Saturday, March 13, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

13 March Saturday - Lalalalaala

Guys I know I didn't update my blog yesterday , I was trying out alot of stuffs on my blog and it didn't went well so I slept early yesterday.But I got good news , I managed to make a Vlog.Vlog is like a blog but we use videos instead of writing it on a blogger page.Here you go my Vlog , lets try it out shall we ? Haha , excuse my grammar because I was nervous.

I know I talk weird , I was nervous ><

So today , my brother's friend was here.We went to a little swimming in the pool of my condo.Today , the guards didn't bother to open the Jacuzzi.My brother and me wanted to chill in the jacuzzi but its not open.We started to play silly kids game , Sea Monster.I am the sea monster , my brother and his friend were the battleships.I kept on getting splashed in the eyes and I ended up can't see anything.Maybe I would go to the gym tonight , maybe not because I am very tired right now.

Guys , I got another fever again.Yesterday my dad took us out for supper during 1am and we came back at 3am.We went to Kepong just to eat Bak Ku Teh.I need to sleep , if I don't sleep I would catch a fever.But I stopped listen to my body's metabolism and ended up eating supper with my family.

Guys , I am very happy right now.I got my first phone , my dad bought me a phone.Its a Sony Ericsson W980i , its black in colour and I like the volume.But theres something wrong , my handphone camera len has a glitch.Some black line thingy on the top right of my screen , its in my video above.

Okay guys , I don't want to talk much because I am tired so I am gonna take a little nap.

Ops my pencil is broken , I hope you enjoy the post.



  1. number number, give me ~.~
    waoh, your house, so nice

  2. Tomorrow give you haha , my house messy de +_+

  3. o.O? I just saw a bit from your vlog =)
    oh ya, next time, you make a vlog around your hosue, xP