Monday, February 1, 2010

Squirrel Calls !!!

1 February Monday - Awesome day today because I got the most least headaches EVAR.

Hi whats up you guys , today was nice and all but still dull.

Squirrel Over The Hunter 2/2

The squirrel was standing there as if he was paralyzed.The hunter then turned his head towards the squirrel and said "Don't worry mate , everything's all right".The hunter's name is Bob , a simple fat boy who likes hunting and playing his banjo.Everyone in the village called him Big Butt since he has the biggest butt you ever seen.But his marksman skills are sharp and honed well.Nobody could shoot a hawk like Big Butt.

Squeky could speak as well as any human but he can't because its forbidden to talk with humans.But Squeky wanted to thank the boy , so he said "Thx human , whats your name ?".The boy was frightened that the squirrel could speak , so he ran like a little girl after seeing a monster.Squeky was laughing as he never ever thought his savior a big brave hawk hunter could be frightened by a talking squirrel.So he chased after him , hoping to calm him down before he point his rifle at him.

He jumped branch after branch but can't find the boy.Suddenly , he heard a scream.The scream was loud and sharp , the whole forest could hear his scream of fear.Squeky ran and ran towards the direction of the scream.When he got to the spot , he saw Bob or Big Butt lying on the ground.It seems that Bob fell down from a small cliff and landed on the hard ground.He was unconscious , Squeky immediately went down and try to wake him up.But he is just a squirrel , he does not have the strength to pull him or push him.Squeky can't even wake Bob up.

Squeky later went back to his home tree and called for help.The female squirrel from before ran towards Squeky and said "I thought you were dead Squeky !!!".Squeky replied "A hunter saved me by shooting down the hawk , I gotta repay his kindness".The elder squirrel then spoke "A human saved you ? Thats rare but if he really saved you from the hawk then we are happy to repay the deed".A moment later , squirrels all over the hometree followed Squeky to the place where Bob is.

When they got there , they saw a bear was about to attack Bob.The squirrels were all chatter and chitter , finally scared away the bear.One squirrel may be not enough to carry a fat human but maybe the strength of 50 squirrels could do it.They carried him all over to the village's entrance.Squeky was happy enough to repay the deed.As soon as Bob was lying infront of village's entrance , the squirrels all bounced away back to the hometree.

The next day , the villagers managed to wake Bob up.Bob try to convinced them he saw a talking squirrel but nobody listen to poor poor Bob.

An Eye For An Eye xD


Ops my pencil is broken ~


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