Tuesday, March 30, 2010

考试 / 中华


30 March Tuesday - 第一次写华语在我的 Blog

Ok what up guys , its Tuesday !! First lets do a little shoutout for my peeps in Chong Hua Secondary School right now , how was the exam ?? According from my friends , they told me that Bahasa Cina was the hardest out of all subjects today.I know how they are feeling right now , BC would kick my butt too if I am studying in that school.To me , Chinese is more sophisticated than English for me.Mainly because I rarely write Chinese , its been 4 years and yet I didn't even written one essay in Chinese.I am like a Banana , I look like a Chinese on the outside but a English freak in the inside =.= .

Ever since I made a Facebook account , I met alot of Chong Hwa friends.I never even been to the school before , its quite famous for its recent changes of rules.The rules became more stricter and tighter , if you didn't bring EVEN ONE text book of the subjects of the day.You will be canned in the hand or in the butt , imagine the discomfort when you are sitting on your chair.My friend told me that this new principal doesn't care much about academics , he only cares much more about discipline.The more rules you clamp down on your students , the more naughty they will be , its called natural adaption.I hope the principal is not reading this , I am just expressing my thoughts.

I never been to Chong Hwa before , I only seen the exterior of the school.I never been into the interior of the building.Lets hope this year they would open some party that outsiders could go in.One of my friends promised me a tour inside the school , haha I can't wait.

This blogpost will be shorten because of being rushed


Ops my pencil is broken , 哇 !!

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