Saturday, January 30, 2010

Glup Glup

30 January Friday - I broke my table mirror today , sucks == .My friend showed me a video about a new game but it was actually not a new game but a freaking scare prank.I hate that guy =_= , made me scream and tripped my mirror down to break ville.No I won't get 7 years of bad luck , its just a minor scratch.

Okay guys , my headaches are getting lesser and lesser.The doctor told me to meditate myself more and it worked wonders.I am feeling much more better than before , I am feeling back my old self again.

Today I was bored , and I found myself looking into space.No I am not daydreaming , I was talking about using google to learn more about the galaxy.Earth is not the only planet out there and we know it.Out there , there are more systems and clusters for us to discover.Who knows , maybe we will find a technology on Mars that could let us travel further into the stars and meet new species of this wonderful galaxy.The galaxy has no limitations , there will be more.The cycle will never end , when a civilisation reaches it's peak.It will be destroyed and a new one arises.Man I sounded like a mad prophet , anyways I just wish that I could live long enough to experience that kind of advancement.Thats why I find myself enthralled in Science fictions.There are always new possibilities.

To celebrate my love for science fiction , I put on some cool soundtracks.

I got nothing else to say today , I slept almost for a whole day.Tomorrow will be different , I promise.

Ohya I put the topic Glup Glup today because I ate fish for breakfast , lunch and dinner.My mom says fish could help the brain ~

Ops my pencil is broken , ARRR help me.I am getting low on pencil insurance =(.


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