Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Mom Says Big Cars Are Awesome !!!

27 January Wednesday - Wednesday , my favourite day of the week.You might say "NO , Sunday is the best." Its not , its boring.Imagine my father on duty and can't go out while staying at home with nothing to do all day long.Now that's torture my friends lolz , ended up facing Facebook all day ~_~.Thats why I have only a few sets of "good" clothes , less went out to shop.Unless its the holidays lol.

That reminds me , what do you guys do if you are in a boring Sunday situation.Tell me via comments or the chatbox.I would do these few things ~

1.Spam watch Youtube videos
2.Watch boring romance movies , make no sense lol
3.Write a story or draw some random pictures
4.Wishing one of my friends would come my house
5.Imagine I am in a different situation or you can say its DAYDREAMING.

I wonder what you guys would answer , might be fun lol.

Today is the first day of my family's annual VEGETARIAN week *EPIC MUSIC*.I hate vegetarian week , the first day is good since my mom would improvise her veggie cookings.Like today , I ate Mapo Tofu (I know it brings back memories when I am on my toilet seat and the birthday bash lol) , Carrot Stew (Love it xD) , Potato Salad ( I hate it !!!) and some other fried veggies.But the other days of the week would be torturement since my mom won't cook all her specialties these days.She would say " I random cooked some veggies " lol.My dad could get away from it since he is working and eats out !!! NOT FAIR !!!

Today when I was setting out for school , my mom used my dad's company car.It was a Toyota Rush , my dad use this car for advertisement purposes and it also saves oil usage from his real car haha.My mom was scared about using a big car since she is kinda bad in driving.The car was kinda huge for her to drive but I was about to be late.So I said "Let's try , if you can't then I would run to school.".But my mom ended up enjoying the big car , she said "BIG CARS ARE AWESOME".My dad said that driving a big car would intimidate other cars to let you pass first.Who would have the most damage if a big car crushes a small car ?

Today some guy came in my house and cut off the electricity to do some technical stuff to the main power line.Without warning , I was blogging and then POOF , the electricity stopped and I ended up facing a blackscreen.DO you guys hate it when theres no electricity ? I sounded like a spoiled brat just now RAWR.

Yesterday I posted "What style suits you ?" on Facebook.Kan Kan answered the most random answer , "Boy Next Garden".What does this means ? Kan Kan is living beside the garden beside my garden ? or Kan Kan is living in the avatar world xD.Nice comment Kan Kan !!!

Lately people are getting more suspicious on me lol , its over yet they still fussing over it.Rumors are virus , they spread not by touch but by mouth.One guy knows then the next thing you know 10 people knows.Thats why never say something wrong or a secret infront of your friends.Unless he or she is 100% trustable , if not don't tell.If this keeps on going , I need to use Plan B.

AAAARH I love MooMoo Icecream , 70% !!! MILK I think...

Ops my pencil is broken , who likes using mask as a costume ? Why am I asking this ?


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