Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uncharted Tuesday

19 January Tuesday - Greetings and salutations humans of Earth , I am not Nicholas right now because I killed him and took over his body.I am an alien from Mars , take me to your leader and we will have ice cream.

Dont worry its just me being crazy , I wonder who would believe that ? Hmm....Okay today was a bad day , I forgot to take my Add Maths book but luckily my teacher never noticed.I also broke my shoe , theres a big hole T_T.Can somebody patch that up ? Nah I rather buy a new one ~_~ since the hole is too big.Too many homework T_T since I never went to school yesterday , one day already and I got a ton of homeworks waiting for me.

Today when I was checking my email , a friend from America sent me an email.He is currently working for charity and he needs my help to give some money to Africa.So I was thinking.Here in Malaysia , kids are complaining about not having an Ipod , Iphone , Clothes , accessories bla bla bla while African kids can't even get a decent meal everyday.Yet we still complain not having enough money when clearly we are very lucky.Everyday , thousands of African kids die from Malaria , H1N1 , Aids and other deadly diseases while we are popping champagne and talking about cute celebrities.

I ended up agreed to donate RM10 for the kids and I put up a song on my blog.It's Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror.But the only problem is...how do I do it ? My friend never actually sent me details zzz , now I gotta email back to him lolz.Everytime theres people walking into your class and ask for a donation , don't be stingy and at least give them RM1 or something around that.

Today , my English teacher told us to post something that everyone likes on Facebook and then see whats the feedback.So I am gonna think of something but ... I can't think of anything LOL.Maybe I should comment my status myself , or bribe...*cough*

Aww Man I think I made Jay's car became shorter after sitting on it LOL.

Okay guys before I go , answer this question in the comments or chatbox.I know commenting in blogger is abit hard but you could comment it on the chatbox , its much easier since all you need to do is write your name and your msg.It's easy as pie.Heres the question ...

*What kind of celebrity you want to be like ?*

Ops my pencil is broken , why do I always break my pencil ? SOMEthings wrong with me.


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