Monday, May 31, 2010

Military Week : Predator Drones

"Predator Drones"

31 May Monday - Arh , good old drones.

Since the holidays are coming and I predicted that this week would be a boring one except for Friday and maybe Saturday.Friday , theres teacher's day , a surprise function and I am being invited as a partner in crime with my friend to a gathering party of his.He told me that he is going to introduce me every single one of his friends in that gathering.I like meeting new people , helps building my social circle.That surprise function shall remain being a confidential case period , no one shall know what it is until that faithful day arrives.

Predator Drones

Note , I am not an expert in this , I am just introducing you this high tech marvel.Predator Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) made by General Atomics , some kind of private company in the United States.They are mainly used in reconnaissance missions and forward observe role.Meaningly , they are adept in scouting and locating enemies in a specific locations.It sometimes kills the enemies when they are found with AGM-144 Hellfire Missiles.Its a powerful ordanance , don't underestimate it.

Each units of Predator Drones cost about 4.5 million dollars.So , losing one of these babies is a mind blowing case for you and me.Being an unmanned vehicle , there is nobody inside one of these.But there are operators in air bases operating it's system from a safe distance.They gotta be extra careful not to let Anti-Aircraft systems to spot them , it would be bye bye after it got caught on radar.The aircraft is equipped with the AN/AAS-52 Multi-spectral Targeting System, a color nose camera (generally used by the pilot for flight control), a variable aperture day-TV camera, and a variable aperture infrared camera (for low light/night).I copied the last sentence from wikipedia.In English , this means that the predator drone has a special camera that lets you see in almost any condition.But it certainly does not suit Youtube.

Each predator drones has a laser guidance system.It helps the predator drones to target their victims by laser guiding and targeting.The predator drones could also use it to help identify targets for other aircrafts.During the Iraq War , Iraq soldiers would use rockets to blast US's military bases in the field.Note : I am not siding with the US or Iraq , I am just stating facts.Predator Drones were used widely to locate these rocket launch units in Iraq in order to prevent more rocket blastings.These rockets may contain chemical and biological warheads or worst.

The predator drones now are used by forces of Italy , Turkey , United Kingdom and USA.I hope Malaysia could have a chance to use one of these.I doubt we got the funds and trainings to do so lol.Predator Drones are truly death in the sky.

Heres a few videos regarding to predator drones.

Click this link to learn more ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Boom Zabeh


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Physic's Teacher Wedding


May 30 Sunday - I like this photo

Hey guys , whats up.Yesterday I went to my physic's teacher wedding in Sri Langkawi , I think it is a DBKL housing area , well thats what my friends told me.The ceremony was held during the morning , a hot one in fact.Shawn and Yap came to my house at 11am , we started to go to the ceremony by 12pm.My dad fetched us while he went to work afterwards.We kinda got lost around the area at first but we managed to found the place by asking a local.

The place was huge , the whole party function thing was grand.Theres food , drinks , singers , bands and other stuffs going on over there.We found Jay hanging with Nazar in the dinner table , we greeted them and went prowling for food later on.I ate rice , some chips , curry chicken and cendol.I like the cendol , it was so sweet but all cendols are sweet so it don't really mattered.Just when I finished eating my lunch , the ceremony started.

Me and the other classmates were watching with our mouths open as our teacher came in with her future husband.I took some pictures of the bride and groom walking down the road with some escorts.A band was playing behind them.I even recorded half of the process , I uploaded the video yesterday.My teacher was so pretty that day , she was so different from when she was in school teaching us.Her future husband was handsome too but he kinda looked like my friend.

Alisa and the others arrived later on , we took some photos.I went around the flat to take some photos , the scenery and some other views.If taking pictures with only smiling faces looking towards you , the album would look dull.People need to see the surroundings and views of the place too.

Me and the others took photos with our teacher after that.Not too long after , the sky turned greyish and it kinda started to rain.So we rushed home by taking a taxi at the Ong Tai Kim taxi stop.A wonderful day indeedd , finally abled to watch a malay's wedding.

Photo Album

Ops my pencil is broken , Bunga Telur !!!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Wangsa Walk Trip

"TGV Rules , I Think"

27 May Thursday - I Am Walking In Wangsa

Thursday was one mean day , it was also the last day of exam for Chong Hwa Middle School.So lets shout the word "URA" all day long in celebration of this wonderful festive day.Now that exam is over , the only hellish thing waiting in our fronts is the exam results.I hate the feeling that I would get really low marks for all my results , Mid Year Exam is a real bitch this time , Form 3 looks nothing compare to Form 4.So to Form 3 students , be sure to study the syllabus of Form 4 during the november-december holidays.Trust me , it helps you alot in the first few chapters.

Ok , enough about the Mid Year Exam , I don't wanna end up puking all over my bedroom.Thursday , me and my gang of friends went to the Wangsa Walk Mall.Well , it is located near Carefour in Wangsa Maju.The one with the big KFC and a school nearby.Never thought I would set foot in Wangsa Walk Mall this soon after my last trip to there with my family.The last time I went there , the place was kinda empty.But this time , the place improved with alot of shops opening right now.Theres even a gym , karaoke gig , bowling ring and a cinema.I think the best attractions are the bowling ring , karaoke and the TGV cinema.

AKL was there that along with Hsin Jie , Jimmy , Jia Cheng , Jay Ming , Ron , HX , Rui Zhen and me.I took a taxi near my house and went to Jimmy's place first because he wanted to have a companion in his trip.My dad can't made it in time so he told me to use the taxi.I love and dislike using taxi , maybe because of those spooky stories about taxi cabs taking people away to who knows land and do who knows what.Nicholas , this is not Narnia.No public transport could take you away to LALA land.

We watched Nightmare On Elm Street first , that movie kinda sucks.The story was predictable and the scary scenes were obvious.It had it scary moments but it really depends on who watching the movie.I got spooked when the guy in the diner got killed by Freddy Krueger by stabbing the guy's neck and some others.The sound effects were nice , the sound of Freedy scratching the metal walls is ear dropping.Visual effects suck , I thought American Films could do better than this crappy visual effects.The script was kind bad and the story kinda damp.I mean , who would stab an injection on the lap !!! The only character I love was Nancy.Her performance was the best in my opinion.I give this movie a 3/10 , 3 for the scary killings.

Ron kept on complaining and flinching during the movie , everyone complained of his voice.

After the spookfest , we went to the The Wok Kitchen ( I don't understand why they named it that lol ).We took a little dinner and the food was delicious.I kept on taking pictures with my camera , I know I am a camera geek.During dinner , a little surprise came to us.Sherilyn Jun suddenly popped out of nowhere and greeted us.It seems she was going for a movie too that day.Who Knew ?

Later on , we went back to the cinema to watch Ip Man 2.I watched the movie before but never mind haha.Now , Ip Man 2 is so much better than Nightmare On Elm Street.The way the story plots was kinda regular compare to first one.But the action was definitely engrossing as the first one.When Ip Man was fighting the different Chinese Martial Arts masters , the scene was awesome.The theme of Western Boxing versues Chinese Yong Chun was one of my long awaited theme.Western Boxing specializes in punches which would deliver a devastating blow to a target.Yong Chun specializes in short range combat and to immobolize the enemy.I give 8 out of 10 stars.

We went to a cafe drinking later after the movie.

PHOTO ALBUM OF THE TRIP!/album.php?aid=21971&id=1784140936&ref=mf

Ops my pencil is broken , VLOG TOMORROW.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Exam's Over


25 May Tuesday - Hey exam is over so lets relax for a while yeah ?

The word exam is temporaly out of my mind , I kicked it out for awhile and let it in again after a few months , maybe.Well today's last test was Physics paper 3 , kinda easy.Ops , I can't say easy because I usually get bad results after I said "Its Easy" !!! So I am forbidden to speak the word "Easy" unless I am playing a video game or some other stuffs.I don't know what I am gonna do after the exams really , maybe I am just gonna slack around and then study because I must be prepared for the next exam.

I was about to update my blog when I got home but my dad suddenly told me that theres some relatives from Sabah came to Kuala Lumpur.It was their last day in Kuala Lumpur and they wanted to meet us before they fly away and back to beach land.I agreed with him and off we go.I love long trips , mainly because I like long highways.Long trips always have long highways waiting for me , unless theres a traffic jam.Then , I don't like long trips.

Traffic jams were everywhere that day , I just the fact that fast cars go slow.The road is near the political and business areas , I guess that explains the fact why it was so crowded.I just wish cars could fly one day , so nobody would need to know the fact that we would got stucked in a traffic jam if the road is too jammy.But if flying cars meet accidents then its OH NO.It is gonna be mayday all over again in the homefront.Maybe better road systems would help , or maybe lesser private transports and more public transports.

We reached Mid Valley by 4pm , we went to the fancy chinese restaurant in Mid Valley's Hotel.I forgot the name for it but me and my friends went there during JC's birthday bash , I still remember the day.From what I heard , the relatives I met are rich.One of the sons is a lawyer and kinda successful.Anyways , I was sitting down facing my Gu Ma.She kept asking me questions about my educations and life.She kept on praising me on how charismatic I am , I was denying her praise every second in my heart lol.

I met a new family member I never met before , she is my Gu Ma's daughter.I call her Jie Jie just to avoid complications.She is currenly a university student , my Gu Dad kept telling me that studying in university is much more easier than in secondary.Somehow , I don't agree.The projects and the thick books , I don't think it is easy.Any university students reading my blog , please do tell me k ? Thx xD

After that little meeting , me and my dad went to the pet store above.My mom stayed with the relatives and chatted.My dad gave me like RM200 for buying stuffs for the Guinea Pig , I went in and I found a big cage.I saw this little white colour Guinea Pig too.I bought them both and brought it back to my relatives to let them see the little fella.

Ops my pencil is broken , photos of the new guinea pig tomorrow :D


Keep Your Heads Down (Fill)

"Heads Down"
24 May Monday - Arrh Add Math Bomber Planes !!!

Arrh , Add Maths is school's bomber planes.They are specialized in accessing into your base and then destroy us with their precision and hell fire bombs.Never one student has ever gotten out of this bombing without leaving a scratch unless he or she is a pure mathematical genius , that way they will have Anti-Bomber Plane Guns destroying all those bomber planes with their tactical turrets.I wish I got one of those , killing a mosquito won't be hard anymore.

You know what ? The government should really make like a Sentry Gun , if you don't know whats a sentry gun then I would upload a picture down below.A sentry gun is a tactical defense machine gun that a soldier in the field could emplace it on whenever they want and the gun could automatically shoot down enemy targets by using laser signatures.The government could modify the sentry gun into sensing mosquitoes and it would shoot down any mosquitoes it detected in the area.Instead of using normal caliber rounds because it would hurt unwanted errors on people , it will use small lasers that have the power to burn down mosquitoes in a flash.

Nah , needs alot of money and time to work this out.Bad idea :D but hey , its a theory.Heres the link to the Sentry Gun picture.

It does look like a P90 on a stand.


The reason why I said Add Maths are bomber planes of the school is because they done alot of damages recently to us.Especially our minds !!! during the exam.Yes , math does improve one's memory and thinking skills.I need more work on my Add Maths , I don't feel confident at all honestly.Teacher told the class that getting below 10 is normal , I did not get a below 10 and I still feel bad.Oh well , you know what they said.

"If you can't beat them , join them"

Wait no...

"Live and fight another day"

Yaaa !!! This :D

Ops my pencil is broken , damn Mid Year Exams harder than I expected.


Sunday Roar #3 (Fill)

"Cat Roar"

23 May Sunday - MEOWRAWR

Hey guys its another Sunday Roar , I missed the last Sunday Roar because of Mother's Day Special Post.This week is a tough week , the whole week has been tough and tiring.The main reason was because that it was exam week and I gotta study so it has been tiring.Been a real fun week too you know , been to a mall this weekend and bought a new phone headset since the old one is broken.But in any ways , it is a tough and tiring weekend.


Heres a little funny paragraph for you guys , my bro made this up.

Sex is a temptation caused by sensation from a guy's determination to stick it's location into girl's destination in order to populate the next generation.Do you understand my explaination or do you need a demonstration.

Wow , I am a pervert -_-


We all know that the FIFA world cup is coming and everyone is gonna be watching it well maybe not everyone but still everybody would sure regconzie World Cup.I mean who doesn't ? I don't watch World Cup , I only watch it during the few final matches.This year , I am rooting for Spain since they have excellent players in their World Cup team.Go Spain go !!! Show them your moves in South Africa !!

Heres the song for the World Cup by Akon and Keri Hilson ~ Oh Africa

Akon's origin is Africa and he has a really long name !!! I don't remember what it is though , it is very hard to memorize since it is long.He spoke about his name during The Ellen Show once and he spoke it just fine with those long and hard pronounciations.Akon is his middle name.


"Imma lick you and stop you boy !!!"

"Don't move please..."

Ops my pencil is broken , Filling in he days.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Orange


22 May Saturday - Saturday School Sucks

Well , judging by the topic and the orange on my post.You will know that today I went to school , I swear they just held the exam today just to force us to come to school.The exam's subject for today is Pendidikan Jasmani , Account and Seni.But I don't have to sit for the Account and Seni test since I am a Science Stream student so I just sat for the Pendidikan Jasmani.

Today is one free day even though there was an exam , I just sat down on a chair all day long , chatting with friends and doing abit of Additional Maths.Its very rainy today , the field was drenched with water and so are the other places.During Sukan Tara , the field would be drawn with running lines.The rain washed all those lines into like powder agents and all of it gathered at specific spots in the field.Imagine the clean up later on.

Lets recap back on the week , the first day of the week was Moral exam and it was easy as pie.I still don't get this philosophy , why is pie easy ? Is it eating pie easy or baking pie easy.I find eating a pie much easier than baking pie.So much easier then baking pie , because you don't have to do those annoying things just to get a pie.Just go to a shop and order some pies , get home then munch them down.

Tuesday was hell as we took the Sejarah test , AKA History.I hope I done well in paper 2 and paper 1.The essay questions were quite easy for me as I memorized every single things about about the Agraria and Maritim era.They always counted on each other for mutual beneficial needs.Wednesday was also hell , Chemistry is my weakest subject but the essay questions were normal.I can't seem to get my head into Chemistry.Guess what , the Chemistry test was harder than Physics test.

Thursday was when three subjects joined forces together against us.Sivik , Physics and Chemistry joined forces to put us down.I call this day the "Civic Radioactive Zombie" , both science subjects almost killed me.The paper 3s are very hard , experiment this and that.I forgot the experiment for the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide which made me left some questions alone.Friday , I love Biology but I hate Bio exam.

Ops my pencil is broken , my guinea pig peed on me.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Nappy Poo

"Power Nap"

21 May Friday - My Daily Update is back !!!

My exam alert is on a all time low right now , so my daily updates are back.All those days without even updating my blog sickens me , it sends guilt down my spine , brrr.Now that , the only challenging subject next is Add Maths.I am gonna start my daily update again , HELLO BLOGGITY.

So you guys are wondering why am I blogging about Naps.Well today I did a little experiment.While I was surfing the web a little while chewing off my pork bits (I gotta stop doing this) , I stumbled upon a little web that talks about the benefits of having a power nap everyday.I found the article on the web to be fascinating so I sticked around and read the article.After knowing that napping could have that much benefits on my life , I immediately went and closed my lights , jumped on bed and started to fell asleep not too soon because I was tired.

When I woke up , I was so cranky for like 10 minutes.I think I slept approximately 1 and a half hour.I was cranky like an old man on Labour Day at first but later on , I was as energetic as any hyperactive kid out there.Usually , I don't nap.I RARELY nap during the afternoon , because I found it a waste of time and I hate my mouth to smell like old radishes after the nap.Now I think I am gonna nap everyday and become a pig.Well an energetic pig ~ Damn just 1 hour nap could give you this much energetic , sleep is so important.

Here is a revised version of the benefits taking a nap =]

1.Higher Perception
After a nap , you are bound to have better concentration and focus.You would be energetic after a nap and it improves your overcall perception.Scientist proved that taking a nap in the morning would make you feel much more sleepier while taking a nap during the afternoon improves your overall energy.Sure , you may feel groggy like me but after that , you got enough energy to take on the entire day.

2.Less Stress
Ever feel like your muscles are cramping and your head is aching like a woodpecker is pecking on your head ? Well this usually happens when you got too much stress.Students nowadays tend to take a nap more than any other people because of schoolworks , their life and etc.They have alot of stress and thus they take a nap.Taking a nap would reduce stress hormones level so take a nap when you have alot of stress.

3.Improved Memory and Learning Skills
Now this I should have listened since I was in a big studying fest.After a nap , your brain would be refreshed and you have tons of space to memorizing your lessons or your studies.Nap could protect your brain from overusing neurons.Studies shown that students with a nap responded much faster and much accurate than students without a nap.I should have done this , awww.

4.Good For The Heart
Taking a nap could actually lower the risk of heart diseases.Scientists found out that taking a nap would lower the risk of heart diseases by 37%.So do take some naps if you don't want to die by cardiac arrest.

This is the revised version for you guys because its short and people like short.If you want the full and original article , please do visit the link down below.So much benefits from a little 20 minute power nap !!! As what the Chinese Aunties during a shopping sale , "WAAH SO DAI ARH".It means "wow so worth it".You got that right it is worth it , so get to bed and take a nap now unless its evening and morning right now.


Hey guys , come over here and get yours eyes pinning on your screen.I wanna promote this little girl , she is so talented and she really wants to win a contest held by The Ellen Show in America.The Ellen Show is one of America's top talkshows.The host Ellen interviews famous people all around the world , I love it when Jackie Chan and Justin Timberlake were on the show.So watch this video ~ Note : She is only 11 or 12 years old.

The video of her appearing on Ellen is gone , I think Youtube removed it due to copyright infringements.I hate WMG.


New photos in my Picha Bloga

Article of taking a power nap

Ops my pencil is broken , I got a mountain of pencils.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Youtube

"Happy Birthday Youtube"

17 May Monday - Wonder why they called it Youtube ?

We all know Youtube is the best video sharing and viewing site of all time.If you think otherwise , try and find a better website and tell me on my blog.Seriously , I seen almost any other video sharing websites and most of them can't even get face to face against Youtube.Face it , it is the best of all video sharing websites.So what is Youtube ? A fast growing popular video sharing and viewing site.What day is today ? Well today is it's birthday !!!

Let me give you a little backstory and history about Youtube.Youtube was founded by Chad Hurley , Steve Chen and Jawed Karim , they were students of computer science and they once worked for PayPal.The goal of making such a website was because they found it hard to post a video they shot at Chen's apartment , so they were trying to make a good video sharing site.Don't know if this story is true haha , I can't really trust all these websites.

Youtube started to show itself at February 14 2005 , I don't know why Youtube celebrate it's birthday now rather than February 14 2005.Youtube started to have more and more people coming in and share their videos just to let others to view them.The community of Youtube got bigger and bigger , the videos as well got more and more.There are a few famous videos that got above 100 million views on Youtube , these videos became one of youtube's strongest allies.Not long later , Google Inc bought Youtube.Youtube now also gives money to people who partners with them , in showing their gratitude towards their users.

I found youtube when I was standard 6 , that was 2006.I was walking around the shopping center with my mom and I stumbled to this bookstore.I wandered around and found some PC books , I took them up and read them.As I scan through the books , I found a advertisement of Youtube.At first , I thought it was a website filled of porn and other erotic videos.I placed the books back and went out to find my mommy.

Two months later , my friend came my house and he spoken about a website.I was like thinking to myself , "What are you trying to get me into ?".He pulled me into my room and opened my computer.He opened the web browser and typed the website's domain on the bar above the window.It was Youtube , as soon as I found out , I scolded my friend for bringing me into a porn site.My friend calmed me down and told me that it is not a porn site.As soon as I surf through the website , watching funny and disgusting videos.I finally found a little oasis in the middle of the dessert.This is how I found Youtube my friends.

Here are some popular videos on Youtube and also some of my favs.

This is a video named "Guitar" uploaded by a guy named "guitar90".Everyone was shocked by this youngster who made a rock version of Pachelbel's Canon on an electric guitar.He was later known as Jeong Hyun Lim in Korea.He later became famous and appeared on television all around the world.A truly magnificent video , this is not fake !!!

This video got over 180million views !!! I don't know if it is hacked or not but it is still a good video to watch and laugh.A little baby biting a little boy's finger , Charlie Bit My Finger !!!

This is a video definitely worth watching.This video was uploaded by "judsonlaipply" and the video's name is "The Evolution Of Dance - By Judson Laipply".It shows the evolution of dance over the past few decades.This video gotten over 140million views !!!

This next video started a pranking trend in Youtube.Users would upload a video and name it example , "Best Dance EVAR!!!".Then instead of putting a video of a best dance , they would upload a video of a guy singing and dancing.If you got pranked , that means you are Rick Roll'd !!! Even the video is abit creepy and weird , this guy sings real well and a good performer.

Okay enough with the monstrous videos !!! Here are some videos from some of best Youtubers RIGHT NOW !!!

This video named "Ghetto Prom (From) Hell" by ShaneDawsonTV is one of this Super Youtuber's video.Shane Dawson is a producer , actor and director of his channel on Youtube.Subscribe to him for more new and hilarious videos !!! Trust me after this , you will want more.

This next guy is named Ray William Johnson.He is a comedian and a critic of viral videos all around world.He reviews viral videos and makes hilarious jokes !!! Careful , viewer's discretion is advised.His videos may be offensive to people who can't take a joke , so becareful.

This next guy is NigaHiga , a Japanese-American making comedy videos and funny parodies of movies.His asian comedy style never fails to please the audience , having the most subscribers on Youtube does means something to all of you.

The best vlogger on Youtube in my Opinion , this guy's username is CTFxC and he is a vlogger on Youtube.His videos with his girlfriend are so funny and heartwarming , just really love to watch their journey.Here is a video of him proposing to his girlfriend !!! Its a touching video soWATCH.

Here are the best of the best , do remember to suscribe after watching their videos !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , my tribute ends here and now I am gonna read Sejarah.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Break From The War

"School Compound"

15 May Saturday - Arrh Exams

Finally a break from the battle me and my other pals are fighting right now , the mid year exam is tougher than it looks so to all my buddies reading my blog right now , be careful of that mid year exam because it is tougher than it looks.Form 4 is so much harder than Form 3 , just wish I could be in the kick back years but we always can't get what we want just by hoping and wishing right ? So guys , let us first recap on the past few days.


This was the day when I was taking my English Exam , the English exam was easy.But my Paper 1 section B may have some problems because I was rushing my paper back then.Too little time for a big essay , I wasted too much time on section A.I should have just finish my section B first and then go take on section A.But now it is too late and I can't give a regret out of it simply because whats done is done.

Went I got home from school , I revised back all my Math syallabus since I will be taking the math exam the next day.You know the usuals , me getting my butt kicked by the anatomies of math.


I usually love Thursday but not this Thursday , I done some silly mistakes in my math papers.Don't you guys love it when you are doing your Math exam paper just fine and oh my god a mistake came out after the test results are back.The only things that could kill you in Math are the failure of understanding the concept of a certain formula and making mistakes !!!!


I took my Physics exam that day , it was hard as hell.Paper 1 was easier than paper 2 , paper 2 was like a explaination montage.Ordering us to give an explaination on that or about the characteristics of a certain car or something.All must be written in physics concept so simple explaination won't help I guess.If I manage to pass my Physics , I would be grateful !!!


Gotong Royong Day !!!! Heres the link to my photo album , sorry I need to go nap now.Eye lids are closing and I need a nap to regain my energy , sorry for such a lame post =(!/album.php?aid=21200&id=1784140936


Ops my pencil is broken , Yawn


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BM Paper (Rush)


11 May Tuesday - Arh

Okay guys , I got no time.Gotta go study and take a nap , really tired.

BM paper 2 very hard , but confident in the novel and rumusan part.

BM paper 1 easy but section B almost no time to finish.

Mother's Day forgot to mention I went to a city at night

Its called I-City , its a small business district with an amusement beside it.

I post photos this Friday.


Have a nice day
Ops my pencil is broken , Yeah middle writings ~


Monday, May 10, 2010

"Aww" Man

"Why ?"

10 May Monday - Exam , Folio and Sick

Guys , I won't be active on the internet for a long time because of my mid year exam starting tomorrow.The duration of the exam is like 2 and a half weeks , imagine the tension me and my classmates are having.I am sure that everyone is banging their heads into their Komsas books right now , make sure their heads are getting every single word of the book.Honestly , I am not too good in BM.Especially the Komsas part , I always seem to get the lowest marks in that part.I have a real weak BM side , because I seldom speak the language even though I live in Malaysia.

To guys who take their time to read my blog even though there is an exam coming up , thank you.Thank you so much to even take a little bit of your time out of your busy schedule just to visit my bloggie.I love you guys , just love you guys.All the best in the coming exam and to those who don't have a exam coming up , then have a great life ahead of you.

Today I finished my folio for Sivik , I almost forgot about that project that I am suppose to pass it up by tomorrow.I spent 6 hours on it and it is officially finished.I kinda like it I think , because I only use colourful marker pens to finish it , it looks real simple and childish haha.I guess thats what you get for finishing up your folio in the last minute.Last minute completion sucks but its fun to challenge yourself to complete the project or work at the last minute.

I am sick today , I was supposed to go to school today to get my English Poem Prize but I had a high fever last night during 3am.I woke up in cold sweat and I got a major sore throat.My legs were wobbling and I went out to grab medications.Right now , I only have a flu and sore throat.I just hope its not H1N1.Don't get me wrong , I like to stay in the hospital as a patient.The service and the food , its like you are the king in there.I just don't like staying in there dying hehe , that wasn't funny ? Ok never mind.

Ops my pencil is broken , please let these weeks pass by fast !!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Normal Mother's Day

"Mother's Day"

9 May Sunday - Happy Mother's Day guys.

Whats up guys , usually I would write Sunday Roar today but since today is a special occasion , I won't be writing it.Instead , I would write about Mother's Day.Mother's Day as we all know is a day when we celebrate and appreciate all the moms all around the world.The hardship they been through to take care and feed their families.They sacrificed alot just to take care of us .

We argued and fought with our mothers before , no one could deny that they didn't done such a thing.We challenged their authority and we rebeled against their orders.But during Mother's Day , we should all put down everything we been through and celebrate.Your mother no matter what is still your mother.No matter how corrupted is she , no matter what she done to you , you can't change facts.She is still your beloved mother , nothing is stronger than a mother's love.Unless you think otherwise haha.

I remember once I was ordered by my mom to clean the clothes using a washing machine.We usually would pour cleaning agents into the washing machine just to enhance cleanliness.We use Dynamo in my household , a widely known brand in Malaysia.But instead of using Dynamo , I used Fabulouso.Fabulouso is a cleaning agent for floors , you can imagine what happened to the clothers after that.After my mom found out , I got quite a lecture.


Mother's Day this year for me is kinda bland , we didn't go out anywhere but just bought a cake from a nearby bakery.We sang songs and watched movies together , finally we ate the cake.I forgot to take pictures but luckily my slice of cake was still intact and I managed to take a photo of it.The cake is sweet and spongy , really nice.

So how do you guys celebrate Mother's Day ? Tell me please ~

The best way of celebrating Mother's Day is by taking out an empty jar and pieces of papers.Write about the memories when you and your mother spent time together on those pieces of papers.Wrap those papers up and place them all into the jar.Give the jar to your mother as a gift.Then , sit on the couch with her while slowly unwrapping every single one of those papers.Read it with her while laughing about the good old times.Unfortunately , I don't have that much memories yet.After a few years , I could do this.

Ops my pencil is broken , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

"Nothing is stronger than a mother's love"

Saturday, May 8, 2010



8 May Saturday - Mother Knows Best

We all love our mothers , we always seem to find a way to please and care for them.Well , Mother's Day is coming and it is the perfect time to show how you appreciate and love your mother.Mothers are the one who brought us to this world and took care of us until the day they go away.Tomorrow is Mothers Day so I would like to take this chance to write a story , a tribute to all mothers out there all around the world.

Story Starts

In the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur , everyone is as busy as they get.From the rural areas of the city and to the colourful downtowns of the state , everyone has their own things to do.A man working as an accountant in the bustling city was sipping coffee in a cafe.

He heard a girl's cry nearby and looked to the direction of the source , he saw a girl and his dad.The girl was pulling her dad's hand while shouting.She was trying to convince her father to do something.His dad was quite a drunkie and he scolded while also beated the little girl.The little girl was crying , the man walked to the girl and asked why did her dad beated her.

The girl told the man that she wanted to buy a flower for her mother but his dad doesn't want to.The girl only had a few coins with her , she doesn't have enough money to buy a flower for her mother.The man gave her some money and the little girl immediately went to the flower shop.She came out of the shop not too long later and was holding a lovely rose flower.

The little girl thanked the man and hugged him in tears , the man wiped off the little girl's tears off her face with a soft handkerchief.The little girl without saying a word ran away not too long after , the man decided to follow her.

From alleys to streets , from parks to the busiest roads.The man followed the girl patiently.The girl arrived in a cemetery and the man was curious about why would a mother be at the cemetery.He watched the girl closely and saw her putting down the red rose infront of a grave.It was the grave of her mother , the girl was praying and crying over her.Telling her how much she missed her and she hope her mother would be with her.

The man was touched by her compassion towards her mother.He ran back to the flower shop and bought a bouquet of flowers.He got back home and got into his car.One of his hand was holding the bouquet of flowers while the other hand was holding a handphone.He said to the handphone ...

"Mom , I miss you , I am coming" while crying...


Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee.

I hope you guys love the story as much as I do , it was really touching to me.Heres a little video for you guys.

I love you mom <3

Two new photos in my picture blog , check it out ---

Ops my pencil is broken , No matter what happens between , she is always your mom.


Petrosains Field Trip

Friday, May 7, 2010

Picha Bloga

"A Lazy Rubik's Cube"

7 May Friday - All White around.

I got bad news again , I fell down again this afternoon when I was walking home from school.I saw my friend in the distance so I ran to catch up with him.But unfortunately , I lost my footing and I fell.I lost my footing during a strafe and a short distance jump.Me and my brother practiced a little bit of parkour during when we were much younger.We always jumped from one ledge to another , balancing , squeeze through tiny places and many others.Now , I won't even practice parkour once.

I remember when I was living in my old flat during when I was 7 years old , the flat had many holes and ledges for us to play.When we were bored , we used to go out of our house and play around the neighbourhood with my indian friend.I forgot his name but he was my best friend back then , he was the only child in my neighbourhood.I remember me and him got busted for pranking an old man who was really cranky.We ended got beated by our moms as punishment.His mom always welcomed me into her home with great hospitality , his mom would cook delicious spicy dishes for me to eat.

Okay today I made a little blog for random photos I take with my camera , heres the link to the blog.

Guys , Mother's Day is coming so are you guys ready ? Thought of a gift for your mommy dearest ? Or you don't even know Mother's Day is coming soon ? Its on May 9 means by this Sunday.So put down your books , guns , papers or whatever and start buying a present for your mom.I think the best present for your mom is by doing her chores for the whole week , then you should book spa treatments for her so she could relax her heart out.But if you are busy , here is a website for you to buy a present for your Mother.

Ops my pencil is broken , Mommy Dearest ^^


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Petrosains Class Field Trip


6 May Thursday - Petrosains field trip today ~

This beautifiul morning , I packed my things up and done , I went out the door of my house with a huff and a puff.I was really excited because I was gonna go for a field trip to Petrosains in KLCC.My mom fetched me and left me at the Putra Terminal , it was the rendevouz point of the trip.When I got there , Ron told me about a cute little kitten wandering around the station.We found it and it was so cute haha , it was finding it's mom.Rachel and me recorded like a 1 minute video of the little kitten chasing me and Ron.

After everyone arrived , we went to buy tickets and we boarded the train to KLCC.I took some photos on the terminal station so please do check them out , the link to the photo album on Facebook will be located at the bottom of this post.

When we arrived at KLCC , we went up to the Petrosains Facility in a hurry but it was closed.There was a TV attached on the wall with a heat sensor camera on top of it , I think it was a heat sensor camera.The special thing is that the TV was somewhat magical.The camera gives you see what it sees , then broadcast it on the TV.The screen of the TV has multiple red coloured parts.If you move and touch the red coloured parts , a tune would come out.All of us were fooling around with that "magic' haha.Sorry if I can't explain the device and it's magical powers that well lol.

Our teachers told us to go and eat breakfast and be back to Petrosains by 9.00am.Me and my gang went to the foodcourt and ate MCDonald Breakfast , I love MCDonalds , I guess that explained my weight and size.I just love the Hash Brown , so crunchy and so tasty.I am addicted !!!

After eating breakfast , we went back to Petrosains.We took alot of pictures as usual , my class students kept on calling me to take their pictures. You could check out those photos in my photo album on Facebook , the link is at the bottom of this post.We lined up and went through quiet corridors of Petrosains.We were so excited to tour around the magnificent world of Petrosains but guess what ? They took us into some fancy workshop lol.I guess that is actually the program we paid for and not the tour of Petrosains.

The first program was called "Clowning Around" , the instructor told us to move like Brownian movements.My vlog would include this little activity , I would be uploading the video as soon as possible.Then she told us to sit down and taught us the principals of stability.It was really useless to us , since we learnt Stability last year and it was a really easy chapter.But the fun part was that she told us to make a unfallable clown made out of ping pong balls and other assortments.My clown looks like Winnie The Pooh or those China Kungfu guys.Photos of all the clowns of my class would be in my photo album , the link is in the bottom of this post.

The second program is about Math.The instructor told us to seperate into different groups and gave us different questions for us to solve.Most of us don't really like the program , it was kinda boring.But the last part of the program was useful , it is called "Playing With Numbers".The instructor told us to find someone from our class to represent us and of course we chosen Jay.The instructor taught us about some really hard to explain stuff to us , I found something similiar to the one she taught today on a web.Here is the link.

After those two programs , we thought we could go out and explore Petrosains but NO , we ended up outside Petrosains without having a chance to tour around.Awww , guess thats what we only get.After that , our gang decided to stay earlier so we called our parents.The rest of the class and the teachers went home.Me and my other peeps stayed in KLCC to have lunch at Sushi King.Damn I used RM30.70 + RM5.00 today , fly away money T_T.

HERE IS THE LINK TO MY PHOTO ALBUM < ENJOY!/album.php?aid=20731&id=1784140936

Ops my pencil is broken , Shawn and Jimmy came to my house today.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bukit Tinggi ?

"I been here before"

5 May Wednesday - Lingua Franca

Hey guys , I am now serving Nuffnang Malaysia !!! So please do click the ad in the left side of the bar , you may even help me earning some income by doing that , thanks for the supports !!! I also put up a Mood Of The Day widget on the right side of my blog , it shows you my mood for the day each day.If I am sad , I would put a sad face.If I am happy , I reckon I put a smiley face haha.Just reassuring you , this blog won't be going to it's end , it will continue.

There was extra curriculum class today , I hate it so much.Anyways , just when our last period ended.Me and Shawn went to a nearby food court kind of restaurant for lunch.Is that what they are called ? They are really common all around Malaysia , especially amongst Chinese areas.They are restaurants with different stalls inside of them with different varieties of food , I call them food court restaurant or the "Mix Mix Land".If you do know their real names then please do tell me , I really need to know.

I am a scout but today's activicty was zero  , so me and some other scout pals just hanged around in our headquarters.Our scout leader made a couple of announcements.One of them was there is going to be a basketball competition in my primary school.So our scout master is searching for 20 people to participate the marching during the opening ceremony of the basketball match.I don't know if I would participate the marching as I am not very good in marching , mainly because I got heavy feet.I find myself hard to perform long marchings ever since I was young.

The second announcement made was that there is going to be a mountain bike riding soon , we are gonna bike ride to the top of Bukit Tinggi.I don't know whats Bukit Tinggi at first but after a little googling , I found out that I been to there.Remember the post showing my real face for the first effing time ? Well thats when I been to Bukit Tinggi.There were Japanese Gardens and a town looking the same like those those towns you will find in countries like Europe , I think it is called "Little Europe".

They told us to supply our own bikes and there will be no bike renting near the area , what a bummer I said to myself.The last time I rode a bike was when I was 10 , not Ben 10.I am not the little kid who has a alien watch that could turn to different aliens to kick bad guy's butt.My bike is currently ... errr....OUT OF ORDER.Broken wheels and broken paddles , ouch huh ? It started out like this ~

Note : This is not a picture of me , its a picture of some random dude riding a small bike :D

Note : This is not me standing there while my bike completely dismantled :D

Yeah it kinda looks like that since all of it's parts are now stored in my box on top of a cupboard.But I don't need bikes just to reach the top of the mountain !!! I could just run up or climb up !!! I could even get some Green Lantern's ring and fly up there in a second.Okay , I am thinking too far.I can't imagine that I would either run , walk , climb and fly up there ~ Oh well , I am just gonna stay at home while watching reality TV shows with no sense at all.

Ops my pencil is broken , Petrosains TOMORROW WOOT.

I like Pie

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mobile Bookstores In India

"Not this"

4 May Tuesday - Beautiful India

Whats up guys , I am sick today so I am just gonna post this little post before I go to sleep later.India is truly a beautiful country but the sick hands of poverty is still holding the country like you holding something precious in your hands.Diseases are everywhere and most people live off their lives as poor folks , living in dingy small rooms.Heres a true story of a boy name Wahid that I found from a video.

Wahid is a child living in India with his family , he came from a village in the rural areas of India.He is currently studying as a primary student.But he also works as a bookseller in the busy streets of Mumbai.Mumbai is a the most populous city in India and the second most populous city in the world , it is also India's richest city.Despite the city's glory , beggars and poor people could be seen in the streets of the bustling city anytime you walk down the streets or alleys.

Wahid doesn't sell his books by sitting in a shop while his books on his tables.He and his another friends , all of them are children , sell books by waiting around a traffic light section of a busy road.Once the traffic light reaches the stop signal , Wahid and his pals would walk over to cars to sell their books.Sometimes they managed to sell two or one , most of the times none.Each book costs about 100-200 Rupees , about 1 or 2 USD dollars.In the video , he stated that his dad works as a barber and only manages to bring back about 40-60 Rupees each day.All their money were spent on foods and necceseties.

He told the interviewer about his accident once with a car , he got hit by one once when he was selling his books.He was treated with medication later but after 2 days , he went back to sell books as he doesn't want to waste time.The driver who hit him ran away , leaving no trace of guilt or helpfulness.He talked about books about Obama , on how the president of the United States wants to change the world.His dream is to become a doctor , he studies hard in school and hoping to be a doctor.He wants to change and save India from sickness and illness.

In the video , he shows his little room he called home.His home was nothing but just a few furnitures and a broken TV filled with static.He sleeps on the bench while the rest of his family members sleep on the floor.He uses most of his money on school fees and food , he doesn't want the extra stuffs.He misses his village , he talked about the wonderful experiences he had in his village.He used to climb up trees and pluck mangoes , later eat them.He doesn't like the city much , he loves the village.

Seeing this video makes me think of what I have.In the video , he told us about how he wanted to buy a computer and learn English.Most people nowadays have everything they needed , more than needed.But we still complain on how our life sucks and how we don't have the latests models of a phone.We eat 3 meals a day or sometimes more while people out there are starving for days without a proper meal.I am one of them , I am such a lucky bastard.

Wahid has a good quality inside of him , a great virtue to let him go on.His hardworking and positiveness would help him in leading his life.It is good that he is not begging for money , he is working for money.I hope he doesn't goes into the wrong way in life.Dealing drugs , crimes , stealing and etc.We gotta do whatever we can to support these children getting out of their poverty.I wish I am a billionaire , I could give money to all the poor folks everywhere around the world.

"Being poor is fine , being unmoral is unfine"

Heres the link to the video --->
I can't embed the video here , I am restricted to do so lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , Bye.

"I study and sell books" - Wahid

Monday, May 3, 2010

JC's Open House

"Light Illuminating"

2 May Saturday - I am such a bad photographer.

The very same day of the carnival , me and my other friends attended JC's Open House party.I went home after the carnival just to freshen myself up and get some good rest.Recharging my handphone and camera battery power was essential too.After a few hours of good rest , I packed my things and went to her house.

Just when I arrived at her beautiful and well renovated house , Jimmy and Jia Cheng were resting in their room when I arrived at the room.They just back from Wangsa Walk Mall and watched Iron Man 2 , they told me that the seats there were really comfortable and widish.I wanna go there and watch Ip Man 2 and not Ipron Man 2 or 4 ... what comes after 4 ?

Btw...I am in love with the computer in her room , the quality of the computer is magnificent !!!

Look at all those soft toys , I wish I have them all.

Neat decorations.

God , I need that pooh haha.

Spinning fan ~


Jimmy playing DOTA on that computer I talked about , he was using GG to play online with other players in Malaysia.

A picture of HJ and Jay Families.

Hsin Jie , Kim Hoong and Jay

A group picture , I was the one taking pictures.

A corridor styled view

Hsin Jie looking pretty as ever

Jay looking cool and Kim Hoong looking goofy ? haha

Jay's awesome brother

Ron and the puppet teddy bear beside him ~

Qian holding her present ~

Jimmy smiling haha xD

I never took a picture of Han Xien because he did not want his picture to be taken , Jun wasn't able to attend JC's party since she was celebrating her mom's birthday , if you are reading this Jun , please do send my regards to your mom.Rui Zhen wasn't able to attend the party too because she was busying at the Metro Carnival.I never know that Kelvin Gaw attended the party , HX told me that he is JC's childhood friend.I had no clue they were childhood friends , they rarely together during school hours.He did not hangout with us during that party , he was at downstairs I guess.

I am such a bad photographer , many pictures were blur , I hope to improve my photography skills soon enough.

Ops my pencil is broken , reading older posts of my blogs I know of.

"One by one , fall by fall"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour Day 2010

"Labour Day"

May 1 Saturday - No working and No Labouring

We all know May 1 is Labour day , that means no working and no labouring for the whole day.After all those hard days of working , everyone deserves a break once in a while and thats when Labour Day takes its step.But for most workers nowadays , they don't really care about Labour Day.They just keep on working regardless of having such a special holiday.So what do you guys did this year's Labour Day ? Work your ass off or sleep your ass off ?

My Labour Day was a fun Labour Day , been to a carnival and a party.Early in the morning , Ron came to my house because we were planning on going to the Metro Carnival much more earlier to gain better advantage.Shawn arrived at my house by 8.30pm to fetch us to the carnival , Ron , me ,and my bro went down.

The carnival was held by a church nearby Batu Cave , it was meant for charity means and funding for the church.I went to the Carnival just to have fun and of course help the charity.The carnival was really fun , we met up with Abel and Samuel.Abel is Shawn's church friend , they have been friends since primary.He is very fit and he has a great singing voice.Here are some pictures ~~~

The clear crowd view of people enjoying the carnival.The Dunk Game is at the back.

A few games

A balcony view of the 1st floor of the Metro Church , this is the Bazaar part of the carnival where people could shop for souveneirs , books , flowers etc.

Abel , Ron , Alvin and Samuel

A clown entertaining some folks.

Another snapshot of the clown.

A Mini Grand Pix sort of game available during the carnival.

Don't really know whats this is , sort of like a prize offer.

The main attraction of the carnival , Sumo Fights.Me and Abel played this and we fought each other inside these sweaty suits.I lost but we came out the same - Sweaty and Smelly but we had fun.

Ron depicting a peace handsign.

A fish game.

End of the Rainbow was temporary closed due to the broken jar.

Runaway Marbles.

Another Runaway Marble games.

The vent of the vacant part of the carnival , I wonder whats inside this thing.

Coconut Game , the goal was to hit down any coconut on top of those stands.

Abel playing Crazy Wires.

The carnival was really fun , a great experience indeed.The food over there had different variety . the games there were fun and simple at the same time.The only bad side was that the temperature there was really hot and it was really noisy which is common for this kind of function.It is just that I don't like loud music while I am trying to think , making me hard to make careful decisions or even replying a friend.I drank alot of Iced Lemon Tea in the carnival , even though it was kinda tasteless but it was refreshing.The Honey Dew smoothie did served me alot of thirst quenching urge.

I met Erin and her Shaveena over at the carnival , they were also enjoying the carnival for a while and then headed for Wangsa Walk not too long later.

Ops my pencil is broken , I hope you guys enjoy the post as I do.

"One man's underwear is another man's army"