Saturday, January 9, 2010

Helicopter Saturday

January 9th Saturday - One by one , each day ends but one by one problems are surfacing.I gotten news yesterday that 3 churches in Malaysia has been fire bombed over the allah word controversy.It seems that the attackers or protestors were using molotov cocktails and incinerate objects to destroy the churches.Some witnesses reported that they saw 4 men on motorcycles threw the molotov into the church and drived off.I am not trying to be racist here but this must be put to a stop.Malaysia is a peaceful multiracial country and the age of religion fight religion is over.This is a developed society now and we have brains not brawns.If this keeps on happening , this may start a civil war or riots.Start a protests because non-muslims said the word "Allah" ? Seriously , either they have nothing to do or just trying to piss off the government.Pointless ... just very pointless.Hope those bastards burn in hell.

Enough with the politics and on the weird stuffs encountered.Today morning , some freak show just happened to my body.Theres yellow foam came out of my butt , I immediately went to the toilet and wipe my butt.It has no stink and I feel no pain when this yellow foam came out.I went to check online and my stomach is having a flu.I was like "WOW , theres stomach flu ?" , I think its intestine juice or maybe stomach juice ? No matter what , its freaking gross.YUCK

Today , I have a sad mood.Thats why I kept on finding happy songs.BUT most songs I know are freaking sad and emo songs that make you want to facedesk.So I consult help from a friend on MSN and she introduced me some nice korean songs.Its "Way To GO by SNSD" and "Happy by Super Juniors".The SNSD one is much better , I am posted it on my blog check it out and don't mute your speakers.


Ops my pencil is broken , I am not racist , I am just expressing my feelings over this matter.