Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Mario Thursday

~Ding...another night you came to talk with me~

21 January Thursday - Hi guys , good day and good night , I don't know what time you are reading this right now but all I know is you are reading this right now.

Haiz , Its sad I am bad at sports.I am not the sports kind of guy , I even hate football.Most boys would say , I LOVE FOOTBALL but I would say ok lo.My father would spend his night by watching football on TV , I wonder why is it so interesting.Let me know if you know.But seeing people enjoying sports really makes me sad since I can't play any sports perfectly well except for swimming lol.

My friends would say go to sports Hwa Ee , it would make you become even more fitter and stronger.I declined , I better stick to exercising.You know why am I talking about this ? Today PJK was really boring , I never do anything related to sports today.I only run and walk around the school compound.There are no swimming pools in my school.Sad =(

Oh ya guys , my little brother made a Facebook account.Here it is ,

He finally made a Facebook account , I told him to make it a thousand times.But now he finally made a Facebook account.My brother is a freak , I can only say this.He is more mature than most people his age.He is quite intelligent and handsome too , my mom's friends always say that my brother is more handsome.And of course , he likes games but don't think his results are bad.The only subject he didn't get A is Chinese.

Let me tell you guys something , in primary my brother had two admirers but I think he was not interested since he got a little lady in his eyes too xD.But he gave up now since she went to another secondary school.Oh ya my brother is Form 1 now ~

I should bring him along when I go to parties next time.

I am tired , I will stop here.

Ops , my pencil is broken.Hmm I wonder how Lady Gaga got all that ideas of creativity.I guess I will never know ~


"Remember to close the door when you leave"

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