Friday, January 15, 2010

Watermelonish Friday

15 January Friday - Watermelon , my favourite fruits of all time !!!

How many hours of torture should I endure !!! No seriously how many ? Today's chemistry was how do I put this ? Err Boring.Today morning I started with a silent treatment , I don't want too talk much considering ... never mind.I was saving a seat for Han Xien but he did not came.I later found out he was sitting in the front all along and he was caught along with Foong and Shawn for not wearing their ties on Friday.

Chemistry was hell.The teacher kept on talking and talking about easy lessons if it were hard lessons then I don't want to know what will happen next.Shawn kept calling us to beat his back in order to keep him awake.While me and Han Xien mourn to our deaths.Before Chemistry , I was thinking to be more spirited and listen to teacher's every word but I ended up getting sleepy again.Damn the teacher was too good haha , 0_0.

BM was fun , maybe its because the karangan we were writing was my favourite topic - PENCEMARAN AIR xD.It was easy for me , I wrote 126 words for the first pendahuluan haha but I never wrote the others since teacher only wanted us to write pendahuluan.Before recess , I smelled a strange odour from Han Xien and it was the same smell as Jia Hui's.Sometimes I remember the smell of people in order to regconize them if I am blind or something bad happened...I know almost all of my friend's body odour.Some was fresh while some stinks with sweat.I know I am disgusting.After much explanation , the smell actually came from Han Xien's hand and it was actually the smell of saliva.So...Does that mean Jia Hui's body is filled with SALIVA ??? -_-

Moral class , teacher told us to form another team again to discuss about why do parents abandoned their babies.In our team , there was Me , Han Xien , Yee Ying and Grace.A perfect team ??? Dunno.Since Han Xien always called Yee Ying as Porn Queen , we acted like royal people talking in the royal palace.We wrote alot of reasons and they planned to send me out to present for them.I told them to write "We should Ban sex" but they won't let me =( ( I WAS JOKING ) I wanted ppl to laugh lol and they did xD.Since the question was how do we prevent parents from abandoning their child.BUT teacher told us at the last minute that the presentation was postponed to next week.


LOL our physic teacher was awesome xD.He was very funny , almost everytime he spoke in a particular way we laughed.Han Xien went in and went out in the middle of class.Me and Jay were curious why he left but it looks like he was having a headache.So he skipped the whole tuition that day.Math class was stuffy and crowdy since theres not enough chairs for the whole class.

Now I am back home , waiting for someone.

Tomorrow theres gonna be a short story named - Baby On The Clouds

Ops my pencil is broken , I just love teddy bears 0_0


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