my type.Most of the foods are malay foods , those all spicy kinds.I found a table and we ended up sitting together at the same table.We chatted blah blah blah , lol nothing much.

We went up to Han Xien's room and some of us ended up lying down on the Han Xien's bed.I was not the first xD , I asked my friend "Hey you won't feel rude ?".But I still ended up lying down on his bed.Its sooo comfortable , its like I am lying down on a cloud while its winter since the air conditioner is damn cold.

After a few minutes , we started a photo montage.Taking photos and whatnot with handphones and cameras.The last photo was a gathering photo , I posed as a meditating spiritual leader XD.After the photo montage my friends were playing gamble with cards while I read Doraemon Comics LOL.I dont know how to gamble so I stayed out of it.Oh and we never use Money !!!

After gambling with cards (WITHOUT USING MONEY) , Han Xien invited us to play WII.This is my second time playing WII and I lost to Jun Liang and Han Xien badly.Looks like I better stick to mouse and keyboard haha.We played Super Mario Kart and WII Badminton.Fun times fun times.Oh and a little girl bumped into me cause I blocked her way haha.

Its time for Han Xien's relatives to play WII so we went back to Han Xien's room and we were very thirsty.I volunteered to grab some drinks so they ordered me to get 3 cans of Carlsberg and two cans of 100 Plus.When I arrived at the kitchen , I found none 100 Plus so I substituted it with Coke and my friends are fine with it.

Its almost time to leave , I called my dad to fetch me and Jun Liang home.Before we leave , we went down to the living room to eat some leftovers xD.Me and Rui Zhen finished the cold satays along with the cucumber slices around the satay.I hate the onions blek.Jia Cheng ate the yellow rice but never finished it LOL.I found some masks on the table and played with it xD.

Atlas , its time for me fare thee well , I went home with Jun Liang by my side and greeted goodbye to Han Xien and the others.

Ops , My pencil is broken - Goodnight everybody


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Reasons Why You Must Learn How to Swim

70% above of the Earth is covered with water or H2O.Even until now , scientists only explored not even a quarter of the sea.Different species of marine animals are waiting to be found.

I love swimming , its great for the body and its the only sport that I am actually good in.(4 years ago) I always wonder why my mom taught me to swim , my mom hired a swim teacher and taught me everything I know.But I am only 90% done of my lesson , the teacher moved so I ended up trying to figure out the Butterfly Move.By that time , I am always wondering why did my mom wanted me to learn how to swim.One month later , my father bringed me to Pulau Redang.I was gonna swim in the middle of the deep blue sea ~ Well not that deep actually , its like double the height of my actual swimming pool.I figured that I would drown but I didn't , Hooray XD.I am actually swimming in the middle of the ocean , I was like "WOAH" back then xD.But my mom can't swim , so thats the reason why she wanted us to swim.In case of an emergency or travel.

Well I never said that swimming is actually necessary but its good so you gotta try it out.By swimming I mean moving through the water without your feet touching the cold ground not just dipping in the pool and play dead.But heres the reasons why we gotta learn how to swim.

1.In case you are in the middle of the ocean and its an emergency like a boat crashed or plane crased.You could float on the water to wait for rescuers or swim to a nearby island and dance with the locals.Just make sure the jellyfishes and sharks don't get you.

2.2012 is coming , I don't believe it but this is for the nutsie dasies people out there.The ice would melt and the world would be covered with water so with swimming abilities you can survive much longer ...

3.You won't get embarass and you can impress the ladies or girls or old women...(Cough Cough).Old man swimming to impress old women ... wow

4.Skinny deeping !!! lol I was just joking , nobody would do that I think...

5.When someone is drowning and needs your help.You could dive in and save him or her , this usually starts a romance scene XD.

Well these are the reasons why we gotta learn how to swim.Salty water...

Ops my pencil is broken - Freaking conditioner where are you ?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going Back

I remember the time when I was primary school I keep on drawing comics or manga just to fill in the boring times during school.But after I graduated from Standard 6 , I started to slowly slowly forgot about drawing and started to laze off.But this holiday , because of the boredom I started to go back to my old self again and started drawing comics.

I first started drawing comics during I was at primary school , I saw one of my friends named Yap Wai Chow drawing comics since he is a major anime fan and what nots that are related to Japan.I asked him what is he doing and he replied me that he is drawing comics to pass the time and he is trying to make his comic the famous.He pestered me to help him draw and become his partner , so I helped him.

After a month of helping , I told him I want to quit and make my own comic.He agreed and told me to be his partner but not helping him draw his comic but drawing comic together.We started to draw alot and we drew comics for 2 years together and when I reached standard 6 , Chong Han Xien started to join us drawing comics.He said he wanted to draw too and pass free time.And the three man team started to be formed.

I created three comics during my primary time , they are 小明漫畫 , Clam Boy and Pokepet.Xiao Ming Man Hua was a combination of Dragon Ball and During Princess , its about a prodigy boy trying to find all legendary magic balls that contain magics that could destroy the world if the magics are fallen into the wrong hand.It was my longest comic and my most proud one.Clam Boy is two short chapters about a Clam trying to get along with a fish.Pokepet was influenced by Pokemon , obvious right ? I created 151 pokepets in a big paper.But I never completed this series.My drawings during those times are childish and humans have no necks.HAHA

My new comic is Choice , a story about a boy monk who was bored of the real world.He was once an adventurer's son , his father taught him alot during the time they traveled.But an incident happened and the boy ended up being a boy monk in a temple.He is a stubborn fellow who does not give up easily , he has hair but he lied the monk that he has a scar on his and covered it with a bandana.He does not wish to shave all his hair so he covered up his head with a bandana.I can't say more since I would spoil you guys.I would post my comic in Facebook everytime I finished a chapter.

Ops , My pencil is broken !!!! DRAW


Friday, December 4, 2009

Like a Moth to a Flame

Ever seen a moth ? Ever seen a flame ? Then ever seen a moth to a flame ? Moths are like butterflies but they are more ugly and most come out at night time in search of food and most importantly LIGHT.They like no LOVE lights , don't know why.I never actually know why they like light maybe I should google it.

Ok , this is not a documentary about moths !!! I wrote this because I seen alot of moths recently , almost everyday , maybe its moth season hmmmm...Anyways , I seen alot of moths recently.One time when I was about to go out in the morning , when I open the door I saw one moth nestling in of my shoes.ITS VERY BIG , kinda looks like a monster lol.The next thing I remember is kicking the shoe and the moth flew over me and escaped.When it was gone , I found some powder on my hair and if was the moth was spraying or dropping powder or shit... lol

I only seen once a moth in broad daylight.When I was helping my friends painting the wall at the entrance of the school , one part of us went to wash the brushes and I followed as I wanted to rest and sit down.We saw a moth and it was in the ditch we use to wash the brush , no we did not use the ditch's water we use the hose nearby.The moth was inside the ditch as it was sleeping or resting.One my friends shoot water on it and it started to fly away.WOW , its wings are waterproof ? Anyway , Lets sue my friend for moth abuse xD just kidding.

Ops , My PENCIL IS BROKEN - NO MORE MOTHS PLEASE , they freak me out...sometimes....


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Shhhh , I am telling you a secret about secret please don't tell anyone.Hey everybody has secrets , those who do not have any secrets are not human.Secrets are something that should not be told except your most closest , trustable and loyal friends.Oh , therapist knows many alot of secrets since many people open their hearts to them.

I want to ask something though , do you guys tried to know someone's secret.Like sneaking into his house and put a hidden video camera , eh wait thats illegal LOL.What about trying to hear somebody's conversation and steal their mail xD.

I once tried to know somebody's secret during primary years by stalking him all day long.I ended up injured myself by doing something foolish.He went into the restroom , the restroom in my primary school is like any other public restroom , it has multiple rooms and theres a pottie inside each and every one of them.My friend was talking with another student inside one of the rooms while I went inside the one beside them.I climbed up and tried to peek what are they doing but ended up falling down and hurt my buttocks +_+.Can't walk and sit properly ...

My friend later knew about my intentions and laugh at me.He said he was just smuggling some Pokemon cards for a smuggling the right word ? Nevermind.I should have not stalking my friend , my buttocks reminded me that xD.

So don't try knowing your friend's secrets but ... sometimes the temptations would get over you +_+ .You would feel that you are being left out because your friends never told you their secrets.Oh and try to keep your secret a secret or it won't be called a secret LOL.

Ops my Pencil is broken , SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.