Monday, March 15, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"
15 March Monday - Err HELLO
People , today was one productive day.This morning , I went to the gym and I had lots of fun filming my Daily Vlog.A little run and a little curl thumbells exercise in the little dingy gym.I love it when I am filled with sweat , it makes me thing I lost alot of weight LOL , I know thats self comforting.Today , when I was in my condo's gym.I saw a very fit guy , by the mean of very fit I mean by he is a tough guy.Muscles there and Muscles here , some very raw and tough meat.Heres the Vlog of a tour around the swimming pool and a little of my house.

Today I went to do a little reading on my un-finished novels.You can expect that they were alot of fun to read.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Dragon Codex series totally kick ass.I can't even put them down , they were like sticking to my fingertips.Who sticked me to those books ? My mind of course , it can't let it go haha.

I wrote 2 and a half stories today , WOOT.I finished two of my stories and one half done.Its amazing that a little gym working out could make you be so active for the whole day.I done some of my homeworks as my dear friend posted homeworks to do on Facebook group.I wrote 2 and a half stories , Facebook whored , Swimming and read finish my books.Productive day is one awesome day.

Do you have a day that you never run out of energy and you done alot of stuffs ? Tell your answer in the comment section below or the chatbox --->

So see you guys , this post would be shorter because my friend is dying to see my vlog.

Ops my pencil is broken , See you guys tomorrow.



  1. your swimming pool is nice than mine >< really big different
    wow, your room has many soft toys, cuteeeee ~ :D

  2. I tot all PV condos have the same pool ? Haha yaya cute xD

  3. I go steal 1 from your room, haha ~
    nope, mine is different, I think all different

  4. You have to go through me first haha xD