Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tankirific Thursday

-Natsu , Gray , Erza and Lucy in the labyrinth

7th of January Thursday - Today's weather was cloudy and breezing at first but it became sunny and hot later , now it's cloudy.Typical Malaysia weather 0_0

Today was kinda boring , well at least for me.Today I used my mom's car to school because my mom was about to go to the market in Prima.The funny thing was I was holding 3 books at that time and when I got out of the car , I found out I only have 1 book left !!! I was like "Huh ?" and then I realize two books I was holding just now slipped through my hand , it landed on the sofa in my mom's car.I gasped and turned around to call my mom but it was useless.She went away , leaving me without my Biology text book and practical book.~_~

Today's PJK was crazy (Boy Stuff Ahead) , the teacher kept on saying not wear two pants during PJK because some people would be lazy to change their pants so they wear two pants.But our teacher said that it would be better not to wear two pants since our "tool" =_= cannot stand higher temperatures if not we would meet sterilization.He also said not to take spare underwear lol...I don't want to say the reason.

Before recess , I drew a concept art of Saggitarius on a paper and Han Xien said it is mocking people who are Saggitarius because it looks goofy.I think its pretty darn good but others think its not.If you are one of my schoolmates , I could bring it to school and show it to you guys.Jay also told me to help him think of 30 ideas about the English subject game.

Biology class was boring ~_~ , the so called "veteran" teacher was not that good after all.All my friends said she don't know much about teaching Biology so I read the book myself ~_~.Her eyes were strange too , she always looks up during she talks.Her eyes were always looking at the ceilling and my friends were really strange about it.Its freaky when you are seeing someone talking to you while looking at the ceilling.Makes you wonder ~_~

As usual .. Add maths teacher gave us alot of homework sigh 0_0

Oh and today when I was outside the lift lobby , I was waiting someone to open the high security door with a pass card so that I could follow them in.A jewish or arabic guy asked me if I am waiting for someone to open the door , I said yes and he opened it.He was really kind , he even said thanks when I was holding the lift's door for him.He even said goodbye when I left the lift.If more people were like him , this world would be different.

Ops my pencil is broken , Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee just lost all his memories after a successful cyborg transplant.


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  1. hmm....maybe that jewish or arabic guy like careful tracker ..awww~