Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lim Jay Ming's New Year Countdown Party

December 31 Thursday - What was that day all about again ? Its Happy New Year's eve man and every Happy New Year's eve must have COUNTDOWN PARTIES.Its like a tradition and this year I went to Lim jay Ming's countdown party.Let the party began...

It was 7.00pm when I was got there , well not really 7.00pm but maybe about 7.15pm.The first thing happened when I got there was being greeted by my friends.They are Lim Jay Ming , Lim Hsin Jie , Ng Jia Cheng , Yeong Rui Zhen , Ron Chin Qi Wynn , Kanchelski , Jimmy See , Teoh Kee Zhuan , Me and Teddy.Yes I bring my teddy bear to the party and everyone seems to want to get their hands on it especially Jay Ming's big brother lol.Jay Sern called it the "Lucky Bear" lol.

The fruit punch was very nice , its like a mixture of lemon + orange + mango + alcohol.I don't know the fruit punch's name , maybe its pineapple or mimosa I dunno.Jay Ming took out his compact piano and Jimmy , Rui Zhen and Hsin Jie played it.Wow , never know they could play piano so well.Some of the other guys played Mah Jong and I chatted with Jay Ming's brother about video games lol.We all agreed to wait for Chong Han Xien before we start the feast but he FORGOT LOL.We were all starved and he forgot about the party , he can't come because theres no transportation available for him.

At 8.00pm we started the feast and its delicious ~ Jay Ming's mom cooked alot of food and seeing her looked so tired touched my heart.Theres Lamb Chops , Salads , Bacon Rolls , Black Peppered Chickens , Toasts , Spaghetti and many many more.We ate and chatted around while listening to Michael Jackson's MV.My lips were covered with sauces and creams from various dishes after finishing the feast.Finger Licking Good ~

After eating , I went to the Mah Jong table and stacked up Mah Jong "cards" or "chips" into a tower lol.Some of my friends went to the computer to surf the net while Jimmy and Rui Zhen played with the compact piano again.I think Jia Cheng took a picture of my tower +_+ .Later Jay Ming mentioned to me about the PS 1 and I jumped to joy but Rui Zhen and Jimmy can't enjoy their piano playing anymore because of me +_+ sorry!!! if you guys are reading this.I played a racing car game I don't really know much of how to play it but I beaten Jay Sern , Jia Cheng and Kee Zhuan in Versus mode matches yeah ~ Later we played Digimon Rumble Arena and I sucked in it , Ron , Jimmy and Jay Ming beaten my arse.I lost every match XD.While we were playing PS 1 , Ron , Jay Sern , Kanchelski , Rui Zhen and Jia Cheng played poker and Ron self proclaimed that he is the "Poker King" lame xD.

Later , I went to sit on the chair for a good rest while watching TV.Jay Sern opened a musical with his DVD player and he forced me to sing along the musical with Karaoke.The lyrics were too slow and I can't follow it LOL.Jay Ming later took out his dance game that uses feet to touch left , right , down and up button , dunno what name was it.But instead of using feet , we used hands to press haha xD.I tried to solo the game but it was too fast and I was too slow.Jay Ming keep putting my teddy on one of the steps I was gonna lay my foot on =.=.We all had fun.

One hour before Happy New Year , I played Mah Jong with Jay Sern , Jia Cheng and Rui Zhen.It was my first time playing Mah Jong and I was nervous about not getting to know how to play the game but lucky I got good friends to teach me how to play the game.Thanks again if you guys are reading this.Its not really hard to play even though I was clueless on what type of Mah Jong we were playing.While we were playing Mah Jong , Jay Ming and the others were fooling around with the webcam haha.

In the middle of the Mah Jong game , Jay Sern opened up some Chinese and English songs.He skipped Chinese songs because he and some others said the Chinese singers are gays or lesbians as excuses lol.10 minutes before Happy New Year , we were all getting ready to the countdown.

10 , 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR.We got high and we started shaking everyone's hand.We got out of the house and try to get a look of fireworks all around Kuala Lumpur but unfortunately we only get to see a little fireworks because the trees were blocking us.We went back and started to drink wine and eat marshmallows , banana and strawberry dipped in hot melted chocolate.Oh ya and the taste of wine , carlsberg and tiger ... I don't like it very much.I wonder why many people likes them.We keep Yam Seng with our drinks and it was very fun seeing everybody so happy.I was forced to drink a cup of Tiger with Jay Sern and see who would be the one to finish it first.I won and I went home after that haha.

Lim Jay Ming thank you for the wonderful night , we all had a unforgetable time.

Ops my pencil is broken , Happy New Year



  1. YAM SENG!!!

  2. wow, i like u all's paty too ..
    really fun after read tis ~