Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day Of January xD

31 January Sunday - Why is the last day of the month so conveniently be the last day of the week or the first day of the week , depends on how you see lol.Sundays are dull days for me , I never got a chance to actually go out.My dad always has duties during this time of the week , lolz.

Today's comments of the week ... hmm nah since most of them are get well wishes.Haha , tomorrow no school xD.Its Federal Territory Day , I think only KL got the privileges to have a holiday.

I think I am gonna write a story , yeah I should write a story.Here I go , WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

New song on my blog , introduced by Jay's brother Jay Sern.Beyonce - Halo ~

The Squirrel Over The Hunter 1/2

Note : I rarely see a squirrel in Malaysia.Sometimes I saw them going under the drains.Maybe the squirrels in Malaysia prefered living in the drains rather than trees xD Kidding.OK here comes the story.

One shiny sunset evening , a squirrel was just enjoying his nuts and sweets inside a hollow tree.The squirrel's name is Squeky because everytime he moves , a squeky noise comes out.The girl squirrels call him Dash because of his incredible dexterity and reflexes in climbing trees.Squeky prefered people to call him Dash since it is much cooler but Grandma Pop kept on calling Squeky no matter what.Its just a grandma's intuition.

He got tired of eating nuts and sweets so he went out for a walk.Squeky hates the evening , he always hate it because it is a sign of the day ending during the evening.He was bouncing along the trees but suddenly he bumped into a female squirrel."Run , don't go that way , a hawk is coming !!!" the female squirrel said."A hawk in this time of the day ?" Squeky said in shock."Run before it gets you , Dash" the female squirrel then ran away."Nah , how can there be a hawk in the middle of the evening.That girl was just playing with me" Squeky said to himself.He ignored the warnings and kept on happily bouncing from branch to branch.

Suddenly a hawk appeared out of the horizon , Squeky was scared.He regretted not to listen to the female squirrel.But he knew that his days was about to end , the hawk was just getting closer and closer.Even with his lightning speed he can't think of outrun the hawk.But suddenly a big BANG came out , the hawk dropped from the sky and bumped on the ground with a loud thump.Squeky was curious , he went to the spot where the Hawk fell.
He found out that a hunter shot the hawk down , Squeky later took off a big sigh off his chest.

Ops my pencil is broken , Man I hate Sundays.



  1. It was meaningful and touching day to me,i'm still remember since 1 month ago, the firework spark surround my house,but 1 month later so now,homework lots and being ill and sick.gosh!