Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Guy / Wow ? / Meet Again

"Life is Interesting"

25 March Thursday - Winnie !!! Thats my chair >=D

New Guy

Guys I got a new addition to my team of super plushie toys !!! My friend gave it to me as an early birthday present lol , he told me he won't be in the area for a few weeks so he gave it to me MUCH earlier.The new addition is that elephant plushie toy beside the cow.I named him Eli , pronounce "E-Lai".I really like it's nose and eyes , his eyes have an innocent look to them.His nose is soft and bouncy haha.It's ears are really big and flappy , kinda reminds me of dumbo.That flying elephant with a mouse on top of his head lol.

Thanks to my friend who doesn't want me to mention his name on this blog for this wonderful gift.I hope you enjoy your trip to Penang , give me some cuisines while you get back.

WoW ?

Yesterday my brother told me that his friend broke up with his girlfriend.This doesn't surprise me , whats surprised me is that they just been a couple for only two or three days.Wow , is that SUPER-PUPPY-LOVE haha because it was too fast.

Its fine to have a boyfriend or girlfriend , its absolutely normal even I want one but I won't get one soon enough lol.Just don't let it affect your studies and your family.A word to the boys who have a girlfriend right now , don't be jealous and don't break her heart.I am just telling you this ~ Emotional scars are unhealable.I hate boys who hurt girls , not a man at all.

Meet Again

This is a new song from Timbaland and Katy Perry.The music video is about pro robbers lol.Just listen and watch the video from Youtube , its a pretty sweet song.

I always dance to this tune lalalala xD , thanks to my friend again for da present , most appreciated :)

Ops my pencil is broken , if we ever meet again =) I will never be the same.



  1. wahh ~ that two toys really cute =)
    oh ya, what birthday gift you want leh??

  2. haha don't need giv de , greetings are enough xD

  3. oh, like that cannot, not enough xD