Monday, March 8, 2010

Fever Edit

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

8 March Monday - 38.2 , its getting worse

Whats up guys , I am currently drinking a hot drink to calm my nerves after what happened.Remember what I said about improving my blog ? I tried to improve the speed of page loading but I failed.I need money to buy that software and my dad won't allow me to use Pay Pal.But the good news is I modified my edit system , that means I could do more things with my post.But I won't over edit the posts if not it would look even more uglier and confusing.

Guys , have you guys ever got a high fever.I always have a fever because I usually sleep late , thats why I look like I been through sleepless nights.I need make up for my panda eyes hahaha...not happening.Today should be my worst fever ever in 2010 , my temperature right now is 37.8-38.2.I kept on measuring the temperature because I was bored on my bed.But one good thing about having a fever , is that moms would cook delicious congees for us.I don't know if you guys would like it or not but congee is one of my likeable foods.I wish my girlfriend would cook for me congee when I am sick.I dream too much ~_~

Heres a question , boy or girl I don't care.Did your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have one cooked for you or took care of you when your sick ? or maybe staying in the hospital ? Leave you answers in the comment section below or the chatbox ---> at the side bar.

Guys , have you ever seen old people rock out before ? Mostly when I see old people , they are pretty dormant.My grandma is one tough grandmother , she walks faster than me alot.Usually when I follow my grandma to anywhere , she would walk so fast and would pestering me to walk faster.I call her "Super Grandma" when she walk very fast.But she likes to scream , I don't know why.My mom says its her hormones.

Ladies and gentlemen , watch this video about an old couple rocking out on a piano in a clinic.

Did you see what that old man did ? He has it going on , if you know what I mean.

I never seen old people rocking out like that before.Heck , I never even seen young people rocking out like that before.We must learn from these old people to do tricks like that.Seriously , everyone was watching and filming them.That clinic was boring at first not until they came along.

Okay guys , I am tired and I am hot.Temperature hot not body hot.I am gonna take some pills and go to sleep after half an hour later.

Ops my pencil is broken , I am going to school tomorrow



  1. oh.. you get sick, hope you get well soon ya =)
    err.. the question's answer..
    I never try it before, haha xD

  2. Soon will try xD.I so easy to sick =.=

  3. ya lor, how about now ? well already?

  4. No -_- , getting better but not fully recovered